Best Internet Service – 5G is Coming – Tmobile And Sprint Merger To Create Largest 5G Home Internet

Best Internet Service – 5G is Coming – Tmobile And Sprint Merger To Create Largest 5G Home Internet

everybody I’m back you know what these
videos mean it means I have big news to share
actually this time we have been mr. Sherr today we’re announcing that
t-mobile and Sprint have reached a definitive agreement to come together
and form a new stronger company and the only company with the capacity to
quickly create a broad and deep nationwide 5g network 5g internet
heating up in the world one of my favorite CEOs the CEO of t-mobile and
his company has filed paperwork with the FCC so that they can bring 5g Internet
to 90% of Americans and we’re going to talk about that right now but first I
got to put on my plus seven glasses of the sexiest hell because I’m working on
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so you’re down every time we drop content because we bring y’all a variety
of content to help you make those life gains well y’all know I love t-mobile
because they were disrupter and the cellphone marketplace by getting it to
where there was no contract and lowering prices to get unlimited everything they
are looking to do the same thing with home Internet by bringing 5g to 90
percent of Americans but they had to file this paperwork with the FCC because
they in order to do that they’ve gotta merge with Sprint and they’re claiming
that if they can do that that they can bring 5g internet to people that are
pretty much pushed into a monopoly in the rural areas places like that that
have kind of been stuck and screwed they might be able to get satellite internet
or they’ve only been able to get it from one company and those companies have
been taking full advantage of their y’all know how folks do if they know
that got your corner they’re gonna take advantage of you they’re gonna take off
all your clothes with you and tell you that ain’t nothing they can do about it
and use you by t-mobile making this merger with Sprint they’re gonna
eradicate some of that and their plans are not going to be contract they’re
starting out somewhere between 65 to 75 dollars and I want to know what you guys
think do you think it’s a good to allow t-mobile to merge with Sprint
so that they can bring this 5g to 90% of Americans I think this was a good one
however y’all know I am completely against monopolies and companies that
are in there with the government because they’re only gonna make things that help
themselves they ain’t care about the consumer it’s about how much money they
can get out of you but t-mobile has had a great track record of being a customer
friendly company since they’ve gotten their new CEO John Legree R so leave me
comments what do you think is this going to be helpful are you guys afraid of it
what do you think I’ve heard people complain about they’re worried about the
radioactivity of 5g and that’s a whole nother video but the world is moving 5g
whether you want it to or not and if you’re gonna have it go 5g I would say
we should go with a company who has a track record of listening to their
customers keeping price low and being a disruptor
in the market place which is everything t-mobile has done to this point that’s
going to do it for this video don’t forget to like my video please comment
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Danny Hutson

28 thoughts on “Best Internet Service – 5G is Coming – Tmobile And Sprint Merger To Create Largest 5G Home Internet

  1. Looking for the best home 5G internet speed? Look at who is getting into fast home internet. Check the video.

  2. 5G is a disaster and the implications include privacy, environmental, societal and economics. Big brother will be in full control.

  3. Wonder how having towers every 3 to 5 blocks will affect the people's health? High gigahertz and low voltage all over…

  4. Let's go!!! Ready for 5G! Now these cable companies are shaking in their boots even more. They're at risk of losing customers completely. Competition is always a good thing.

  5. Awesome video LAMONT. Not too sure on this merger. I know 5 G is almost here but don't think this is a good merger. Keep the awesome content coming. Have an awesome day

  6. I dig this merger!! If it doesn’t go thru someone else like Dish will just buy up Sprint. That treasure trove of spectrum from the Nextel days is worth money!!! Plus it’s pretty obvious SoftBank wants to sell Sprint

  7. I have Sprint I am a Sprint customer what's gonna happen to my Sprint I owe money to t-mobile 500.00 I am disability money

  8. What up my brother I think it's going to be a large expense man for just internet service. I was getting just internet worth Frontier omgeeee there customer service is bad but paying 30.00 bucks a month now they jacked it to 55 man how far is it going to go I hate all this monopoly I am so tired of it

  9. People complain about prices going up. Hello, they're going up anyway with 5g coming.
    Sprint, let's keep it a buck. They can't keep up, they'll fade and if they have to borrow, your prices going to go up anyway.
    As for the Dems lobbying the FCC and the Doj. to vote against this.
    It's formalities, nothing stopping this merger.

    All carriers in 3 years going to raise prices anyways.
    Sprint barely has 4g running.
    You better hope they merge. If not. Pay your phone off and unlock it then take it to Cricket or Somewhere.

  10. I'm 100% PRO-MERGER. TMOBILE has always been for the consumer . Had them since 2007 and work for them now best company to work for

  11. I been with T-MOBILE since it was Onmipornt best service another great customer service when I need them T-MOBILE the best hands down

  12. Please dont support this. 5g is dangerous to humanity. Our health and mental wellbeing will be affected once 5G is turn on. They have been installing 5G towers in schools, daycares, churches, parks, near homes, ect. 26,000 scientist signed a petition to stop 5G. Wireless industries are protected from future lawsuits using our tax money. They need to install millions of antennas every 10 houses.
    5G is not really for us. Is downloading a movie a couple seconds faster worth risking your health?It will mostly benefit big corporations not us. They however need us to pay for 5G installation by buying their junk. Rich are being exempt from having 5G near their homes.

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