Airsoft – Specna Arms EDGE – SA E-12 PDW [ENG sub]

Airsoft – Specna Arms EDGE – SA E-12 PDW [ENG sub]

Hi everyone and welcome to the Lair it is a pleasure to see you today for a new overview I’m going to talk about the EDGE series by Specna Arms and more particularly the SA-E12 PDW, that’s trendy! let’s go! and before starting the overview I’d like to thank Specna Arms for their trust and kindness they sent me samples of their EDGE series there’s going to be two videos the one you’re watching and another one about their collaboration with Rock River Arms which is an American company making custom guns it should be released within a fortnight what is Specna Arms? Who? What? Where? well, it is a secret… or not… Specna is a Polish company, it was created a few years ago and most of their products come from Hong Kong and are built and assembled after their own specifications when you’ll see the internals or the hop-up you may think “I’ve seen that before” well, of course, there are not billions of factories so Specna takes components from different companies to assemble their BB-guns the EDGE series is the most expensive one this PDW is sold around 240-250€ it comes in a black cardboard box featuring SPECNA’s logo as well as GATE’s logo because there’s a GATE X-ASR MOSFET plugged to the gun I’ll talk about that later your way of airsoft… It is also written on my T-shirt! and the 4S of Specna Arms Satisfying price Supreme quality of course, they won’t tell you “hey, we’re selling average guns!” Spring quick change and Spectacular range models that’s true, here are all the models they sell well, I know, it is small and blurry I’m shaking, I’ve got no muscles but you can follow the link to Specna Arms website in the video description this way if you’re a player and want to buy a gun, there’s a list of the retailers and if you’re a pro, you can contact Specna to become an official retailer. this PDW gun is available in black or tan/black version this is the black version Let’s open this box in front of your amazed eyes see? there’s noting! A sheet of foam to remove and the fun begins some documents here… a Specna Arms Catalogue a quality certificate including chrono tests, unique serial number and different checks for external condition package content or general performance shots went between 363 and 366 FPS, hop-up released there’s also a bunch of stickers ESA stands for Easy Spring Access if you want to put Specna stickers on your car or your gun case, you can 🙂 then the users’ manual, including English, French, Spanish and Polish text it is a general thing, it is not specific to the PDW there’s a troubleshooting guide then, there’s not only one magazine nope, there are two of them in the box! these are S-mags, for Specna magazines polymer-made mid caps the grip is in the shape of Specna logo nice markings they can hold up to 125 BBs so that’s 250 BBs to start with enough to have fun. they look sturdy I like that after the outro you’ll see the compatibility with some after-market mags I own oh! Desiccant! and a goodie! there are all Specna logos and features printed on it Core, which is another series SAEC system, another quick spring change EDGE, ORION, that’s the gearbox S-MAG, ESA2, Enter & Convert many quick spring change systems at Specna 🙂 sometimes you need tools, sometimes you don’t, it depends on the gun then there’s an M90 spring reminds me of Guarder springs… well, I guess Guarder didn’t make the springs after all there’s also a front grip it is not a QD system, there’s a screw and there’s also a rubber lid, you can put accessories inside the grip looks like we’ve got a full box of items! what’s next… a Mini Tamyia to Dean adapter as well as the MOSFET troubleshooting card depending on the colours of the two LEDs you’ll know if your gun has a problem next… no cleaning rod? but there’s a PDW, let’s have a look! it is cute as hell! of course it is an AR-15 platform, Specna is really focused on AR-15s but a few years ago I made a review of one of their G36s there’s a small tag what do they say? congrats for having bought a Specna Arms Industries product we’re confident that thanks to the high quality and the perfect fit of the elements of this product as well as the rigid quality control you now own an airsoft replica that will fulfil your highest demands as I said before this is the black version it also comes in two-tone version it is light, compact, easy to handle here are its dimensions even if you don’t have muscles it should be easy to carry nice, the stock release is ambidextrous as usual I’m gonna start by the markings Specna markings on the lower receiver including the serial number the fire selector, three positions here SAFE-SEMI-AUTO on the other side an hologram fire selector marking but the selector is not ambidextrous specna arms industries and a sticker with different numbers that’s about it for the markings there’s also a small sticker on the gearbox GF corp, that’s for Gunfire nie zrywyywhaaaat? well, do not disassemble I guess otherwise you’ll void the warranty I’ve stripped the gun without damaging the sticker don’t tell anyone! the PDW stock is nice the sticks are made of steel the pad is made of hard plastic with a nice texture here and grooves at the back quite comfortable and it is not too short to shoulder the support is also made of metal the release is ambidextrous there are four positions the battery goes into the tube here what you can do is press the right release button to remove the stock look at the QD spot here because there’s no sling swivel on this gun and then unscrew the metal tube to uncover the wiring as well as the X-ASR MOSFET it is built by GATE, which is a Polish company so it is a nice collaboration between two Polish companies be aware that there’s no programming, no optical sensors and so forth it is a diagnostic and protection MOSFET it also enhance the gun’s trigger response because the trigger switch now drives the MOSFET which then controls the motor there’s no electric arcs any more, you can use 11.1V LiPo batteries there are two small LEDs to help diagnose if there’s a problem then use the card to know what happened and how to fix it it also protects from reversed polarity, tension surge and so on… that’s nice but the wires are very long Specna claims that the max dimensions of the battery are 15X11x115mm so they’ve put one inside my parcel I should be able to close the tube! I’m not sure… it is not easy at all… well, this part can be stripped too, but there’s no need to remove it while I’m at it, I know I’m not done with the overall presentation but I’ll show you how to replace the spring remove the 3mm Allen screw this is the the ESA, Easy Spring Access now I can reach the spring guide use a 6mm Allen key push, rotate 90° and hold the spring guide we can see that the spring guide has got a ball-bearing now I can replace the spring we’ll go to the chronograph a bit later the spring has been changed within seconds! if you follow my channel you may recognize this pistol grip it has easy access to the motor no tools needed the trigger and trigger guards are classic models so is the magazine release the charging handle does not lock the mock bolt to the rear but we can access the hop-up adjusting wheel it is firm the bolt lock is useless but it is here anyway the handguard is thin, with three additional rails each rail has a QD port of course we can remove the rails using a 2.5mm Allen key and see that it is a keymode handguard so if you don’t need accessories, remove the three rails to get a thin and smooth grip modularity is one of the reasons AR-15 platform is popular the flash hider is a standard model 14mm CCW thread, so you can replace it and the top rail receives the flip-up plastic sights the adjusting tool is not included there are two peep-sights here and the rear sight can be adjusted in windage thanks to this small wheel can you hear the clicks? aiming is fast and easy I know that most of you will mount a red dot sight yep, AR-15s are really popular, you can customize them with many parts and mount many accessories yes, there are many of them on the market but this is because that’s what people buy… let’s plug a battery and see how it performs but first I’m going to mount the fore-grip no QD system here a good old screwdriver will do! why not… here’s how it looks some people like, some don’t PDWs have been trendy for a few years now in airsoft… here’s the look with the magazine it wobbles a bit but I’ve used the gun, it shoots well that’s what matters to me for a regular switch it is not bad as it only sends a signal to the MOSFET to feed the motor it is a small 7.4V battery inside if you play regular semi as I do, reactivity is good enough except if you plan on spamming the trigger like crazy inside there’s an Orion reinforced V2 gearbox you’ll see all the components in my complete review at in a few weeks in can take M140 springs the internals are not bad for the price, trust me on this one there’s a warranty so even if it breaks, and it WILL break eventually as any other mechanical system there’s a steel piston rack, aluminium nozzle, steel gears, 8mm bearings the airtightness is good shimming is quite nice it is a nice gun for beginners as well as more experienced players take it out of the box and play if you play in France some clubs will ask you to be under 350 FPS to allow auto well, buy a 4€ spring to get as close to 350 as you can and that’s it! speaking about springs, let’s go to the chrono and I’ll be back for the conclusion not bad at all, the two springs give versatility to this PDW we can play anywhere and to get the power we need there’s just a matter of buying extra springs we’re between 12 and 13 BB per second with this small 7.4V battery, that’s enough to have fun I don’t do speedsoft, I don’t do competition I’m fond of aiming and hitting a guy with a couple of BBs instead of spamming like hell I don’t overset my hop-up or shoot overhead to gain 5 meters of range well, I call it fair-play 🙂 So I’m happy with this Specna Arms PDW buy this, a battery, BBS and you’re ready to play without having to modify the gun good internals, GATE MOSFET Specna understands what players want accessories, extra springs and so forth of course it won’t please each and every airsoft player some guys won’t like this grip well, they’ll put something else! I know that as soon as you get a gun you want to change everything on it! if you’re starting airsoft and have a 200-300€ budget, and if you don’t want a nylon fibre gun, this could be another good choice don’t hesitate to tell me what you think of this gun, what you think of Specna I know some of you have been playing with Specna guns for years tell me about it, are you happy? Did you have problems? it is interesting to know but please be polite, otherwise… Ban! please hit the LIKE button you can also leave a tip, he link is in the description if you’re in France you can even leave a free tip I hope that everybody will be able to do it soon a few cents can make a difference at the moment only 0.01% of the viewers tipped that’s not much but hey even if I always mention tipping, it is not mandatory! if I had to rely on tips my channel would have closed a long time ago! you can follow me on Facebook as well as at I’ll leave you on a fly-by if you play next weekend don’t forget : play seriously without taking yourself too seriously and I’ll see you soon in the Lair xoxo now about magazines compatibility of course the S Mag is fine G&G, ok, wobbles a bit Amoeba, ok, wobbles Hi-cap VFC mag, ok, slight wobble CAA, ok, slight wobble Revolt Army, ok OPS, ok, no wobble ATM/DDAY, ok, tiny wobble Airsoft systems, ok, slight wobble VFC QRS, ok, no wobble nice, those Specna AEGs accept many aftermarket magazines!

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45 thoughts on “Airsoft – Specna Arms EDGE – SA E-12 PDW [ENG sub]

  1. Salut le ouf.
    Très jolie réplique mais pour moi je trouve qu'elle ressemble à une lancer tactical quand même mais elle serait tout de même jolie sur mon mur. Super boulot continue.

  2. Franchement belle réplique.
    Une tit vidéo le matin à mon réveil quand je suis en congé. C'est le top 👍

  3. Espérons que dans le temps la marque soit à la hauteur de leur comm/marketing 😅
    Bon après vu le contenu pour moins de 300 balles ils partent avec un bon point 👍🏻
    Je sens que je vais me laisser tenter à la place de l’ARP 556 🤔

  4. Moi qui me tâte à débuter l’airsoft je vais peut être voir du côté de chez Specna Arms du coup, le rapport qualité prix a l’air intéressant ! Merci Ding pour cette review !

  5. Franchement ça semble être une réplique bien construite, le design est bien lèché.
    Les composants internes sont de qualité, et le tarif du coup est correct

  6. Salut Ding, cool cette vidéo et ce petit pdw. Je ne suis pas la cible de ces petits ar15 mais je trouve que les marques font de plus en plus d'efforts de présentation et de contrôle qualité, avec une boîte bien remplie pour un débutant ou plus. Continue comme ça j'ai hâte de voir ce qui arrivera dans l'antre prochainement! Et super pour les reviews écrites du korth et du fnx marui, je kiff le blog et prendre mon temps avec cette lecture. Ne lâche rien!

  7. Super réplique et tu a une réplique de ouf sur ton mur 😂😂 et ton tee-shirt tu la trouves où il es génial

  8. ça fait un moment que je pense à me prendre un ar15 pdw et il commence à y avoir pas mal de répliques avec un rapport qualité/prix pas dégueu dans ce genre qui pointent le bout de leur nez, je me demande comment cette réplique se compare avec un pdw arcturus ou un vfc stinger par exemple

  9. Ahhhhh les vidéos de l'Antre… Je suis comme un retraité qui attend le nouvel épisode de "plus belle la vie" ou des "feux de l'amour"…. 🙂

    NDLR : "crac crac"… La petite allusion à notre regretté Jacquot!!! Sans faire de la politique, cela m'a fait sourire.

    Pour commencer, les goodies et les petits plus… comme les deux mags… ILS ONT TOUT COMPRIS!

    Vu le prix de certaines de nos répliques, ces attentions sont sympas. Là en gros, le joueur qui veut débuter, et behhhh il est servi… Des lunettes, des sacs de BB et de la bonne humeur et c'est parti!
    C'est marrant comme l'Airsoft n'est pas épargné par les courants de mode… :-), 🙂

    Mais n'ergotons plus et parlons de la bête… Je suis (comme vous tu l'as compris…) moi aussi un " fashion victim"… après les ARP, je rêve d'un MCX de chez SIG… Mais ce SPECNA a l'air très sympa. Le fait de disposer d'origine d'un MOSFET c'est aussi un plus.

    Pour les aspects extérieurs, les garde-mains permettent une fois encore de disposer de plein d'emplacements utiles. La poignée fournie ne plaira pas à tout le monde mais elle a le mérite d'exister. Et puis 250 euros, pour débuter je trouve cela pas mal… Une fois encore, ILS ONT TOUT COMPRIS.

    Pour conclure, je trouve que ta vidéo est la démonstration que l'on peut avoir des produits efficaces et sympas pour des prix accessibles et cela afin de pouvoir faire découvrir notre passion au plus grand nombre.

    Un grand merci DING!

  10. Salut Ding, j'ai cliqué deux fois pour tiper 1 euro, après m'être inscrit, mais je ne vois rien de spécial qui se soit passé ni d'ajout d'euros sur ton compte mytip. :/

  11. Bonjour M. Chavez
    Voilà bientôt un an que je regarde tes vidéos, j'ai été airsofteur pendant longtemps, puis j'ai arrêté, puis je suis tombé malade, j'avais besoin d'un exutoire, je suis revenu à mon hobbi d'antan sans pouvoir le pratiquer, il a fallu que je me remette à jour, j'ai dévoré tes anciennes vidéos qui m'ont permis de rattraper le temps perdu, merci pour ça, merci pour les plus récentes, merci pour le partage.
    Aujourd'hui je vais mieux, dans quelques mois je pourrais sûrement reprendre du service, chercher une team sympa et recommencer à envoyer de la bille (avec parcimonie bien sûr, semi & burst only, la base…)
    Enfin bref, tout ça pour dire que durant cette longue période d'inactivité j'ai été content de trouver tes vidéos et que si certains ne savent pas être reconnaissants d'autres le sont.
    Encore merci
    P.S.: tu pourras faire la review du… Non j'déconne… Ne change rien.

  12. Câblé en T-dean d'origine, mosfet, rail keymod INCLUS, changement de ressort rapide, 2 chargeurs midcap… Une petite marque inconnue du grand public mais qui a vraiment l'air pas mal !

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  14. Specna Arms est vraiment une bonne marque, vraiment si vous avez des doutes et des hésitations sur cette marque vous pouvez les oubliés car c'est de la qualité de ouf donc allez y foncez achetez faites vous plaisir voilà. Bonne partie airsoft

  15. Le bundle est relativement complet pour le prix c'est très correcte je trouve même si on reste sur une plate-forme AR15 donc trop classique mais franchement pour le prix c'est propre.
    Merci pour la review =)

  16. Très sympa, cette petite Specna Arms ! Pour le prix franchement, c'est vraiment complet !
    Ding, merci encore pour cette présentation, simple et efficace. Au top !

  17. Salut Ding ! J'aimerais savoir si le mosfet est principale ou pas (j'espère que non !) et si le mosfet a une protection des lipo (coupure de jus) merci d'avance !

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