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100 thoughts on “50 FUN THINGS to do in MINECRAFT!

  1. Believe it or not, i used to dig straight down for fun! I wasn't dumb (Well actually i was sorta dumb bc i was literally digging straight down lmao) so i took all of my armor off, put my valuable or useful items away and only dug straight down with two iron pickaxes in my inventory. I actually found diamonds and then stacked myself back up lmao

  2. Hardest thing i ever built was an elevator. It only worked half the time, but when it did work it was FAST!!!

  3. Not to brag…
    seriously but Woodland Mansions are not hard to find! Especially for me… I keep getting like two or three spawning in my world every time I make a world. I end up getting mad that there are Woodland mansions in my way and I delete the world. :/

  4. minecraft ps4 is no fun only survival and minigames no servers no mods no putting a sword in your other hand it sucks thats why i play fortnite i have minecraft but i dont play it unless my friends come over and we play minigames

  5. You know it is going to be a hard to comprehend vid when he introduces himself in front about 100 redstone contraptions

  6. I found diamonds on my own and made a full Armor of diamonds I was so happy but my frnd got in my world and used cheats and destroyed it like spawned stacks of diamond and other things

  7. I will turn commands on for Keep Inventory for my survival world that I'm trying to make sure has a big house with tons of beds, lots of food and resources to make a server with my friends. Most of my others I won't turn it on. Makes it fun because I don't have to worry about losing my stuff lol.

  8. I only cheat if I can’t survive or something is bugging me and won’t leave like this iron golem I punched a villager and ran them I built a house then the iron golem came and camped me in my house…

  9. I only use cheats to go into creative to fly around where i think I want a base and then start thinking about where id like things to go i dont use it for actual cheating 😛 i use it to give me a push towards new ideas

  10. Mumbo jumbo: you're watching a video with a title that says 50 fun things to do in Minecraft but in reality theres only 49

    What a madlad

  11. He may have started the video late, (Or my Tablet just sucks prob the second option) All you hear at the start of video is, "-craft is a really fun game-"

  12. Mumbo can you please make a video of “what is redstone” because I don’t even know what an observer block is 🙁

  13. Whenever I get bored in Minecraft, I make a new Creative "old" (not infinite) world and explode the whole thing. Streams of tnt down to bedrock, from corner to corner, and through mountains. I occasionally make a chicken bomb.

  14. With a boat, you can get a turbo boost by holding a hoe and singing Mumbo Jumbo remixes such as shift click, water source and cactus string sand

  15. Fun things (if you didnt know/was in the video)
    1.Dig straight down four blocks or so then chat : /fill 30~~30~~30 air
    2.make a rollercoaster!
    3.make an obby
    4. Pull an all nighter and kill monsters! 🙂
    Question: can you go to the end in pocket Edition

  16. the proplem with me is that 1:I already did half of these, (I have no outside life) 2:I don't know how to do them, even watching videos telling me how to do it, 3:I cant do them because, A: I cant join online servers B:my parents don't like me being online so I never get a card to be able to. 4:some of them are to hard, 5:I loose all fun in about a 2 mounths or so (it takes about a half a year to complete the game for me anyway) 6:I SUCK AT REDSTONE! 7:im on ps4 which dosnt have all the cool stuff 8:minecraft bugs out when a update comes out so I cant play most updates :'D WLEP!!! Great video!!!! there are ideas I havent tried and which I will do!

  17. Yeah, I first cheated my first Minecraft survival world and it got boring real quick after killing the Ender Dragon.

    So rewarding to legitly get a beacon.

  18. I started a survival the other day and spawned right next to the woodland mansion.
    Is that good?


  20. 7:03 as soon as I heard that old school damage sound, waves of nostalgia and memories bursted, no joke, bursted into my head, and I nearly fell out of my chair

  21. Actually
    I would love to do tha fireworks+elytra combo
    I play in mobile and that makes me unable to hits the “air”
    By pressing tha screen but in PC XBOX PS4
    You can press a button and you’d
    Hit the air
    I feel soo annoyed that notch does not let minecraft pet unable to hit the air

  22. Anyone Interested in making a survival server. Legit Survival meaning 8 plugins or less. Like deadass I just want to play without having to cheat. Plugins will Include anti grief, and shit.

  23. Only reason i used cheats was when i got lost in a cave so i started dogging straight up my pickaxe broke next thing i know /gi ve player stone_pickaxe i didnt want to make it easy on my self and do a diamond piv

  24. I was playing on a no cheats survival world then I wanted to have 7 of my friends play I had to turn on cheats to make the max players higher 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  25. The funny thing is the very first part of this list is exactly the world I’m trying to find ideas for 😂 my one survival no cheats world

  26. Me: calmly goes into creative mode and build house and goes back to survive
    Pro: That’s cheating…
    Me: Shat ap -3-

  27. In my survival world I’ve killed the ender dragon 3 times and none of the islands have end cities

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