Best effects for CREATING MOTION GRAPHICS in your gaming videos

Best effects for CREATING MOTION GRAPHICS in your gaming videos

Hey guys, welcome back to another video in
our series on how to create a successful YouTube gaming channel. Today, we’re going to be
showing you some of the things you need to know in order to create your own custom motion
graphics inside HitFilm Express. These techniques can be used to create channel art, animated
end plates, thumbnails, and other visual elements that help represent your own personal brand.
Before we get started we’ve teamed up with AMD to bring you guys an exclusive prize draw.
Download the latest version of HitFilm Express, our all-in-one editor, compositor and VFX
software from the card on-screen or the link in the description and you’ll be entered in
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If you’re still using a previous version of HitFilm you can actually still enter the
prize draw by downloading version 13 of HitFilm Express for free.
Most all of the effects and controls we’re going to talk about today are detailed in
the online manual, which you can find in the description if you’re looking for more info.
The first thing to be aware of is that in HitFilm, any kind of visual effect or motion
graphic is usually better created in a composite shot, rather than on the Editor timeline.
We’d recommend switching to the Compositing workspace. This gives you more room in the
Controls panel to tweak your settings later. In the Media panel, select New, then Composite
Shot. Note that this is where you set the size of your comp. If you’re wanting to
make a square thumbnail, for example, this is where you change the height and width.
First up, let’s take a look at Gradients There are 3 types of gradients in HitFilm.
These effects can be applied to Plane layers, which are basically solid rectangles of color,
Text layers, or Grade layers, and are a quick way to add color to your graphics.
The 4 Point Color Gradient effect allows you to have 4 colors on screen, and each can be
moved around to be in whatever position you want. You can change each color in the Controls
panel under the corresponding dropdown. The Color Gradient effect gives you two points
of color. Again, this can be customized in the Controls. The closer the two points are
to each other, the sharper the change in color will be.
And finally the Radial Gradient gives you two colors again, but in the shape of a circle.
There are a variety of controls to adjust the shape, and you can increase the Radius
of the colors in the Viewer as well as the Controls panel.
Now let’s take a quick look at Text in HitFilm You can add text into your composite shot
by going to New Layer, Text. Type your title, then highlight it and come into the Text panel.
This is where you can customize the font, size, character spacing, color, and other
options. You can add an outline to your text by clicking and dragging this number here.
The color can then be changed in this box. For a full tutorial on creating text in HitFilm,
see the card onscreen. Next up, Masking
If you’re looking to create a specific shape, you can use masks to get the job done. I have
a colored Plane here, and there are 3 types of masks: rectangle, ellipse, and freehand.
Select the shape you want to use, then click and drag directly in the viewer to create
it. Invert the mask in the Controls panel if you want the mask to flip. You can create
multiple masks in one layer if you need to make more than one shape. The freehand mask
lets you click as many times as needed to create multiple points. Click the first point
you made to close the shape. Click and drag to create a curve.
The individual mask controls can be found in the Controls panel for the layer. You can
increase the feather to blur the edges or increase the roundness of the mask points.
For more on masking, see the card onscreen. And finally, Keyframing
Keyframing is how you get your image or effect to change over time. That could be something
like the color of a gradient, or the size and position of a PNG.
You can keyframe on both the Editor timeline and in composite shots. We’re going to stay
in a composite for this section because, when making an animation, it’s easier to keep
track of multiple layers here. Keyframes are activated in HitFilm by clicking the gray
circle to the left of a parameter. If I double click this setting it’ll open up in the
timeline, and you can see that one keyframe has been created. I’ll skip forward a few
seconds and change the number. If I play it back, you can see the image grow over time.
Remember that when you download HitFilm Express, you’ll be entered into our prize draw to
win an exclusive gaming PC courtesy of Armari and AMD. The deadline for this prize draw
is September 29th 2019. That’s it for today, do let us know if you
have any questions down below. Join us next time in our final episode of the Game On series
where we’re going to show you how to create a motion graphics intro using free stock assets.

Danny Hutson

25 thoughts on “Best effects for CREATING MOTION GRAPHICS in your gaming videos

  1. Sometimes I have problem with text in composite shot.

    When I press "." to just write dot in text it instead moves cursor to the next frame on timeline and when I press arrow to move cursor while writing it moves whole text layer in frame.

    Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Don't think I wouldn't catch the ProductionCrate asset "Arrow Icon 26" at 2:35 ! I know EVERY asset! (Still waiting on those ProductionCrate – HitFilm scripts…)

  3. nice video, by the way I'm working on free assets for the community , related to that & I'll post it soon, hope you'll also like it

  4. Hello Good Day Hitfilm Express Company I just recently downloaded the Hitfilm Editor the latest version but can you help us how to do a intro that is water or the background is like the sea and the words are like water effect? Additionaly, how to use a transition or how to make cool transitions so that our video projects can be more effective.I hope you wll read my message and I hope you will make a video about transitions,color grading your video,and more backgrounds and text for introduction

  5. For SVG , vector drawings, you'll have to rasterize them and bring them in as images, remember to make larger than needed with transparency or knockout color. Though EPS files ,like from illustrator, can be brought in via BorisFX extruded EPS ( in hitfilmpro or $50 as a hitfilm express add-on)

  6. thank you for clarifying draw eligibility for those of us who have been supporting you. 🙂

    I purchased Hit film Pro 2017 not because I needed it, Hit Film Express was perfectly fine for the talking head commercials I mostly do for small businesses) but to support your business. We needed something to compete with Premiere / After Effects. If I had more video work, I'd upgrade from Pro 2017 to the new version.

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