[3.8] My Atlas Strategy for Blight (with english CC)

[3.8] My Atlas Strategy for Blight (with english CC)

Hi guys, Speedoz here and today apparently the Atlas from Blight League has been released! So let’s take a look here: I’ll leave this link in video’s description showing all the maps divided by tiers But I’m telling you know what I’ll be doing in Blight’s league start As I’m a speed farm lover, I’ll be focusing on Burial Chambers again I’ll also leave this reddit link that explains exactly the new Atlas in the minimum details Instead of discovering all the maps by yourself in PoE’s Atlas website, you can check all of them through the link I’ll leave in the description So what’s the strategy gonna be Basically I’ll rush all the Atlas until Uber Elder I’ll complete Zana’s questline kill the Uber Elder and gain an extra sextant. Luckily for us that enjoy farming The Doctors, The Burial Chambers is T4, not T5 like in 3.7 Legion This is quite good because in 3.7 Legion to farm Burials you needed to give up on T6 maps and when you have uncompleted T6 maps, you don’t receive the extra sextant bonus from yellow maps But now that’s fine because Burials is T4 So after completing Zana’s questline and killing Uber Elder, I’ll remove all T4’s and T5’s and will leave only Burial Chambers, Peninsula and Haunted Mansion T4 Burial is the map we want to farm If you want to know more about Atlas manipulation, I recommend the video that’s showing up here But basically I’ll put my Elder Orb on the Haunted Mansion map due to high density and Exp and Shaper Orb on Peninsula When a T5 drops, there are no T5 so it comes to T4 and the only one available is Burial Chambers I don’t know what I’ll do with my Atlas after getting my HH Maybe farm T16 Haunted Mansion or Guardian maps In case you’re going for T16 Haunted Mansions you have to uncomplete the Guardian maps this way you will sustain your T16 Haunted Mansions To sum up I’ll do Burials until HH with Elder Haunted Mansion and Shaped Peninsula Maybe I change my Atlas later, don’t know yet For now, that’s it. Hopefully this video has been useful for you that likes farming The Doctors for the amazing HH belt Hope you enjoyed the video, Thanks for watching!
See you next time!

Danny Hutson

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  1. Primeiro tem que juntar uma boa currency para montar um MF, ai sim da para farmar burial, porque farmar burial sem MF é triste. Nao sei ainda se vou focar em pegar HH nesta liga, é muito chato farmar ele. ja farmei em 3 ligas seguidas, enche o saco kkkkkk. Mas o video ficou bem explicado para quem nao conheçe ainda manipulaçao do atlas. Parabens

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