A Tenth Planet Could Be Warping Our Outer Solar System

A Tenth Planet Could Be Warping Our Outer Solar System

The bodies of the Kuiper Belt out beyond Pluto
are small and far away, but they have a lot to tell us. Namely, their orbits speak volumes, and a
new study is hinting that there might be a gravitational mass lurking out in this distant
region of our solar system. And some people are saying it’s possibly
a tenth planet. But, that might be a bit premature. On the whole, our solar system is pretty neatly
organized. All the planets orbit more or less in line
with each other. They average out to be right along what’s
called the “invariable plane”. Things get chaotic even further from the Sun. Like in the Oort Cloud, which is 5,000-100,000
AU away. The Oort Cloud isn’t a disk. It’s actually a cloud that envelopes our solar
system. Relatively closer to the Sun in the Kuiper
Belt, which is only about 30 to 55 AU from the Sun, bodies orbit pretty regularly. They should look sort of like a flat sheet. Which bring us to the alleged Planet Ten… Researchers from the University of Arizona
noticed that over 600 of the more distant Kuiper Belt Objects, or KBOs, have orbits
inclined from the invariable plane by, on average, about 8 degrees. It’s a subtle deviation, but also significant
enough to suggest that something big must be warping those orbits. They’re far enough from the Sun that another
gravitational mass could be responsible. If you look at a spinning top… it sort of
models things in the solar system. Imagine the invariable plane cutting through
the middle. The inner solar system is steady, like the
top. If the top wobbles, something is causing it
to do so. The over 600 objects they looked at are wobbling
pell-mell like a handful of spinning tops all nudged differently, and the observational
evidence says it’s not a fluke or bad data. Something has affected them. According to the researchers’ calculations,
the irregular orbits could be explained by a gravitational mass around the size of Mars
orbiting about 60 AU from the Sun. It’s definitely not the theorized Planet
Nine, by the way, that’s way larger and about ten times farther away. We did a video about it. But like Planet Nine, Planet Ten is still
a theoretical body that may or may not exist, and we might not have seen it yet because
we haven’t looked in the right place. Or it might not exist at all — it’s possible
a star whizzed by our solar system in recent history (astronomically speaking) and kicked
those orbits around, then went on its merry way. As with all big, predicted things in space,
astronomers will need to do some follow-up observations to confirm Planet Ten’s existence…
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