ABRAHAM ON GOD – Esther & Jerry Hicks

ABRAHAM ON GOD – Esther & Jerry Hicks

Abraham on God Hello. First I wanted to tell you that um – I feel very very grateful because I was honored to translate your book “Ask and It Is Given” into Spanish. And I really felt your words whispering on my ears when I couldn’t find the right words. When Jerry and Esther heard that you were the one who was translating the book they were thrilled. Jerry said so nice to have someone doing it who knows the heart of Abraham. Thank you. I – And every time I was in trouble to find the right words um – in Spanish um – and I asked you for help I discovered that your Spanish was better than mine. Thank you. And you also discovered that you are a translator on more than one level. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Ok the question is is there such a thing as a compassionate God who listens to us and gives us what we ask for even if we don’t vibrate sometimes with our desire or are we really on our own one hundred percent responsible? In other words do we have to be happy in order to be happy to begin with or can we ask for help if we can’t find a thought that makes us feel better? Is there an entity called God that thinks and makes decisions or it’s just us all together from which God is made? Well that which man calls God is very different from man’s image of God. Because God has made man but man is now making God in man’s image. In other words man forms a perspective of something and then tries to make everything fit in to that and there is tremendous distortion in that process. You are accurate when you feel that you are that which is God both from you physical and your non-physical perspective. The combination of you and you and all of the rest of us is what God is because God is consciousness that is expanding. Sometimes humans feel unsettled about that because there are so many who have been happier seeing god as just an exaggerated version of man. Someone very much like man but just bigger and hopefully smarter and with all of the answers. And so in the process of making that image of God man has subverted his own image of self. In other words he has humbled himself by making this distinction of this superior God which makes him the inferior mortal. And on that basis man has separated himself from that which is God which is sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy isn’t it? People have said to us in gatherings like this Abraham you have disrupted my image of God. Some have even said Abraham you do not talk of God much and I want to know why that is. And we said we don’t talk of anything other than what you call God. In other words we are that energy. You are that energy. We are all in this together but we certainly acknowledge that it is not easy to see the big picture from the physical format but it is easier and easier to feel the big picture from the physical format. In other words when you – through your appreciation of another or of a flower – find a vibration that puts you in alignment with that which is Source Energy so that you are that energy – so there is no separation between the energy that is God and who you are in that moment – then you have knowledge of that. In other words under those conditions you don’t question so much. Usually when people are questioning their relationship with God is when they have gotten themselves into a vibrational quagmire when they are far vibrationally from the energy that is that. And it’s so interesting. Do you know the majority of prayers that are offered from physical humans are from a place of utter disconnection of that which they are hoping to receive. And so man in his effort to pray and receive guidance actually increases his separation between who he really is and the God that he is reaching for. Jerry and Esther have a dear dear friend who is a minister – has been a minister of more than one church – different denominations – and says to his congregation on a rather regular basis I used to pray for God but he was always out to lunch. And we say you must be in vibrational alignment before you know that which you are reaching for. And when you are in vibrational alignment the lack of separation is something that you know viscerally. You know vibrationally. Not so much intellectually. And then of course to be in sync with that energy and feel infinite intelligence pouring through you – In time you have all answers to all questions and the first question we want you to ask is who am I? And our answer is you are God. And the next question we want to hear from you is and how am I doing? And the answer that we want you to hear is you are doing exceptionally well. You are right on track. And the next question we want you to ask is how can my life be better? And we say seek things that feel good to you when you focus upon them. And the next question that we want you to ask is how am I doing? And the answer is exceptionally well. And the next question we want you to ask is what will come next? And we say whatever it is you choose. And the next question we want you to ask is well will you not choose for me? And the answer is we are choosing with you but we are not choosing for you. And when you are in vibrational alignment with that which is us the choices that we make together are those choices that we all intended when you made the decision to come forth into this physical body to begin with. It’s closing the gap solving the separation becoming one with who you are in your joyous endeavor and then being the God in physical form that is natural to you. You had glimpses of that as you were translating that book. You were in vibrational alignment with that. You know that power. Esther feels it as she feels us pour through her. She knows that she is in alignment with that which is Source. And she revels in the feeling of ecstasy as the words fly from her. In other words there’s no question in her mind that she’s in vibrational alignment with infinite intelligence or God if you want to call it that. She can feel the power of it and the clarity of it and the goodness of it and the love of it you see. But words don’t teach. You have to have your own personal experience in order to have that knowing. And that’s way every word that is uttered through Esther – that is offered from us – is a word – and now translated by you – to help others understand that you are the creator of your own reality. You are the God that is the creator of worlds you see. Don’t be humble and try to make yourself apart from that. Embrace it and accept it and ride that wave. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Danny Hutson

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  1. dsuggitt: For the record, Esther & Jerry – and in fact, Abraham themselves – do not describe the process whereby Abraham's teachings are conveyed as "channeling". Though they do acknowledge that some others have called it that, they maintain that the word "channel" connotates things that are not true in Esther's case.

  2. Agex33: For an explanation of why Esther and Jerry were not in "The Secret", please see our YouTube video entitled "Abraham Reveals The Secret Behind 'The Secret'"

  3. soulshaker205: Esther is translating blocks of thought from "Non-Physical Source Energy" – which she also identifies as her "Inner Being" or "Soul" – who refer to themselves in the plural as "Abraham" (no relation to the Biblical figure). Esther maintains that the process of translating Abraham is not "channeling". For more information you can view our YouTube video entitled "Abraham Explains Who They Are", and go to our website and listen to the free audio entitled "Introduction To Abraham".

  4. Thank you Esther, Jerry and Abraham for your commitment to helping us remember who we really are. If everyone in the world achieved this, Earth would truly be the physical extension of the spirit realm. I and my family have much appreciation for Abraham and the Hicks. Thank you.

  5. Thank you! My partner and I always talk about Abraham with the understanding of remembering who we are. I almost always get that chill of "knowing" when I listen. That goosebump, tears welling in the eyes knowing, that what I am hearing is "Myself" reminding me of who I am.
    Thank you! Fantastic!

  6. This is quite simply, in my opinion, the most profound, informative and life-altering information on YouTube (and possibly the planet). The information contained in this clip, amongst all the negative, judgmental, hateful religious teachings, is a beacon of light that the whole world should turn toward. We are all here to learn and teach and we all have different lessons of experience, but I am full of appreciation to hear and fully receive this message. THANK YOU! Much love, Dan

  7. That is definitely the best i have ever seen and heard. No other person can tell you who god is, you must discover it for yourself by making this personal experience. Thanks again to Esther, Jerry and Abraham.

  8. Like water to the parched, why do we forget who we are? thank God for the messengers that keep on trying when we give up.

  9. I'm glad we are shifting away from the dogmatic religious mindset of…"you are bad, god is good" etc., etc. Not everyone is ready for the "responsibility" of being god-like, and I understand that. When you really tap into your vast wondrousness ;P and appreciate that and others, things really take off! Remember, you were born a great and powerful being (don't let anyone tell you any different) awesome info and well put for the masses to understand, thank you Abraham!

  10. You know, this one video should be seen a zillion times! It may be too profound for some, but really this is where the magic is. I'm amazed it hasn't been — well, okay it came on 2 days before my birthday lol months ago. maybe that's it. Let your friends know about this one!

  11. ABraham, you have brought me to the source of the Infinite through your teachings after being "lost" for so many years. I love you and Esther and Jerry and I can't wait to meet you all tomorrow!!!!!

  12. Wow,I am in a sober quiet KNOWING space after watching this video. Its the same space I remember the same as I gazed upon my newborn after giving birth. Simply awesome I am home again and it feel great, I just got my connection. I have a renewed license. I Got It!!! Thank you Universe, I finally got the right email.

  13. i on the other hand got all emotional, and almost let tears of joy run down my cheeks. its as if im knowingly/unknowingly saying, Yes, its true!

  14. it really is kinda hard to swallow/accept but i Know its the truth. as with anything thats profound, it takes time to digest and then time to reflect on it and see for ourselves that it is true. 🙂

  15. xxXghislainXxx: Not at all. Please see our YouTube video entitled "Abraham Solves A Case of Cognitive Dissonance". Then, if you wish, you can enjoy the more than two hours of free videos we have posted here on YouTube, as well as the voluminous amount of free information available on our Abraham-Hicks website.

  16. I found the original law of attraction cds at the library and they have helped me more than I can explain in 500 characters. You don't have to pay for anything to understand the processes Abraham talks about.

  17. You can learn more about the Teachings of Abraham by viewing all the videos on our YouTube channel, by searching the abundance of free information on our Abraham-Hicks website, by attending one of our workshops or cruise seminars, or by reading any of Abraham's books – which are available wherever books are sold, directly from our website, and in many libraries.

  18. yasameenah1: As part of her process, Esther always removes her shoes before she begins translating for Abraham. She also removes her jewelry – and if she forgets, Abraham removes it for her.

  19. Dear Adriana, you are a beautiful and graceful soul and human being, thank you for asking abraham this wonderful question, love from israel.

  20. t0y2610: Esther is translating blocks of thought from "Non-Physical Source Energy" – which she also identifies as her "Inner Being" or "Soul" – who refer to themselves in the plural as "Abraham" (no relation to the Biblical figure). Esther maintains that her process of translating Abraham is not "channeling". For more information please see our video entitled "Abraham Explains Who They Are", or go to our website and listen to the audio: "Introduction To Abraham"

  21. The way she (Abraham) explains things is so beautiful, and so all-encompassing. It is Divinity, revealed. The bush is burning!

  22. gefftom: Abraham identifies themselves as "an aspect of Infinite Source Energy" analogous to Esther's Soul. They are not related to the Biblical figure of Abraham. Esther say that in speaking for Abraham she is "translating blocks of thought" in a process some call "channeling", though Esther and Jerry do not feel this word describes her process since she is not hearing words in her head. Instead, they think of Abraham as a verbal expresssion of alignment with Inner Guidance.

  23. I'm a recovering catholic who has been searching for the "truth" of this life after major losses I experienced 5 years ago. NO teachings resonated with me until I found Abraham's. Finally my life is becoming more joyful every day. Thank you Abraham!!!

  24. The Esther and Jerry Hicks books have changed my life. I was compelled to buy a book by Louise Hay about 10 years ago when I was deeply unhappy and was at a "rock-bottom" and Louise's book helped me so much. A few years later, a friend told me about these books and when I had a look for them, sure enough, they are published by Louise's publishing house. I can't imagine going back to being that disturbed, unhappy person I was in the past. Thank you, Abraham, Esther, Louise, Jerry.

  25. Awesome video. I keep watching them over and over and over. Just love watching Esther Hicks. It's like she's a part of my family. This hispanic lady is beautiful. She just shines with love and positivity.

  26. WOW .. In othr words . It is amazing how abraham never gets lost when it speaks ! it always tells the person exactly what it needs to hear .
    beautiful – thank you

  27. I think this is my favorite Abraham segment. I don't understand why people are so in a tizzy about the god thing. When I realized that I am perfect, whole, and complete at the core of my being, I discovered the god in me. I don't get why it's so hard for people to see themselves as a part of god.

  28. Gosh!! I can't believe it… This is exactly the "missing link" from the Secret. I had the same question she was having, and I was initially disturbed the answer. But then I thought, what the heck, let's try. The next morning I woke up feel as a whole (like God). The weirdest thing I feel like Abraham is with me. Suddenly I talked more. longer conversation, I gave more ideas, etc. I feel energy flow from me, and I know this energy came from Abraham. Really…! This is crazy.

  29. I give Abraham and Esther thanks for allowing me and the world know about the truth about ourself and how we can make this life experience a wonderful one.

  30. So glad I found Abraham, I have been living in my source energy for a while and felt the universal power, and thought am I the only one? I have witnessed many things in this new found source, and am happy every day learning more. Universe and God, I have been defining it the same way as in this video, Thank you

  31. I believe also that yes we are God in our understanding of the source energy, and our thoughts do set the motion in our lives we are asking for. Thank you for all your videos, I watch them daily.

  32. @AbrahamHicks
    "they think of Abraham as a verbal expression of alignment with Inner Guidance"
    These words resonate so well with me … thank you!

  33. wow i just discovered all of this a couple of hours ago and this is pretty amazing stuff! i mean i already know about metaphysics and such but wow!

  34. it amazes me how clear, precise and complete their answers are, the only words that i can find to describe abraham are infinite intelligence

  35. @ladyhart21 I also felt that something was missing from The Secret but didnt know what exactly. Just knew there had to be more as i didnt understand how to do it. Then a couple years later, my mum introduced me to Abraham and it all sunk in, just made sense then. Now i dont need any other teachings or books and stuff as Abraham says it all. Abraham is the answer to EVERYTHING!!! Thaks to Esther and Jerry Hicks for what they do. I LOVE them all 🙂

  36. I came to this truth long ago and so, so appreciate the validation I received from The Reverend Cecile Williams (Glide San Francisco) and now here. So glad knowing there are others out there who hold these beliefs with me.

  37. Really good explanation about what we are. It resonates with me and  it is what I always felt… Thanks for the great words of clarity

  38. I'd never heard the term "vibrational alignment" before today but I can definitely feel it… and you say to do whatever works for you… well, this seems to work for me. Bringing me back to what I have always known, which is that God is joy and light and love. Knowing that we are also a part of that.

    Thank you.

  39. Yes! Confirmation of the I AM factor I am God, we are one. I am that I AM. I FEEL THE LOVE AND UNISON! Thank you Abraham. Infinite Love and Gratitude.

  40. Beautiful explanation to a very difficult question to answer. Always clear and inspiring. Thank you for sharing this information so widely.

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