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21 thoughts on “3.3 Mapping Database Entries with Leaflet.js – Working with Data and APIs in JavaScript

  1. as always, very well explained , you make coding to seams easy , and i realise how important is to extend the knowledge on js language and libraries functions as the right way to make complex things much, much easier . besides your super coding skills , thank you for dedication to teaching us .

  2. This is the playlist for the full course if you want to start from the beginning! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRqwX-V7Uu6YxDKpFzf_2D84p0cyk4T7X

  3. Thank you for these videos, Dan!
    I'm going into my final year of SE and since its so theory based at the moment these videos give me some much needed and extra practical experience!

  4. Are you interested in taking on requests? I would love to see you do an in-depth mongodb/mongoose series.
    I would love to see you explain the more advanced topics, like writing queries, formatting and indexing data correctly, manage the db or its collections etc.
    I love what you are doing for the commuty, keep it up!

  5. Thanks to subtitles everyone can watch your videos! Thank you so much!
    Are you planning to list what extensions are you using with VS code?

  6. Hi, I´ve been doing a Leafelt Map but I can´t get data from Mysql whit php to put it in the map, I try it a lot of time, but i can´t do it, someone have an answer to my problem?

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