Battle for Net Neutrality Begins

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This Week in Gambling! You got some moves… [MUSIC] Hello everyone and thanks for joining me on another edition of This Week in Gambling. J.Todd here, coming to you from London, England. Well, not really. I’m actually still in my studio filming this show early because I am traveling to the United Kingdom for the International Casino Expo. So if a major story breaks between now and when this video comes out, forgive me for not covering it. Even though I am in the UK, this week’s big
story comes from America where the battle for Net Neutrality took a
big step forward recently. For those of you who thought that fight
was over… surprise! I have spoken at length about how important
Net Neutrality rules were for consumers… let alone the online gambling and
sports betting industries. Ajit Pai is the head of the FCC and asshole
extraordinaire. He is a former Verizon attorney, who decided to kill the Net Neutrality rules which protected consumers, in favor of big ISP’s… like Verizon… who can now screw you on Internet service. Pai face here is a Trump appointee and
a friend to big business. He lied about public support
for ending Net Neutrality. He faked a cyber security attack in
order to suppress opposing view points. And he misrepresented facts about why
Net Neutrality rules were no longer needed. So yea… he’s a real piece of shit. This brings us to the Battle for Net Neutrality
playing out in a US Court of Appeals in Washington DC… several tech companies and
nearly two dozen states are fighting to get the Net Neutrality rules restored… while the FCC
and attorney’s for internet service providers are fighting to keep it dead! Hopefully, you’re asking yourself why ISP’s want to keep Net Neutrality suppressed… An even better question might be why is a US governmental agency siding with big business over the American people! Those are damn good questions! Oral arguments opened Friday… and the FCC
looked like a bunch of jackasses. Not that that’s a long walk! Their argument is that the Internet is NOT
telecommunications… and therefore, they cannot regulate it…. I want you to remember that statement: The Internet is NOT telecommunications. So if the web isn’t telecommunications,
what the hell is it? Well, according to the FCC says it’s an
“information service”… and hand on here’s where things get really stupid. What’s an “information service”? According to US Government, an “information
service” is “the offering of a capability for generating, acquiring, storing, transforming,
processing, retrieving, utilizing, or making available information via telecommunications.” What the —- is that? It’s NOT telecommunications., it’s an information service that USES telecommunications! My bullshit meter just hit 100! The FCC has run a shell game on the American people… and Mr. Pai is nothing but a corporate shill who has mislead, misrepresented and flat out lied about this issue. The court won’t make a decision about this for several weeks, but oh my goodness… having Net Neutrality rules restored would be huge vicoty. And here’s to hoping Mr Pai get’s investigated, fired prosecuted and run out of government. This week’s special offer is for bet365! Casino City has exclusive players
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film this show early due to travel plans. I actually uploaded it before the
Super Bowl was ever played… You can look below this video to verify the
date I uploaded it. So, just for fun, I will make my Super Bowl
prediction NOW and see what happens… and I’m usually right about these things. I say the game will be won by the NEW-ENGLAND-PATRIOTS… And NO… I didn’t film two different versions and this
and then wait to see who won! Lather, rinse… and repeat,

Danny Hutson

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