Battlefield 1 M1907 SL SWEEPER! SPAMMING is a GOOD thing in Battlefield 1!!!

Battlefield 1 M1907 SL SWEEPER! SPAMMING is a GOOD thing in Battlefield 1!!!

Hi guys and welcome to the M1907 SL Sweeper
in Battlefield 1. The M1907 SL sweeper is actually the Winchester
model 1907. It is a blowback-operated semi-automatic rifle
and it was first produced in 1906 by the Winchester repeating arms company. The only cartridge offered by Winchester was
the .351 caliber SL centerfire and the energy of this cartridge was very similar to the
.357 caliber Magnum when fired from a rifle. The Winchester model 1907 was used during
world war one by the United States, France, the British and the Imperial Russian Armed
Forces. One bullet can cause 42 damage. This damage is going to drop, and unfortunately
it will drop a lot. It will start to drop after 17.5 meters, and
it will reach its minimum at 38.7 meters. After this range it will only be able to do
23 damage. So basically the damage almost reduced in
half. The sl sweeper has a rate of fire of 299 rounds
per minute and as you could have guessed it will need 3 bullets to kill up to a range
of 27 meters. From this point it will need 4 and from 37
meters it will need 5 bullets to do this. This is a lot for a gun like this. The initial time to kill is relatively good,
0.405 seconds. At the 20 meters reference point this time
to kill will become 0.436 seconds. The problem starts after 28 meters because
the time to kill will jump up to 0.651 seconds and after 37 meters you will need 0.868 seconds
and this is a very long time. The M1907 SL sweeper has a muzzle velocity
of 570 meters per second and you will start off with 21 bullets in your first magazine. Luckily they gave you another 63 for those
ultra long killstreaks. Every medic class gun has a deploy time of
0.7 seconds. The M1907 SL is available in a few different
variations: the factory, the trench and of course the sweeper. The difference lies in the recoil and in the
spread. The advantage of the sweeper is that it has
a recoil up of 0.56 compared to 0.8 for the other 2. The advantage of the factory is that it has
a higher recoil decrease and a higher spread decrease. And the trench has much better stats for hipfire,
but you guessed that already. No telescopic sights for a gun like this but
can select iron sights or or a buckhorn sight. A 2 times magnification is the highest one
you can select and then you still have your bayonet. So what is the verdict. The M1907 sl sweeper can be an easy gun for
the medic class. For short range fire fights, just point and
click. For longer range engagements it’s better
to use tapfire so that you can have more control over your weapon. Know it’s limitations and use the distance
to your advantage. Last but not least some extra medic tips free
of charge. There are times when you are in a gunfight
and then one of your buddies who is playing as support takes over, just let him be because
he is sometimes more suited to finish the job, you just focus on keeping him healthy. And if the guy still isn’t dead, then help
out again with trying to kill him.Try to move with your team, don’t try to lead them into
battle but try to stay in the middle or near the back of the pack. Keep a close eye on everybody’s health circle
if I may call it that. Don’t wait until they die but keep them
alive and keep spamming your bandage pouches. So for once spamming is a good thing. And sometimes you will just have to spend
all your time reviving and healing people. It’s a great way to keep your squad moving
and to keep pushing the enemy back. The only reason why your squad is moving forwards
is you, you can give them the ability to do that. And this is sometimes the difference between
you winning or losing the entire round. You’re a medic, never forget that. Whether you are the squad leader or not, you
should always lead by example. You buddies will really start paying attention
to you if they have been revived or resupplied for the 5th time in less than a minutes because
your name will constantly be on their screen when you do that. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching
and I will see you on the battlefield.

Danny Hutson

34 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 M1907 SL SWEEPER! SPAMMING is a GOOD thing in Battlefield 1!!!

  1. Hi friend love your channel and the way its put together are you just a pc gamer or any others if so are their any performance changers across the board .

  2. The reason I choose this for medic is that the sweeper version can go fully automatic, and unlike the cei-rigotti, it reloads using a magazine. Also it has 21 bullets in it. With this gun I can really do well in close quarters, further helping me fulfilling the role of a combat medic. Going with your team, help them with your medkits and the needle of life, and killing enemies, it's efficient, and it's fun to play in this style.

  3. Hey man, i would like to see the stats of the weapon on the screen instead of just you telling them. This will make it clearer and nicer to watch I think.

  4. The 1907 is probably my favorite gun in the game. It has a TTK that just about matches the BAR, but with the capability to achieve noticibly more kills per mag. Only the shotguns and automatico dominate it in close, but the 1907, though not a midrange champion, offers better reach that either of these close range options and definitely more kills per mag than the autimatico.

    Of the variants, though the sweeper is the more popular option, I suggest the trench. Our focus in selecting the 1907 is close ranged fighting. The difference in recoil won't be a difference maker, and a full auto capability is of marginal value when you only need to maintain a 299 RPM. Improving our hipfire/stand/move to 1.5 is a big improvement however.

  5. BTW, if anyone is wondering why this design has such a significant damage drop off with range, that's due to the fact that, as the good FOG himself said, it's a lot like firing a .357 in a rifle. Weapons that have straight blow-back design were some of the first actions for semi-auto (pistols and rifles) due to their manufacturing simplicity; however, do to the lack of a secure lock-up to the breech, straight blow-back weapons can not be chambered in more powerful ammunition (this explains the quantum leap in .380, like a PPK, to 9mm Luger, like a P08, in pistols) due to the system's inability to safely contain the pressure caused by those higher powered rounds off. However, as an owner of a real PPK/S, I can tell you they're some of the softest shooting firearms ever made! This is again due to the sheer simplicity of the action, which doesn't require nearly as much mass or moving parts (to form a secure lock-up for more potent ammo), resulting in much less felt recoil.

  6. love your vids fog. you are quickly becoming my favorite bf1 channel. I've showed a few of my friends yours vids and now they are watching also.

  7. shit i forgot to like this vid so i came back especially to do so. i hope my checks in the mail as usual 🙂 . keep up the good work and thanks for the upload.

  8. Amen FOG, a medic actually reviving and throwing med packs… Is this new for BF…? Too many times I lay there waiting for revive and watch the distance meters grow longer and longer, as the medics run away…

  9. Great job. Clear and concise. I plan on implementing your suggestions. I enjoy the medic the most. After 2 months I am still trying to develop a comfort and experience level. Ya, I struggle, whatever. This game is alot of fun despite alot of others bitching. I am going to try the sweeper again in more close quarter maps👍

  10. After going heavy on assault for months, I decided to try out MEDIC simply for the gun variety. I love those intermediate rifles. Well, after hearing of the M1907 sl Sweeper for a while I realized just how effective it is, especially when transferring from the assault gameplay style. Now that I've got the excitement of the weapons out of the way I've discovered just how rewarding it actually is to keep your squad healed and alive and well. Great video.

  11. My God, this gun after the TTK patch no matter what people say is a God gun, is now the God gun! I have like over 90 kills with it!

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