An AMD Ryzen… Mac?!

An AMD Ryzen… Mac?!

Say hello to Ryzentosh. For less than $1,000, I built in all AMD hackintosh with a Ryzen 1600 CPU and Radeon RX480 GPU. It not only outperforms the $3,000 iMac, but also the fully loaded $5,000+ Mac Pro, for less than a thousand bucks, and one of you is going to win it, thanks to our sponsor for this episode, Create virtual credit cards to protect your money. As you may have noticed, given the fact that I recently built a 5-year-old hackintosh that outperformed a decent chunk of Apple’s current lineup, Intel hasn’t really been doing very exciting stuff lately, and AMD’s new Ryzen platform has really come in to shake things up. Now, surprisingly enough, it’s Mac OS compatible, and so I opted to buy a Ryzen 5 1600. For just a bit over 200 bucks, you get a 6 core processor, that has a price to performance ratio so good, it’ll tickle your giblets. Uh…. I also, use the ASRock B350 Pro ATX motherboard, which normally cost 99 dollars, but it had a $30 rebate on top of a $14 Newegg discount on top I have a $10 markdown, so I got something for 45 bucks, which is a steal. And I’m also just using the stock cooler that comes with the CPU, which does a surprisingly excellent job, even for overclocking, much better than expected and much better than Intel’s included crappy coolers. I also have 16 gigabytes of Crucial Ballistix DDR4 memory, and the motherboard has allowed me to overclock sub memory to 2666 MHz, which is good because Ryzen really benefits from fast ram frequencies. Ideally, you’d just buy 3000MHz+, but I only had 2400MHz laying around. I also decided to go with an AMD RX480 for my GPU. Now no, it’s not the latest and greatest, but even at a year old, it still performs remarkably well. That is, assuming you can find one. Cryptocurrency miners have purchased pretty much every mid-range GPU in sight and so, prices on GPUs currently, especially mid-range GPUs, especially from AMD, like the RX480 are crazy inflated, So keep that in mind if you’re deciding to build a machine anytime soon. Now, we throw the whole system into a Phanteks P400 case, which is beautiful. It comes with a tempered side glass panel, a few fans, and it even comes with an RGB LED strip, all for less than 80 bucks. And then lastly, I went for an EVGA 550 B3, a fully modular power supply. Now, assembling the hardware is just a fraction of the battle, and unfortunately, it’s the easy fraction. The OS installation is where things get tricky, and there are several custom kernels floating around the internet, that allow you to run Mac OS on Ryzen, but since we’re in the early days of Ryzen on Mac OS, really the early days of Ryzen, most of the people tinkering around with this stuff are experts. So, none of the tutorials are very specific and installation is much more involved and difficult than an Intel-based hackintosh. Now, the AMD OS X community helped me the most, and their discord chat was, vitally important in helping me get my machine up and running. And now that it’s set up, It’s a golden build. Everything works including some stuff that even good until hackintosh builds lack, such as sleep weight functionality, iMessage, the App Store, etc., but be warned. Getting to this point where you have a golden build is not easy, and it will take a considerable amount of time and effort. For example, I needed to use an old NVIDIA 750ti to set up the machine, because Ryzen CPUs don’t support internal graphics and AMD cards aren’t supported during the install presses. See, it’s just, it’s kind of janky. You got to expect that if you’re going to do this, but was it worth it? Well, I’d say so, but don’t take my word for it. So I was able to overclock the CPU with the stock cooler mind you, to 3.8GHz, and the results are, they’re truly stunning. In GeekBench, Ryzentosh’s multi-core score out benches all of Apple’s lineup, including the near $6,000 Mac Pro, and it’s single core performance is just as surprising. Now benching all but Apple’s fully loaded 2017 Intel I7 7700K iMac. Now, this trend continues through both Cinebench as well as my Adobe Premiere video export benchmark. (chuckles) You can see, Ryzentosh just, friggin clobbered the iMac. The only area really where Ryzentosh seems to fall short is in Final Cut Pro, and unfortunately, it really falls short. My loaded 5K iMac exported over twice as quickly, as Final Cut heavily relies on the Intel Quick Sync platform, which is obviously not present on AMD Silicon, but it’s also not present on Xeon processors, which is why the Mac Pro was also quite a bit slower. Perhaps, the best thing about a hackintosh though, is that you have the GPU. Now, it emittedly won’t help much in Final Cut Pro and really even Adobe Premiere in Mac OS, but with the RX480, games in Mac OS all ran very smoothly at 1440p ultra settings with an average of around 60 frames per second. Even better though, this is a PC. So, don’t bother with gaming in Mac OS. You just boot into windows and suddenly, you’ve got a killer gaming setup. And this is really the area in which Ryzen excels if you ask me at least, you get the performance of a gaming PC with the dank RGBs but you also have the option to have the productivity software and elegance of Mac OS. And, to be honest, I think you’d be pretty hard pressed to build a more well-rounded system with the superior performance for the same price. I’m not talking just hackintosh, even PCs as a whole. Really, the only thing better than a Ryzentosh for $900 is a Ryzentosh for free, and one of you will be getting this very computer. Thanks to, I love Privacy in short, what their service allows you to do is create virtual credit card numbers. Now, why would you want to do that? Well, let’s say you’re ordering something from a moderately sketchy website, you can create a burner card that you can only use once, or you can set a spending limit on it, and you can even create merchants specific credit cards. For example, this is a credit card number that I’ve created with privacy that I use with Netflix. The credit card has an eleven dollar monthly spending limit and can only be charged by Netflix. Nobody else. So it doesn’t matter that you can see this whole number, because unless your name is Netflix, and you’re charging less than eleven dollars once per month the card doesn’t work. It’s awesome. They even have a killer chrome extension that generates an auto-fills new card numbers, and they have excellent mobile apps for when you’re on the go. As well the best part though, is that Privacy makes money from its merchants, so it doesn’t cost you a single penny. Get protected, get Privacy. So the giveaway. To win Ryzentosh, all you have to do is sign up for a free privacy account using the link in the video description, and you will be automatically entered to win. The giveaway is open worldwide. You only have to give them your email. That’s it. No purchase is necessary and full terms and conditions are available in the video description below, but it is a super low-key giveaway, and thank you to Privacy for that. My buddy, Dom Esposito also built a Ryzen hackintosh, but he went balls to the wall, with higher end components, water cooling and the sexy modified Power Mac G5 case. Be sure to check out his video here. Like this video if you liked it. If you didn’t like it, oh that other button seems works okay too I guess, but thank you so much for watching and as always, stay snazzy.

Danny Hutson

22 thoughts on “An AMD Ryzen… Mac?!

  1. Yes but why do that? Osx is a close source piece of software designed for Apple hardware, I believe the only way forward for technology is open source. Osx is beautiful but is Apple property and you are violating their license, and doing so you are breaching a contract. I love osx but I disagree with their license, I use almost only free open source software, and for all non open source software I pay for it (jetbrains for example)… But I agree that is very cool, and you tempted me for 10 seconds on upgrading my Threadripper 2990wx.

  2. Hackintosh is piracy and with risk of malware if you're not looking at the source code for all these patches. You just making Apple pass the cost on to real Mac users. If you're pro don't be cheap. You buy a real Mac Pro and you make it a tax deductible event if you're a pro.

  3. U built that for 971? Hahah I built the same with 16 go 3k MHz ram r5 2600x and x470 motherboard and the rest specs are same and I built all that for just 600$

    I just used amazon prime and eBay for all the parts…the gpu I bought from eBay had faulty hdmi ports but dp works perfect and I got it for 80 bucks (steal)
    X470m for 50 bucks(huge steal)

  4. I have Ryzen5 2500u lenovo laptop its better for heavy editing and gaming ??? plz reply me fast as possible

  5. I have a ryzen 2700x with an rog crosshair vi extreme (NOT the "Hero"). I've been on the amd osx website, and all the many builds and methods are…confusing to say the least. Can anyone direct me to a feasible spot to learn effectively for my, particular, build?

  6. Ryzen gen 3 with 5700 XT? Or 2080ti? PCI Express 3 SSDs are dirt cheap now. PCIe 4 SSDs are here too. Vs Apple's SSD performance? So many possibilities

  7. bro , i have acer nitro 5 ryzen 5 laptop , i successfully boot into installation page but when i go into diskutility menu my HDD not detecting not only that no internal devices!!! is any kext to solve my problem???

  8. you need to update this video there it's no need to edit a kernel now you can use custom config.plist from amd hackintosh repository and zero modification to macos it's really easy
    all tho i recommand virtualsmc lots of fakesmc reported kernel panic

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