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Hey. Welcome warmly to Batna24 youtube channel. To all those who are unsure whether our 3 routers amplify the signal, we would like to prove it and show how it looks in reality. So this is what it looks like. This is the main network. Here we’ve the signal of the main router: -22 dbi. We’re the closest to the mother router and it has the best and strongest signal at the moment. Now we move on to the lover and the wife. You’ll see how this signal is really amplified. Don’t you think it’s virtual. Because it’s LIVE! Come on. Here you go. Are the sceptics here with us? They’re not here? Because if they are, let them hide. Look now. We’re near the 2nd device, i.e. the lover. What’s the lover’s range now? -26 dBi, please. The range of the main router has dropped a bit, because the closer you are to the particular router, the stronger the signal it gives you. It’s PERFECT! Now let’s go downstairs. You’ll see what it looks like downstairs. We’re going downstairs – I’ll have some muscle sores! But what you don’t do for advertising. Let’s keep moving. All of the devices are paired. We’re now at the lover’s side. Excuse me, at wife’s side because we’re in the garage. We have -7 dBi. This device gives us very strong signal now. Now let’s go outside and see which device sends us the strongest signal. Remember that all these 3 routers give us one network. And it’s the device that sends us the strongest signal that takes over the target device. For example a device to play music. Whether you want to dance with your lover, wife or mother with anyone. Let’s see. I don’t know if it’s visible. The strongest signal now comes from our wife, who is in the garage. Now the signal gives us a lover who is in the bedroom. This signal coincides with this. This is mother, this is lover, this is wife. Now the strongest signal still gives us a lover. We wanted to prove to all the unbelievers that you were wrong. This is not shit – this is Dynamite! Remember this is it! That’s it! Greetings, goodbyes. Subscribe and buy.

Danny Hutson

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