Backyard WiFi Extender: Ugly but Effective!

Backyard WiFi Extender: Ugly but Effective!

Let’s follow the cable and see where it goes. But actually if you saw the thumbnail you
know where it goes. It goes right out the back door onto this
table where we have backyard wifi! Now I have good wifi access anywhere in the
backyard which means we can do some live streaming outside! And since there are no walls for the signal
to go through, I can live stream from under this tree! Or way out here next to this fire pit thing! And even out here in the middle of this field! You know, maybe I could do a live stream while
I’m mowing the lawn. And finally, that also means I can more easily
live stream me learning to shoot a basketball over the next few weeks. So I’m going to go out on a limb here and
answer the question right now: will it live stream in the backyard? Most certainly yes, it will. The real question now is “when” and “for
how long”. Thanks for watching, see you later, bye!

Danny Hutson

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