Are You Worried About the President’s Executive Power? | We the Internet TV

Are You Worried About the President’s Executive Power? | We the Internet TV

[Christmas music] I do love Christmas. Last Christmas was a peaceful and joyous one for me and my family. You know, actually, the last eight Christmases have been pretty peaceful and joyous. I just felt safe, you know? Every night I went to bed knowing that an intelligent man whom I voted for twice was in the White House, a president I supported was watching over us and using his executive powers for good, to bring peace on Earth and joy to the world. But this year, something’s changed–in me! Maybe it’s a part of getting older, but suddenly I just don’t think the President should have that much power. I guess everyone goes through phases in life, and I’m in this ‘let’s limit the power of the Executive Branch’ phase of mine. Regardless of who is president! Because even though it felt like Obama would be President forever, I knew this day would come. Yeah, I should have prepared for it. In my younger years, I looked at the world differently. For example, if my president bombed a country without congressional approval, I just assumed he had a great reason. Why would the man whose campaign I donated money to not have a good reason for everything he does? I mean, do you remember when he danced on ‘Ellen’? (chuckling) But now that I’m older, and not because Donald Trump is going to be president, that has nothing to do with this, I guess I’m not in favor of the president being able to unilaterally topple foreign regimes, no matter what daytime talk show he appears on. [ding] When I first heard about the NSA’s PRISM surveillance program, I closed my eyes and pictured President Obama personally looking through my e-mails and internet search history. It made me feel warm inside. The idea that the president I had phone banked for was interested in what I had to say!? And to whom I was saying it!? Wow! Barack Obama wants to get to know me? He’s watching me!? But now I just don’t like the idea of Donald Trump–I mean, any president–surveilling me without a warrant! I mean, as an American citizen, I have a right to privacy. For the last eight years, I’ve left this key under the mat in case the president ever wanted to let himself into my home. Sure President Obama had a kill list. Yes, he could take out US citizens without due process, but it’s not like I would ever be on that list!
[chuckles] But suddenly I feel like I could be on that list. Prosecuting whistle blowers, refusing freedom of information requests, indefinite detentions, drones… I’m just not feeling it anymore, guys. And it’s definitely not because Donald Trump won and Hillary Clinton didn’t. I’m just older and wiser now. Let’s just say I’m in a pragmatic system of checks and balances state of mind. Oh! And I think guns are a good idea now too. At least for the next four years, or until a president I like takes office. So what executive powers would you like to see rolled back? Let us know in the comments! And subscribe to our channel, We The Internet TV, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for new videos every week.

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Are You Worried About the President’s Executive Power? | We the Internet TV

  1. People are complaining because Trump complained about executive orders so frequently. It's the hypocrisy that people hate, you scrublord

  2. Obama Worst prez ever. You are full of s**t and not funny one bit. Not hardly. U suck. Okay I’m finished.

  3. A psychopath has great difficulty differentiating between sarcasm and someone being serious. Now check out all of the psyco's in the comments section. Lol! ??

  4. you could easily flip this on its head. conservatives were extremely against executive orders under obama but now they embrace them, even when they are directly against the supreme court

  5. None just don’t abuse the shit dam Obama abused them now this president is fixing shit with so much hate from pelosi and chuck shit can’t get done. Be smart on who you vote for the Democrats are hungry for power look and fat Nadler stupid shift and the four clown sisters and the clowns running for president I don’t want that kind of America.

  6. Biggest threat to america and i hope his funeral is in africa it will be bad if its done here.biggest fraud on america that ever was.coward and snake in our white house.i still hope he's hanged by the dick till dead dead dead.

  7. Your an idiot what about the yrs of servalance and monitoring the people done by FB plus all the shit out government does and allows to happen Obama wanted a lot of same shit trump is calling for nobody treated him like they are still to this day treating trump and obama whole life was a lie honestly bro you do more damage making videos like this you are part of cause for all divide still ravaging our country

  8. I’m never going to vote Democrat ever again especially since the far left has shown its colors to be nothing but Nazis and how they treat people how they do person how they take away their money yeah I’m done with you people you’re not even humans to me I was so disappointed in Obama in his last five years of office and everything that he did not all of it was released to the public you have to find out what he did yourself because most of it is covered up must be nice to keep the media in the dark while you bomb a country Obama must be nice to him have pictures of your administration used against Donald Trump and then with people that don’t have any brain cells trying to argue that it was from Trump but the Buller out the date now .

  9. This is too funny ..Muslim Obama and Hillary did nothing for the True American Citizens and AMERICA finally Woke Up on these Communist Socialism Nazi Crooks liars Evil Demon s Leftist

  10. Waite. Obama u would charge america a trillion dollars so u can have a bundle of bananas. Fuck u asshole.

  11. I know this is a comedy channel but this is exactly how the democrats reason and feel!!! You did it so well!!!

  12. Well, at least this country has handsome, well mannered and educated, and also good dancing classy

  13. Only funny to you.
    President Obama caused Christmas Trees at SEATAC Airport removed.
    Public Outcry from We The People had Christmas Trees put Back up.
    President Obama killed many people with DRONES!
    Obama worse President ever.
    Satire ?

  14. I feel sorry for you. Trump is a much more stronger president. And better business man. And has a better global economy plan. As well puts Americans first.

  15. Tribal politics times infinity.
    Executive power Obama/Executive Power Trump:

    But if you’ve drunk Dem or Repub Koolaid- you think one is okay and not the other.

    Obama/Trump was sooo wrong- but Obama/Trump is sooo correct.

    It feels so righteous to be on a side while making fun of the other.

    America- folly of the false dichotomy.

  16. your site is a bunch of partisan bull nonsense. You don't actually address any issues and just try to equate them. You know what Obama also didn't really do? separate children from parents or say racist nonsense. We all see what a partisan hack you are. no one watches your dumb crap.

  17. Lol he only got the Nobel piece prize cause he’s black not a single person on the left will ever be able justify why he got it unless they were “honest” then they would say it was because of the reason I said

  18. Politicians and politics in general give me a warm fuzzy feeling……I typically vomit right after that feeling.

  19. Both Democrats and Republicans have long been guilty of changing their opinions to suit the immediate needs of their party or their favorite president.

  20. You will see his evil watch he let in evil in our country . We will have to deal with it or our kids ..

  21. Bismillah

    I am confused was this an insult on the current occupant? The fact is that competency matters and warrants a different level of trust. I would not trust the current occupant to talk to hand out basketballs let alone make important decisions.

  22. Trumps latest smoke screen, the Racist card, takes attention away From Epstien.
    His Fall out was about he wanted little boys. Not little girls !

  23. Funny but untrue. The left screamed the loudest over his use of drones. Anybody who thinks Obama got a free pass wasn't watching left-wing media.

  24. WTF!!! May you enjoy burning in he'll with them!! Great job paid more than the one's that you have a comfortable home to live in!!!

  25. Only when Trump abuses it. Don't even try to compare Obama to Trump. Obama has integrity and character. He doesn't lie with every sentence. Obama had to use executive order to get things done because republitards swore that they would make sure he failed. Remember that hypocrites? Fuck Trump ?

  26. Hands down the worst president in history. oh crapy Obama thank you for giving us mentally insane men. who dress like women and go into the women's restroom you gave it the right. thank you for going and attacking countries that did not need to be attacked thanks for that one. one other thing you and Hillary went and murdered the Lebanese president moammar Kadafi. because his dollar the denier that he was creating was going to be stronger than the American dollar. you and Hillary and your cronies are such wonderful people. don't worry when you all go to hell you'll be in a special place right next to Satan in the bottom of the bottomless pit.

  27. I’d like to see the Clintons in matching DOC jump suits with shackles on being led through a federal prison gate.

  28. " Hello Baby are You wanting to explore something wild and kinky?" Tonite?????

    Let me make Your Christmas a little more jollier …??- Hop over on to my channel and Sub to Meh…??

  29. OBAMA said he tried eating dog meat when living in Indonesia, but he never said if he like it or not. I guess it must taste like chicken.

  30. It's not the executive power it's the criticisms from trump about how bad Obama was for doing it then he gets elected and dies it. You know like playing golf

  31. Some fair points, but trump has actualy threatened to use his executive powers to bypass congress, like the national emergency he said he would declare if his wall bill didnt get passed. Obama never dangled his executive powers in front of the public the way trump does. As a citezen it doesnt feel good to think the officials that represent your beliefs and values can be overun by one person, and again im not saying obana never used executive powers but he never threatened to use them if he didnt get what he wanted.

  32. WHO has a problem with executive powers? Whomever’s running this channel are hypocrites of the highest order.

    The Right whined like the little snowflakes that they are EVERY TIME. Obama did an executive order!!? THEN they vote into office a con artist that does more executive orders in three years than Obama managed in his eight years in office. All you did was whine about “TYRANNY!”, and “OBAMA IS A DICTATOR!” on FauxNews.

    But of course, it had nothing to do with him being HALF white, right?! Yeah…

    In truth, many on the Left, including Congressional Democrats at that time, didn’t EXACTLY like Obama using executive orders, but we understood given the racist composition of our government AND the nature of those orders.

    An executive order to make sure more citizens are eligible for healthcare?! Would’ve RATHER seen both Parties in Congress come together to do their citizens a solid, but Republicans weren’t even going to give Obama a win on REPUBLICAN IDEAS in an effort to deny him legitimacy.

    An executive order to lock refugee children in cages WITHOUT hygienics, beds, and safety (against international law, AND wholly unnecessary given our own immigration laws)?! Conservatives and Republicans twerk their own nipples just thinking about that shit!!

    How can you REALLY draw that comparison, if you lack empathy for the human condition (my BIGGEST gripe with the Right)??

  33. Barry soetoro aka Barack obuttnuget was born in Kenya making him not a legitimate president to begin with and then went on to making America shit again 8 straight years of the worst job numbers in history and the slowest growth on record only for TRUMP and a magic wand to bring back American jobs that Barry soetoro said was gone forever!! TRUMP 2020 it's MAGA country now so go hide in your safe space for liberal tears crying bitches down in mommies basmemt for 4 more years of TRUMP

  34. I've never cared whether we had a Republican or Democrat in office but this man…smh. I've never seen so many supporters of a current president VOW to vote against him the next time around.

  35. One did pres orders to help people…the other is doing orders to take away protections, help for the poor, pure water, healthy air, health ins, surveillance of public, & more…can you guess whose who?

  36. This is the worst false equivalences I've ever seen, didn't say shit about the CRA MAYBE because in 2016 you had no clue on what it is, Or that the current president broke the record by using it over 35times (taking out protections) while the ones before either didn't use it or used it like 4 times. Also to compare obama years with trump is also silly at best. Democrats have voted and passed alot of trumps bills while Republicans didn't do anything in obama years unless(congress in his years got the least active in history award) unless it was for war or defunding social programs they did nothing. So try to give veiwers the full context. Obama on many videos did not want to do executive orders btw. He urged congress many times to do there job. Again didn't do shit. So the false equivalences is obama legit had a full Republican congress who did nothing. Trump has a full democratic one thats passing his bills.

  37. Here one we the people band together and take over our country again get rid of the left and the right really the last 200 years Democratic Party and the Republican Party can’t agree on anything let us the people decide what best for us not Washington DC

  38. Are you niggaa why was it in 2007 no companies closed the nigga showed up companies closed down the nigga only wanted to help my ass s.o.b it was 2013 faggot that help close them

  39. That was great you were still able to say something pro Trump at the end he said for the next 4 years you will be pro gun But it's just a fact everybody knows there's no way hes going to lose The only thing I'm worried about this election coming up is how far will the commie DemoNcRats go I bet there's going to be more shootings Unfortunately it's highly unlikely that there's not going to be more people killed before the next election.

  40. I think people are realizing more and more that both sides are messed up and don't represent us anymore. We're better than this.

  41. I always had those concerns when Obama dis shit like this and I still am concerned with Trump does. I do think Trump is looked at closer than Obama was because the media thought Obama could do no wrong.

  42. Damn this channel is trash. Its interesting how quick they are to defend anything republican by pointing out "oh he did it first" and justify the colossal bullshitety that comes out of the racist rhetoric thats overcome this nation. Good job at being whiney little kids guys!

  43. I was worried when I found out obambas Clinton Democrats all Pedophiles in Epstein's baby rape Island. You can tell the ones working the hardest to get Trump out are the ones I am talking about .

  44. 0:30 oh my god, Obama was given 2 wars, and left office with 8….that’s not an exaggeration. How in the world can you say that statement. Thumbs down man. I don’t like trump either, but that doesn’t mean I blindly give the Democratic Party a pass. The big bad “man” isn’t the executive branch. It’s the Pentagon, NSA, FBI, CIA, ADL, AIPEC, ZOA etc. The deep state is the problem.

  45. Now your worried about executive orders! When Obama trash the constitution you idiots said nothing. Well suck it up butter cups! He is here to stay! And if the lazy congress wants to stay on vacation all the best.

  46. The patriot act was Bush. Bush started listening in on our phone calls, Emails, Etc..
    well. The truth is Cheney’s lawyers wrote the law and Puppet Bush signed off on it.

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