9-Year-Old Boy’s Heartbreaking Bullying Video Gets Support From Thousands Online | NBC Nightly News

9-Year-Old Boy’s Heartbreaking Bullying Video Gets Support From Thousands Online | NBC Nightly News

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “9-Year-Old Boy’s Heartbreaking Bullying Video Gets Support From Thousands Online | NBC Nightly News

  1. Shut up and nut up. Bullies have always been a part of life. We used to get up and carry on, it built character and made people that would be more sympathetic towards their fellow man and not to mention people who could conquer fear. That is lost with this pu$$y new wave of entitled millennial turds. These kooky liberals think bullies can be unmade with pills or counseling, love and understanding. Evil is real, just because you decide to bury your head in the sand doesn't make it go away. What we have done is a horrible dis-service to our kids. If you have half a half functioning brain you can see the flat out direct correlation of liberalism and the social ills it brings have increased the number or suicides by our youth. All this soy boi beta male philosophy has brought a plague of little boys with b000bs who can't handle life.

    Kid needs a friend with a pair not a bunch of pu$$y beta males. Violence has its uses, aggression has its uses and encouraging a bullied child to stand for himself and having a few good friends helping kick the $h!t out of a bully or bullies is a essential life lesson. Mommy will not always be there.

  2. Ok. So just to clear things up. The kid is not 18. There was a photo of him next to the number 18, which was in celebration of a friend's birthday. Someone took that and made a false story. Now, I do have a weird feeling that the mother is trying to cash in on this. If your son is truly suicidal, you'd think she'd be comforting him rather than making a video while he's saying he wants to die. She made another "bullying" video on him about 5 years ago I believe. If I'm wrong about this I apologize, but it seems a bit fishy.

  3. I specifically remember him doing this exact same scam like 2-3 years ago. Am I crazy?? he became a big meme on 4chan for a few months because they all thought it was hilarious

  4. So many comments about how we all felt bad for the kid and there’s so many about how they hate the video and the family because its fake. It doesn’t matter if the video is real or not. The message of the video is what’s important. Why? Because this is real. All the facts about bullying and all the facts of how it can affect a single kid and its family is REAL. And the fact that you got time to comment here ur hatred about how you think it’s fake proves that we aren’t united with one mission. I cant gve money to this poor kid. I cant gve money to anyone at all. But please letting your kids know that its not right to bully is going to be good for both our kids and our family. And guess what, that is free. Stop trolling and start educating kids.

  5. So what has been done about the bullying? I hope they get adequate punishment for their part in the making of the boys anguish!

  6. This kid is a professional actor. And he is known as the bully. There are also photos of him holding a gun, flipping off the camera with his mother and flashing all sorts of money. This was a sham and people were fooled. His age is also questionable.

  7. HOAX: ACtor model kid who makes big bucks.. mother selling him online.. look it up.. they were caught in the scam looking for a quick free ride..

  8. HOAX: ACtor model kid who makes big bucks.. mother selling him online.. look it up.. they were caught in the scam looking for a quick free ride..

  9. If i was a parent I would
    1. Not post a vid of my son crying
    2. Tell the the fkn principle
    3. Talk with the bullies parents
    4. Send my son to another school

  10. We were all bullied at one time in our lives, we can’t let other people’s opinion get to us. Parents should teach kids to not to let people’s opinions matters. Hugs to all kids who are silent and getting bullied ❤️

  11. Ppl pls stop spreading the lie that this young boy is 18yo!!! He is 9!!!! Watch this——> https://youtu.be/jOEyjl0Msm0

  12. I used to bully bullies. True story i remember some kids offering to do my homework because i stepped in n punked a bully that would go around slapping them on back of thier head

  13. Imagine how he's going to feel when he sees this posted all over the Internet when he's older. His mother is Shameless! she should have went to the school.

  14. What a beautiful young boy ♥️.. To laugh in the snow, to play in the sun and to swim in the sea with you… Wish I were you.. and to be there with you.. God bless.. 💕♥️.. xxx..

  15. Bullying hurts . For those saying that you can’t believe people who have physical features that are different (disable) are being bullied it’s so real. It’s happening. Adults are bullies too, worse than kids . I was bullied last summer , I have never felt so broken, and the pain it caused me cut deeper than a sword,heartaches are real and l have worn the same shoe this 9yrs old is and as an adult it was even worse. As a kid l kinda made excuses for my bullies “oh they’re just mean kids ”, l knew deep down in my heart ,one day it will go away, the bullying will stop, life will be normal.” As an adult , this person sent mean text messages , l had a major break down, felt like a bad dream. l never knew someone or anyone can be that naive to send text messages with hurtful words to someone for events that were not in their control, especially when you don’t know someone’s journey in life. No one wants to have flaws. My scars are my endurance of the accident l survived and my ability and willingness to be a positive individual.

  16. Awwww maaan. Guess it’s because I’m up in the wee hours of the night but I’m seeing stories coming out that he’s 18 and an actor and he scammed everyone

  17. not tryna hate but $400k could be more helpful to something like animal/homeless shelters and sent to disney? how will that help?

  18. I was severely bullied & hated in school for no reason and did the sane and normal thing by never doing anything about it and getting over it like a regular person. This mother is exploiting this child and making profits off of it. This is absolutely sick and abhorrent. Shameful.

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