6 Figures In 6 Months Using SEO Episode 1 ( Plastic Surgery SEO Clients )

6 Figures In 6 Months Using SEO Episode 1 ( Plastic Surgery SEO Clients )

all right. we are back. this is six
figures and six months using SEO. I was trying to check out this technical
software crap trying to they call this semi all semi castle 11a you caught a
ship or you screamed on multiple platforms or whatever. but anyway I’m
allowed to have my assistant in them this week cuz I know it’s Sunday I have
to have down my come through and help me get set up with all the technical stuff
today I’m just a teacher right so what char can do is help me out share
this on a few of our groups with our people in them they want to hit the next
level get past some of these financial curses that were under yeah sure does in
the groups black power groups Israelite groups anything with our people in them
that need to change alright so do that right now I’m doing the same exact thing
we need more people to wake up alright so we need spiritual healing but we also
need economic hiland as well okay in order to come out from under them and
choose none of their ways we have to create our own ways our own
establishments our own businesses our own trends on governments all of those
things and it starts somewhere okay and the Bible says that we have to use money
as a defense so a lot of people are afraid to talk about money in Israel
because they don’t want to look as if their coverages are greedy or something
like that but it’s a topic that needs to be discussed and if you’re truly in the
word you’re truly in a truth you claim then you know that this is going to be
needed we’re not one of those people that only believe money can get us out
of here because only one man can save us but we definitely need this in order to
take care of ourselves and actually keep the High Holy Days the way we want to
keep them I was watching something over the Passover where your Ziya a brother
they used to be in he was talking about the benefits of
being an owner and I enjoyed that class the benefit is that you know he can tell
his employees that they can have the Sabbath off because he owns the company
you can tell them they don’t have to go into work you know going Passover or any
of these other holy days of whatever because he won’t be working on those
days either so it was the same thing just that little taste of power should
be enough for us to want to become owners owners owners so today I’m going
to discuss how you can hit six figures and when I say six figures I mean per
month okay I have many students don’t six figures per month and you can do the
same all right by becoming an owner and I’m going to
show you what to do with SEO all right so if you don’t know what SEO is if
you’re new to marketing or online business or even have your own business
you might not know what SEO is but is search engine optimization the art of
ranking web properties at the top of search engines being out the algorithm
so that you can get more visual visual representation become known okay in your
space your industry okay so give me a second while everybody comes on all
right so hopefully you guys are enjoying your Sunday we’re still in the feast
days can’t work on the first and the last day of unleavened bread all right
but today I can do a quick little training all right so a lot of you guys
are in bad positions and I want to help us get out of these positions so if you
don’t know who I am I am David Robertson or my real name is
David Israel Israel my business name is Barry Robison because that’s what I had
when I was in the world okay but this what I’m going to teach you today is a
skill that will make any business successful so it doesn’t matter
you’re in the business yourself or you know someone – as the business is
struggling this is how you can make their business successful in turn making
yourself successful so you can use what I’m going to teach you today to grow
your businesses as well as charge others they can be your clients and you can
help them grow their business yeah I understand
okay all right so you know what SEO is type of one in a chair I just told you
but if you can pretty much like put it in your words you you you know come
across it before or being cold called by somebody to do it you know let me know
let me know all right okay almost done with the invitations yeah we will give
started begin started in a second I almost done with annotations make sure
you our state’s in hand cuz I’m gonna have opportunity for you to grow and go
hard with what I’m teaching today all right all right let me make sure y’all can
hear me because I could be just talking to the wall right now let me make sure
you I can hear me okay yep there we go so we lagging behind in a couple of
minutes all right so you guys can see my screen this is an apple job trade school
this is where we teach things okay this is not a course or anything like that
you can learn online and everything but we’re in actual school we teach real
estate in the real estate section we teach you how to do first rule whole
selling as well as a model call home tell similar to Airbnb but it’s your own
company everything we teach you is to do ownership teach you lead generation we
teach you affiliate marketing as to start like an online business we
teach SEO and PPC this is advertising and ways to give customers to any
business and everything like that so these are the things that we teach
inside the school okay all right so I’m David Roberson like I said author
owner of the epitaph trade school just sold out local Lille and those are my
two other companies locally Land and ROI Jamie so I can focus on the education
platform and make it the best school of all time pretty much all right so let’s
see I have a job trade school you can google that and it will be the first one
as you guys can see okay you can watch the tour if you want but that’s from the
18th so we have a duty but anyway we had an SEO section of the school and
everything like that so let me show you what’s in the SEO section Elias so great
and how you know for sure you’ll be able to hit six figures per month okay first
you need you need to know what it entails okay
I don’t want to get you guys confused or anything like that I’ll make it sound
okay so this is all right so examples I teach real estate so how would I teach
how would I take my school to six figures I’m gonna show you my exact
process and then you can use this in your business model whatever whatever
business you can be into carpentry masonry you can you can do plumbing it
doesn’t matter what it is you can take any business to six figures in less than
six months especially it was hot ticket you just can’t through lead generation
if you know how to get high balls to your content then it’s not hard okay so
let’s see I have a real estate school and guess what I did I came to Google I
verify it I got to the top of the search engines for real estate school in st.
Louis now we get students on autopilot okay now students coming back on
autopilot meaning is just they come on alright so we’re at the top for this
real estate school in st. Louis at the job okay hundred searches per month
students on autopilot I wake up in the morning and we have new students and
access to the actual school with support and everything like that is $5,000 a
year so don’t look at it like oh it’s okay it’s an online course or something
no tuition for the school is five thousand dollars a year and we get
students every day alright so these are things that I teach inside school how to
position yourself properly how to ever how to leverage and then how to profit
positioning leveraging profiting that’s what I teach okay now come over here I’ve been cooking class in st. Louis you
can see that gives 1300 searches per month here we are right here at number
two might be number one in st. Louis I am in st. Louis but according to my IP
address with number two okay you can certainly own all right number two right
there for something against 1300 searches per month and we just opened
the culinary arts section of the school or you can learn how to build out your
franchise build out your health food franchise our bacon franchise our
catering whatever you want to get you know certified for we teach this we
teach this in the school so this is how you can hit six figures real fast six
figures real fast and SEO so let’s say that you don’t have a business how would
you do this okay let’s go with a plastic surgeon all right
okay a matter of fact we want to find okay class we’ll use this with plastic
surgeon Atlanta but we want we want something that’s going to be easy to
rank for using SEL all right so mommy makeover that procedure as you can see
take a look take a look nine thousand to twenty thousand dollars
that’s per patient so let’s say you get a plastic surgeon paying you five
thousand dollars a month all you have to do is get him one person
to go in there a month you know and he’ll keep you on as his SEO now it
shouldn’t be that hard if is like four hundred and eighty some people searching
for mommy makeover per month everybody has kids and then they need to
get fixed back up and want to get back on down beat us again not a plan alright
so you get what I’m saying though okay so shoe you can charge five thousand
dollars and how hard would it be to get him one client a month all you have to
do is show up right here we call this a snack pack okay how do you get right
there you use SEO that I teach inside the snack pack section of the school
it’s called the snack pack attack we teach you how to dominate this area
right here eighty percent of the phone calls come from right here so you get a
few calls out of here send it to one of these guys right here like you overthrow
them and then they ask where the calls are coming from and then you roll out
the red carpet or they roll out the red carpet from you you’d be like that’s
coming from me anybody oh shit can you send us some more you
see what I’m saying so the reason why I chose this chose plastic surgeons
because what they do is very high ticket what they do is very high ticket so one
patient can justify them paying you five to ten thousand dollars a month so don’t
look in like you’re super far away from six figures look at it like oh snap I
can get two plastic surgeons three plastic surgeons all you need to make
six figures a year is actually like nine dollars a month so if you can get one
plastic surgeon ban you ten grand a mob that’s so breezy our two plastic surgeon
paying you five grand a month or one plastic surgeon paying you 9 grand a
month how do you justify that I just showed you that you can show them this
look at the screen shot I know how much you charge now I just sent you a few
cuts to patients I was listening to the phone call because I showed you guys how
to use tracking software and where you can listen to the phone call I listen to
the phone call they actually booked an appointment to come in and get sized up
and everything so I said to qualified leads that’s value up front
do you want me to continue doing this do you want me to continue center stuff or
do you want me to just send it to your competitors this is super example so you
find little niches little skewer niches like plastic surgeon is super
competitive if you’re trying to rank for plastic surgeon but if you’re trying to
rank for a think little procedures that they do like rhinoplasty why do you have
to break it down break down what they actually do rhinoplasty you see lungs
and they do rhinoplasty they do what’s the one right the eyelid surgery and
stuff like there was this ours its eyelid surgery
thank you 70 searches per month 70 times per month and here’s the actual time for
blepharoplasty okay all right well my point is there’s the houses of balance
each patient for them is like thousands of dollars let me see if we can find the
price with it yeah and be able to know how much it cost
they can’t cheat you they can’t lowball you and say oh I can’t pay you $5,000 a
month or something like that they can’t say holiday because they know that you
know what you’re talking about when you come to them and say look this is how
I’m gonna break it down you guys do blah blah blah and you charge blah blah blah
for this you say non-fantasy eyelid surgery and they got the prices for this so I’m
giving you guys some ideas right here let’s yeah they probably want you to
call in usually they have the prices on the site contact their office today blah
blah blah I’m not gonna go through all of these different companies or whatever
but we can just go like this about cost by Pentecost any of you tip
you don’t want to be the heads there we go three to five thousand dollars
depending but lore meaning like around this area right here if you want to get
rid of them weird bags that we get when we get older in holiday lore can range
between four to six grand so you like look sir or ma’am I’ll just charge you
in between let’s just do a five grand five grand a month five grand a month
flat and I’ll make sure you’re at the top of Google you’re up here and you get
all the phone calls okay you get all the phone calls so eyelid surgery isn’t neck
let’s see let’s see how this snack pack looks for this okay so what look at it
this is perfect what you want to do is find snack bags that look like this
meaning is not many companies in competition in there that means if you
verify this listing you can like pretty much be ranking somewhere in here almost
instantly and even if you’re at the bottom since it’s not that many since
it’s not that many people competing for this keyword you can literally start
getting phone calls almost instantly because they they’re gonna call through
her and see everybody’s price before they make a decision yeah I see what I’m
saying so what you want to do is find small niches even if you’re going after
competitive niches like like plastic surgeons and lawyers like tomorrow I’ll
probably go through the lawyer niche show you how to hit six figures or
in a lawyer niche okay you want to break things down break big things down to
smaller things in order to get big income what’s up Irene was so Britney
what’s up Elijah Monica yeah I think I said that right I think so let me know
correct me if I did all right type of chair type of one in
the chat where you will city you’re from matter of fact type what city you’re
from I’m a type what city you’re from and I’ll show you guys an example of
what you were doing your city to hit six figures per month in SEO and inside the
school I have like over two hundred and twenty three closer to thirty or
something like that different niches niches where is not saturated what’s up
Nate whereas not saturated that you guys can go after they’re super simple to
rank for like these and you rank for them and then like let’s say let’s say
look when you call these people or if you call them or email them or whatever
you’re doing a lot of them are going to be skeptical they’re gonna be like well
how do I know is real or how do I know you you know is gonna work blah blah
blah why should I pay you that’s why you want to break down these
niches all right that way you don’t spend any money okay so if you rank for
something like this whereas not that competitive where it literally only has
one page there’s only one page now I know you guys saw you’ve opened up this
before and you’ve seen like 10 20 30 pages before this only has one page
meaning you only have to get to the top of one page and I’ll show you exactly
how to do that in the school SEO section of the school so you get to the top of
this page without spending any money alright then the phone starts ringing
you send a few calls to them even like yeah I’m gonna do that you was skeptical
of I’m calling to check on them patients that came in your office last week
you can either yourself check up with the people that went in there or you can
hire somebody you know hire somebody to follow up you know I call the people
that’s called them right yeah yeah you went into
blah blah blahs office last week to see about getting some surgery halliday go
I’m the company that you went through you know if they say oh yeah I got
another appointment set up we’re gonna actually do the surgery now when you got
his plastic surgeon back like look I have you know proof that you actually
got patients off of my lead generation my SEO that I’ve done for you you see
what I’m saying you actually got patients so I’ve actually made you money
so how hard would it be for you to give me money out of it okay so it costs oh
they’re gonna pay you $6,000 for this alien surgery okay give me three grand
out of it that’s nothing give me three out of it boom is justified so this is
how I help you guys what’s up hot dancer I think I’m saying right am I saying
right how dare sir let me know let me know
type of one of ours agent name right all right
so did this is how you guys are gonna hit those marks right there okay so
let’s go through some more all right so we got alias surgery let’s see armlet we got arm left right there you want to
typically go after the ones that have a snack pack like I said the snack pack is
just the Google high business a group of my business area this right
here this is a snack pack the google apps okay all right you open it up see
how many pages it is it’s still one page here’s another one inside plastic
surgery niche okay so if you were in my school right now I will show you exactly
like well I’m going to show you guys all here but you would have the steps to
actually ranking at the top of Google for these easy terms and stuff like that
okay look at brachioplasty there’s a snap tag list take off surgeons see you
were to give this yes no snack
for that we do what about body contouring okay so here we go body
contouring this is a good sign right here doesn’t have love doesn’t have
directions meaning it might be a marketer no directions and no reviews so
a lot of people think you have to have reviews and article you know ranking and
in a snack pack no reviews just make it look good cosmetically and it builds the
trust now we can help like all of these guys have reviews so you know for
conversion purposes I’ll probably get a couple of reviews just to make them call
me out of them you know I’m saying but you don’t have to have them in order to
rank now just if you want to cover all the bases but you don’t have to have
okay so we’re gonna do the normal check they we do open up the snack pack now if
you understand this right now is okay when you’re in the school you will
alright so there’s only two pages there’s still not bad it’s still not bad
okay let’s see bbl doctors yeah I know that is that brazilian butt-lift okay
alrighty boom now you know especially in our community women again but lives
every damn day I don’t recommend these I don’t really recommend any surgery I’m
just showing you guys in this that you can go after that that will be high
ticket that will that will pay you crazy amount of money okay so let’s say that
the doctor once again let’s say they’re skeptical and they don’t want to like
pay you up front or something like that you can say cool that is awesome that’s
okay how much do you pay per lead now most of these guys are paying industry
industry wives around 250 to 750 for a phone call just for connection y-yeah I
saw how much it is yeah see how much it is with these butt lifts and
these breast augmentations and all of that stuff like that now see what I’m
saying so yeah you control are still 52 754
phone call I much rather get paper called then have a flat fee of three
grand cuz if you can blow up their phone then they’re gonna be paying you way
more than $3,000 yeah I’ll see what I’m saying so let’s do that
let’s do the calculations for that okay let’s say that you just go after the
brazilian butt-lift niche brazilian butt-lift all right so we got hundred 80s urges we’re gonna add those
up in a minute give me a second 180
and still 580 all right then we’re gonna do bbl this is 40 right here then we got
90 then we got 40 okay so for 180 ad and let’s get the calculator make sure you guys know lady loves ad
plus 90 equals 650 let’s say that you only get half for that cos you’re not
your brand-new it SEO and you might not be too good at marketing or something
like this so let’s just say that you know the rest of the competitors get the
other half so we’re gonna divide that by two I said okay so you only get three
hundred and twenty five calls out of that okay so let’s say okay yeah so you
get three hundred twenty five calls out of that whole month just for that niche
okay and then we’re gonna go by the lowest okay so I said the lowest day
I’ll pay for a lead for a call is $250 depending on the city now there’s some
little hick town than a any merit of this before like if you in Miami or Los
Angeles of New York or something like that they pay you $250 but 750 that’s
the max okay that I’ve heard of so for anyway so let’s do 250 even let’s say
Miami Atlanta or something like that okay so 320 phone calls these these our
phone calls you didn’t even send nobody in they’re paying you just to get them
on the phone with people all right 325 phone calls times 250
bucks that’s 81 grand a month now am i exaggerating no but let’s say you don’t
even get the freaking 325 calls it depends on how good you are at using an
SEO that I teach them inside the school how visible you okay so let’s divide
that that’s still 40 grand would that be bad
okay let’s divide that again even if you gotta have from that this is still more
than what you make in a a Walmart or a warehouse or a typical nine-to-five or
some crap like that you sat at home and did it you use what
I taught inside the school you didn’t have to like build the business like
brick and mortar you didn’t have to go to college or any of that type of stuff
you just have to learn what I teach and you can be at 20 to 80 thousand dollars
a month super easy depending on the area and this is just one niche we’re just
talking about plastic surgery right now it’s endless you can go after dentists
we’re gonna talk about those I’m gonna do a niche a day and show you guys the
world okay I’m gonna do an inch a day and show you guys the world how much
money is out there just waiting for you guys okay
that’s what I’m gonna do okay so I just wanted to put it into like
income visit show Univision income all right so we was and then a good thing is
that’s only one area what have you what have you only did that in one area okay
so that’s that what have you got 20 grand coming from one area what have you
multiplied this let’s say this is just a few average like I showed you a minute
ago if you’re at the top in that city then you’re hidden like 80 grand you’re
hidden like 80 grand when you’re doing pay per call and this is what I teach
inside to school pay per call and SEO so you know they might not want to pay you
a front if you need if you’re in a position where you need money right now
then go ahead and make them pay you up front for the leads but if not then do
pay per call that way you don’t have to sell you might look I’m about to start
sending you some people uh the first couple people are free just so you can
test the quality but after you get like a patient from me or something like that
hi what do you want to settle on how much do you want to pay per leaf and you
might want to add a conversation after you already send up a test you see what
I’m saying but this is how you can sign a crapload of people in the school I
teach you other ways of getting clients to say yes and pay you money up front a
lot of us don’t like doing free work but you know it helps and it builds your
reputation to it you can go hard right but my point is this you multiply this
you get you get a client you get a client in 10
different cities and this is the lowest let’s say this is just the lowest if
you’re doing a paper call you charge a 250 elite and this is plastic surgery
remember this is just plastic surgery alright so we never talked about
anything else okay so you multiply that times 10
claims you got a a Klan in Miami you got a client in Los Angeles you got a claim
and laws babies you got a Klan in Boston you got a claim and in Nashville and
Tallahassee you got a claim and in New York you got a Klan in st. Louis you got
clients in them in the major cities basically is what I’m saying okay and
this is just googled I’m not ain’t even shows you Facebook ads that you can do
things with to get phone calls okay so boom 10 clinics two hundred and three
thousand dollars or month and I have students doing this exact thing you just
have to find a high niche a high-ticket niche a niche where they’ll pay you
whatever you want just to get the lead now a plastic surgeon you saw that
they’ll they’re getting pay like 10 grand just to shoot some but crapping
somebody you know I’m saying that panda bear can paid $15,000 to do breast
implants and reductions in certain places and all of that you see what I’m
saying body contour like liposuction and stuff like this so if you see niches
like this and you find easy ways to rank in these niches you can get the phone
calls either free or cheap and this is what I teach you in the school my job in
the school is to teach you how to get free leaves you know I teach you how to
rank at the top for free majority at a time how to generate leads and no costs
and stuff that way that you you can spread this out and you can grow rapidly
okay all right so now you see like shit it went from one city where you were you
making $20,000 a month okay and that’s basic and that’s pay per call SEO so you
you just ranked into top and then you let the phones start
ringing you let them test it out and then you make them pay it’s kind of like
drug filling give them a taste they get addicted and they’re gonna come back to
you exactly so you send them real good leads the ones that they actually want
like they have specific ones that they actually want like procedure if you go
to the site and do research you’ll see which ones that they actually really
promote the most than the ones that they have coupons and specials for and stuff
like that you find a way to rank for those or generate leads for those super
cheap are super fast for free and then you
just send it to them and be like look it’s plenty more where that came from
but what you’re gonna give me you see what I’m saying is that damn simple is
that simple okay so this is what I teach in the SEO school so now I can show you
guys what I have for you today okay and how you can pretty much know for a
certainty that you would be successful with this
okay so unless you’re just gonna sit there and not do a damn thing I can’t
you know I don’t know you know like if you just get stuff and just sit it on
your computer or enroll in schools and don’t do that anything like that then I
enough me there’s up you so if you come to the empezar SEO section of the school
where you can enroll this is how confident we are some might say of cocky
but get a high paying client or will be your hype and claim now what do I mean
by that okay well we own local businesses we own a lot of local
businesses have a job owns a lot then we just sold off our local lead land
business so we got a lot of clients that we can pass off to our students so if
you come into epitaphs you’re going to get students if I mean you’re going to
get clients so if you get you get in here and you do everything that you’re
supposed to do that we outline in the the training to get your own clients or
it’s a build your business and you can’t get a high paying client then all else
fails we’ll just be a clam so this is how we have a zero fail rate
you know zero fail rate of people that actually came in and tried to do
something you just got in there and your competitor and you’re just looking
around and then cancelled or some crap like that man hey that’s on you but if
you get in there you go hard and this is actually what you want you want to hit
six figures a month I just outlined it for you with the SEO with the plastic
surgery niche and less than a freaking hour and you see how simple it is now
I’m going to show you how we’re going to guarantee your success as legal as we
can because we can’t really guarantee a certain income point all I can do is
show you was possible you had to do the rest okay so let me show you so you come
here and you watch the tour the tour will show you everything that’s on the
inside of the SEO section of the school now let me show you why you’re going to
be able to succeed with this okay first every SEO staffing agency to increase
student earnings now what does that mean that’s talking about the fact that we’re
going to hand off clients to our best students so depending on a package that
you choose okay so what that means is let’s say you get in you try all the
cleaning ways to get clients or something or you just want to scale
let’s say you have a trouble scaling you know but you’re good at will hand off
some of our clients like I have like over 3,000 clients from the local
leyland accompany – that had that was our directory site and a lot of real
estate agents were putting their listenings on there and everything but
since I saw their company all they’re like orphans right now and I don’t
really want to do agent work anymore but that’s because I’m building our
education platform with your own right now okay so you guys if you need to get
out the gutter you need to get a certain situation a 3,000 a 2,000 or $5,000 per
month claim will get you out of that okay so this is why we have the SEO
staffing agency you get in you show you worthy that you know what you’re doing
all this fails if you can’t scale up on your own will hand off somebody and you
can use the SEO tactics that we teach you inside the school will hand it off
all right and that’s how you will ensure success okay and it includes the step by
step CEO training videos to rank yourself and
your clients so we’re talking about SEO I was showing you that stuff on Google
so that you can start generating phone calls you can use this for any type of
business and we teach you the MEP is right here
all right the step-by-step SEO video training now for certain packages is a
laptop provided so it depends on which package you get obviously the $100
option I can’t give you no damn laptop for that
yeah no don’t be silly all right but anyway most of you if
you’re doing online marketing or whatever most people have a laptop mini
down way it’s just a perk you know all right so we got unlimited text coach and
support unlimited text coaching support all right so that’s why I say this is
not a freaking course or anything this is a school we actually hold your hand
and walk you through to sit to the success okay and you have the option to
do the day with day today with Dave is select packages what that is is four to
six hours with me showing you my screen like we’re doing right now and there’s
more one on one there’s more me and you and you can show me your screen whatever
you’re having trouble with on the inside whatever you always want to ask and get
an answer for pertaining to marketing and what I do is stuff like that
you’ll be edified on this day with Dave four to six hours or whenever you feel
like you pretty much got it and you can get to the next level so we don’t get
off that day with Dave training until you actually know what to do to go out
there and get profitable so that’s super valuable that’s why I say this is a
school screenshare walkthrough assistance to overcome obstacles and
bring clarity that’s what I just talking about and last but not least finally
this is the best thing ever nobody else can offer you this get a client
guaranteed or will be your high paying client so let’s say for instance that
this staffing agency you know we don’t have any more clients we gave all of our
clients away to the rest of our students we have local businesses we own local
businesses we’re building out a private jet charter right now in multiple
locations that we’re going to need marketing
and we’re building out the freakin Internet service provider that you guys
saw me doing all of these SEO videos for and partnership videos for all of those
locations are going to need marketing they’re gonna need lead generation and
stuff like that so since I’m training you I would much
rather trust you guys to do it because I’m too busy to do it and I don’t want
to have the house source to a lot of foreigners no offense to do it from
different countries and stuff like that so it’s way easier to give it to my
students whom I trust will know how to make those different locations
successful using SEO so this is a skill that you will be learning and this is
how you can sit his six figures or six months using SEO and less than 100
freaking bucks will get you started so these are the hours of operation 9 a.m.
to 5 p.m. Saturday we’re closed for the Sabbath you already know Sunday 12:05 5
p.m. and this is the number you were call for coaching this is the number you
were text for coaching this is the number that you would contact if you
have any issues are right before you’re about to do it David a super simple
can’t for afford tuition apply to do internships so I have a way for
everybody to get in you can enter to win a day with Dave you know I’m saying is I
have options for everybody okay so the $97 option is what I’m talking about
today it’s just what you guys need in order to get out of the poverty stricken
situation you’re in in order to get out of any child magnifier you know I’ve had
I’ll say close to a thousand jobs and I’m only thirty freaking about every
thirty three all right now I own an education platform on my company owned
local business it’s own Internet service provider on the private jet charter and
this is what I’m trying to teach y’all trying to teach my people how to become
owners business owners instead of always just the consumer or the person just is
just going out there to copy everything here just going out there to buy and all
of that but you can never lend to anybody else okay
this is what I’m trying to teach you and it starts with marketing
whatever you have if you have a clothing line if you have a brand it doesn’t
matter what you have this is what our teacher happy fees days to you corner
man was good was going up is that when can I start from the last video need
information which which is the last video let me know what to me go ahead
type it in our let me know what you mean as far as when you can start from the
last video are you talking about as far as the the partnership that we have
going with the internet service provider and everything like that yeah I have an
announcement man so let’s say did you guys are partnering with us on that
internet thing or the private jet or any of our partnerships our joint venture
partnerships okay we have to wait for the Google calls to come in the mail
okay once the Google partnership verification codes come in the mail we
can we can verify them and then they can show up on Google okay they can start
showing up on Google just like we were showing you with the plastic-surgery of
just a second ago once the phone calls start coming in for orders and stuff
like that that’s when the money comes in okay so we have to wait for all of that
to marinate okay do you understand type of one of you okay okay so you say yeah
you have that all praises okay all right so as far as yeah so yeah the
partnership so when they come in like I’ll come back over here come back to
school we’ll go back over to Google all right so we got there is a new
person there partnered with us okay on the Internet
all right so this is us right here okay internet providers Albany we’re ranking
for high-speed Internet in Albany Georgia okay so once the phone calls
start coming into this listing and our to start going into the company then we
can start breaking out the money you guys know that the partnerships are 5050
the partnerships are 5050 but we can’t we have to wait for the cars to come in
that’s the problem with with with this okay this is why I teach you to do more
things inside the school meaning this is the long game this is long game soon
like the phone will start blowing up for this but it’s not going to be immediate
you see what I’m saying is things you can do that I teach in the school just
start making phone calls fly to this but since I’m not having you guys invest any
money into these partnerships since I’m doing all the marketing myself for each
location yeah we’re gonna wait for it to be a little bit more organic traffic
coming to this now these things that I want to do the rest to the phone calls
to come through then this thing’s that shark andouille I can like make like
Internet postings on Craig’s List for free and they’re in the general and the
little sections and stuff like that you can join Facebook groups the swap shop
groups the buy sell and trade groups and you can make postings about the internet
and put this number you can post it on your on your your page right now if you
want to aid you can say hey do you guys want some new internet then you know you
just post the number for your listing that’s you partnered on and then when
people start coming in that’s when people start calling in that’s when the
money starts okay so do you guys understand it everyone in the chat if
you understand how the partnership is working let me know okay
all right so I’m gonna move on let’s go back to the effort job SEO section so
get a paying client I will be your high paying client I don’t want to throw
y’all off all right so this is the $97 a month option right here or you get the
unlimited text coaching so you’re never stuck we’re always gonna be able to be
there to answer whatever questions you have you also have the option to partner
with us like what I was just showing you with the internet company will partner
in on a business in your area to make sure you make some money there was my
goal my goal was to make sure my people make money so I said you know what let’s
make an option for us to partner with them let’s say that they’re having
difficulty doing this themselves there’s no better way to learn than to do like
hands-on or on-the-job type training or something like that that’s why when you
first get a job they have that first week of training with you like they’ll
partner you up with somebody that’s been there for a while and then they’ll stay
with you for like a week or two until you pretty much know the job description
that’s the same thing we’re doing right here with every job trade school
especially in the SEO section we’re partnering with you and you’re gonna
learn how to do the marketing you’re gonna learn how to make a successful
six-figure business because we’re partnering with you were answering any
questions you have plus we have hours of SEO training on the inside like looking
over my shoulder step-by-step videos and everything like that you can come here
and you’ll see the actual virtual tour of inside the school and you will see
everything you get inside the school so if you’re one of my people man and
you’re actually trying to you know get out of whatever situation you’re in and
you’re trying to make a killing I strongly suggest you come here today and
you choose this $97 option you’ll have to choose you’ll have to get the 5 grand
5 grand is dfy meaning like will do a done-for-you
campaign okay you still get the partner as well so
this this has a lot that’s wise five grand a year not a month I’m sorry I
know you WI probably had a heart attack but this is a school it’s not of course
that’s why the prices are like that now if you compare two old college colleges
Japan seventy thousand dollars a year or a semester some places and stuff like
that so this is only five grand a year and you get to do the dfy so you’re not
going to be unsuccessful with this this gives unlimited text coaching has
everything this has has it done for you SEO campaign so we’re gonna set up your
whole SEO campaign verifying essential ads up make sure you are profitable and
everything like that you get the screenshot of training you get the
corner you get all of that okay so you get all of that for the five grand a
year but like I said today I’m just saying go ahead and do the ninety seven
get in because you don’t even need all of this right now you can do this
you can do this yourself this is for people that need a little bit more
hand-holding or whatever and this is the day with Dave the day where Dave is
optional what I mean by that is you can either we can set up a time for you can
meet me in person and we’ll spend the day together and you see how I run my
operation how my businesses are so successful and how I can literally build
six bigger businesses and help other clients do the same thing pretty much
from scratch and being there in short periods of time so you spend a day with
Dave at that option and we’ll meet up in public of course and it’ll be very safe
okay then we have the full features of everything else over here like the text
coaching unlimited text coaching one thing it doesn’t say is the once a month
over the phone coaching you have the staffing agency in this one and you have
the partnership and it has the SEO training so this one has everything in
it on top of that you actually get to either meet up with me or we’ll do a
virtual meeting meaning it’s kind of like the screen share option only we’ll
spend the whole day together you see what I’m saying what’s been old day
together and I’ll be walking you through all of you
campaigns I’ll be walking you through how to do lead generation we’ll be
setting up campaigns and some people actually make money or get clients on
this on this right here you see what I’m saying so this I can give no more value
than this okay but just to get you started today just so you know what you
can do so you can start making a little bit of money I suggest you do this one
right here so that you can afford to do this one right here but if you you’re
killing it already in the game and you just need to hit the next level on some
things that I’ve shown you if you if you’re not new to me then you know some
unbelievable stuff that I’ve done you know how we’re building out the private
jet charter company you know how we’re building out the internet service
provider company and stuff like that we’re gonna be competing with companies
like Comcast DirecTV Dish and all those things you know other there so spending
a day with me we’ll take whatever you’re doing currently to the next level
whatever local business you have or online business you have we can take
that to the next level just by spending some time with you but today I’m telling
you guys there’s you’re gonna upgrade later just get in at the $97 a month
option right here and I’m gonna show you how to grow a business from scratch
whether you have if you have one already I’m gonna show you what to do with that
but if you don’t have one already I’m gonna show you exactly how to create one
and I’m gonna show you how to make it profitable and I’m just going to show
you how to do that in a short super short period of time okay a super short
period of time okay so this was how to hit six figures in six months using SEO
and tomorrow we’ll be back so what I want to do is go ahead and either cigs
you can go to the insight that I’ve just put in there and watch the vertical tour
and hit the $97 option you can always cancel let’s say you get in and you
ain’t feeling good or something comes up or whatever blah blah blah this is a
school you can drop out you don’t withdraw you don’t have to stay there
you can always cancel but you’re going to get clients if you come in here you
go hard you’re going to get clients and you’re gonna be able to make
yourself in your business is profitable no matter what your dream is whatever
company idea you had I show you how to do that type of marketing for it to make
it profitable so if let’s say you do music I show you how to do marketing
campaigns they can turn you into the next POC just being real with you we can
start our own record label if we want it we might even do that
alright so these are things that you can do with marketing and SEO you can make
any business profitable so it’s a skill that I recommend I recommend it to a
freaking veterinarian it is scaled it to become visible is no better skill for
somebody just running a business so for my people I’m teaching you guys the way
to get out no excuses and I made it low I made it $97 okay so you get in you
like it you stay in and you get in you don’t like it you you feel like you I
don’t know I don’t know why you wouldn’t you know feel comfortable especially I
said if you don’t get a client I’ll be your client you see what I’m saying so
you get in a $97 get in and then we get you started we send you everything you
need you go hard and you change your damn life okay text roll okay so the
number is in the chat and the link is in the chat to the site you guys hit that
if you’re on YouTube watching this you just go to the link in the description
it’ll be there for you you enroll you’re gonna be sent the welcome email is gonna
have all your login information just in case you didn’t get it when you
completed the PayPal and all of that you’re gonna have everything you need on
their side to get clients or will be your clients a his six figures a month
and SEO so now you guys know what SEO is Shalon

Danny Hutson

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