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42 thoughts on “A Database For The HN App (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 25)

  1. just started learning flutter and dart(my first programming language), and I got lost realy early into the video🤦‍♂️

  2. Why you people don't create simple drag and drop interface to generate flutter code for stateless widgets.

  3. Wouldn't it be better to have one watch query that returns a list of ids that are marked as favorite instead of multiple watches on single ids? Didn't look at the watch code, but my first reaction was, thinking that this isn't very efficient…

  4. make a boring show or vid about theme
    I have no idea what (for example), swatch suppose to be, primaryColor? secondaryColor? we also have something like scaffold bg color?

    Are we suppose to change all one by one, or can we just change some?

  5. Big Big thank you for creating amazing flutter development show. I am creating webview application from previous tutorials. but there are few things show me as error yet. Can anyone help me?

    1) when user open webview app without internet connection, It's shows error that web page is not available instead of "Check Your Internet Connection to Run This Application"

    2) In website if "tel:" , "mail:" and social share button added then It will not open from webview application. Like tel: should be open from phone dial up box. " mail: " open into email provider from phone.

    I am using below package for flutter web view app.

    Please let me know, if question is not understandable.

  6. Floor is a really great persistence library. It's designed to work like the Android Architecture Components Room library. Unlike Room though, there is no IDE integration such as syntax highlighting and validation of the SQL queries.

  7. 0:50 I'm searching for a "How to handle fame" guide… I'm going to time travel to 2001 and high five 10-year old self for coming up with such a clever username (from some manga).

  8. before i heard about flutter i was trying to build simple android app , which holds around 3000 proverbs of my community in two languages .

    i used sqlite . but now i am planning to do the same app using flutter . and what should i use to store all these data ? i want to know more about json , firebase or others, which can simplify my work .
    thank you.

  9. Room doesn't abstract SQL away, it just simplifies it, so you still need to know SQL and write it. It's just a lot simpler to query and inject DB dependencies for testing.

  10. Primary keys are UNIQUE and NOT NULL (varies from RDBMS), so you would gain more and be simpler and more documented to add a primary key instead of a UNIQUE constraint.

  11. Great to see you guys also do a lot of mistakes and get confused over things…..this feels good that "Hey even google team does it, we are no special 😀 "

  12. Hey great episode as always but with now a new update from moor, we need to pass a QueryExecutor to our database, how to do it passing by BLoC implementation ?
    Thank u !!

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