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100 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Harvard Medical School Student

  1. Meanwhile my medical school:
    Dressed not allowed
    Open hair not allowed
    makeup not allowed
    This girl -also not allowed 😂

  2. You know… I want to go to Harvard and then to Harvard medical school.. that's my dream college.. but I feel like if I say that I want to go to Harvard others will laugh at me… I'd rather keep my dreams to myself 😅

  3. She can wear that mini red dress and high heels because she has a black belt in martial arts, and she can put douche bags in their place, if they disrespect her. You rock Dr. Julia!

  4. She must have rich parents to go to undergrad and med school at Harvard. Or else she’ll be drowning in debt😭

  5. HELLO❤I FROM KAZAKHSTAN❤I know a little English and I want to get into this great school for future doctors

  6. Man Im 23, failed out of undergrad, started fresh at an ADN program at a local community college earlier this year.

    Its really difficult but I wish I can one day go to Harvard Med School and graduate from it. It would be a dream come true

  7. It's very inspired🎓…I hope one day I can continue my study in harvard medical school because right now I'm 16 years old and it's burn my spirit💪…Pray for my succes🎓

  8. i like gerontologiy, the science of the elders. how can we manage as humans, to make it up to 120 years old and older. that is the field now that i am interested in. from costas comtois of montreal

  9. Learn from animals even, they don’t eat man 👨 made business idea about 🥘 food and eat only the food that is impossible for a human being to make it eg grass 🌿 and bananas 🍌 So, that why they don’t go to doctors 🥼 and live their life in corner peacefully and with a pin drop silence sometimes but human are extraordinary in 🎤 singing but back in back biting and speaking filthy. Animals like penguins 🐧 don’t wear clothes but human are lucky to wear clothes that’s human intelligence

  10. I love how Harvard presumes to think that people actually give a shit about the miserable lives that it’s medical students live. News flash: Medical school is soul crushing, no matter where you go. You don’t need to waste your life watching a YouTube video with bratty Harvard students stroking themselves and describing their miserable days with forced smiles on their faces to know that medical school sucks. You enter, you get through it, and you leave. And guess what? When you leave you have a “Dr” in front of your name regardless of where you went…hint, hint…

  11. This video is so inspirational on so many levels. This young woman’s fluency in communication and attitude towards helping younger patients is exactly what I hope to do with my life. I’m very glad I decided to watch this video… although I probably should get back to studying for my vocabulary exam tomorrow. Thanks!

  12. Really delicious video! She's amazing and it was also good to edit:)
    Lyceum Northwestern University is dedicated to making our learners compassionate, knowledgeable, highly skilled doctors by offering them with early practical clinical training and opportunities to fine-tune their professional skills.
    Visit: http://www.lyceumnorthwesternuniversity.com/

  13. I'm tearing up! I dunno if I can go to harvard medical school and be a med student. Am I dreaming too big for a 17 years old kiddo?

  14. My life as med student is so different lol. It‘s so interesting to see how things are working in different countries and universities.

  15. At the end of the day, no matter where you graduate from, you'll end up working with students from different university background, so cheer up! Jobs doesn't look for ivy universities, they look for experience 🙂

  16. Guys, please don’t get me wrong but I really feel like this girl is too much over the top and I’m saying this just because of comments like “I feel like I’m doing nothing with my life”. In any case I could not call this behaviour of hers “confident” because real confidence is about doing your thing without caring about the opinion of others, neither good or bad and the girl in this video does nothing apart from blabbering about how great and super special she is for her achievements. Crying for attention based on studying and showing off “smartness” is something very common in medical uni and I’m telling you this from my own experience. A sign of real intelligence is making others feel inspired about themselves rather than “worthless comparing to you”. Needless to say, starting the day in short screaming red dress, heels and a lab coat, this is just not the way medical uni works so please don’t feel bad about yourself after watching this 😉

  17. Truthfully, how many people are that sick in the Modern World and conscious? Let the dead bury the dead. A stuffed shirt with a name?

  18. A black belt 🥋
    In high heels 👠
    With red lipstick and confidence💄
    Has a brain 🧠
    A Harvard student 👩‍🎓

    Wow What a Life

  19. My dad got accepted into here back then. He turned it down because he didn’t want to travel anymore like he did when he was in the military and went to Temple. It’s interesting to see what he could have done

  20. Hi Julia. Nice to take a peek in the life of a medical student of one of the best medical schools in the world. I am a professor of physiology at a govt medical college here in India. I would like to learn more about the teaching methods adopted by your faculty especially for first year students.
    Thank you

  21. her answers to the questions are what my gr. 12 english language arts teacher expects me to answrr in an essay form in 10 paragraphs lmao

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