BLF Q8 Flashlight Review. The 5200 lumen Budget Light Forum Beer Can Torch.

While a normal person would be catching up
on what I assume to be Rick Grimes moist Negan hating eyes in Season 8 of the Walking Dead-
well Im not normal- so Im finishing up my heavily requested BLF Q8 review instead- which
is my idea of fun! The BLF Q8 stands for Budget Light Forum Q8,
which is a community designed flashlight, manufactured by Thorfire. And currently only sold at The special price was $40 which was an absolute
steal but I think it hovers around $80 now. Which is still a great deal per lumens, much
in the same vein as The Convoy L6. So the specs. The Q8 uses 4 Cree XP-L HD V6 3D LED emitters,
which translated from absolute nonsense will output about 5200 maximum lumens of neutral
white like in the 4700-5000k color temperature range. Its been designed by flashlight nerds remember
in this day and age theres a nerd for everything. .. for maximum heat dissipation, and based
sort of on a skyray king, beer can sized flashlight. Its made from black anodized aluminum, has
a glass lens, a backlit button, a nice user interface and more. And it uses 4 high drain 18650 batteries with
button tops. Alright so the Q8 is fairly throwy for a beer
can sized light and puts out a lot of light, so lets look and see my figures. The lowest it goes is a nice moonlight mode
about a third of a lumen. And while theres a mode setting for people
who prefer hard stops of light because theyre set in their ways, I stick with ramping, which
goes upward all the way to its maximum 5200 lumens, and about 57000 candela which is a
decent amount of throw meaning I wouldnt call it a very floody light you got that dense
center with an ok spill. It kinda has a flower petal shaped beam pattern. Ok the UI. The Q8 can be run off 1-4 batteries, because
the batteries are in parallel the batteries all face the same way and act more or less
like one big battery with 4.2 volts this is the safest way to run multiple batteries in
a big lumen light. Theres also a mechanical lockout, unscrew
the tube slightly while in your bugout bag or shtf purse, whatever the hell that means. So the light doesnt turn on accidentally. Ok theres a lot to the UI, but Im going to
keep it simple. I am using the default UI, with the lowest
moonlight, with the backlight on the button off, and no strobes because it aint a dance
party. Press it once to turn it on press and hold
to ramp up and it gets to the brightest setting then release and press and hold again to go
down the brightness scale. So when finding the brightness you want on
the scale if you release the button for less than threeish seconds before pressing it again
it goes the opposite way if you have last touched the button more than 3 seconds ago
it will continue the original way you were going on the brightness scale . Very smart,
It has mode memory so it remembers the last mode you had when it was on. You have shortcuts to moonlight by pressing
and holding from off. Although whats weird is there is actually
a lower brightness setting than moonlight from shortcut. Press and hold release and press and hold
again to get to lower than moonlight. Highest mode double click from on or off or
just go all the way up the brightness scale if you accessed highest mode with a shortcut
it wont be remembered in mode memory. If you accesses it by going up the brightness
scale all the way it will. There are a ton of other ways to configure
the UI, or even use modes like a regular light but this section has been long but just know
its probably the easiest UI out of the box on a big lumen light. Brightness ramping with shortcuts is so nice
and simple. Also it has thermal or timed step down configuration
so you can control your step downs through some programming. Runtime. The Q8 has low voltage protection but it tends
to step down and run the batteries down so turbo mode or highest or 100% with 4 batteries
will last forever if you turn it on and let it run like I did. I used 4 unprotected button top Samsung 30qs,
and you should too. My thermal step down was set to factory setting
at 55c. It starts out and at 30 seconds were at 5200
lumens. At 2 minutes in were at about 4900 lumens
At 3 minutes in we hit the internal temperature of 55c or 131 f and it steps down to about
1300 lumens. If you want it to last longer on turbo set
it to timed and reset when it steps down, but do so at your own risk if it gets too
hot to hold then it needs to be turned down or let cool. At 30 mins in were at 1348 lumens ish. An hour were at 1200 lumensish dont you have
something better to do like trick or treat? 2 hours were doing 990 lumens 3 hours 740ish
lumens then it does another step down because of
volatage and were sitting at 130 lumens at 4 hours. 5 hours were at 16 lumens and it keeps stepping
down from there. You get the idea I ended my test at 12 hours
later with very dim light still coming out. Ok so how about the beamshots. Here are most of the lights Ill be comparing
this too not pictured in this lineup is my life and the Convoy L6. which I thought about
adding after I loaned some of these lights out and cant reshoot this lineup. All are big lumenish lights. But you knew that. First is the Q8, which is a bit throwier than
most beer can lights. It has a neutral tint, with a whiteish center,
creamy around the hot spot, and a blueish spill. Again, this is if youre looking at it on a
white wall. In real outdoor in indoor use on 3d surfaces
its nice. I started doing this because people ask me
to describe it, even though I think minute tint criticism is ridiculous because its subjective
and you can find fault in most tints if you look. Next the Acebeam K30 I just reviewed that,
check out that one if you need more of my talking. Its cooler white and I tend to not like cool
white tints as much. Its a single emitter light.. again tint shift
but its hard to see in my reviews because I tend to use lights in real fake situations
and not just show them on a white wall. Back to the Q8 for a second. Best user interface in this whole lineup. The Manker MK34 has lower moonlight modes
though. And the nicest tint, but has the quickest
stepdown. Nichia 219c emitters tend to have less tint
shift overall its nice and slightly warm. I am trying to show a wide variety of tints
here from the cools to the Neutrals. Now the Meteor, also a nice tint- similarish
to the BLF Q8, its a less throwy light but brighter than the Q8. Remember below the lumens is the overall brightness
and the cd or candela refers to the intensity of the beam best represented in the hotspot
visually or the bright center of the beam. Now the Olight X7 much brighter less throwy
cool white tint. Ok were mostly done here. If you dont have a bright beer can light. This is a very good place to start probably
the best value per lumens if youre looking for a well made light, with a very good UI,
and a nice tint. At the $40 I paid for it its amazing, and
its still nice for $80 regular price. Im sure if you went looking for some Amazon
or Ebay multi emitter garbage you might could find something slightly brighter, for cheaper,
but it would have terrible PWM, a bad tint, and a bad User Interface. The Q8 is a high tech light with a lot of
technology built in. It has a ton of options to tweak in its Narsil
firmware. Check the video description for batteries,
and links to the massive build thread over on BLF. Thanks to the Miller and all the other people
for working with a manufacturer for about a year to get this off the ground. From my limited experience, thats excruciating
work. If you like this review, subscribe comment,
give the video a thumbs up. And check out some videos at the end of this
video if youre new to my outdoor gear review channel.

Danny Hutson

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