5 MANUALIDADES TONTAS de internet que NO DEBERÍAS INTENTAR ? ✎ Craftingeek

5 MANUALIDADES TONTAS de internet que NO DEBERÍAS INTENTAR ? ✎ Craftingeek

Hello Crafters! Something that always happens to me when I’m looking for ideas on the internet is that I find the weirdest things ever! I’m like what?! What’s that?! I don’t know if this happens to you, it probably does… There are a lot of strange things on the internet. So today I decided to test out 5 of those really strange crafts. Let’s see how it goes. So let’s start with the video! Okay, for this project we need flat rocks, sort of big, such as the one I have here. The gray color isn’t the best to make other colors stand out so we’re going to paint it white on both sides. When this has dried up we can paint it with another color I chose green because this is going to be a cactus. Now, using a toothpick or a very thin paintbrush, we’re going to make our design. Since I want this to look like a cactus I’m going to make X’s which are going to be the thorns. We’ll set this aside and we’re going to work with a clay pot in a sort of small size. We’re going to decorate it. I’m going to use copper paint and a sponge paintbrush. I’m going to use it to make stains like these. I believe this will give it a vintage finish or like a worn out effect. And we’ll do this to all of the pot. When our pot is completely dry we’re going to add a plastic container on the bottom part to give it some height and we’ll add sand there. On that sand is where we’re going to place our rock which is like a cactus and we’ll add 2 other more decorated rocks. I made these. And according to the internet idea that was everything we needed to do. I’ll be completely honest with you I honestly loved this idea! It looks really cute, it’s very easy to make, and I think I’m a bad judge for this because I love to do things with rocks. I know it sounds really weird but I’ve always liked to collect flat rocks and then I liked to paint them and leave them around my house so for me this is perfect because it looks really cute and because it’s really easy! Like! For the next idea, we’re going to need non working headphones and we’re going to cut off this part which is like the plug that connects to the phone. Ah! Cutting that off gave me a heart attack! We’ll have this piece we’re going to use to add it in something small I’m going to use this macaron eraser. I’m going to open it up and mark down the size of the plug and this layer which is the chocolate. We’ll cut this off and we’ll have to check. Notice that it sort of sticks out? Then, we also need to mark each of the lids to be able to scratch them with something and remove the excess. Now that I marked it down I’m going to scratch off this part a little. With the help of a cutter and being very careful we’re going to remove the pieces to make sure the plug ends up buried. This process takes a lot of time and requires a lot of patience so that the plug ends up nicely buried without making the macaron loose its shape. After a while you’ll be able to close up the macaron or the shape you chose and it won’t look as weird. What I’m going to do here is to close it up using hot glue. I don’t know if it’ll end up well maybe the hot glue will come out I don’t know what’s going to happen. And supposedly this is how the idea is. The idea is to place this on your phone so that it looks pretty? This is how it looks with the macaron. The truth is that when I saw this idea on the internet I thought it was a lot cooler than it actually is. It’s very strange just imagine that… I don’t even know what this is used for I think it’s so that dust doesn’t come inside of the headphone’s hole but it’s really strange. Maybe I didn’t choose the best shape this macaron probably wasn’t the best idea. Plus, just imagine you’re on the street and you’re like, “Hello…Yes” “Yes, I have the macaron on, I can’t hear you well” (laughter) it’s weird right? It’s.. if you don’t have anything else to do and you have headphones which don’t work, I think it’s an interesting idea to try but if you’re going to waste money on buying some headphones that later on you’re going to cut to do this, then I think it’s an awful idea. For the next idea we need two flat wooden sticks of the same size and we’re going to convert a straw into these sections. Notice they’re all of the same size. Paste them on the wooden stick in different heights and the last one, paste it on the opposite side. Add hot glue and we’ll paste the other stick on top. And we have basically finished our idea. This is supposedly a compass you can make at home. The idea is to stick a pencil in the straw on the corner and another one on the straw of the size you want your circle to be and when you rotate it you’ll be able to make a circle at home. Finished! You made your own circle with a homemade compass. We just tried out the compass the truth is that it does work. It’s easy to make, you can easily find the materials the only thing I don’t like about this is that since it’s a little bulky it gets stuck here. You can personalize it so I’ll say it’s interesting I don’t know if I’ll carry this in my wallet but it may help me out if I ever need it to make circles and I don’t have a compass. It can be a good idea. If not then you’ll just buy a compass. -Yes it’s easier! -It’s easier to buy a compass. Hey I changed my mind, we have been analyzing it and we believe this can be a good idea when you don’t have a compass because, honestly, you don’t need these sticks, you can use carton or anything that holds and you just use it to make your circles. And you can fill all of this up and have different circle sizes. That’s really cool. I don’t know who came up with this but it’s very clever. For the other idea we’re going to need a pot with water and we’re going to add two wooden sticks. You can just add one but we’re going to use this make two. We’ll place it at low flame until this boils and when it’s boiling take out one of the sticks very careful, it’s really hot, that’s why I’m using tongs. Once you made sure it’s a little bit warm and you won’t get burned, we’ll grab it with our hands to shape it on a cup and make this semi circular shape. Like this, when we have it in this way we’re going to stick it on a cup very carefully and we’ll let this dry overnight. On the next day or a few hours later we’ll have a dried up stick. We’re going to take it out and it’ll keep its shape can you see? Like a semi circle. Supposedly, this is the shape to make a bracelet. We’re going to add a little bit of white so that the colors stand out more and if you paint it you’ll have to place it on a container again or else it’ll lose its shape. I’m going to place it on this container and I’m going to add a piece of tape so that it doesn’t move. I’m going to leave it here for a while so that it dries up and that’s it! After a while it’ll be like this it has a white color this is perfect to paint with other colors and make them stand out. I’m going to decorate it making a marble effect with nail polishes for that I’m going to need a container with water and nail polishes. I’m going to use these 3 colors, pour them over the water then using a stick start doing this to integrate the colors and place the bracelet in. We’ll do the same thing on the other sections and that’s it! We have the bracelet decorated! We’ll do the same thing with the other one. And we have finished our bracelets using wooden sticks. It doesn’t look like it right? I have my new bracelet! Which is made of wood. The truth is that it looks cool the idea is cool although I think that it’s something to do as an experiment or like if you have to entertain your nephews or your children you can do this because they’ll take a long time doing it. It’s very time consuming to even sell it or to… oh it’s falling! No! Hm, I don’t think it works that well. It’s very complicated if you want to sell it or if you want to gift it, I think it’s more like an experiment but it’s pretty cool. I don’t know if I’ll do it again but it’s cool. For the last idea, we need a straw that we’re going to convert into all of these pieces which are of 1 c.m. We’re going to need a total of 37 pieces that we’re going to paste one next to the other making a shape of like flowers but also of a beehive. This is how it will look at the end you can even add more straws if you want it to look more saturated. To be able to hold it up we’ll place a straw vertically using hot glue and this will supposedly allow us to make a lot of bubbles at the same time. Hmm I look at it and I don’t know, do you think it’s going to work? To be able to test out the bubbles one I made a mixture using hand soap the liquid kind and now we’re going to see if this works. It works! The only weird thing is that, I don’t know if you can see, but one side it’s more like this, more concave, convex I don’t know what’s the correct word but it’s more arched so you have to blow it on the other side because if not the bubbles will combine and it’ll look like a ball. Yay! We took out the fan to do the experiment and it’s connected to that plug that’s, strangely, on the outside I don’t understand why. Can the fan make them? Here’s where it’s…ah! It looks really cool! The only thing I didn’t like about this is that you need straws so if you’re going to do this, make it using recycled straws. Don’t buy straws just to do this. We have finished with the video. Tell me which was your favorite idea, what was the idea that made you say “I would never do that” I’ll read you on the comments and I’ll see you on the next video. Goodbye! Hey I’m very happy about starting this video but before I want to show you something that made me feel very proud and that is my nails. Look at those beauties! They’re smiley faces. (stutters) I’m very sleepy. Hello Crafters! Too excited. Comments, bye! I said bye and I never say bye.

Danny Hutson

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