5 Creepiest Unexplained Mysteries On The Internet

The Internet is very big,
It’s no secret that it is a crazy place and has some very strange internet mysteries that
are still unsolved . So today I am sharing with you what I believe are 5 creepiest unexplained
mysteries on the internet . Make sure that you stay for number four because it is a mystery
that you will wish don’t get solve. Ghostnet In March 2009, researchers at the Information
Warfare Monitor were asked to check security on the Dali Lama’s private network. What
they found was bigger and creepier than any had suspected.
They discovered the mysterious online network which they called Ghost net.
The network was a spy ring, The operation is likely associated with an Advanced Persistent
Threat. Further investigation uncovered a network of over 1,295 infected hosts in 103
countries. Up to 30% of the infected hosts are considered high-value targets and include
computers located at ministries of foreign affairs, embassies, international organizations,
news media, and NGOs. It could activate cameras and microphones
on infected computers, recording anyone in the room. Files could be searched remotely,
and programs installed without the user’s knowledge.
Its command and control infrastructure is based mainly in the People’s Republic of China
and Because the Dali Lama was a target, many assume China was behind GhostNet . But no
proof has ever been found. Others think it might have been the Chinese mafia or someone
else entirely. Now seven years have passed since the discovery, but still no one knows
who was behind it . The Internet Black Holes Since the earliest days of the internet, people
have noticed data packets failing to arrive at their destinations. This is Strange because
data can’t simply vanish. It has to go somewhere. But where it goes ,nobody knows. It’s a phenomenon known as internet black
holes. Hackers, government agencies, and tech firms
have all been unable to trace them and solve this mystery, leading many to conclude a big
whirlpool of information is swirling out there . Some believe that firewalls and dead IP addresses
are to blame, but the volume of dropped traffic indicates that there may be other, still unrevealed
forces at work. Mysteriously, In late 2013 one internet black
hole was discovered rerouting people’s information from the US to a shady address in Iceland
but it was not discovered who was behind it. Who might be out there ?
why are they collecting data ? Who created Bitcoins?/ Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin is money generated by software that
can only be obtained by cracking various digital codes and is the only crypto-currency to reach
the public consciousness. Launched way back in 2008, One million bitcoins
are today worth 250 million dollars but the mystery is nobody knows who invented them. Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of Bitcoin,
responsible for releasing 21 million units of the currency in 2009. Since then, a little
over 12 million of them have been found, and their value has skyrocketed. Some believe Even that name is probably false.
When a Swiss coder accessed all of Nakamoto’s message board posts, he found the guy never
posted between the hours of 11pm and 5am Central Time. suggesting he was living in America.
It is possible that he isn’t even of Japanese descent, and the name is used just to trick
people . Satoshi Nakamoto is said to have put aside
one million Bitcoin for himself. Which means Whoever he is, he is very rich and very smart. The administrator of Valor por Tamaulipas Valor por Tamaulipas means Courage for Tamaulipas
is a Facebook page that covered security updates in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. It was
founded by an anonymous user on 1 January 2012, and its goal is to share information
with other social media users on the drug-related violence and risk situations all across the
state. With over 515,000 likes on Facebook, Valor por Tamaulipas routinely posted messages
and photos of crime scenes on its page. In a country where many journalists have been
assassinated for writing about drug trafficking and organized crime, the page survives under
anonymity, but it has not been immune to threats. In early 2013, a Mexican drug trafficking
organization issued fliers offering a reward $46,000 for anyone that could give out information
to locate the administrator of Valor por Tamaulipas or any of his family members. The administrator,
however, openly defied the criminal organization’s threat through Facebook. His wife and children
reportedly fled to the United States after the threats for security reasons, but the
citizen journalist stated on the Facebook page that he had decided to stay in Mexico
and continue updating at Valor por Tamaulipas. In December 2014, however, the administrator
announced his retirement from social media but he informed that Valor por Tamaulipas
would continue under new management. Nobody knows who the original administrator
was . But I personally want to salute that man and
everyone who helped him. They stand against organized crime fearless
and are doing what is right. What Gary McKinnon saw? Gary McKinnon is a Scottish systems administrator
and hacker who was accused in 2002 of perpetrating the “biggest military computer hack of all
time,” although McKinnon himself states that he was merely looking for evidence of free
energy suppression and a cover-up of UFO activity and other technologies potentially useful
to the public. Gary McKinnon claims, in Nasa’s computer he
discovered a picture that shows a strange tubular shaped otherworldly aircraft in a
very high resolution next to a government spacecraft in orbit. Since he did this in
2002, he was on a dialup connection, causing the massive picture to download and render
through his remote connection very slowly…and right as it was 2/3 of the way finished, someone
noticed the computer was being controlled remotely and quickly regained control of the
mouse cursor which Gary watched as it moved up to the right corner of the window and closed
It. Gary’s connection was then immediately cut.
After this, He was arrested by international police and
his computer was seized by the authorities in March 2002. The USA government wants to lock him away
for his whole life but Being of Scottish descent and operating out of the United Kingdom, McKinnon
was able to dodge the American government and in 2012 Officials in Britain have opted
to drop all charges against him after a legal battle lasting more than a decade. McKinnon claims that he was able to take a
screenshot of what he saw on his screen before whoever was at the computer at the Johnson
Space Center physically moved the mouse and closed the image. Presumably, that screenshot
was lost when his computer was seized by the police during his arrest . It’s a Mystery what Gary saw on government’s
computers but the bigger mystery is what Gary didn’t saw and what government is protecting? Tell me in comments section,
If you have any theory about any of these mysteries. Thanks for watching If you find it mysterious
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Danny Hutson

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