Are EFFICIENT FARMS always Best in Minecraft!?

Are EFFICIENT FARMS always Best in Minecraft!?

Now as you guys probably already know I absolutely love designing and building farms in Minecraft It’s probably one of my favorite things to do and as you can tell from my base on the hermit craft server I tend to build them pretty big. I mean if we take a look around here You can see that we have farms pretty much all over the place. We’ve got nether wart farm That is a wheat farm down at the bottom there in fact No, that’s a bread farm, and then we have I think that’s wheat, carrots, potatoes. We’ve got the mob farm sugar cane farms We’ve got all the different cocoa bean farms I mean is there they’re absolutely massive and all of these designs that I have constructed are some of the most Efficient designs that you can build in Minecraft for example this melon pumpkin farm That was designed by L. Mango is ridiculously ridiculously fast This is someone that knows a lot about how the game mechanics of Minecraft work and he understands that if you play seeds in an alternating fashion between melons and pumpkins and also Give those seeds plenty of places that they can grow then it means that the farm works Really quickly and it does this thing Produces thousands and thousands of items per hour and I decided to build two of them because apparently one just wasn’t quite enough This Guardian farm that I have in the center of my base may look simple But it was actually developed over many hours by a chap called nem BOM who went through all of the possible ways that you could Build a guardian farm and decided that this was the most efficient after a lot of experiments And I can confirm it is completely insane there are Guardians falling at the bottom of this thing 24/7 and Finally this gigantic mob farm that you can see towering over this area of my base is designed by L. Mango once again And it’s also one of the most efficient ways that you can develop a mob farm Just due to game mechanics things that I don’t personally understand Now all of the items from those farms flow right the way into this area here Which is the storage system for the farming areas of my base, and this is what it looks like I mean. We’ve ended up with stacks upon stacks of items all going through these chests and going through into the chest underneath and You can see that. We just have tons of the stuff sugarcane. We’ve got a loads of beetroot I’ve never used beetroot before in Minecraft. I have no clue what I would even use it for we’ve got loads and loads of pumpkins Melons we’ve got carrots, potatoes we have pretty much everything that you could possibly need and 99.9% of it is going to stay in these chests for the rest of their lives and that kind of brings up an interesting point He’s having the most efficient farms in Minecraft always the best? you see I personally really enjoy the process of Designing and making farms. It’s probably one of my favorite projects to work on in Minecraft Just because number one. You’re actually getting items from it There’s a use for the redstone project but number two There’s just so many different aspects that you have to think for example if you’re making a melon-pumpkin farm There’s a ton different routes You can go down you can have a redstone clock activated farm, which will fire every now and again Or you could have an automatic farm that detects when a melon or pumpkin grows and then activates then but then you have to think About how you’re going to actually picking up those resources Are you going to use minecarts water streams you guys use hopper lines, and you have to think about? How aren’t you going to be transporting those resources? how you’re going to be sorting them and eventually how you’re going to be storing them and the same thing goes for something like a Mob farm you need to work out how you’re going to get those mobs to spawn how you’re going to be pushing them off the platforms how You’re going to funnel them in to a smaller place, so you can get them into a killing chamber Then how you’re going to make the killing chamber how you’re going to pick up their items and eventually how you’re going to sort them And store them there’s so many different things going on and this is a complex fun Redstone project now because I’m not one of the smartest minecraft youtubers. I don’t necessarily know the backend of Minecraft I don’t know all of the hidden quirks and exploits that you can use to make your farms faster Which means that generally speaking my farm designs are rarely the most efficient ways of doing things however for me personally I just enjoyed the process of building and designing the farm. That’s the good bit. That’s the bit that I really really enjoy Just a nice by-product of the fact that I’ve built that farm is the fact that it actually produces resources now I want to make it very very clear before people start shouting at me down in the comment section I’m not saying that the people who are building these incredibly efficient designs aren’t Super impressive because they are I watched these videos, and I’m in awe just the amount of time and effort that’s been put into them all the different designs that they’ve gone through all the different testing phases that they’ve been put through all the Different exploits that are being made use of all the different code that must have been read through And all the different documentation They must have looked at to get to this point where they’ve built these ridiculously efficient farms that work as fast as possible It’s hugely interesting There’s some of my favorite minecraft videos that I’ve seen on the internet and I’ll put links to them down the description because I think everyone should see what minecraft is like at the Tippity-top of the efficiency spectrum, it’s incredible, but if you’re just your average Joe who enjoys playing a little bit of Minecraft Maybe you don’t need to worry about how many thousands of items per hour you’re going to be getting from the super efficient farm that You’ve built. Maybe you just want a fun project to work on for example I recently designed this blaze farm for the hermit craft server And I’m well aware that you can create some really simple and really efficient blaze farms in Minecraft I think blaze are naturally attracted to solid blocks so you can build a room Completely made out of glass and then put a solid block in the corner and the blaze will just fly towards it fall out of The room and then you can kill them, it’s super simple, but I didn’t want to build it like that I wanted to build a slime block based blaze farm that shoots the blaze around inside like pimples I mean just watch this look look How interesting this is to watch look they start landing on the pressure plates? And they just get shot all over the place I mean it doesn’t get them out the fastest But it’s just entertaining to watch So I think the mentality that I’m going to be taking into the future is that sometimes I will be building the ridiculously fast designs I mean, let’s face it. It is always quite exciting getting thousands upon thousands of items an hour, but other times I’m going to be taking on the slightly more silly slightly more daft redstone farm projects Just because I mean often even though they don’t produce as many items They’re really fun projects to work on and they actually end up looking quite cool now I would love to hear your thoughts on this down in the comments section I’m sure a few of you all have differing opinions So I want to hear should you always go for 100% efficiency should everyone be working at maximum capacity? Or is there a little bit of room for daftness still in the farming minecraft community as I say let me know your thoughts down In the comment section, but unfortunately ladies and gentlemen that is all I’ve got time for today I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please hit that like button and if you really loved it then make sure to subscribe 😉 But thanks for watching guys. This has been Mumbo and I’m out I’ll see ya later. 😀 I love this thing.

Danny Hutson

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  1. Simple or complex, daft or ingenious, efficiency or entertainment, cheese or not cheese

    The only thing that matters is if you the player are having fun,

  2. Hey bud I just saw this video and I absolutely love your redstone tutorials I have quite a few of your builds on my server. Honestly I am enjoying every minute of them they are easy simple and efficient. Now to the main reason for this message. I saw your blaze farm at the end of the video and absolutely love the way it looks. I am wondering would you be willing or able to possibly make a video of it and if you already did could you please link me to it. Thanks a lot in advance.

  3. I play a private server in which every farm is 100% efficient, but is also *as small as we can make it*… This saves on lag, which is a big deal on our 3 dollar server. I currently get 26 TPS max over 1000 ticks tested by the carpet mod, so with all that we have going on, that is pretty impressive. We run ten farms off ONE timer! For our "one chunk" Mob and Witch farm, timing the flush make more of an impact for the results than anything else. Turns out, the more often you flush, the better the rate of spawns. When it comes to storage, we never keep more than 6 chests of drops, and 6 chests of blocks for those drops. It will fill faster than we can use it, so it is wasted anyway. We nerfed the slime farm next to our Witch/Mob farm twice over, (actually made fewer spawnable spaces for them to spawn on) and this ended up making the rates go UP because they had less time before they died, and therefore they spawned twice as often. We had to really cut down the spawnable area for it to have the reverse effect. We did this just to get the spawns for them balanced for each, so as to keep the cap fresh for new spawns in the Witch/Mob farm.

  4. As someone who occasionally plays Minecraft and has yet to ever build an automated farm of any type I'd say go for the daft designs. If it produces enough that you don't have to go out and manually gather then who cares if it's only 5% of max efficiency, it looks incredible at 5% efficiency.

  5. The most efficient farm I’ve ever made is an automatic villager farm

    Basically you have a villager with all of his 9 slots filled with seeds and then you have a minecart with hopper underneath it and it all goes into a chest (only works with wheat) (need brown coat farmer)

  6. Most of the time I'm looking up farms I can use on my Skyblock island on the server I play on. They need to be fairly compact and use little to no redstone because Skyblock has limited resources, space, and the server has limits on number of mobs that spawn or can be bred.

    Efficiency is useful in this case, but how many (and type of) resources they take to build is my main criteria.

  7. Some of those massive farms actually look very cool like my opinion, but I'm just not willing to personally put in the survival time and resources to build one when a 9×9 wheat farm that grows ~80 wheat per harvest supplies exactly what I need 🙂

  8. "efficiency" is a bit of a misnomer, the word typically involves reducing cost as well as increasing output. Some of these large "efficient" farms are very expensive in terms of time and materials. If I can create a simple farm in 5 minutes, and start collecting a modest amount of resources immediately, that might be a better situation than spending hours and hours collecting materials and then building a huge super-farm (especially if all the output of my farm goes into a chest somewhere and I never use it).

  9. I love both.
    I love a daft and crazy design, but i love a crazy efficient design.
    Some combine both, but i love seeing both ends. The weirdest and the most efficient. Personally, i can make up any farm i need. It may be slow and spartan, but it works. But, seeing what you can do with both cool designs and efficient designs is interesting. But then you add in the survival vs creative vs command aspect and it gets even wilder.

    I would say, link both your design and the most efficient youve seen lol

  10. 3:38 thats nto abotu jsut beign smart tho , you have go actuly look for them , if you never checked actual saurce code its realy not becazse of you inteligence

  11. I build my farms quick and simple with little to no redstone.Its not the fastest,its not the most efficient,but i like it that way.I dont need thousands of items,i just need enough to get by.

  12. It's cool and all having massive storage systems filled with items because your farms are super efficient, but I just lure some animals into a pen, get wheat, seeds, carrots and breed the animals, jobs done. Or just get some water, till the dirt and plant your seeds, and wait for the crop to grow, making really big redstone creations is cool and I respect that, but you're never going to consume that much watermelon or that much bread in a thousand years. Just get what you need to get by, ok it's nice to have a couple stacks of cooked beef lying around just grab and go, but I don't need to get to the other side of my base, that's way to big and gave me a head ache designing and building just to get some food, or some blaze rods for my automatic potion brewer, because we're to impatient and lazy to do thing ourselves. What happened to waiting for your furnace to cook the food and setting off on a mining trip with your shiny new diamond pick axe. No beacons with haste 3 efficiency 5 because you ran out of redstone making that new farm. I'm no hater I just don't see the god damm point

  13. I think you should do what makes you happy in Minecraft. If that is building ridiculously huge and efficient farms which you will never need the full capacity of, go for it. For me personally however, I just want farms that will give me the items I need plus some extra to give me a feeling of security. If you build one "too" efficient, then you might have a storage problem on your hands, and I don't particularly want to deal with that. If on the other hand, you're running a shop on a server, you will most likely want the most efficient farm possible with the space you have.

  14. I started designing a redstone puzzle map on ps4 a few years ago before I even knew you could use redstone torches to reverse a signal. I've been playing it today and it's amazing it actually works without that one simple thing. I somehow managed to get comparators to do the job instead…

  15. One of the reasons you are my favorite hermit was you built Redstone stuff a reasonable player could use in their own world. I've fallen away from watching you as much since you've been recreating gnembon and ilmangos stuff. I can get that from them. I'd rather see what reasonable and fun stuff you can come up with.

  16. How often I was thinking that? I don't need super efficient. I need enough to keep me going and the rest is just having fun. However, I copied Gnembon's Guardian farm that you also built, because it is a ton of joy using it!

  17. I think it is good to have a fast farm but what is the point if it is ugly to look at, yes you can hide it away but then whats the point in makeing it (other than getting stuff) if you are not going to see it at all, when i make redstone i try to make it so it still looks good but not hidden but i do hide 99% of the redstone itself.

  18. Did you ever think to account for the resources and the time taken to make a farm? Sometimes a less efficient farm might be beneficial if its super easy to make, or if it can be made very early in a new world.

  19. I will respond to the title with an answer, Yes……….. Efficiency is to achieve maximum productivity, The goal of a farm is to produce product, You want as much product as quickly as possible with a farm, So of course efficient is always the best, To say otherwise is very arrogant and ignorant.
    A more appropriate question would be something like "are efficient farms always the most fun?"

  20. So I have always felt that MineCraft has multiple communities in it, explorers, builders, redstoners, etc. Each of those have their own subcategories, like builders are the recreate real life structures, megabuilds, small and cozy, villages, etc. Redstoners/farmers have their own subcategories like computers, novice farms, megabuild god-level farms, and funky farms. The thing is that I feel like the funky farms do not have enough people designing them. My personal favorite funky farm builder is Etho, who has plenty of knowledge and can do impressive things (Nexus, nether portal craziness, gold farm, ender enders, etc.) But he also has a slime farm just to have a slime run around on a minecart in his base. His farms are not always the most efficient, but they are creative (mob farm using wolves, cats, and villagers rather than pushers for example). That is sort of my thoughts on the subject anyways. If you want to do more funky farms I am all for it man

  21. I just hate having so many items, I prefer having just as many as I need, and store them in a perfect system.

  22. There is Efficacy, Production Quantity and Simplicity.
    I prefer simplicity. The less blocks I need to get a job done the better.

  23. 6:12 weeelllllll this is a good farm if you want a lot of items without overwhelming your storage system so this is a great farm funny and practical

  24. A farm that has a maximum output is most of the time very effective, but not efficent. And if its efficent the question is, in what terms efficent. time-efficent, space-efficent, building-material-efficent…

  25. silly mumbo we know u kick ass and everything but your supposed to make stew with the beats to get %100 emerald profits from wheat; wool leather etc.

  26. u want to know what I think… interesting. I think you aare very high in the standings. I always view gaming as a form of competition. so if production is your style you are certainly at the very least deserving of a grade. I would say in terms of standings that you have an A. maybe not an A+. correct me if I am wrong but it seems ilmango has everyone beat in terms of industrial mining. which lets face it the game is called Minecraft. suffice to say, you, mumbo; are somewhere very high in theoretical standings. besides none of this matters because we are kidnapping your avatar so you can produce TNT missles, together we will destroy the world that you perceive to be better than you in some small way. MuHAAAHAAHAAHA!

  27. No, I don't think so
    but the main issue I have is regular hostile mob farms. I wanted to build a small but efficient one but I couldn't, the one i built produced 23 gunpowder in 11 hours, when I needed upwards of a stack of gunpowder sooooo

  28. your pinball blaze farm only needs one thing
    piston fire sound= pinball sound you can use note blocks set as high as they can go

  29. If I'm in need of a farm, I try to figure out the most convenient farm that I can muster. I designed an xp farm and a mob farm so far. I felt like I could make it work and I did! The mob farm was annoying to try to design. The pick up system and lighting were the biggest hastles by far. But I got it done, built it on my server, and it doesn't work at all. Not even my friend's creeper farm which had a tutorial on it. Think it was a server issue :/


  31. I love the crazy and unique farms. Doesn't always need to be efficient design and style for me is why I love the game too.

  32. I love building in Minecraft. I do farm most of the stuff I use to build. I dont build huge and efficent farms because I want thounds of items to rot in my chests but to be able to sell those items so I can afford the building materials. efficent farms is a must in minecraft.

  33. In single player? Eh its something to do right?
    In multiplayer though, absolutely not.
    Having items being constantly generated out of thin air creates massive item inflation on servers to the point where you can buy 10,000 pumpkins for 1 diamond just because the farmers have so much stock and no one is buying.

  34. I currently run 2 full auto farms. One is melon farm and another is a sugarcane farm. Typical observer piston stuff… I have one unit of each.
    Edit: I'm a Grian but in survival tho so…..

  35. It depends what kind of efficiency we are talking about. Output is often the least important factor. Sure a 10k drop per hour mob farm would be great to have, but can it fit with the intended aesthetic, does the rate justify the cost of construction?

  36. Minecraft is a game, if you have fun making the most efficient farms possible, then do it, if you have fun making not-so efficient designs, do it, even if you dont even farm, and prefer not automating anything at all, its a game, you're meant to have fun, so do whats fun for you, and don't criticize others for either "not being as good" or making "totally un-necessarily efficient" farms. Im the kind of person who doesnt know minecraft well, but i just love hopping into a testing world and trying to make a farm, sure im not the best, sure it wont be super efficient, but its fun, and in all thats what minecraft was made for, or any other game, to have fun.

  37. Whereas I believe there is still room for daftness on this topic.
    Really efficient farms make me smile.
    I recently built a kelp farm that tuned the kelp into dried kelp blocks for fuel.
    As long as the chunk is loaded it produces 2500 blocks an hour, I know that's easily beatable even just byu making it taller in the case of my design. but it still makes me smile.

  38. i can't understand what kind of patience you have?! i can barely build an iron golem farm and i'm done for the day

  39. "Blaze are naturally attracted to solid blocks"
    That was a really cute way of saying "By abusing the pathfinding of the blazes, which will try to traverse to solid blocks"
    Really, a charming brit right here.

  40. Most of the overly efficient farms I have seen have a trash bin connected to them because they produce more lag and items that could reasonably be stored, let alone used. Depends on the server, and you're style of play. If you have an excess of any production, find a use for it. If you lack a resource, find ways of increasing production, or use a substitute material. Main thing is, just have fun with your world.

  41. Daftness is good. BTW, my Blaze Farm? I find a spawner, build a room around it and sit inside wiht a fire resistance potion and a looting sword. Redstone makes my head hurt, but I wish I understood it more/better

  42. its so important to make new and never before used farm styles cuz u never know , u might accidently make an awesome and effective farm . besides its a game ,the point is to have fun . if ur number 1 goal is to only be at 10% effectivness than its more like a job or work rather than a game

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