5G Side Effects – The Truth

5G Side Effects – The Truth

5g internet is a lot worse than we
thought 5G the new technology that’s gonna be taking over 4G which is
actually a hundred times faster than that you’re gonna be pretty soon getting
10 gigabytes of internet per second wherever you are in the country 10
gigabytes a second to put that into perspective you can download for a night
in one second I know that sounds extremely cool you can download movies
stream everything in 4k it’s all gonna be new and revolutionary this is gonna
make room for new breakthrough technologies like self-driving cars and
even the Internet of Things which basically means that objects of everyday
life will start to talk to each other like my toaster will talk to my
thermostat I know this sounds extremely cool you’re right it is extremely cool
self-driving cars are not gonna be a thing of the future they’re actually
here today 5g is making room for that to happen the Internet of Things which
means that toasters and thermostats and lightbulbs can talk to each other that’s
coming too before I get into the negatives like cancer headaches
disrupted sleep and depression there’s something else that you guys have to
know as well so right now 4G towers which we all use
are placed every 10 miles apart so that means that you can be spied on within
those 10 miles and that’s not that bad you know somebody isn’t gonna find you
within the ten-mile radius that’s pretty large but with 5g since the millimeter
frequency is so high and fast because it is obviously giving off 10 gigs a second
where ever you are they’re gonna have to put small cell
towers on everyday objects like a street lamp or a building or a parking
structure or schools or corporate offices they’re gonna have to be putting
these little boxes everywhere you go there’s going to be one 5g tower every
100 meters so that means you’re going to be seeing hundreds and hundreds of 5.you
towers every single day and wherever you go there’s probably going to be one so
why is this bad for us well see how I told you earlier that 4G towers are
placed every 10 miles apart and you can be tracked right now within those 10
miles and it’s not that scary well since 5g towers are gonna be placed
every 100 meters you’re going to be tracked in real time wherever you go
wherever you move you’re going to be completely tracked down to the feet so
why is this bed for us you see how earlier I told you that 4G towers are
placed every 1 to 10 miles apart and you’re being tracked right now within
those 10 miles they can’t get your exact coordination well things are about to
change since 5g towers are placed every 100
meters they’re going to know exactly where you are give or take a few feet
you’re going to be tracked in real time every step that you take is
to be tracked because since the upload and download speed is so fast it can
transmit that kind of signal 5g is an excellent tracker and this may or may
not be a coincidence but our privacy as we know it is no longer going to exist
within the next two to four years so what I’m trying to say is if you go to
your friend’s house down the block your phone will connect to his 5g tower
that’s closest to him now the government or AT&T or even hackers will know
exactly where you are within those hundred meters and if not they can get
even more close on your location than that there is no running from this
technology it’s gonna be everywhere you go every street you go every Park every
building every place you go there’s going to be a 5g Tower every 100 meters
and this means that people with bad intent can get your location a lot more
easy but if the extinction of your privacy doesn’t scare you then maybe
your health will even 4G towers are already deadly there was unplaced close
enough to an elementary school in Sacramento California
for kids from that school got cancer the doctors told the parents that this
cancer was 100% environmental the parents were extremely skeptical of the
tower so they asked the district to run their tests on it in the district did
and they said oh it’s completely fine so the parents didn’t believe that any more
than you or I did so they hired their own EMF expert and he went out there and
he found levels a lot higher than the district did he said it is absolutely
not safe and he would not send his kids there this can’t be a coincidence look
this isn’t the common cold where spreads from kid to kid this is cancer this is
life-threatening if four kids in that same exact school got cancer are on the
same time for the same reasons if that doesn’t wrap things up for you
then I don’t know what will the scariest part is this was from one 4G tower just
imagine when 5g is placed beaming into your homes and Families all day long
wherever you go now there’s no running from it at all even if you change
locations even if you change your house even if you move 30 miles down south
you’re still gonna be tracked and you’re still gonna be getting the negative
effects of 5g towers being placed extremely close to you the reason why 5g
is so much worse is because the frequency is so much higher
just like the lower the frequency is the longer it can travel well since a 4G
tower can shoot from 10 to 36 miles if I’m not mistaken a 5g tower can go
longer than a football field which is a hundred yards and that’s not far at all
well big wireless companies are saying that 5g is safe guess who’s not saying
it’s safe the insurance companies that should protect you from that insurance
companies don’t ever get anything wrong they know exactly where they’re gonna
give their money to and they know what they want to put on their policies or
not for example insurance companies want to make money off of you and not lose
money obviously so they’re not gonna sell you in insurance on something that
they think is going to happen they’re basically betting on you not breaking
your phone not breaking your leg or not dying and if they take high EMF
radiation off of their list that they cover in their policy then they know
that something is up and people are going to be getting this a lot a lot
more often so who do you trust more insurance companies that know what
they’re talking about and only sell you insurances that is gonna make them money
or big wireless companies that don’t care what happens to you and just want
to make money well they both don’t care happens to you but you know what I’m
saying I hate to sound like a meta conspiracy theorist but doesn’t this
fall into the population control conspiracy everything that I mentioned
before in this video Sansa Kirk playing right into the hands of them with
increased risk of cancer inescapable radiation and the loss of privacy seems
like the only reason why we’re living now is to be profited off of either
through cancer treatment or tailored ads just for us based on the coffee-shop
occur at Friday morning speaking of them the FCC rolled out a new law that put
the US government in full control of the 5g rollout plan taking the power out of
the city councils and the citizens even California admitted that the City
Council had lost control over the 5g rollouts of big wireless companies and
the government it seems like we are the guinea pigs that this is being tested on
our generation us we have no idea what’s to come next there’s been extremely
little research done on this and all of the research that was done was obviously
funded for by the big wireless companies if you want to do your own research and
find articles that say that 5g isn’t that bad for us that’s fine just ask who
the article was funded by that’s the same technique that big tobacco
industries use saying the cigarettes weren’t bad for us until we proved that
it was that’s the same thing that big gas stations are using saying that
fossil fuels aren’t bad for the environment when clearly it is the
reason why the USA wants to adapt 5g before any other country does is because
it will bring them in billions and of dollars it’ll push them into the new
technological age of 15 aeration telecommunications which sounds unreal
that sounds amazing it sounds awesome besides the fact that we’re going to be
literally losing all of our privacy since we’ve already lost most of it to
Facebook and Google now we’re gonna have our locations being tracked by anybody
who has access to the Internet service providers South Tower data like the
government Packers and the ISP of course with that being said is money even
comparable to our security our health and our privacy well yes because
capitalism Bay for those of you that don’t understand why high-frequency
radiation is bad for us it’s a radiation it’s a carcinogen it can cause cancer it
can create tumors in your body now I’m not saying that everybody will get
cancer from this but there’s gonna be a higher increase of people that actually
do and especially if you are sensitive to that certain kind of radiation which
you will never know until you get tested then as you find out it’s probably gonna
be too late because 5g is beaming right at your house where you live and there’s
nowhere to run or hide if you watch my last video to sum it up music is
frequency programming I use two of the same songs and I change the frequency
and you can tell how different the song made you feel if just playing a regular
song on your phone can change your mood and change how you feel for that day
just imagine what could happen with high millimetre frequencies being beamed at
your house all day long 24/7 people like so loominatee and infinite water has
made videos talking about how 5g can literally change your mind and make you
think different thoughts throughout your day and I’m not sure how much I believe
that but speaking of my last video it seems more and more true the more that I
hear this so what are some things that we can do about this because we aren’t
technically powerless because all the power went back to the federal
government and big wireless companies a couple of things that you can do is
number one sign a petition I have a link in the description if you guys want to
sign that there’s a bunch of them online sign a petition and make your voice
heard the second thing that you can do is to leave your phone away from your
head two to three inches is fine also using speakerphone is so much more safe
for you especially if you’re driving in a car because that’s when the EMFs are
at their highest point the third thing that you can do is to leave your phone
out of your pocket as much as you can leave your phone as far away from your
body as much as you can because there our frequency is going in and out of it
all day long unless you have airplane which nobody does ever have on these
frequencies have a lot of bad side effects so just keep it away from your
body put on the table or just leave a far from you as much as you can and the
fourth and final tip which is actually the most important leave your phone away
from you as you’re sleeping better yet keep your phone on airplane mode if you
don’t have anybody that’s gonna be calling you late at night for any
emergencies keep your phone on airplane mode at night and keep it far from your
bed this way that all EMS will be blocked from entering your phone and
it’s gonna be virtually harmless for you 5g sounds amazing I get it I’m a huge
geek I’m a huge nerd I upload videos to YouTube once a week so faster speeds
would help me out a ton but if you see the negatives that come along with it
it’s really not worth it I want you right now to comment your opinion on 5g
do you think the 10 gigabyte per Internet speeds are worth our privacy
our safety and our security or do you think it’s actually worth if you’re
thinking that 5g is not gonna be here anytime soon well look outside your
window within the next five years the year 2020 to 2025 is gonna be when 5g is
completely rolled out and finished major cities are getting it first like Chicago
already has 5g so if you live in a big city like that yours is coming extremely
soon infinite water stated that quartz crystals can help absorb bed frequencies
and I’m not sure if this is true or it’s a placebo effect they haven’t done too
much research on it so do you believe that crystals can actually help you at
all if you do believe so comment down below because I would love to see if
those actually work that seems pretty cool so that wraps it up try to make
your voice heard try to end 5g before he even starts to save our privacy security
and our health thank you for watching this video stay dreaming stay lucid I’m
out peace

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “5G Side Effects – The Truth

  1. Cancer rates go up
    Hospitals make more money
    Governments make more money
    Make even stronger Wifi that's even worse for us
    And it continues

  2. Do you know how it feels to be part of and soon to be the owner of a business who is actually installing these 5G nodes around NYC? I know the effects, but I'm not too sure if my coworkers do. It's a $15 million job. It's about the money.

  3. No 5G is pointless I don't want cancer, I don't want to lose my family to cancer. I could care less about the download speed. 20 years ago was the best America. I'm not an adult I'm just getting into my life. I don't pay taxes, I don't have a car, and the worst is the government is so different than before look back 20 years did they care about what you searched up yes but who the hell bought a computer in the 90s I wish I lived in the 1940-70s those were good times.

  4. Don’t even need to watch the video no disrespect keep doing what you doing💯

    Question: “Is 5G safe?”
    Answer: “NO.”

    2G, 3G, 4G esc. Is all not safe.

  5. i think you are assuming that we are going to take our phones receiving the 5g signal everywhere we go. just get a flip phone if you worried lol

  6. 99% if Ireland is gonna be fine for like 10 or 20 years. Especially the town I came from. The house I lived in couldn't even get proper WiFi! We had to use mobile data on a phone that was the internet for the whole fucking house. The house in front of my old one barely just got the new internet at the time by the skin of their teeth. They where barely close enough and it was so shit for them. That's why I want to move to Germany.

  7. The elite will then release the cure to cancer to counter this argument so no one will question 5Gs safety.
    Shits fucked up

  8. Guys if you want to survive follow me.
    Plan A – Going in Ukrain Chernobyl Pripyat Hospital they aint gknna fuck around Pripyat trust and we gonna use a -2G wifi we gonna be safe

    Plan B : if they find us lets go and start a nuclear reactor again 😆

  9. Lucid:"there's no running from 5g and how easily you can be tracked."

    Me:"Say less." holds power button taps power off "track me now!"

  10. Good content, Good to see somebody else that’s woke g What’s your opinion on project blue beam?

  11. Move to thailand or Montana. Get 40 acres of land, prep, and stock up. The Zionists pushing this shit need to get killed!!! Oh yeah, iran needs to bomb Israel as well!!

  12. Everyone get out of SAN FRANCISCO. They are going to bring down the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE August 11th!!! EARTHQUAKE by HAARP???? CIRCUMVENT GENTILE

  13. I work with tarot cards so i use crystals and yes they help so much many people use crystals to mediate the universe is just energy everything is energy. find a crystal that can help you and your needs i recommend clear quartz for bad energy , Amethyst for healing and balance in life, Selenite for protection from angels or the universe, Citrine for balance energy. those are a must

  14. 4G towers are not placed 10 miles apart. That's they're maximum range. They have to place them like half a mile apart, sometimes even less since there's obstacles in the way such as walls and trees. 5G has 300 metres range and can barely get through trees so it's literally going to be everywhere.

  15. Know what you say when you bring up "radiation" and "cancer" on the same sentence. Do better research Lucid. REAL research.

  16. I think K 5g is a horrible thing to happen considering aot of people in my family have suffered from cancer I for o e completely disagree with 5g implementation

  17. This is scary, it makes me want to move to a secluded location somewhere without all this technology that gives us cancer. Don't get me wrong, I love being able to look up information on my phone, web, Facebook etc… But there are so many bad things about the internet too sometimes, Identity theft, false stories/advertisement, Dark web, people are not making real friendships, and that leads to loneliness, stress, depression & other things. I kind of miss the 80's now. I feel bad for the new generation coming up. I feel like the "Terminator movie" is not that far-fetched now, with self-driven cars and robots. Humans beings are becoming so lazy to me, why can't people drive their own cars, and do their own work. We'll have little human jobs in 20-50 years from now. Schools will all be on-line, we'll all be addicted slaves in front of our computers learning things we really won't need, because we'll not be interacting with each other, we'll have our food delivered/cooked by robots/drones/machines. The future seems really scary to me.

  18. This is a great video, but for me, I live in NZ and China offers to give it to my country and my government declined, they want to keep us safe from those sorts of problems ( they said it would be coming in the next 5 – 25 years)

  19. Crystals 100% do work, only thing is they are getting popular now so companies are trying to cash in this and start selling fake crystals and bracelets and whatnot. Anyways These crystals radiate energy that you can feel if your are adept enough at feeling subtle energy. I too wanted to know if it was just a placebo or not. So what I did was I took my favorite crystal and put it in the small pocket of my gym bag, zipped it closed, and then shook it around, shuffling the crystal inside. I then proceeded to place my hand inside the pocket of my bag and hovered my hand over the places in the pocket my crystal could be. I did this until I felt a pull from my hand and then moved my hand towards the area that was attracting me. I then placed index finger on the exact spot that my crystal was. I tried this again 2 more times, closing the bag and then shaking it up. I found the exact location of the crystal 3 times in a row without being able to see it or know where it is. Anyone who says crystals are a placebo are just skeptics that really dont know what they’re talking about.

    I mean its like dude, people believe that they are on a floating coagulated ball of dust that was floating around in space at one point. (Im talking about earth) but people think the idea that crystals cant emit energy is just beyond my understanding. I mean normal everyday life is soooooo much more fascinating and magical and mystical than crystals. Just think tho, every single thing you see in front of you is a god damn miracle!!! You are a miracle! Think about how many billions of cells exist inside you you and cooperate together to keep you intact. And by the way nothing is solid either. Atoms are 99% space, i think everyones heard that one before by now. Its just amazing how people will neglect magical stones yet they accept their miraculous everyday existence as just a normal, uninteresting, mundane way of being.

  20. When they want to make money, 5G gives you cancer…boom out of no where some doctors just came up with a cure for cancer 🤔

  21. This is pretty far fetched, the wavelength is too big and too weak to affect any cells. It's not like UV or X-Rays, that can seriously damage the cell. I would like to see the sources, that you got for this video.

  22. Hey Lucid, I'm new to you and I have a question. You seem to be knowledgeable of the big picture. You've probably heard of Agenda 21. Generally making everything a way to control the population. Death to us in general. The rich and powerful vs everyone else. So here's my question. How do those people live? Almost everything is killing us. How are they avoiding it?? What do they do different than us??? Ok thank you.

  23. My man aint wrong about 5G except for the part were we can stop it. Its gonna be here and aint shit we can do about it. Its [email protected] up but thats the way it is. Rich white people run this world and have been doing what ever they when and to who ever they want. Look at the immigrants in them cages. All we can do is get mad but they know how to distract us so we forget and lose interest.

  24. I like the idea but it shouldn’t be released to the general public until the whole Health, safety and privacy things are worked out. And if so then it would be at least 10 years into the future. I’m fine with my speeds 150mbs.

  25. Bro I’m glad you are aware I’m posting very very similar content on my other channel ( Mystical D) trying to grow my channel much love bro 🙏🏽

  26. If we try and get any faster internet……….internet signals will start emitting LIGHT …… for every time you send a text message or download something.

  27. I'm an electrical engineer that WORKS on 5G technology. I agree that 5GHz is close to 30 GHz microwaves that you see in your microwave. It's not as bad as you think. Since we aren't literally walking around with microwaves in our pocket.

    Just don't tape your phone to your face your whole life and you won't get cancer.
    The chances are like suuuuper slim. 0.000000000000000000001% (don't quote me just stating what i know) if you do tape the phone next to your face.

    Sunlight would give you cancer long before your phone does. Does that mean you are never gonna go outside? No….. unless you are an Otaku.

  28. Literally, everything you mentioned about 5G is paving the way for in the first minute has already happened and it happened years ago because we have self-driving cars right now, and I have lightbulbs that connect to Alexa and other things. 5G is completely unnecessary for all of that technology, a relative of mine even house a house that senses when he gets close to home and automatically turns on the lights and A/C for him. There are refrigerators that monitor the supply of food you have in the fridge and will add it to your shopping list if you're low on milk or whatever, and the list goes on and on about what we can do without 5G speed

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