Anti-Gravity Wheel?

Anti-Gravity Wheel?

I am here at the University of Sydney where
the mechanical engineering shop has built this incredible piece of apparatus for me.
It is a forty pound, that is nineteen kilogram flywheel on the end of a meter long shaft. Can you imagine trying to hold this out horizontally
with just one hand at this end? It is virtually… it is impossible, ok? No I’m going to let go. You going to be able
to hold this at all? I hope so.
Can you lift it out? Make it horizontal – hold it, hold it, hold
it. Come on. Just try to – I want you to hold
it out horizontal. See if you can. Hold it, hold it!
Ahh, come on! No.
What I’m going to do is I am going to spin this up to a few thousand RPM and then I’m
going to attempt just that, to hold it from one end and have it out horizontally.
Five, four, three, two, one. Boom. I’m going to let go with my left hand. What
you’ll see is that the shaft remains horizontal, see it going around there. It almost looks as though the wheel is weightless.
How does this work? Well instead of pulling the wheel down to the ground as you’d expect,
the weight of the wheel creates a torque which pushes it around in a circle. You may recognise this as gyroscopic precession.
For a more detailed explanation, click the annotation, or the link in the description
to see my video on the topic. Here I want to try something more extreme.
I’m going to try to lift it over my head with one hand while it’s spinning. Wish me luck. But before I make the attempt, Rod wisely
suggests that I first check if I can lift the wheel above my head without it spinning. OK, let’s prove that I could lift it, just
this end, without it spinning. Here we go. agggh
I mean it’s just kind of awkward with the hand.
Careful! Ah, che
Careful! Ha
Oooohhh Just barely. Oh goodness, do you even lift?
Clearly I do not. Undaunted by my lack of strength, I’m going
for it, but I want to make sure the wheel is spinning as fast as possible to give me
the best chance of success. Give it ten more seconds.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Pull!
Go. That was perfect.
Now I’m going to release my left hand and holding only with my right hand at the end
of the shaft, I’ll try to lift it up over my head. This is a forty pound, nineteen kilogram
flywheel. Ready?
Here we go: three, two, one. Beautiful! Let’s go again in three, two, one. Nice!
Smooth. Three, two, one. It feels incredibly, incredibly light as I
do that. When you said it felt incredibly light,
yeah you mean when you’re lifting it feels light?
Yeah. It shouldn’t!
I know. Hahahaha
Honestly, I have lifted it up with one hand when it’s not spinning.
Yeah. And it feels really hard to lift it up, like
it’s a big effort. Yeah.
But with this, when it’s spinning it honestly felt like it was just…
wanting to go up by itself. Yes.
It felt like I was not struggling like I was not putting in the amount of force that you’d
think to lift that kind of weight. I bet if you let it go, it’d crash down to
the ground. It’s not weightless! We can’t do that though. We can’t do that
part of the experiment. What we could maybe do is I could stand on a scale and we could
see what the weight of me plus that apparatus does, while I’m lifting it up over my head,
see if I get lighter in essence. You can see that just my weight is about 72
kilograms. Now when I pick up the flywheel it goes up to about 91 kilograms, which makes
sense because the flywheel itself is about 19 kilos, that’s about 42 pounds. Now we’re going to spin it up and I want you
to make a prediction. As I’m lifting it over my head, do you think the scale reading will
be more, less than, or equal to 91 kilograms. What do you think? You can make your prediction by clicking on
one of the on-screen annotations or if you’re on mobile you can click a link in the description. Five, four, three, two, one.

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Anti-Gravity Wheel?

  1. Can it be spun so fast that the wheel spinning causes the whole object to have less mass? Or does the variable move ever closer to 0 but never reaches it

  2. It wants to release its kinetic energy, and the only way it can do it is upwards, due to the way your holding it. thats fascinating. i watched a video on angular momentum the other day, and i finally get it. Some of the energy that the drill puts into the spin is released on one of the axis of momentum to create the upward force. Look up the facts on what the Russians discovered and hid, where they took the wingnuts off the spacecraft, and once the offset switched sides, and the centrifugal force started pulling it enough it switches directions. Then it relaxes, rinse and repeat. Id be willing to bet you can go only so far (up or whever) until you felt the switch, where it will stop pulling Then i imagine it will reverse to some other axis, then return back.

    Thanks for the cool demo.

  3. Man, you created a rarefaction on the ether, the greater the mass and speed, the greater the gravitation you cause. Learn real 19th century physics

  4. Lati da centrifugal motion im a space alien flying saucer crashed add a fan prop let it fly some flaps to control direction a balance ring. a motor in the center korn…the motion is a constant. Cant contain the energy. May the force be with you young zoolander

  5. I Have the answer, i think in a Homer Simpson way.
    Two magnets have a mass.
    Put them on a scale and they weigh 20.
    Each Magnet weighs 10.
    Put a second scale between the magnets when the same polar faces are opposing.
    And the total will weigh the same, (disregarding the second scale weight for the test) on the bottom magnet but the second magnet will not register a weight as the field separates the second magnet from being weighed by the second scale.
    But the resistance/burden/weight is held by the bottom magnet and the scale beneath registers it.
    The earth is the base magnet man is the extension of the weight through a moving field of energy, sort of like a Torus Field….

  6. Wait did that bitch say that was a 40 pound plate? Bro lay off the soy. Did your older brother always bring in the dog food or are medically diagnosed with a serious case of yous a bitch. 42 pounds! That’s nothing!!!!!

  7. All that money your parents wasted on your Engineering degrees just to find out something that was demonstrated to most of us in the 6th grade during field trips to our local Discovery Centers. Inbox me if you really want to know how "UFOs" fly. It will cost ya but I got it. BTW what you demonstrated here is called gyroscopic precession, not anti gravity.

  8. if the weight was made of extremely light material AND filled with mercury you wouldn't get the rotational torque on the outer shell due to the almost zero friction of the mercury but it would become lighter. Try it with a Mercury vortex engine

  9. It's almost as if we could use this theory to create upwards and forwards momentum propelled vehicles instead of the archaic combustion engines we still rely on. Not only for surface use but for deep space exploration as well.

  10. Hence the liquid mercury rotational antigravity engine was derived from this idea. See Tr3b Astra. Which uses this idea and adds many electronic apperatuses to enable weightlessness adding ionic lifting devices to stablize the craft. Very cool.

  11. What happened to weight when he was going to measure it..? Merer shows less , more , or equal weight? Anyone tell me plzz

  12. What force is responsible for the radiation of heat? If a hot piece of metal cools down slowly, what force is doing this? Well, the answer is: none. It’s just something objects do, they radiate energy. This is all gravity is, the radiation of momentum, expressed as the deletion of space. Not a discrete force of its own, common misconception of the last several hundred years.

  13. What if you had two of these attached at the middle and then spun them both up. What would the effect be? The same 'weightless' feeling but without the rotation?

  14. This is not a joke, to those who believe in God and Jesus. I believe it is time for all believers to come together and start to work to build a ship to leave earth. I guess it sounds like science fiction, well since 1980 I have tried to find the words to say this without sounding crazy but there are none! so I have to say this best that I know how. I can tell you this, this ship is more like a seed and just like other life forms the earth should have the ability to reproduce and keep all the life forms alive, that’s where we come in. All the believers in God And Jesus were born with a piece of this knowledge to make this happen! I believe that not only can we make a ship that can travel though space and time but to find a planet like earth and make an environment like we have here on earth. This is not a joke! people have died because they had knowledge that scared the people in power. 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  15. Discovered (uncovered) by a Brit called Eric Braithwaite way back in the '70's. In fact his initial theory that the gyroscope defied Newton's law of motion and gravity nearly cost him his professional reputation.

  16. Drop it from height without spinning it, then spin an identical wheel to high speeds and drop that, and compare the times that both took to fall down.

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