Best Cell Phone Providers 2019 |Reach Mobile|Gives 10% of All Plans To Those In Need |Fastest Setup

Best Cell Phone Providers 2019 |Reach Mobile|Gives 10% of All Plans To Those In Need |Fastest Setup

we all have cell phones nowadays and
access to data how would you like to be a humanitarian and helping people who
don’t have access to the Internet and data just simply by paying your cell
phone bill well there is a cell phone company that
will allow you to do that it’s called reach mobile and we’re going
to review him right now what’s happening YouTube you’re in the building with
Lamont Tyson’s life games review and today we’re reviewing reach mobile a
cell phone company that is also a humanitarian they have great service and
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so I’m gonna drop videos you get them this would be under product review so I
got this in the mail and as you can see is from reach reach mobile they sent me
this and inside here they give you everything you need to set up your cell
phone with their service and they have great plans and they’re what you call an
MVNO a mobile virtual network operator
meaning that they operate off of somebody else’s network they operate off
of AT&T and Verizon and they give you great service and inside the envelope
they send you a letter and they personalize it so you know I like that I
like it when someone sends me a little personalized it tells me about their
company and you wind up getting this it’s a Hello and inside here you get
your SIM card and they give you this little thing so that you can pop out the
little thing that holds your SIM card and I know you guys are saying well
that’s all great how much does it cost and what’s the service like in a second
I’m gonna call my favorite youtuber named Larry some of y’all norms which I
can hear the clarity of the service so they’ve got some great plans they’ve got
about five good plans and one of their plans
the minimalist plan it gives you one gig and $20 a month and then for you people
that need unlimited everything they’ve got that one at $75 a month as well but
here’s the kicker to all that as I said in the beginning of the video they
believe in giving back to the community and so what happens is for every planet
they have reach matches 10% so that people who don’t have internet and
davus service worldwide and in the US can get free service and up those five
plans there’s no hidden fees there’s no contract counsel at any time and they
have something very unique so let’s just say you get a plan their plan that
offers you five gigabytes you know what they call this is fit promise and with
those five gigabytes if you only use two gigs you’re only going to be billed for
three gigabyte plan I mean they’re really really trying to do what they can
to provide your great service give back to the community because I’ve been poor
I come from the hood I had to fight and scrap and when I was young
getting some internet and my home was a big deal because my mama just didn’t see
the point in paying for it and so that’s one thing that they are doing to help
people in those communities and you too just by using their service can be a
humanitarian so now if you need to figure out if your phone works with
their service they’ve got it right here on the web when you go to their website
you can just check and put in your IMEI number on your cell phone and check it
on the website and it’ll let you know if that phone works so I have a phone that
they said would work when they sent me the car that didn’t work so you know
what they’ve done for me they sent me this phone now you’re talking about
giving back they really want to help people know that they’re out here making
a cause and helping folks get back so I’m gonna use this phone we’re gonna
call my favorite youtuber but first of all I want you guys to see you get the
phone when you get the service you would just simply download the app and that’s
the reach mobile app you can set up your email and password online then you get
the phone connect to the Internet and you set up the app so and once you set
up the app and put your chip in it works so I’m gonna call my favorite youtuber
on their phone right now let’s see if he’s up good morning my
please speak to mr. Larry of YouTube you’re alive on my youtube channel as
we’re doing our product review for phone service name of the services reach
mobile guess what’s special about them they give back to the community any
planet you buy 10% they match and give free Internet and data to people who
don’t get free internet and data u.s. and worldwide yeah man yeah man and it’s
and it is as simple as you download the app they’ll mail you the chip chip comes
to your door within about six days you put chip in your phone app connects it
you run and you go that’s it they’ve got one that’s $20 and if you need unlimited
everything is $75 but they’ve got something they call the fit promise so
let’s just say you get a plan let’s just say you get a plan that’s five gigs but
you only use three gigs you’re only gonna have to pay for the three gig plan exactly man they’re here to help and the
customer service is outstanding I called them and they had somebody on the phone
and I could actually understand what she was saying yeah because they run off of
AT&T and verizon network so you’re gonna get great quality anywhere you go pretty
much reach mobile and they should reach out to you to do a review because not
only are you my favorite youtuber but you are the best reviewer of products I
know yeah man so I just want I just wanted to let you test out the service
real quick and make sure that you give me a good wrap-up of the call quality
and I’m gonna get you out of here so I can finish this video I hope so man I
think people should give them a try cuz not only are you getting great service
but you’ve been a humanitarian as well I like that alright man well I’m gonna
tell people make sure they check out your channel for your great reviews and
I’ll howl at you later okay then you say well that was it
ladies and gentlemen reached mobile their link will be in the video
description I highly recommend if you’re in the business for a new cell phone
provider or you just need a second cell phone and you want to cut me that’s
going to take really really good care of you get reach Mobile to try they’ve done
right by me you just heard a call quality and I think that this could be a
great great benefit not just for you but to the person in you that loves to give
back to the community because they are helping others that’s going to do it for
this video don’t forget to like my video please comment subscribe go get yourself
a life game be sure to check out reach mobile they will provide you with great
service and they’re giving back to communities and until the next sexy as
hell video I’ll see you

Danny Hutson

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