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100 thoughts on “5 Websites With FREE Traffic To Make Money With An Online Business

  1. I had a Etsy Store And was drop shipping I made $256.00 in Revenue and they closed my store lol thank god i had all of my shipments out on time lol now I’m getting my Shopify up and running again lol Nothing but Trial & Error lol I will make 1,000,000 a day in sales in the future 💯

  2. Could you please make a video of starting an Etsy store in depth? I've seen the Shopify one but Etsy is cheaper to start. All the others on YouTube are nowhere near as good as your videos 🙏

  3. I have a Amazon Merch account. Its tough. Its a mix of trend spotting, good keyword use, and a #'s game… youre constantly trying to fill those product slots too. ..

  4. You are one of my favorite sources of online business information. Keep doing your thing cause it is so helpful and appreciated

  5. Your videos are so great. Thanks for putting in the work, and caring about the content you create. It shows and it's appreciated 🙂

  6. Hi Sarah, what about shutterstock free images? Can you use them on POD products, sell them on Etsy, etc? Thanks 💙

  7. I signed up and did the application on JungleMarket, haven't heard anything back in 5 days. I cannot even log in now. I think they need more buyers and less sellers.

  8. I'm on Etsy and started 4 weeks ago. I think I'm good on my SEO and I'm almost at 100 items in the store, I'm not seeing much good traffic at all. Any tips on that?

  9. Hey wholesale Ted love your videos produced on your channel and the free information given to viewers greatly appreciated! I applied for the workshop with Dan and Eric the day the video was uploaded but for some reason it's not letting me back in. Is there anyway you can help me slove this issue? I would really like to continue the workshop! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  10. So if amazon just brings traffic for the sellers on amazon, does that make it just another massive dropshipping store?

  11. I am hopelessly addicted to your videos! I have clicked the link for the free ebook several times but have not been able to get it. Please help.

  12. OK, so I've watching you for a bit. I think there may things you are not saying. You claim you can make 10000.00 dollars a month from dropshipping and print on demand. But, in order to do that you would need to have at least one million dollars worth of product for sale on these sites. It is well known that any salesman or sales place will sell about ten percent of what they offer, which is where I get my figure. But, I have never heard you say that. Of course, that would discourage a lot of people from even trying to do such a huge endeavor. What I also don't hear much about is exactly how to market your goods to the right audience. For example, I have some designs that deal with the outdoors that I do print on demand with. Hiking, walking, having small adventures, that sort of thing. I want to put those products in front of outdoors type of people. I use print to order on teespring and spreadshirt and would like to do Merch on Amazon. They don't really help in getting in front of anybody except for using keywords. So, regardless of where I put my products, how do I market those products to the right audience?

  13. I have a question please:somebody told me:when I promote an amazon product in a social media ad and the amazon affiliate link within that ad,it deosn't work,is that true? if it is true,what should I do to promote amazon product?,Thank you in advance for answering.

  14. 16:47 Euh…When I ask channel owners to work for them (as a designer and illustrator, and happily, they seem to be open people to initiatives…maybe as you are all young people, and rarely stuck in old workflows) is only to actually work for them, not to peek into their business… I guess there has to be people doing so, though. Great video (as always), just wanted to point out my surprise there.

  15. Im a sapiosexual who is deeply in love with sarah.. Sarah canyou marry a black man 💍 😍

  16. Im a sapiosexual who is deeply in love with sarah.. Sarah canyou marry a black man 💍 😍

  17. paid traffic you can control more put even with google ads i did not watch it for 1 day and ended up paying big time.

  18. Hey Sarah, thanks for the tip on Jungle Market. I just followed your link there and am signing up. I get freelance work with Upwork, but this market I had no idea about. 👍

  19. Do Amazon Merch allows non-us designers like me (India) to sell tee designs on Amazon Merch?

  20. Hey Sarah, i loooove your content and want to do Amazon FBA – buuut i'm living in Switzerland and here is no Amazon warehouse 🙃can sending my stocks to a German warehouse be a problem? What do you think? Thank you very much 😍❤️ Melanie

  21. Okay, you're a genius. Please come to the US and be my friend… LOL but seriously. Super grateful I found your channel, thank you for all you're doing to help!

  22. Oh my God…. I love your videos. No other channel is as to the point as yours. No other channel gives direct and informative information as yours. I almost gave up till I came across your video on how to build your shoppify store. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  23. You're awesome and so smart Sarah! Thank you so much for the content. There's just so many ways to make money online now! It's so overwhelming. Can I work for you too so I can learn how to become rich? Lol

  24. I was depressed after losing my job. I lost my job solely because of my age and now no one will hire me "because" of my age. I found Hope and Inspiration through your videos.
    I have no doubt I will be successful. Thanks you Sarah you're my angel!

  25. I live in europe, but should i use amazon fulfilment in the US or like amazon.com? Im sure the US fullfiment service is more saturated but americans consume products like no other humans. so idk amazon.com or amazon.de?

  26. 9:50 pretty sure you can only do that in the US, grabbing products off the shelf and selling it on amazon lol

  27. If you have the product shipped directly from the manufacturer to Amazon do you just let Amazon do all the prep work or can you get the manufacturer to do it?

  28. If you take a stock photo and have a graphic designer modify it then would etsy consider that an original work?

  29. Your video is always amazing and inspiring, I’ve been watching you for months now. I’ve tried Amazon but it requires me to submit utility bills with my name and a business permit which by the way, not something that I have and probably many people out there don’t have. I’m very very much want to establish a business there because of its automatisation, which you can’t find in either eBay or Shopify, then, could you tell me any alternative that is just as good as Amazon but without the requirement? I would really appreciate it, thank you.

  30. How do you connect to Amazon account when you are overseas without triggering their security . Amazon will think you are someone else logging into the account.

  31. Sarah Chrisp, if you do sell on Amazon, if it's possible to check you out on Amazon to get more of reinsurance of the truth?

  32. I have been trying to populate an Etsy store. I love this video though because I did the eBay thing and had a bunch of OPJ (other peoples junk) like you showed. I didn't know about the eBay Etsy integration and I can start right away because I have an the store and I might still have that Amazon merch account, I sold some junk on Amazon as well. Thanks

  33. This is really cool you've sent me over $6532 of this tool now available for you to speed up the registration

  34. Sarah this my be a dum question but who is wholesale Ted? Is he a real person or a partner or something you just made up for marketing. Love all your videos.😘

  35. Out of all the money making online ideas I've seen on YouTube videos you have by far the best variety of different ways of making money online

  36. OK I'm a web developer.. built hundreds of e-commerce sites.. seen them come and go fail and have some success.. to say hey you are a web developer just go and build a Facebook site… eh.. or have someone explain an idea to you and ask how much to build a site oh umm like Facebook … please.. all this online make it rich stuff is like that.. there will only be 1 Facebook.. there is only one Bill Gates.. there is only 1 Muhammad Ali, Usain Bolt… on and on oh and there is only 1 Sarah… to sell all these things and ideas to people I think is a con… to be successful is a special thing.. a lucky thing as well.. you have to be the right person and love the hell out of what you do to not count the hours you put in. Saying it like you just go and do it is like hey just be the fastest over 100m, box everyone and win.. build and engineer computers out of silicon… and yes make a successful vlog called Wholesale Ted.

  37. I enjoy your videos and understand that ads are a part of YouTube now but it starts to get very annoying when they play in the middle of your videos.
    Weird that they are usually for those who would be considered competitors.

  38. On another video you suggested not to use Amazon because of the competition. So, how do you get your shop to stand out?

  39. Hey Sara! Thanks for putting all of my nuts and bolts together in my wonderful brain and making good sense of details that I know that I can do original things with your blueprints! And that’s where you’re a true genius and that you’ve been in this game since you were 16 and I was thinking when I was watching your video on your first store (I wonder if she knows that the technical term for that buying and selling is arbitrage? And I was so proud of you when you not only said arbitrage in your other video but you came full circle and had demonstrated how you saved all of that money by learning how to arbitrage before you learned that you were arbitraging! And I spent all of that time and money at a high priced university for that damned piece of paper that I don’t know where it is right now, but I do know, tick, tick, tick, how to arbitrage and I know the stupid definition too! Yippee! And you shouldn’t waste your time reading these worthless posts to your very informative videos! Just kidding!

  40. Nike doesn't mind people selling them out of the trunks of their cars……….lol. That is a huge deal here, you can go on a Saturday morning to the local parking lot where Billy Bubba and Jamal just happened to have 50 pairs of Nikes they just magically obtained.

  41. I always new Amazon was the bist ,love your accent and your videos ,I want to marry a Kiwi lol ,just subbed ,thanks for sharing 😉👍

  42. Fivrr service varies widely. Half of the people there say they speak perfect English but don't and post designs that aren't theirs. Use with caution.

  43. Just found your channel and you're amazing! You've changed my mindset on things and I'm super motivated to start selling online!! Thank you so much!

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