ALERT: Trump Internet Censorship Order is Authoritarian CRISIS

ALERT: Trump Internet Censorship Order is Authoritarian CRISIS

I told you months ago that Donald Trump was
preparing to censor the Internet for political gain and it’s going to happen, or at least
he’s going to try and I’m going to tell you about it, but let’s think back to the foundation
of all of this. The foundation of all of this actually goes
to quote fake news, Fake News, and talking about journalism licenses as Donald Trump
has done, and talking about shutting down certain media outlets and talking about how
social media is just all left wing and they’ve really got to do something about it. I told you from the beginning, it was all
a pretext to eventually try to clamp down on Internet speech politically along political
lines. And then a couple of months ago, Trump had,
maybe it was a month ago, Trump had this just comically laughable social media summit at
the White House. And of course, no left-wingers were invited. I pointed this out at the time and of course
the entire pretext of the social media summit was that, oh, the right is being censored
online and it’s also unfair. None of it is true, of course. And now politico has learned over the weekend
that there are drafts going around of an executive order by Donald Trump, which would be a truly
authoritarian nightmare. The likes of which I don’t believe we’ve ever
seen before in the modern sort of internet news era. What we know so far is a draft of the order
exists. It would allow the administration to fight
back against what they say, our liberal cesspools on social media. And it is believed that there would be penalties
for a social media company that quote censors political viewpoints. And this is, I can’t, it’s almost impossible
to explain the severity of what is going on now. No one yet has gone on record about what the
penalties would be to social media platforms, but this is truly a free speech horror. Let me explain to you why it’s so dangerous. Twitter has policies, for example, against
bullying trans people by mis-gendering them as just one example. The left believes this is simply an issue
of treating people correctly. It’s an issue of Internet bullying period. It’s not political issue and the same way
that we’d not argue today that a policy against calling black people, the n word is not a
political issue. Most of us, I know that there are some out
and out racist who would disagree, but in 2019 most people understand a policy on a
social media platform against targeting black people with the n word is not a political
policy. It’s just we treat people in a respectful
way in the way that they should be treated. That is the view of Twitter when it comes
to deliberately mis-gendering people to the point of it being bullying the right believes
and has said that merely having a policy around bullying that includes how you gender people
on the Internet is a left wing bias. So this gets us back to Donald Trump’s potential
internet censorship policy. A policy like what Donald Trump is proposing
would supposedly prescribe punishments for limiting political speech and they would argue
that a policy against anti-trans speech, including deliberately mis-gendering people in a way
that is bullying is politically biased action by Twitter. They would argue that Twitter, by not allowing
incessant mis-gendering to the point of bullying, Twitter is silencing a political viewpoint,
which I guess is the political viewpoint that it’s fine to mis-gender trans people deliberately
to the point of bullying. Can you see how dangerous this is? This is an incoming fascistic restriction
on speech from those who claim. Remember that they’re all about speech, they
don’t want to limit speech, and we can actually simplify a ton of what’s underlying this. Trump doesn’t like people saying things about
them on the Internet and he wants to find a way to either make it illegal or to make
it punishable by fines or some kind of other penalty. Of course, there are a lot of right wingers
who have other priorities here and they happen to line up with Donald Trump. They believe social media is all left wing,
all that stuff. They do believe it, but it’s super easy to
get Trump on board by telling him, Mr President, you can punish the companies that are allowing
all of these mean things to be said about you. These are private companies. Conservative supposedly are all for private
companies making their rules and functioning with as little regulation as possible. Why don’t conservatives just leave these platforms,
start their own sort of like a gate, a couple finding a different baker to bake them a cake. The truth is it’s a lie. They don’t really like private business and
a marketplace of ideas. If the ideas of the business or the marketplace
aren’t the ones that they like. If anything, Twitter is going easy on things
that violate their terms and conditions because if Twitter actually enforced the terms and
conditions on Donald Trump’s Twitter account, he would have been banned by now. Trump regularly bullies people on Twitter. Trump regularly threatens violence on Twitter. The sort of glimmer of hope here, because
this executive order from what we know so far looks truly horrifying. The one glimmer of hope is that courts strike
this down, but remember that increasingly Trump controls the courts. Trump has two supreme court justices that
he has selected. I believe Trump is now selected 25% of it
may be district and appellate courts. We did the story last week and I forget the
numbers, but the point is Trump is increasingly controlling. Every month Trump has more control over the
court system that would ultimately adjudicate whether this incoming executive order is even
legal. So we’ve got to get him out now, which really
means November of 2020 I don’t know any other way around it. It’s, it must be done because this now is
starting to become a true authoritarian nightmare even for things as simple as just speech on
the Internet. As soon as I have more details about the executive
order draft, I will absolutely get them to you. Make sure you’re following the David Pakman
show on Instagram at David Pakman show. I did post a few hours ago a tomato update,
my tomato plants, big developments with my tomato plants in the literal and proverbial
sense over the weekend and I posted there’s a story to my Instagram page, David. Dot. Patrick, check that out. We’ll take a quick break and do back after

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “ALERT: Trump Internet Censorship Order is Authoritarian CRISIS

  1. Who decides at which point "misgendering" trans people is speech vs bullying? What's the difference between a bully and someone trying to make a point or have a conversation?

  2. And this is yet another reason why everybody with a damn brain has to vote Blue and if this ultimately means Biden, then so f*#$ing be it!!

  3. Trump wants to allow only the free speech and information that promotes his agenda and praise his achievements, both fictional and real. Yeah. Imagine if (let's say) Sanders wins in 2020 and leaves that order in place? How outraged the right wing nuts would be with Sanders over the censorship that Trump put in place!? Because, ya know: Everything Trump does is always and without exception someone else's fault.

  4. It's not a big leap from this to censoring viewpoints which don't favour you. Once you've set the precedent that you decide what people are allowed to say on the internet, the step of censoring those who disagree with you is much smaller.

  5. I've been saying this since Republican nominated FCC chairman removed Internet protections.

    Republicans don't give a fuck about free speech

  6. What a moronic analysis, this is to enforce freedom of speech not to diminish it, how can you give out a so confusing thinking about a simple thing.

  7. I HAVE A CENSORSHIP PROPOSAL… If caught spreading blatantly false information the first time, take the site off line for one (1) week. The second offense would include a one (1) month take down… and so on. I'll bet this would curtail truly "fake news!" Not to mention, it would likely take Trump off line permanently in record time! Yeaaaaa!!!

  8. Trump is a communist. Censoring media. Trying to nationalize our markets by using tariffs to curve our choice. Maybe I'm being drastic by labeling him one but he sure does mirror communist leaders.

  9. The election in 2020 will be as close as it was in 2016. Establishment Democrats making all the same mistakes too

  10. Oh my god!! DAVID!!!! I agree!!!! This is absolutely GENUINELY HORRIFYING!!!!…..You're correct! We MUST get him OUT OF THERE!!!!!…..VOTE BLUE people!!!!! And DONATE to progressive candidates ALL OVER the country….if MILLIONS of us donate even just a few bucks EACH, that can help elect those candidates in 2020!!!!! THANK YOU DAVID!

  11. wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. it's a fact that it is only 2 gender except for one rare mutation no matter if you want to re define the word gender i wont happend. so twitter's rules goes against stating fact andreality. that is fascist to to threaten someone with punishment for something that's true. And don't you understand that and that people don't understand that is frightening. and that David Pakman need to twist every word as far as possible to fit his bubble shows how false this statement are. in a public space you let everybody talk you cant kick people out and if something is illegal you call the cops. twitter, google ect want to edit how it fits, just like a publisher and should therefore follow that law pretty simple the are not a public space and have only them self to blame and are Trump going to take advantage of that, yes shore but he gave them chans after chans to correct them self. you only have yourself to blame that calls people that warned and criticize twitter ect. for nazist, racist fascists ect. and the one that warned and predicted this would happen clearly understand reality far better than the one that didn't help to criticize and support twitter ect. behaviour or are now surprised. as you make your bed you have to sleep!!!

  12. In Russia people get arrested for likes and re-posts, search results are pre-censored to hide 'extremist' material (materials, govt don't like). Way to go, fascist wannabes.

  13. Trump and this administration keep crossing the boundaries and keep getting away with it. America continues to regress

  14. I dont have any idea what the ? left. Wing and right wing are . nobody dose . it is all divide and conquer b.s.

  15. So then, he can say what the fuck he likes about anyone but wants people banned from saying anything bad about him!

    Why haven't the CIA assassinated him yet, they've done it to plenty of other people?

  16. My God, what the hell sort of time are we living in?! TRUMP NEEDS TO GO. NOW. If he doesn't get booted in 2020, we will ALL pay the price! This is absolutely vile. He is a criminal, clinging to our White House and the mafia he's paid to be there to stop him from being prosecuted. GET. HIM. OUT. Republicans, back ANYONE ELSE but this absolute nightmare of a trash fire.

  17. I agree we absolutely need to get that Corrupt Lying Hypocrite Piece Of Shit Out Of Office By the absolute latest 2020 of November before this Country becomes a Corrupt Authoritarian State Not that its not already A Little Corrupt and Authoritarian Like but a Little more each day thanks to tRumpy!

  18. This is what happens in dictatorships! How can anyone believe this is FOR THE PEOPLE!!! THIS IS GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF INFORMATION! That's it! It's a totally fascist mechanism.

  19. They (Republicans) use the cover of Evangelical pastors and leaders to portray themselves as patriotic and the best thing that ever happened to America

  20. Trump is a fucking joke, and if he tries to censor people he will find that they will only shout out their message louder and with more contempt. You cant silence us and if you try you wont succeed, free speach is a right and one worth fighting for.

  21. Oh my god were going to wake up in Russia if Trump is allowed to continue. He's a racist and fascist. He needs to have his twitter shut down.

  22. I prefer open and direct honesty in speech. If one want to openly refer to Blacks as derogatory terms, they have every right (this is bigotry, not racism. In my opinion the seemingly subtle racism of neo liberalism is (and has been for decades) far more detrimental to the state of Black America…

  23. I did no know the US had a dictator.  Is it time to storm the white house? if the government refuses to do something about Trump then it's up to the people to do something.

  24. Between ICE raids, refusing to acknowledge White terrorism, threatening the media, and putting kids in Concentration Camps, it's hard not to bear arms really.

  25. :') hes doing exactly what I thought he would

    Hes begging hackers to find the worst dirt imaginable and fuck with him

    Prepare to see his taxes, the pee tape ,epsteins trump tapes etc

  26. What people don't know is that late last year, Acting President tRump built a time machine in his spare time, between his first big Mac and his second serving of fries!

    He then he traveled back in time to 1826 BC where he split an Atom with his dentures, before going on to invented everything from the lowly Nail to the internal combustion engine, the internet, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, 8G and 9G!

    The only reason he didn't invent 7G was because he lost count of his G's!

    Acting President tRump, achieved all of this before midday when he returning home for a lunch of 6 Big Mac Burgers and fries (which he invented on his 2nd trip back in time)

    So whenever Acting President tRump claims that others are stealing America's technology, he is 100% Correct!

    Because Acting President tRump with his magnificent time machine, invented everything that has ever been or is likely to be invented ever!

    Shit he even discovered the America's before humans ever lived there!

    Now if you ask Acting President tRump very nicely, he will tell you all about the time he negotiated with dinosaurs for the ownership of Nth America and Canada!

    Acting President tRump also built airports back then, to make it easier for those Teridactalls to land and to get on the good side of them!

    Then Acting President tRump invented "Pedophilia" so that he could have sex with newly hatched pterodactyls chicks!

    Because as we all know Acting President tRump has always had a fetish for having sex with very very young chicks!

    And Acting President tRump would never tell a lie!
    WOULD HE????????

  27. if this bill passes he will have the power to throw people in jail for however long he wants for just telling a joke about him look how he reacted to baldwin on snl ,he will disappear any journalist's who dare to disagree with any of his policies or his hate speeches,he will have newspaper offices burned down, his mad followers would probably start hanging,shooting anyone who says anything against him and get away with it,look at that veteren who attacked that poor 13 yr old kid at a rodeo for not standing up for the anthem,it will only get worse

  28. Trump has gradually crept towards a totalitarian state, this is the road to dictatorship, divide the. population, invent problems that don’t exist but set yourself up as the only solution. Trump and GOP have followed this path, appeal to the lowest common denominator or the to the greedy, America gets closer every day to a point of no return.

  29. If we get a democratic majority in both houses in 2020, they should make it illegal for the media to lie to the public, and it's right wing media outlets that are constantly churning out conspiracy theories with a thinly veiled political motive.
    If a media outlet continually run s stories that can be demonstrated to have no basis in fact, to in fact be false, or be politically motivated, they should lose their licence.

  30. I've expected this. I've mentioned it to people.
    Trump is moving toward only state sponsored media and authoritarian rule at a rapid rate.
    That has been his plan from the beginning.
    TRUMP/PUTIN 2020

  31. Dump45 is a Traitor and Criminal POS and Putin's puppet!! Now he's trying to control OUR information!! Germany 1930's all over again, IF we stand still? ???????????

  32. 1+1=2 is something I see as fake news. We need to remove that notion and censor everyone who spread this fake news.

  33. I have this inkling that trump will create his own TV outlet that only reports on him favourably and hammers democrats

  34. OK, the Orange Fascist wants to censor the Internet. Will that apply to Pox News? I bet it won't. Once the US goes down this path, other Western countries will follow. Putin must be fucking laughing.

  35. David, I would love to contribute to your show but I honestly can't afford a monthly commitment. Couldn't you allow small one-off payments as well?

  36. There will come a time that we will miss trolls, fooling around on the internet and will have nostalgic feelings about the late open internet.
    I wonder what the government is gonna do with all their internet surveillance data centers when there is nothing to survey left because the internet will only be accessible for people with a security clearance to write their opinion, feed data or to broadcast stuff.
    Totalitarianism, here we come…

  37. Need to think about moving out of the USA until this dick-tator want to be is out of office. What a fucking idiot moron. Trump is the worst person on the planet. Trump should be in Prison not in the highest position on the Planet.
    Impeach this lying bag of vomit NOW.!!!

  38. Wow…there's so many Don/bot trolls here . What say you guys all meat in the back room & discuss Don's golf ….wouldn't that be nice .
    I feel your desperation lol

  39. They said he received a long letter from his friend Kim Jung Un, guess he wrote some tip on censorship to Trump. 😉

  40. Are the republicans happy?! They are creating 1984. This is so disturbing it's just insanity. On top of that you have a sexist, racist, misogynistic and vile president who practices emolument (tax cuts for himself and the 1%) and nepotism (promoted his family into positions of power…). Oh yeah he also doesn't mind letting children die in cages and doesn't care about mass shootings because the republicans do NOTHING to stop gun access or violence. USA turning into a banana republic – Mr. Putin and Kim Jong -Un would be proud.

  41. Dictatorship 101 – …" Do as I SAY!…"

    So much for the American way of life…
    … So much for the American dream …

  42. yes VOTE HIM OUT yay music to my ears. the thing i don't understand is, isn't the judiciary supposed to be impartial, whatever the political leanings of the judges? aren't the judgements always either dependent on precedents or evidence-based so that they rule out biases and therefore individual political leanings?

  43. Trump is going for broke. Hes going to try to be a dictator. The right wing has already started a war. The people have better beace themselves for some really crazy shit.

  44. Ya'll are insane and completely fear mongering right now, this is how both sides are using racial divides to their own advantage. I didn't hear anything about censorship in this whole video. Disney owns all this crap anyway..well not all. We all know Trump's a racist by his generalizations. If we call Trump a racist for his rants, we also need to recognize the policies that make people say he's holding kids in concentration camps.That's actually in Chechnya, the Islamic Republic's Russian (I think?) President believes there are no gay people in his country.. probably because they're all locked up. Anyway we need to recognize that Obama created the cages and deported more immigrants than all prior presidents combined. We should never ignore facts simply because they don't fit a party's agenda. So this guy is crying about how 90% of the media will be checked if they censor the 10% on what they consider (on an emotional basis) to be 'bullying for the sake of politics.' How does the 90% exactly decide what is too far? And what are these "prescribed punishments" that Trump would do that are so scary? As an independent, I can objectively see that Fox is the only right-wing media. There's a difference between directly bullying and talking out of your ass using your free speech. I have seen Linda Sarsour, leader of the Women's March, directly bully women online saying they didn't deserve their you-know-whats. Someone who is a 'leader of feminism' that promotes genital mutilation and Sharia Law is completely accepted by the left. Why? Should she not be censored? She believes it's a fair trade off for longer maternity leave for Sharia Law. This would mean she thinks women would rather be escorted by a man, be fully clothed at all times, not be allowed to drive, legally be stoned for cheating, divorced by their husband with three sentences, ect. Also meaning, I would be jailed for being gay/ a drag queen in any of those countries, women would all be in a Handmaid's Tale situation for real- this is the problem with accepting intolerance. I completely think she went too far. And are Antifa apologists being criticized? Antifa is almost as radical as Nazis and Fascists themselves. Milo's banned from twitter for calling Leslie Jones a black dude, idk how racist he is cuz he's married to a black dude. Who knows idk the guy, but personally black d*ck is too big for me, that doesn't make me a racist does it? Tried it once.. never again. Some even believe if you're not into trans men, you're transphobic. That's like me saying you're homophobic for not eatin' ass. People on youtube and all over who, like you said, "just have a different opinion," already get demonetized because the left 90% think that if they don't use the pronoun 'ze' it's bullying. That's a slippery slope that the UK and Canada are both dealing with. We haven't all gone as crazy as the Democratic Socialist Convention was the other day, thank God. Luckily for us, our first amendment is what's protecting us from being arrested for accidentally misgendering someone and it being labeled a 'hate crime.' People have used male pronouns after a performance and I wasn't offended because all they heard was my deep ass voice, why would I blame someone for reacting how they have their entire life to a man's voice? Obvi if they were staring right at me and repeatedly refused to try and use she, especially if I was trans, I would understand getting upset. But it isn't a hate crime honey, just slap him and move on.

  45. I lean liberal however you can’t argue the science of Global warming and then argue that someone labeling themselves anyway they want by calling themselves a new gender is truth. There is no true science to explain this process, only feelings.

    That being said specifically attacking someone should be banned by the owner of the private companies that use their services. Maybe stopping to defend the concept of transgender-ism and rather yet defining behaviors as inappropriate towards anyone would be a better way to deal with these issues.

  46. Have Americans realized they are under a dictatorship? It's too late to get him out hes in forever. He wont leave hes gonna win 2020, moscow mitch is seeing to that. Barr is burying any proof. The USA is fucked.

  47. And sadly, he isn't even doing this out of some malicious scheme .. he's just a spoiled brat throwing an unending temper-tantrum and this is just the latest extension of it. Some people I know keep comparing him to Putin and I keep laughing at that. Putin is malicious and cunning. Trump is a giant baby kicking and screaming. Both are harmful but one is not at all like the other.

  48. phahhahahahahaha 'merica buttfucking itself…. good. Putin is doing a wonderful job keep it up, you are almost done 'merica haahahhahahahaha

  49. I see, So what happened to the first amendment which I think you’ll find amongst other things ‘The freedom of speech’?
    Has ANYONE in this nightmare administration ever bothered to read the American Constitution or are they ALL fucking idiots?

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