Bordado XL con aguja mágica – Curso online de Caro Bello

Hi, I’m Caro Bello, designer
and punch needle embroidery specialist. My professional life is split into
graphic design, embroidering pieces with unique designs and teaching this amazing technique in my small home studio,
full of pillows and dolls. Some of my pieces participated in
the CASA FOA 2019 children’s space and they were published on sites
like “Apartment Therapy,” “The Proper Blog”
and the magazine “OHLALÁ!” I love the absurdity of picking simple, everyday elements
from daily life and turning them into design pieces
full of curls and textures, that make you want to touch them
and smile. The appearance and texture makes punch needle embroidery
seem similar to knitting, but the stitches don’t stick to
an exact pattern, which gives you
much more freedom and ease when you’re creating your pieces. In this Domestika course,
you’ll master punch needle embroidery, also known as XL magic needle. For the final project, you’ll create a tapestry
with a lovely character that you can make a pillow case
or wall art out of to give your home a special touch. We’ll start by learning
what the punch needle technique is and what sets it apart
from traditional embroidery. I’ll show you the materials you need, the types of thread and which fabric
and wool to use each with. You’ll learn the four golden rules
for mastering the magic needle and we’ll see
the right types of illustrations for this type of embroidery. Later, we’ll design the character
that will be on our tapestry together and we’ll bring it to life
by answering questions that will help us to make it unique. We’ll look at everything
related to the fill, the direction of the stitches,
the distance between them and basics, like how to
properly define shapes. We’ll start with our character
using different stitches. We’ll embroider the eyebrows with curls,
the eyes and skin with brick stitch, the mouth with stripe stitches
and the beard with leaf shapes. I’ll teach you to seal and care for these design objects
to make them last over time and I’ll show you other ways to use
this techniques to take it further. After this course,
you’ll have embroidered a unique piece
with the punch needle technique. You don’t need prior knowledge
for this course, I’ll guide you through the whole process
to master the technique. If you already have some experience,
this course will also help you, since we’ll see lots of tips and secrets that you can use. You’ll need burlap fabric or jute, a hoop,
punch needle, semi-coarse or 4/7 wool and other materials
that are easy to find. Give your surroundings color,
texture and life by learning to create star pieces
using the punch needle technique. Punch Needle XL Embroidery
A course by Caro Bello Sign up at Create. Share. Learn.

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