I know I know the spam got you again
it’s okay little Jimmy I got the guide just for you! 5 tips spammers don’t
want you to know let’s go! ayo guys it’s your favorite kage, enigma kage bringing you yet another video if you’re new to the channel welcome, subscribe
stick around. I’m almost at 1k and you can greatly help that as for the
returning clan I got the message guys via your Twitter
my last guide was a hit and if you didn’t see it I advise you to check it out
anyway you are here today because of some whack spammer dude with either Goku, a
swordsman, or even a CAC. If you can master these five tips these spammers
will be beneath you. starting at number five play chess not checkers a spammer is
usually rushing you with the intent of you using your escape which he can
further the punishment it’s your goal to not touch the damn L1 or LB. a combo
string from a spammer is not too crazy it’s pretty much they’re gonna be
spamming the square or the X button now do not get a good player with the
ability to extend their combos mixed up with a rushing spammer you know
a spammer when you see them you have to force them to escape then I would either
escape chase or block right away because it’s chess not checkers remember he has
no escape so wait for the opportunity to put the hurt on them using a rush cancer
it’s also pretty good simply going for a rush and then block it cancels right
away which can throw them off normally when they used to escape they’re either
gonna rush back into you or hopefully waiting for you to rush in to spam the
square button if you pause for a second you won’t be matched in the square of
the X button because you’re staying still and that person doesn’t have an
escape. number four elements matter this one’s tough I’m not gonna lie so when
you start the character select you notice that some characters have higher
resistance to certain elements while others do not you can exploit that door
in combat but that requires you memorizing everybody stats
why did I mention something so difficult right well I fought a Cell user and he
had an explosion that had a fire element which Kenshin isn’t too fond of I let’s
just say it was a struggle. so knowing a character weakness can give you an edge.
number three chasing versus instant transmitting the normal combo string
where you attack and smash them across the screen and you zip right over
normally consists of you just keep hitting square or you keep hitting X
right yeah take it easy with that you know a lot of players can match the
square of the X button initiate a high speed counter which is something you
want to avoid at all costs by simply switching up you can do a load of a
difference to chase someone simply at the end of the combo string you press left
or right with the “A” button that will stop the timing on the counter, not
always works all the time but you have a greater chance of extending your combo
with your assist to continue the punishment
number two super armor moves I know I know I’ve cried about the super armor
moves in the past but let me tell you this it’s here to stay and since it’s
here to stay it’s only right that you learn who are your super armor mains. I
often use Sabo and Rukia. Sabo has a super armor move which is his jumping
claw attack. if you’re feeling overwhelmed use it. I didn’t say spam it, but I say use
it use it as a defense mechanism as well as an offensive combo extender if I’m a
luffy player and the guy is spamming me with Kenshin you best believe I’m going
to use my Red Hawk to get me out of there I’m not gonna experiment but
whatever you dish out to me I’m a dish out to you and had that mentality
because you’re not going against a good player he’s trying to win at all costs
it’s our job to make sure he gets lower ranked. so learn which super armor moves
and used them on these spammers turn up the heat oh no now I have integrity in
this gamer but I’m not a fool if you don’t use them someone will use them on
you finally ultimate cancellation yes you
have a chance to counter someone’s ultimate if you’re lucky enough to hit
the escape in Bravo but in reality you can use your ultimate as a defensive
maneuver rather than an offensive one some players will take the punishment
knowing they have an instant all any time it’s so frustrating to be fighting
someone and you’re got the upper hand and you know it’s too easy right now
because that person is waiting to hit you with all the first opening big half
it’s a highly annoying I wished it was a small window for it
here’s the biggest tip of the day whoever ults last wins. two things can
happen though you guys can either cancel each other out which I’m counting as a
win because you didn’t get hit by it or you’ll have the upper hand and win the
battle it’s not the greatest thing to do but it’s effective anyway guys I hope
you enjoyed the video don’t forget to leave a like and tell me if I miss any
techniques let’s help each other out let’s put a stop to these spammers guys
this is Enigma, signing off, peace.

Danny Hutson


  1. This games ranked is cancer my dude. CaCs flood the servers with shitty solo almost ToD combos or just extremely cheap or dumb builds in which they spam to the fullest. As a player who labs combos for anime fighters, seeing players who're bad get away with playing extremely cheap or cowardly playstyles shows you how awful this game's core mechanics are. This is what happens when you make a fighter only appealing to one demographic. I'm glad the patch fixed some lame skills/combos for certain CaCs but there's numerous stuff they need to work on and until than I'm a play something else.

  2. Some of these things I was doing and not realizing it, thanks man. I was facing this guy from YouTube to practice and all he did was spam like a little bitch, not one combo all match. Now I'm better prepared against pussies like him. I've only lost to spammers since launch and with practice hopefully that wont happen again

  3. i can see it a spammer when they run away from distance, and use supports.
    funny thing is they use ultimate easily when i high-speed dash and gaurd immediately oof

  4. If you use your change as you use an ability your first character will stay behind and carry out the move as normal very good for mixups but requires precise timing

  5. Since i have one control and cant buy another if i break this one
    , i win/play one ranked match a day so that i dont rage out like on tekken 7 and slam my controler on the ground asking it do you think your invincible? Out of rage. Ps my controler is bent

  6. One thing you’ve forgot which would be really helpful: “How to avoid Airtight + Black Coffin spam”

    Get into the shield and simply attack with the button used for throw and the spell will be broken

  7. so in some cases a cac has better elemental resistance then the original and they dont get to know what your moves are x.x dang cacs

  8. Ok I'm genuinely not trying to be an ass here, but I don't think "pro" is fitting for an unbelievably simple two button arena brawler like all these anime games Bamco pump out (aside from Fighterz, obviously). These games are about as deep as a shot glass. Are there actually pro tournaments for this? I always assumed they were designed for anime fans who aren't capable of playing actual fighting games, or don't have the time to learn them.

  9. Best thing I found recently is have an unblockable attack. I think it’s called the Phoenix something. You can’t guard against it. That’s really gets people.

  10. Bro my friend literally just spams specials that take a hit them hit you with there supers. Its fucking stupid. His super beats my supers as well. So like what the fuck man. He literally never presses square or triangle. Only special moves on tlhis bitch ass create a character. How do i beat that?

  11. Its rly a huge problem. Played against a cac with kamehameha and goku+vegeta as assissts.. he just swaped and spammed all the time couldnt do sht.
    In my opinion this needs to be nerfed somehow; i'd say reduce the knockback when blocking so u have a chance to reach them eventually.

  12. Just to put my own experience. I was fighting Kurapika as Vegeta, (this was a bot) and he did Godspeed bolt before I did Finla Flash, maybe because it was a rush ult against a beam ult. Maybe it was because Bots get priority but that's just my experience that last doesn't always work.

  13. I mean this game isn't that complicated tbh just think fr and adapt to your opponent I also made a tutorial for this game but it's more for basic people who are starting and after seeing this video I see that mines really is for basic people lol btw I subbed good video chess not checkers

  14. If you don’t mind, I’d like to give some advice to pile on top of yours:
    In regards to the elemental defense: You can always make a character with relative high element defense weak to elemental attacks with the proper abilities skills.
    In regards to them spamming assists to keep you at bay: You can attack their assist with your own and guaranteed they’ll take damage even if they block. Or you can use a cinematic when they get called out again (ie Bunge Gum or Heat Dome Attack) and force the assist to become the character being used.
    In regards to them escaping for an ultimate: You can perform a switch to stop them from having enough time to use their ultimate or to just dodge it all together depending on the ultimate they have (this method is good against people with giant energy blasts as their ultimates like Naruto and Goku).

  15. I'm glad everyone is putting out videos for the spammers. I personally saw this coming and knew how to deal with them from the beta. But a lot of new players are getting annoyed and it's a easy problem  to solve. If you think before you act.

  16. I love being a spammer,all I have to say is these tips are still breakable theirs always a loop hole in every defense in this game and once I see that glimpse of an opening its R.I.P, I literally have a preset team nickname Guard Break Spam😂

  17. think i encountered my first “spammer” yesterday , i use to call bullshit on it until i encounters someone using deku and as soon as the match started he ran across the map(with deku who is an upclose character) and i shit you not stayed back used vegeta assist the entire time and rushed me with a charged smash , now its not that hard to get out of but you get dumbfounded on how someone can sit there and do that the whole match i get you they tryna win too but dayum😂

  18. Everybody spams something I don’t get the big deal, whether it’s combos or abilities when I see most people calling spammers out I see no difference in their play style other than method. Just punching and kicking a lot, or using abilities a lot, or both 😂😂

  19. They could fix this game so much by increasing the support timer, adjusting the super armor, scaling back-to-back specials, and fixing the escape meter. 1st escape costs a whole meter and the 2nd costs 1%? I call bullshit. Just increasing the support timer would reduce spam because they can't spam support and charge up. If they can't charge they can't spam counters and specials as much. Fixing the escape would help make guard breaks more viable and would encourage more combos. They should also fix the super armor. 2 or 3 hits or even a strong special or heavy and the super armor should break especially during startup. That's not even mentioning the side steps. I've side stepped hella people and they miss, do a complete 180, and punish me somehow. This game would be so much more fun if it wasn't so inconsistent. You shouldn't have to counterpick in a game full of fan favorites. You should be able to play whoever as long as you're good enough.

  20. U can use your team awakening to set up for your ultimate. For the people spam range moves such as naruto rasen shuriken and vegeta assist you can dash as far as u can to the side and dodge ability. Then go fpr a grab in case ability still tracking and go immune during animation

  21. Naruto storm series was the best fighting game ..jump force sucks if we do kamehameha all the we win fuk this game

  22. All high rank players are spammers I have confirmed this

    Edit: I should clarify that they are “professional” spammers and that’s how they get their rank

  23. I find for most big ball ultimates you can evade backwards once you know it’s coming, I can normally escape death ball and six tails bomb

  24. I was winning a match for once then the spammer starts spamming his grab and then he just uses his abilities and kills me I don’t know if that spamming but he was grabbing a lot in a short amount of time

  25. Man make a video for how to stop the guy with the gun!! Omg people spam the damn gun 24/7 it’s no way to stop it, man Goku isn’t a problem the dude with the gun is the fucking problem

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