Bernie DUNKS ON Media’s Concern Trolling

Bernie DUNKS ON Media’s Concern Trolling

>>Corporate Democrats along with the corporate
media have engaged in a disingenuous conversation about Bernie Sanders and his health. Now I say disingenuous, because they’re pretending
to be concerned about his condition following his heart attack. And this is typically what you’ll latch on
to when you know that his policy proposals are popular, you can’t really attack that. You’ve tried, it hasn’t worked. So let’s all pretend like he hasn’t released
enough data about his health and attack him for doing something that he didn’t even need
to do. Now, Bernie Sanders to be clear has released
three separate letters from three separate doctors indicating that he’s in good health. These aren’t short letters. They’re incredibly detailed summaries of his
health and I’m gonna give you excerpts from each one of those letters to prove it. But before I do, I wanna go to this first
video. That gives you a sense of the kinds of questions
that Bernie Sanders has been dealing with in the last 24 hours. This was during a town hall on CNN, Anderson
Cooper hits him with the health questions.>>Is releasing full medical records, is that
no longer something that->>No, we have released. I think Anderson quite as much as any other
candidate has. We released two, rather detailed letters from
cardiologists and we released a letter that came from the head of the US Congress Medical
Group, the physicians there. So I think we have released a detailed report
and I’m comfortable with what we have done. And by the way-
>>You think I’m not in good health. Come on out with me on the campaign trail.>>And I’ll let you introduce me to the three
or four rallies the day that we do, how’s that?>>Thank you. Just to be clear, you don’t plan to release
any more records.>>I don’t, I don’t think we will know.>>Because there’s nothing left to release. So there’s this weird misconception about
what medical records are.>>It sound like it’s nothing.>>Yeah, you’re right. You’re right.>>They’re lying.>>It’s all dishonest like do you want his
x-rays? Do you want like his CT scans?. Like this is what it means to release records,
right? These are detailed summaries of his health.>>So we’re gonna give you all the facts in
a second, but I want you to understand. Even if this old age of mine, having gone
through all that I’ve gone through with mainstream media, I still fall for it. As I was watching some press reports, I saw
the headlines, some of the questions that were being asked of Bernie Sanders, I came
away with the impression that Bernie must not have released all of his medical records. That they were maybe did something simple
like a Trump letter like one letter saying, he’s in great health with no details at all. And I thought, I wonder if there’s something
wrong with Bernie. I even thought that. I thought that until today, right? It turns out, no, Bernie has released more
than all the other candidates.>>Exactly.>>So when Anderson Cooper and every single
other person in news media frames a question of why won’t you release more records? It makes it seem like he released less records
and he’s hiding something when, in fact, he’s released more. So that means they know or either they’re
incompetent which is certainly possible and they didn’t bother checking that Biden is
released last, Elizabeth Warren is released last, Trump is released last, etc., etc. And they didn’t look at the incredible details
of what Bernie Sanders has released or they know that, but they wanna deceive their audience
on purpose and make it seem like Bernie has a health problem that he’s hiding. So did they ever ask Biden, why would you
release all your records? Your medical records, Elizabeth Warren, why
won’t you release all your medical records? You’ve released less than Bernie Sanders,
never. I get it, Bernie had the heart attack, right? Bloomberg, by the way, they say they’re scandalized
that George Grey said that he had attack. No, he had the same exact Stent operation
that Bernie did. But technically, it wasn’t heart attack. But did they go around to Bloomberg? Why would you release your record? Why would you release it?>>Right.>>No, never, never, never, never, never cuz
it’s a lie. It’s a lie to smear Bernie.>>Exactly, so just to be clear. The underlying condition that led to Bernie
Sanders having a heart attack is the same underlying condition that Bloomberg has and
needed two stents in order to prevent him from having a heart attack, right? So luckily, they caught it early and they
were able to notice that there was plaque buildup in his arteries and that he was going
to have a heart attack unless they did the the stent operation and they use two of them. Also, Bloomberg had two cancerous growths
removed from his skin. He’s only released one letter, right? So again, Bernie has released three incredibly
detailed letters from his doctors. And it doesn’t just say birdies doing great,
nothing to worry about. It goes into details about his test results
and how healthy he really is. So let’s go into those details right now. So political reported this. It’s easy to find. I believe these cable news networks have quite
a few resources at their disposal.>>What’s amazing is Washington Post also
reported it and they reported that he’s actually in stunningly good health. They asked an independent doctor to verify
the results and the doctor came back with like a holy cow, the numbers are great, right? But nonetheless, every other Washington Post
reporter ignores their own story about it. And right so like I said, Bernie, why won’t
he release the records? The records he already released, Bernie’s
the worst. Why does he think he’s done less than others
even though he’s done more? What is that? It’s a lie on purpose, because you are biased. You hate progressives and you wanna maintain
the status quo, which is admitted. So at least Fox news, we all know is conservative,
okay?>>Right.>>So for all the establishment hacks in the
New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc., just admit that you are in favor of the establishment
and we’ll move on. We’ll get off you, okay? We’ll go okay, at least they admitted their
bias and at least everybody knows that.>>So let’s get into details from these letters. Brian Monahan, the attending physician of
the US Congress, whose office has treated Sanders for 29 years, wrote that the senator
has been, quote, engaging vigorously in the rigors of your campaign, travel and other
scheduled activities without any limitation. Sanders underwent a successful graded exercise
treadmill examination earlier this month following his heart attack, and his overall test performance
was rated above average compared to a reference population of the same age. Monahan’s letter also revealed the results
of Sanders’s most recent physical examination on December 19, which showed the senator as
having a blood pressure level of 102 over 56 and a pulse rate of 62 beats per minute. His height measured 6 feet and he weighed
in at 174 pounds. Now, let’s go to a different doctor.>>Before we go to that 102/56 is stunningly
healthy. It let alone for a man his age for anybody
at that 62 beats per minute. Excellent, every doctor, just go ask a doctor
you know. Hey, how do these numbers look? They’re online. Anybody can see them, right? They more information than anyone else was
released. Just look at it, okay? Ask a doctor friend to look at it, stunning.>>Philip Ades, director of cardiac rehabilitation
at the University of Vermont Medical Center, wrote that Sanders is quote, more than fit
enough to pursue vigorous activities and an occupation that requires stamina and an ability
to handle a great deal of stress. Ades echoed that Sanders was able to exercise
to a level that is approximately 50% higher than other men his age with a similar diagnosis. Adding that the senator’s level of fitness
would be suggestive of favorable outcomes from a cardiovascular perspective going forward. Let’s go to a third doctor, this is the third
letter. Martin LeWinter, Sanders’s personal cardiologist
and an attending cardiologist at UVM, wrote that the senator, quote, has made an uneventful
recovery from his heart attack and concluded, quote, I am confident he has the mental and
physical stamina to fully undertake the rigors of the presidency. And so look, again, it’s not like the Big
Mac vacuum in the executive branch right now. Donald Trump released this short letter and
behind the scenes had his goons steal his medical records. They broke into a hospital and stole his medical
records, because they didn’t want the public to know about, whatever conditions he has
or whatever health he’s in. And so just juxtapose that to Bernie Sanders
who has gone out of his way to release more than he even needed to, cuz he knew there
was gonna be a double standard, but it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what he does. It doesn’t matter if he does like a public
x-ray, CT scan and like lets everyone in on it. They won’t be satisfied, cuz they’re not looking
to be satisfied. They’re looking to scare voters and it’s not
working, because voters aren’t dumb. They keep insulting the intelligence of the
electorate and they’re far too intelligent to buy into these smears. They purposely focus on all this nonsense,
cuz they wanna deflect from his policy proposals which are incredibly popular.>>In fact, to your point of the article that
was referencing from the Washington Post had gotten an independent cardiologist and Professor
of Internal Medicine at Ohio State University, Quinn Capers IV, okay? And they asked them and Capers concluded when
looking at all of Bernie’s medical files that were released. He said, taken together these findings imply
that with continued medication, followup and exercise, Mr. Sanders cardiac prognosis and
outlook isn’t very good. Washington Post then says, yes, but he won’t
let us interview and interrogate all of his doctors.>>It’s crazy.>>That’s a what? That’s a new standard? Like we have all the candidates have to take
out, bring every doctor they have and let them get cross-examined by the press, whose
and by the way, what do you think the press is gonna do? They’re gonna try to find one thing that’s
a slight inconsistency between the two doctors who are not trained professionals to be cross-examined
in front of the whole nation and go. Yes, he wants out a cold back in 1987. I told you don’t like Bernie, what are you
going to like Bernie? Well, how about Biden? Biden’s just as old Bloomberg just as old. Bloomberg two senses that one, okay?>>Yeah.>>Bernie bros online or a little or a little
ugly. I can’t believe what you would say about poor
Bloomberg.>>So to that point, because I think it’s
important to cover this aspect of the story. There was all this backlash toward Brianna
Joy Gray. She’s the national press secretary for Bernie
Sanders his campaign. She went on CNN and basically defended Bernie,
and this is what she had to say. And I’m gonna tell you after we come back
from this clip why people find it so problematic, take a look.>>I don’t think we will release any more
medicals. I have those three letters from the doctor
that Senator Sanders was talking about. There’s nothing in more than the doctor saying. That he’s fit. He had a heart attack.-
>>Yeah, well that’s->>He had a heart attack in the falls. Do you think the American people deserve to
know more about his health going forward?>>I think the American people deserve to
know exactly as much as every other candidate has released in this race currently and historically. And what you’re seeing right now is really
reminiscent of some of the kind of smear, kind of skepticism campaigns that have been
run against a lot of different candidates in the past questioning where they’re from,
aspects of their lineage, etc., etc. And it’s really telling, given that none of
the same concern is being demonstrated for Michael Bloomberg who’s the same age as Bernie
Sanders, who has suffered heart attacks in the past. And what we’re seeing is a kind of here campaign
from the likes of Jennifer Rubin is one of the big beating this drum a lot Republicans,
who if they were honest with themselves don’t support Bernie Sanders for other reasons,
largely for the same reasons that millions of working Americans do support Bernie.>>So first, let’s just address how John Berman
lied. So just to answer your question from earlier,
Jake. No, this is intentional and malicious. His like I got the three doctors letter right
here and they said nothing. No, that’s a lie. That is a straight out lie. We just went through all the details that
are listed in those doctors letters, summaries of Sanders’s health conditions, right?>>Can you say and we didn’t do a justice. I retweeted the doctor who went through a
20 Twitter explanation of what it was. Details about the thyroid function, good cholesterol
versus bad cholesterol, all the different readings. It is those reports are incredibly detailed. And again, more than any other candidate has
released. But Berman comes out there goes, there’s nothing
in them as if they actually trying to hide something and didn’t have the details. If it’s not a lie, then it is. It just is full well knowing that the other
candidates did not release that level of detail, pretending that Bernie did less is a smear. That’s why Brianna, Joey Craig called it a
smear, cuz it is a smear.>>It’s defamation. I mean, if you’re showing the public that
you have the letters right in front of you and you’re lying to the public about what
the letters entail. It’s disgusting.>>And by the way->>Intentional and malicious. Let’s just be clear about that. I don’t know about everyone in the media. I think that there are some incompetent people
who probably didn’t do their research and they probably don’t even care, but John Berman
is holding the papers in his hand and just flat out lying to the American people about
what those letters entails.>>And by the way, if John Berman or any of
his friends see this, they will be scandalous.>>Good, be scandalized, be scandalized.>>And you’ll say how dare you tell people
that we’re not telling the truth? You’re very rude.>>Because you’re a liar, you’re a liar>>But John.>>You just showed everyone.>>But John, it’s you’re being infinitely
more rude to a presidential candidate by pretending like he’s covering up a medical problem by
not giving out enough information when the reality is the opposite. He has given more than Biden more than Warren
more than Bloomberg, more than Trump. Did you tell your audience that? No, instead you misled them. At the best case scenario, you should apologize
on air. You should apologize on air. At the best case scenario, you misled them
into thinking Bernie’s hiding something when he’s doing the exact opposite. And now, what was the reaction to that segment? Did they criticize the rest of the media criticize
John Berman like we did? No, they criticize Brianna Joe great.>>Yeah, they criticized her. Because look, she she made an analogy, right? And she made this analogy between the birther
movement and what’s happening with Bernie Sanders, and the health records. Because much like the birther situation during
Obama’s administration, he provided evidence which he had no, he didn’t even have to do
it, right? He provided evidence showing that he was an
American citizen and what was the response? The response was no, we gotta see the long
form birth certificate. It’s not enough, because there were dishonest
actors, right? Bad faith, nonsense in an attempt to smear
Obama as a Kenyan citizen as opposed to a US citizen, same thing is happening with Sanders.>>I actually think it’s a good analogy-
>>It’s a great analogy.>>Because you do short for Bernie Sanders
gives it a letter from his doctor with a lot of detail. They go not good. No, give me the long form. Obama gives a long form, they say not good
enough, we don’t believe you. Bernie gives three letters from three different
doctors. Filled with information that more than the
other candidate says and they go no. There’s nothing in them. There’s nothing in them, okay? And so and anyone in the club like John Berman
will have everyone else in the club defend them, so they’ll see this video and they’ll
say that said we knew it. The people online with their facts are barbarians.>>Well, then he should have a talk with Sanjay
Gupta. Because Sanjay Gupta who works at CNN put
out a statement saying, yep, Turns out Bernie Sanders is in great health.>>Oops, so John, look, it’s nothing personal. I don’t know john Berman, it’s not he. I don’t know anything about him personally. It isn’t personal at all, but you got to stop
smearing the one progressive candidate. You do it 1,000 times over. It’s not just John. That just happened to me that one segment. All of these anchors, they do it systematically. So for God’s sake, are you guys ever going
to apologize for lying about people? And in the case of Obama, it was racial. In the case of Bernie Sanders, by the way,
it’s ages, right? You could make that argument. By the way, progressives almost never make
that argument, because we care about policy. We’re not trying to get into identity politics
like that. But if you ever dare criticize Pelosi, John
Berman and all of his friends will come and go. Like if somebody says, hey, Nancy Pelosi has
an old way of thinking. Not her age, but an old way of thinking about
hey, I gotta work deals with Mitch McConnell and give him whatever he wants, cuz that’s
what we used to do back in the 1990s or 1970s, right? There go all ages. A just right.>>Yeah, look, I’m just gonna say something,
maybe people won’t like it and be offended by it. I don’t care. I just don’t care. I don’t care about hurting anyone’s feelings,
right? We’re in the middle of an election. You have one side that wants to talk about
policy. That’s the progressive side and then you have
the corporate side. The corporate Democrats, the corporate media
and they want to do anything and everything to deflect and move away from discussions
and debates about policy. They just want to do whatever they can to
destroy Bernie Sanders and his campaign, and they’re brazen about it. They’re transparent about it. I mean, you have an op ed in the Washington
Post saying, no, this primary off to a rocky start Bernie’s the front runner, can’t have
that. Why don’t we make the primaries less democratic?>>Right, by taking the voters information
meaning like what they voted and who they wanted and we’ll take it under advisement
and the elite should decide instead. And then when we say no, that’s undemocratic. I can’t believe that people online yelled
at me. I can’t believe it. I was just saying I should steal your votes
and destroy our form of government. And now, you guys object rude.>>Yeah.>>People online are very rude.>>Go cry about it. Don’t care, just don’t care anymore.

Danny Hutson

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    Typically, a media buyer receives a commission of about 15 percent of the cost for a media campaign. So if a campaign were to spend, say, $1,000,000 on television ads, the media buyer would pocket a $150,000 commission. But here’s the kicker: the media buyer commission is not actually disclosed anywhere. Filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) only require disclosure of the bulk amount of the media buy. In this example, the FEC report will only disclose the $1,000,000 media buy. And as for the fact that Jane Sanders is the spouse of a politician, she is only required to disclose that she earns “more than $1,000” from her businesses.

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  37. …and thank you, Bernie Sanders, for waiting 40 years for the rest of us to catch up…something tells me it'll be worth the wait! And I don't give a [email protected] what garbage MSM & the DNC dream up against Bernie… I don't give a fu$# if they say he raped Mother Teresa (My apologies, really) he's got my vote…period, you corporatist clowns! Wake the fu$# up, and shut the he11 up…one of the reasons I canceled cable…because I was tired of being told what to think…like this guy, right below!

  38. His health doesn't matter. Get AOC or Warren as his VP, and it's all good. He could drop dead the day after he gets elected, and we'd still have a great president in office.

  39. Here is my issue with this and I welcome any corrections or input. For background, I'm a Bernie fan, I'm voting for him and only him. That said, Bernie did promise to release his full medical records. I get that he released all the information that should be required for this issue but that's not what he promised. Shouldn't he have to fulfill the promise he made? I say this because that is what I expect of Bernie. This is not an angle on this topic that I saw discussed here.

  40. It's official Bernie supporters are crazed maniac. If he pulled out a gun and mowed down a group of kindergarteners he wouldn't lose one supporter.

  41. Bernie is the exact polar opposite of Trump in everything including releasing medical records. I mean, come on! Trump writes his own letter saying he's in the best health ever of any president ever in history and makes his Dr sign it. Steals all his medical records so they can never be released, and Bernie even supplies his blood pressure numbers. I mean, get real, what more could anyone want? Ridiculous. Pathetic. Smear. And yes, the birther thing is a pretty good analogy. Bernie did have a heart attack, did get it treated, is in good health and has released heaps of medical details; Obama did have a Kenyan father, did release a long form birth certificate to show his birth in Hawaii. By the way, no one ever proved that Obama's mother ever visited Kenya, let alone when he was born. Kind of hard to be born somewhere your mother has never been!! SOOOOOO ridiculous! I really think only MAGA guys would ever believe any of this… it's far too stupid.

  42. In a way I don’t want to see an ad for Bernie on this video because most of us already like him. Hopefully they will be on CNN and others as well.

  43. Thankfully it's Bernie who's doing fine, and Trump who seems like he's half in a cheeseburger and sleep-lack induced coma most of the time.

  44. "There's nothing in them…"
    Wow, didn't know CNN reporters now read factual information/documents in Sargon units. Smh

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