Archeage Unchained – Available Now On Steam – Updated Info

Archeage Unchained – Available Now On Steam – Updated Info

As most people watching this video will already
know, Archeage Unchained officially launched 2 days ago on the 15th of October. Today’s video is just to talk about how the
launch has gone, make people aware of a few things and discuss my experience in the game
so far. This isn’t a lets play or anything like that,
more like an overview of how launch has been handled and things such as that. Also guys, I encourage you to post your experiences
so far in the comments, let me know if you’re a new player, a returning player, a super
veteran…How are you finding unchained? Would you recommend it to people? Are you having as much fun as you thought
or more? I do apologise for the footage not being great,
I didn’t actually record anything while playing until deciding to post this video. Reason for that being I’ve put out so many
archeage videos recently I feel like I’m getting myself locked into one game and I don’t want
to do that, I am still first and foremost an mmorpg genre channel and not an archeage
unchained channel, this is a little bit last minute as I did have another video about a
different game ready to go today. But I’ve seen a lot of comments on my previous
video, in game and on social media that I thought it would be easier to just post a
video to clear up all the questions people have. First up, the launch actually went rather
smooth compared to a lot of mmorpg launches and exceeded my expectations. The game was due to go live at 10 am UTC for
EU and the game seemed to do just that. Obviously there were queues and that waas
entirely expected but the servers didn’t crash as far as I’m aware. I didn’t actually play on the EU launch, I
waited for the NA servers to come up which was at 6 pm my time, 10 am pacific I think. I queued for about 30 minutes, got in game
and managed to play for a while before crashing and having to queue back up for an hour. A lot of people have been asking about steam
release on the comments of my previous video. Yes the steam release has unfortunately been
delayed guys. As I’m writing this, the new schedule for
steam release is today, the 17th of October, at 11 am pacific. That’s about 7 pm for me in England. They’re planning to release 1 server for NA
and 1 server for EU with the steam launch which means that the steam players can either
choose to play with their friends and be a day or two behind or to play on the brand
new servers that come up in support of those additional players. Shameless self promotion, you can still buy
the game via my affiliate link in this video description and help support me and my channel,
using the link costs you nothing and directly benefits me so that I can keep bringing you
content like this. So thanks for anyone that has done that already
and anyone who does in the future! A popular topic of discussion is also how
this affects land lock, for those unaware, the land in archeage is a big deal. It was supposed to be all locked until 4 days
after launch, on Saturday the 19th would be the first day to start claiming land. Due to tech issues, people not getting to
start on the servers they wanted, the steam launch being delayed, they put a poll up in
their discord server asking if people wanted to keep the date as the 19th or to unlock
it next Saturday on the 26th of October. The votes right now are overwhelmingly in
the positive for delaying it to Saturday the 26th. This isn’t an official announcement that it
has been moved to thata date yet but as it stands it’s looking likely I suggest following
the archeage twitter, joining their discord or mine and I’ll keep you guys up to date
as we get that info confirmed. Add onto this a lot of people are upset that
they didn’t get to make a character on the same server as their guild or friends, totally
understandable and I agree it’s an issue. They have had to lock character creation on
certain servers or factions on certain servers due to over population or faction imbalance. This is entirely understandable and unavoidable
unfortunately. The proposed solution to this of course would
be character server migration. This they’ve said is not going to be happening
at least for now, so plan accordingly. This means for at least for the immediate
future, there will be no character transfers between the unchained servers. So if you’re planning to start with friends,
or to get on an already population locked server, you’re better off waiting in my opinion,
unless you don’t mind playing on your own for however many weeks or months that could
take before they open transfers. In terms of actual game breaking bugs and
crashes…There is no grace period on the queue. So there have been times me or people in my
discord server have queued for 2 hours to get online, then crashed as soon as they got
in and had to queue for another hour. So a grace period would be where you have
x minutes to reconnect and get right back into the game or into the same queue position. This isn’t enabled for Unchained and is causing
issues as anticipated. Add onto this there have been some crash issues,
myself I’ve crashed 5 times in the past 2 days. Just my game freezes and then I crasah to
desktop with no error message randomly. I’ve also had people tell me that they’ve
had the sound crash repeatedly after playing for some time. Apparently the fix to these issues is to disable
the game sound all together or set the sound quality to low. I’ve personally disabled sound and since then
haven’t crashed but haven’t played long enough to know if this has fixed it or it just hasn’t
come up again yet. So if anyone gets that, you can try those
things and see if it fixes for you. Aside from these things,the worst and most
game breaking isssue of course is people not able to regen labor. This has been a massive issue and I believe
what originally delayed the steam release. So what was happening was people had access
to play the game after buying the game packs on the site, but it wasn’t allowing you to
regen labor until you claimed the pack on the website again…Which wasn’t even showing
up for most people until they refreshed a bunch of times. The solution to this has been to give every
player 1 credit and put a 1 credit item in the cash shop, so you buy that and it will
be solved. This is honestly something they needed to
have fixed prior to launch but I can understand them not wanting to delay the release for
a second time. It’s a shame that this happened because it
does sort of cast a shadow on an otherwise amazing launch with the stability we’ve had,
I’m just glad they didn’t launch on steam with the issue and get review bombed due to
it. Though it does suck that steam players wanting
to join their friends will be a few days behind at this point. Now I think and operative word here being
think, that is all the server, crashing and launch issues talked about…At least the
ones that I know about. Onto how the game has been post launch content
wise at least for me. So I’m about level 37 now on my eu character
and 32 or something on NA. I can’t check right now since I’m living that
queue life, which is the only reason I’m really able to drag myself away and make some content
for you guys. I returned to legacy archeage a few months
ago as I’m sure some of you will be aware, before unchained was even announced. The game back then, I thought was super fun
to play but just totally dead. I actually made 3 or 4 videos on the game
and each time just kept being drained of enthusiasm for the game because of not seeing hardly
any players, the world was lifeless and dead. Unchained is basically the polar opposite
of that right now. The population is absolutely booming, the
only complaints you can even have about the game right now as someone who is into archeage
is that there are too many players….Which is one of those good and bad issues. The world is alive, people are fighting everywhere,
it has taken me basically an entire day to get from level 32 to 37 because I’m constantly
just fighting people. So the good things about this is that the
game is popping, people are loving it. The bad things about it being so populated
is that you’re sitting in queues at prime times, you’re also making very little progress
on your character during war time in any pvp zones because there’s just raid groups of
enemies roaming around killing you. I’ve spoke to some people that are upset about
this and I see your point, I think some pve only people are going to be upset over it
aand even as a hardcore pvper myself generally in most games…I’m still a little annoyed
at times when I spend an hour playing and get 1 quest finished because of being killed
over and over. The solutions to this is to either move to
another zone until peace time is on, join a raid and fight back which I find to be the
most fun…Or make youtube videos while you sit in town waiting for peace time like what
I’m doing most of the time. To be honest, I’m loving the game so much
and the constant back and forth pvp, full raid groups battling constantly, I’m in absolutely
no rush to make it to end game…This might as well be end game for me with how fun it
is. I’m sure some people are going to disagree
and just want to rush to level 50 plus and get started on their hiram gear…I do too,
but this is still great fun. In terms of the cash shop etc, of course the
game launched in exactly the state we all expected, it’s the same as PTS and how I talked
in my last video recommending that the game was worth a purchase. There’s no p2w as of launch at all, absolutely
zero. The game is popping, it hasn’t even launched
on steam yet and they’re now at 4 servers per region which have high population and
queues, I’m expecting once we hit steam to get even more packed out. 100% still stand by my recommendation that
this was worth the money and I hope making this video gives a few people on the fence
about buying in, that nudge to get in game and start having a good time. I have aa bunch of brand new archeage players
on my discord and they’re giving all good feedback on the game, saying how engaging
and fun the game is. I know there will be people waiting for the
steam launch to buy it, there will also be some people who outright refuse to buy it
due to the fear it will go back to being p2w in the future and while I understand the concerns
and share them…there’s no guarantee either way but I’ll say it was definitely worth the
risk at this point. I just also want to say that while I’ve been
spamming content out for Archeage Unchained, a lot due to the hype the game has been getting
and a lot due to me being really into the game. This isn’t an archeage unchained only channel
and I will be releasing my usual content following this video, with covering every game I can
and being mostly a casual player in AAU as long as I can drag myself away from the game. I did plaan to release a different video today
about another upcoming mmorpg but thought this would help some people out. I just don’t want people to think I’m going
to be releasing archeage unchaained content only or super frequently. Not to say I won’t be releasing archeage stuff
still, just that I won’t be going the route of a 1 game only channel. I’ll definitely still be playing and making
stuff for archeage unchained just not going to be the only focus of my channel. Special thanks to the people supporting me
via youtube membership subscription which is basically patreon but for youtube, you
get cool perks that I can set up myself such as this shoutout! If you’re interested in getting involved,
check out the Join button under each video. Chillie Hue, Rowan, Miss Yun, Ramms, Duo T,
Seal Boss, Angel, , Jack, Joe and Marathon5150. Thank you guys so much and thanks to all you
guys who watch the videos, leave comments and likes, follow me on twitter, join discord
and , I’ll see you guys on the next one, PEACE!

Danny Hutson

47 thoughts on “Archeage Unchained – Available Now On Steam – Updated Info

  1. Yeah so while I was editing and uploading it got released on steam. So you can ignore that part. It's now out on steam! The two servers that are totally fresh starts will release 1 hour after steam release which is in about ~30 minutes from this video upload time.

  2. It's a shame they didn't put on steam available in my country. Most of the time we have a slightly better price for currency conversion, and we can use the credits already available in the Steam wallet. Really disappointing.

  3. Lol i have no sympathy for people complaining about world pvp…what are they surprised that there is pvp in a 5-6 year old pvp focused game?

  4. My opinion has been very mixed, missed the initial lvl rush and ended getting ganked by lvl50s. Stressed that I won't get land as the vocation and merchant side of the game really interests and even then the community seems pretty toxic, lots of negative or elitist people. I don't think this game will survive after land rush.

  5. I couldn’t get in, asked for refund, found a work-around due to support being so slow, then they actually gave me a refund, so now I can get into the game, but lost my founder rewards xD

  6. W8ing for hours in queue, entering the game playing for a few minutes (120fps btw) then sound bugs out… and soon game just shuts off. I restart game and i'm in a 2hr queue again. If they dont fix this soon i'm done with the game.

  7. I'm a new player.
    But for now for me its a Queue Sim.
    So yea its killing for me if this keeps up it cant hold me for long. Waiting more then 4 a 5h just to play 1 a 2h is no fun

  8. Tried to get on to Tyr but ended up being forced onto Deni D: Idk if I want to use my pack or not yet but I need labor

  9. Idk why but this is interesting to me that I was pretty hyped for Unchained about a month and a half ago and was gonna buy it and had a plan to get a house and everything. Then I didn’t and I kind of felt bad about it. However while I was waiting I was messing around in games like Everquest, DAOC, UO and some where along the line decided to play some Classic WoW and that’s where I’ve been. On Classic and really enjoying it,playing at my own pace going on random adventure having to talk to people to get stuff done. I guess playing some of those games reminded me that even Archeage falls victim to a lot of the bad things that MMO’s have became over the years. One of the worst for me is ignoring the leveling process and making it simply an obstacle to get to the end game. I feel like it should be a journey with a sense of adventure not so much a sprint. And while there are and were those who do and did that in Classic it still gives you the tools to have that journey and adventure like EQ did and UO and others. So though I am glade AA is getting some love it needed and deserved I feel like I have moved on as a gamer from it now. But I do hope those who bought it are having a good time. I have no idea why I decided to randomly post my though but there it is lol 😆

  10. Great video!
    So, I am fairly new to the game, I played it very little in the other version and didnt get far due to you receiving a TON of free stuff. None of it made sense to me.

    I am lvl 31, I havnt been sent to the contested areas yet, I have been doing every quest I see. I hate rushing in games. I get the enjoyment out of playing it and not just rushing to max level.
    I have gotten 0 random kicks, 0 sound issues, 0 problems with the game. It runs smoothly and I am really enjoying it.
    My only 1 complaint is due to what you receive at the very start of the game. (And maybe I am working with little info) But, I dont like that the starting gear is basically the gear you will level/upgrade/awaken and use all the way till the end. To me, as someone who loves to gather/craft, I find this very saddening since I feel like some crafting wont be "useful" or profitable for me.
    But again, I could be working with wrong info and maybe the upgrade/awaken is a lot more in-depth then I am being led to believe.

    I managed to find a friendly/knowledgeable person in the game, and he has been explaining a lot to me, and now I am really looking forward to getting a house, building a ship and becoming a PIRATE! YARRRRRR.


    Thanks for the video and the information. Keep up the work you do ^_^

  11. Since I played I got ganked so much (but with fun), now with steam release is my turn……orgy gank in Halconya 😀

    come to papi noobs 😛

  12. I use vpn to buy it using steamwallet but if i click buy it goes credit card paymaya bla bla. I dont have those cause im still student .. what should i do

  13. Do I would recommend this game to all my friend its soooooo gooood archeage unchained is much smoother then the original.

  14. Don't know if you noticed but the NA queue is insane. Yeah it was expected and I personally don't have much of a problem with it, but I think it should be be emphisized as a negative of the launch.

  15. Before watching your entire video and be mesmerized! I will comment first. I did decide to try out AAU. And my expectations were very, very low. The Character Creation was a bit worst than I expected. But everything else was AMAZING. Except that I keep getting smacked down by furries and that I dont know much about the game yet Lol..

    Right from the start I decided to solo everything. But around the lvl 20 mark I quickly made a lot of friends. And met many friendly players. Ever since I got dragged along by several very, very friendly people. I think it's very balanced and good by the developers, minus the US launch (i play EU)..

    I think the game is absolutely awesome Lol..

  16. So you put out a bunch of AAU content before launch and felt you were putting out too much content for this one game? So you felt there was no need to make a video for this games launch? But felt there was a need for a mess of prelaunch videos? Im sorry but that's ridiculous. EVERYONE is concerned with how the launch went and actual facts about the game rather than guesses prelaunch. To me you focused on the wrong thing.
    Its like airing pregame footage of a football game but then saying we have spent too much time on this so we wont show the actual game. Serious?

  17. I couldn't get in in release day. So went in a different direction, came back yesterday (Oct. 16) and was able to get in with no problem on the new NA-Kaylin server. Rolled an Elven Archer, had a good time of it! Good luck & hunting all!

    Thanks for all the videos Kira! Cheers! 🙂

  18. Can we buy the steam version, then like keep our progress from the Unchained version ? I want to do that but i'm not sure if, on the steam version, we'll ue the glyph launcher, so our first account ..

  19. Just leveled to 30 and game is pretty boring so far. Fetch quest after fetch quest. Even cutscenes are boring. Let's hope it gets better

  20. Returning player, played way back in the first trade pack system. That said, I still love the game! My issue is with how soon the land rush is, you can't "enjoy the game". they took the "RPG" out of it cause you just have to rush through to try and make it to the land you want and I still didn't. I hear they might change it. Making it the following Saturday and not in 5 days would have been better.

  21. New player, only hit level 18 because of getting dced and queue times.

    Game is super fun, but I think some things could be made much clearer. I also didn’t get my preorder items yet, but not a big deal.

  22. I’ve had no problem with the game what so ever. The only hard part for me was figuring out how to claim my labor. Community is very helpful. If you just bought the game make sure you check there twitter on server updates so you don’t wait for a hour for character creation. Out of all the mmos I played this has been the most fun experience I’ve had with one can’t wait to get home and play!

  23. WARNING: This game is a joke – so so so BADLY Optimized still – it legit runs like a potato, even on high-end machines!
    It totally ruins the PvP experience, I mean compare ArcheAge that is now 7 years old to something like World of Warcraft that is almost 13 years old or even FFXIV.
    the difference in movement, combat mechanics, the overall response — is literally day and night, it is obvious now as it was back then when the game originally launched.
    that the ONLY interest has been how; the game looks in trailers, cash shop milking costumes , and of course later on the Notorious Pay2Win.
    this game many years later, still feel like an upgraded version of Bless Online, rather than something that they are trying to save, from becoming the same fate.
    I was praying to the MMO Gods that they would pull a FFXIV and turn this game into super successfull, because the ideas and the inovation and the PvP here has so so much potential.

  24. TLDR; Unfortunately not for PvE players. Griefers galore

    Got to level 34.. was decent fun until just after lvl30 where you do a quest to get a 8×8 farm which forces you to quest in a contested PvP zone. Forget about minding your own business trying to accept/hand in quests or kill mobs, other players will go to the end of the earth to hunt you down and kill you for no reason. Each time you get ganked you lose Honor points and have to try and run back to the quest point or wait 1-2 hours until the zone goes into Peaceful. So just a warning, this game is a haven for griefers (which is a high percentage of gamers these days).

    I wanted to be a humble farmer/crafter and sell my wares on the auction house and quest/grind mobs like most other MMOs. I really wanted to like this game but unfortunately the highly focused PvP aspect/griefing ruins it for me. If they had PvP only areas that were optional it would be much better.

  25. It is super trash! The server issues and locks are doing so I can not play with my friends and my guild! And it is not a freaking “release”!! It is another version of a super old game so that there is any issues at all is super, SUPER trash! I am so angry and are telling my friends and guild mates that keep asking about the game to stay away for now! It is bad!

  26. Launch has been an absolute shit show. One thing after another. I couldn't in good conscience recommend this game to someone.

  27. Pve ers need to fuck off of this game. their whiney asses have ruined good pvp games just cause theyre cucks afraid of confrontation. anime weeboo stories are safer for their beta mental state

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