A Voice of Hate on America’s Internet

A Voice of Hate on America’s Internet

(gentle music) (words whirring) (bright music) – [Jake] Meet Todd Baker. A 33-year-old systems administrator who shares his newly renovated
studio apartment in Brooklyn. – [Todd] Hey. – [Jake] With his Brussels Griffon, Mavis. Over the course of our afternoon together, I realized that Todd
doesn’t stand out much from other New Yorkers. He works long hours, has a gym membership
he wishes he used more and is always looking ahead
to the next exotic vacation. But there’s one thing about
Todd that you might not be able to tell from his unassuming exterior. – I spend upwards of
two to three hours a day writing absolutely heinous shit about women all over the internet. – [Jake] People like Todd
are often referred to as trolls or cyber bullies. Broad terms for troublemakers
who harass others online. – So right here is where
I try to really dig into– – [Jake] In Todd’s case,
he uses social media and other platforms to target
members of the fairer sex. – The outlet is not really important so long as I get my message out there, that women are not entitled
to a point of view. I’m a big Felicity fan. It’s hard not to root for Kerri Russell’s
spunky, hopeless romantic. Any time I see an assertive
female presence on the internet, I erupt into a fountain of
vile, sexually violent rage. This is the Baker family’s
top-secret apple turnover recipe. – Mm, it’s so flaky. – Yeah, my great-grandfather– – [Jake] Todd, meticulous about his craft, pulled back the curtain on his unique brand of
short, hostile outbursts. – Okay, for example here,
this woman who I don’t know, wrote this heartfelt Facebook post about the complicated nature
of workplace relationships. So I wrote in the comments section, I’m gonna complicate
your face with my semen. And I emphasize my threat with advanced formatting techniques. Or here, some woman
journalist writes this article about the Justice Department’s difficulty getting convictions on
indictments stemming from international cyber
conflicts or something. So I commented, go back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich. Sometimes I just like
to go with the classics. – [Felicity] She wasn’t hitting on me. – [Jake] After more delicious baked goods and a couple of spirited
episodes of Felicity, Todd traced the origins of what some might consider
his unorthodox viewpoints. – It probably goes all the way back to recess in the third grade. We were playing a game of
tag out in the schoolyard and I was chasing after Kimmy Meyers who was the prettiest girl in school so that I could make her it. And while I was chasing after her, my foot got caught in a divot in the grass and I tripped and I fell. And I looked up to Kimmy and she, she was just laughing at me. (somber music) – [Jake] The New York Times
reached out to Kimberly Meyers, now a care planner at a hospice but she declined to
comment for this piece. – I was actually trolling her
on Instagram the other day. She has two kids now and looks fat. That made me smile. What people don’t understand about us is that we’re not misogynists. We don’t hate women. We just don’t think that they
should express themselves. There she is.
– Hi. – Hi Sweetie. – [Jake] Todd’s fiancee, Carol, is a human resources manager
at a New York law firm. – I met Carol at a
conspiracy theory book club. I think she was there by accident. ‘Cause when I confronted her about it, she was all quiet and deferential. Maybe, okay, well. So, we hit it off right away. – I don’t really concern
myself with Todd’s hobbies. When he’s with me he’s a total sweetheart. It makes me feel special
that I’m the first woman ever who hasn’t rejected him. – [Jake] For so long, Todd and his fellow online
provocateurs had felt left behind by the establishment until
one man heard the call of these forgotten Americans. – I don’t agree with all of
President Trump’s policies. But his tweet about Mika
Brzezinski’s facelift was some of his best work. That really gets to the
heart of what we’re doing. – [Jake] Before I wrapped
up my visit with Todd, I felt it was necessary to get his take on the MeToo movement and find out how it has
effected him personally. – Now all of a sudden, I find out that all these powerful men
have been assaulting woman in person for such a long time, it makes me feel like an underachiever. But you know, in the end, it’s all part of the same continuum, so I’m just happy to be
a part of the movement and men are going to continue
to fight for their freedoms. We’re done living in fear. (gentle music)

Danny Hutson

9 thoughts on “A Voice of Hate on America’s Internet

  1. Man, you really went for the satire. The really deep humor that comes from doing an actual psychological profile. The funny because it’s true type of humor…. Not.

    This is like a lazy but well edited joke from an accountant who explains jokes, while entirely missing the point of the joke.

    I award you no e points, be born more creative next time.

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