Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Database Management with phpMyAdmin

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Today we’ll cover WordPress database management with phpmyadmin. If you are managing your WordPress database, you might want to know some basics about how WordPress works. It uses php programming language to
store and read data from a database. That information includes your posts, pages,
comments, categories, custom fields users and other things for your site. Here I’ve logged into phpmyadmin through the
cpanel from my hosting provider to show you the WordPress breakdown. This is my database specifically
for my site and here are the 11 tables that make up the data for WordPress. From the phpmyadmin panel, I can create a
backup of my database by clicking on the database and hitting the export key. If we choose custom, we can pick which tables
to include and create a zipped compression backup of our database. In the admin panel, you can also optimize
your tables. This is like the old computer days when you would defragment your computer,
mysql database becomes fragmented over time as well. So just choose all tables and click optimize
table to defragment them and make them run smoother. I hope you liked this video and found it helpful. If you did, click on the like button below and leave us a comment. And if you want to receive more helpful videos don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and check out WPBeginner for more useful information on WordPress.

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