Actualizar el firmware de cámaras Olympus sin el cable USB

Actualizar el firmware de cámaras Olympus sin el cable USB

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Hello everyone, if you are watching this video
most likely you are trying to update your olympus camera’s firmware
but without using the usb cable that came with your camera, the
reason why you don’t have it can be that you have lost it or maybe
you bought it second-hand and didn’t bring said cable, and olympus officially only
support update using said cable, in this video we will see
an alternative way to perform the firmware update without using it, I am rafa and this is digital defect ok, the first thing we’re going to need is
a completely empty sd memory and of preference formatted first in the
camera, then insert it into your computer to perform the following steps ok, the next step is to enter this
url that is appearing on screen It’s a page that isn’t mine, it belongs to a
developer called LightSnow by the way if what we do is useful to you
here you can donate some dollars if you want, I don’t have any
relationship with him but hey the case is that he has a whole collection of steps and firmwares to perform these
updates, and this what we will explain once we are in the
lightsnow page we click on get started and the next thing that we
going to deploy are the four families of olympus cameras here we are going to
select the one that we correspond according to the camera that
let’s have for example here I have an EPL3 and
It is the model that I will choose immediately he will ask us what
firmware version is what we want get off for our camera, here’s something
very interesting because this method to difference from the official method that only
allows you to go forward with this method you can even go backwards
if you want for some reason put a previous firmware on your camera,
it is something useful although the truth few sometimes someone will use it for this
option ok once we select the version of
firmware we want to use we give click on download firmware, this is what goes
to do is basically download a file to our computer, ok,
once we have the file already downloaded on our computer we give
click forward to continue with the instructions this next step is a
instruction that varies according to each model and firmware that we want to put in our cameras so it is very important that you follow it as it says in the
page and not like I’m doing it here but well in general what you
do is that you create a folder called DCOLYMP on our memory card
and the file that you just downloaded change the name to the one the page
mentions inside that folder that we just
create we copy this file that we just renamed, ok perfect,
Once you’ve done this, create the folder – rename the file that
you downloaded and move or copy this file to that folder that we created
then you can give it forward finally the page will give you a
series of instructions that are the ones we have to continue to carry out already
really in the update in our camera, this in summary, let’s take
our memory and we will take it out of our computer and we are going to
insert in our camera, let’s turn on the camera but first we must press the ok button while we do the power on, when doing this and with the card already inserted with our firmware what we’re going to notice is that the
screen stays black and that orange led in front of
our camera stays on, –is very important– that you don’t turn off or take
the battery off while this process is running what the camera is doing here is properly updating the firmware of our device, it does not give you
indication of progress or anything just let it be there,
it will take like one, two or three minutes, just have
patience and leave it, look here I am letting go and here I will accelerate
A little bit, here you can see the how long it took on my camera, once the
camera has finished updating the firmware, when it finish what it does
is that the orange led will start to flash, is then
when you simply have to press the off button on your camera, and
when you turn it on again your camera will be in the latest firmware,
we can check it by simply entering to the menu and seeing the firmware version
most recent we already have once we have confirmed that it is already
updated in our camera as we can delete the file from our
memory and continue to use it as usual, let’s do a
summary what we have to do is enter the lightsnow page,
select the model, well the family and the model of our camera, download the firmware, create the folder DCOLYMP in our memory, change the name
to the file we download and move it to said folder that we created, after
we have to do the flash process the camera by pressing the ok button at
same time, be very patient and once the focus in front is
blinking our camera will be updated, ok, i hope this
information has been very useful for you subscribe for more content like this,
I will see you next time!

Danny Hutson

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