bits, Bytes, KBs, MBs..(How Internet Service Providers FOOL US !!)

you might have known this.. what are bits bytes kbs and mbs But do you know that how ISP’s(Internet Service Providers) make you fool by manipulating these small terms. But before getting into this we need to understand that how our computer mobile phones and ipad follow our command and the data that we store in them in which form it will get stored so to know this stick with this video till the end and lets get started As you know that our computer mobile phones and ipad are electrical devices that can’t understand our normal language like hindi or english they can only understand electrical impulse i.e. ON and OFF So to make our data computer friendly computer first convert that data into binary which is simpally a set of two numbers that is 0 and 1 which implies OFF and ON So when we wanna store text in computer it will first converted into binary by CPU and then stored in computer as an electrical impulse and if i wanna store our favourait song in it then also it will firstly converted into binary by CPU and then our computer will store that as an electrical impulse or if you wanna save a pic of your girlfriend then also CPU will first convert that pic into binary and then computer will store it as an electrical impulse and same goes for storing videos and other stuff So this is how computer store data Now lets talk about bits bytes kbs and mbs gbs and terabyte what are these terms? So guys these are data units which tells about the magnitude of our data and among these the smallest unit is known as bit here one bit represent a single binary digit that is 0 or 1 8 bits are combined togather to form a byte and a single alphabet character number or a empty space between two words that has a size of 1 byte and when these 1024bytes combine it form a kilobyte when these 1024KB combine togather it forms one megabyte and then similar trend goes for and the largest unit that is specified on net is Now here comes the most important part that you need to understand carefully since bits and bytes sounds quiet similar so internet service providers take benefit from this confusion and make us fool So let’s see how do they do it Guys generally storage capacities like hard-disk pendrive SD cards or SSDs or even music movies and games folder are measured in Bytes and on the other side internet transfer rates are measure in bits like kilobits per second and megabits per second and thats how internet service providers make use of our confusion and fool us most of the service providers provide their speed in bits but you understand it as a bytes it just sounds silmilar but due to this the data transfer rate i.e. downloading and uploading speed differs a lot to understand this lets suppose u have got 5Mbps net connection now u want to download a 5MB file from net so what do you think how much seconds it will take to download your file one second If you think that it will take one second than you’r wrong now u might be thinking whats wrong in this i have a net connection of 5Mbps and I’m downloading 5MB file from it. So mathematically it should be one second But guys thats the only thing that you always miss and because of this ISP is able to fool u here your internet speed is in MegaBits per second(mbps) but the size of that file is in MegaBytes(MB) and as you know that one byte is equal to eight bits So actual size of that file is 8 times larger than u think So because of this it will take 8 seconds to download that file So this time difference occur when you are downloading a small data now you can guess by yourself if this data would be in GBs how much more time it will take than expected So guys at last u might have seen the use of bits with processors also like 32 bit processor and 64 bit processor So what the use bits in processor here bits are used to describe processor’s architecture now we’ll discuss about this in our next video because its itself is a vast and interesting topic So thats it for this video and i hope that you have learned something new from this video if you don’t like this video u know what to do .. but if you like this video then hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe share and like and till then do whatever you wanna do..

Danny Hutson

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