Best USB Charging Cable for New Nintendo 3DS XL?!

Best USB Charging Cable for New Nintendo 3DS XL?!

Hey it’s Bey, and today I’m going to be reviewing
the GILGOTT 3 Meter USB Charging Cable. I was doing a little shopping on Wish and
I came across this charging cable. The one I currently have is a cheap one from
eBay and it did not last very long. This GILGOTT one looks to be much more durable
and high quality. I got it for about $3 plus $3 shipping, so
about $6 total for everything which is not bad at all. It arrived about 2 weeks earlier than expected
which is cool. I’ll put a link in the description to Wish
if you’re interested in purchasing this charging cable. This cable is 3 meters long which is a little
shy of 10 feet which is really long. To be honest, I don’t think I need a cable
this long, but it’s the length is a nice thing to have. You can play with your 3DS while the plug
is all the way on the other side of your room. Since it’s really long, it’s not that ideal
for travel, but it’s possible. I actually keep this cable inside of my New
Nintendo 3DS XL case. I have a video of “What’s Inside My New Nintendo
3DS XL Case” so if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check it out. I’ll put a link in the description or you
can click the card that popped up on the screen right now. Anyways, this cable is compatible with the
Nintendo DSi all the way up to the New Nintendo 3DS XL because they all use the same kind
of charger which is great. It has a kind of braided cable design which
means that this cable is very durable. The neon color makes it stand out a lot too
which makes it very easy to find in your bag. You also get a “quiet Velcro tie” is what
I like to call it because it’s more quiet than regular Velcro. The Velcro tie feels very high quality and
it has the GILGOTT branding on it. The Velcro tie is always attached to the cable
which is great so you won’t lose it, but you can still remove it if you want to. Again, I like to put this cable in my New
Nintendo 3DS XL case so that I don’t have to carry the AC charger with me. That means that I have everything I need for
my 3DS inside this case which is very convenient. To be honest, it’s a snug fit because of how
much cable you get, but it fits. I’m really amazed by how much you can fit
inside this case. Overall, I highly recommend this USB charger
for your 3DS. On Wish, you can get it for about $6 which
is so worth it in my opinion. It’s very high quality, super long, and durable. It’s a great accessory to have for your 3DS
and it can definitely replace the AC adapter. As usual, I’ll have a link in the description to where you can purchase this cable if you’re interested. That was my video review of the GILGOTT 3
Meter USB Charging Cable. If you found this video helpful, please leave
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a notification every time I upload. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the
next video. Peace! Love you

Danny Hutson

9 thoughts on “Best USB Charging Cable for New Nintendo 3DS XL?!

  1. Oof, I would buy this if I still played my 3ds that often…

    Btw, I got a Switch. That's why I don't play a 3ds anymore.

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