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8 thoughts on “Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) | Infertility

  1. Hi hi! Have you thought about – Xerutant Super Infertility Fixer (should be on google have a look)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my buddy got great joy with it.

  2. There are many different ART treatments, but the IVF is the best since the embryo is transfered when it's ready. I know since I tried many many years with IUI and couldn't get pregnant until I tried IVF at a fertility clinic called Ingenes in Mexico. Now I have my baby girl Allie, after my second IVF.

  3. Hi, did you check out Dobbie Nerkstrol's homepage just lately? It's extremely eye-opening. There’s a smart approach that may work to increase your fertility. Definitely it's not for everyone, however you can try googlng it if you're interested.

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