Ancient Aliens: NASA’s Extraterrestrial Technology (Season 10) | History

Ancient Aliens: NASA’s Extraterrestrial Technology (Season 10) | History

Danny Hutson

90 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens: NASA’s Extraterrestrial Technology (Season 10) | History

  1. Know this my Grandfather a career Navy engineer who worked for NASA and had patents on the Apollo space craft. Did say at one point he was tasked with reverse engineering technology not of this world.

  2. These AA people have absolutely no confidence in the genius of mankind. Every creative thing anyone ever came up with: must've been the aliens!

  3. These people always REACH hard into anything’s possible territory and conclude that’s the only possible answer…

  4. Ok if nasa had alien tech then the moon landing was real. Then again why must it be alien tech in order for mankind to make advancements? Yes humanity is stupid but it can be creative.

  5. I always figured that the first 3 seasons of AA had a lot of very good material to choose from. I was fascinated by the videos of ancient places I had never heard of or never had seen. The 4th season it seemed like they were stretching to find possible evidence of aliens. But they went on for 7 more seasons, so they must have had some value. Or maybe not. I cut the cable cord after the 4th season.

  6. So these people are jealous they can't have great ideas so they say someone helped him. Come on guys the guy was smart so what

  7. I wanna see these ancient astronaut theorists, where are they !!
    Do these theorists exist ? Ancient astronauts again say yes!

  8. God forbids if they had good given natural talents. An alien had to be interferring for him to turn such a genius. Yup! For sure. 🙄

  9. The Saturn 5 rocket engine was such an innovative achievement of engineering for NASA that once the remaining engineers who built the rockets were dead and gone they lost the knowledge of how to build more. Then had to keep the engines they had operating with patch work maintenance. Sad.

  10. soon if not already ancient aliens will claim that we ALL are under constant control of aliens, and we do not have free will.

  11. Or instead of following the sheeps in a closed school between 4 walls. Maybe he just tought outside the box. Instead of going to university he went into the univers. He probably had an I.Q of over 170 in comprehension.

  12. Typo error bro Ancient Aliens Season 10 – Episode 2 – NASA's Secret Agenda not episode 3 – Aliens and Robots, and why they stop exploring moon after Neil Armstrong landed?

  13. Well, when the things are not under our control then we either consider it as a supernatural or as a extraterrestrial thing. Humans can do these things that's why we are here today.

  14. Iam German and i highly respected Dr. Van Braun all my Life. It was aTeam effort and they had luck the Russian challenged the USA so the Team was supported with Money and Resurces they needed for the Task. A great Enterprise and Adventure.

  15. Yeap… humans were able to build rockets and go to the moon. Incredible. But….. so what? The world is still in chaos….

  16. His name is Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun a German scientist and one of the leader engineer for Hitler's rocket program.

  17. It’s called intuition, we all have it but very few of us know how to listen, understand and react to it appropriately.

  18. Seems like Ancient Alien Theorist have been watching Jim Carrey's Yesman movie a little too much. They say yes to everthing.

  19. Just keep your mouth sbut eceryone every genius not aliens neither hindu gods shut the heck up jay aryavart.

  20. let me say one thing….everything ….EVERYTHING didnt happen bcoz of SO CALLED EXTRA TERESTERIAL😤😤😤😡😡😡😧😧

  21. Von Braun is not even safe from the words of these people from History Channel.

    Von Braun was a prodigy. End of story.

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