2nd Spammers Hunter | 2 ème Chasseur de Spammers Nubsia Vs SwAt_john17

2nd Spammers Hunter | 2 ème Chasseur de Spammers Nubsia Vs SwAt_john17

Hello everybody, welcome on storm community with Nubsia for a New Spammers Hunter ! Today I present one of my gameplay against ” Swat-John17 “. He uses Tsuchikage with Hidan as only I think this is a very good tactic when you spam because Hidan is really a support who avert the cloth fighting. I have choosen Kakashi Kamui with Sasuke Taka and Masked man ( Team Sharingan). I love this team, because she makes me confident against the “online team” like I calle them ^^
Sasuke taka follow his target and if he touches you can’t go away from him using permutation. Masked man.. you all know well, it’s really a powerfull support. With this team I can keep up with the Hidan, Pain, Kimimaro and co.. All the cheated Team ^^ I consider my team as a ” Powerfull ” team not a “cheat” (I think there’s lots of better supports ^^)
So I’m not ashamed to use it 🙂 I wanted also to say that the last Spammers was hellsing’s, this is mine.. So now we’re not gonna to show our gameplays anymore (or maybe in special circonstances ^^) Now we count on you ! We’re gonna make your promotion ^_^
So send us your gameplay, this is valid for all the categories 🙂 Don’t hang back ! NUNSG allowed you one / Day ! Send us when we are connected because some days we’re not connected at all so if you send us this day we won’t be able to answer. The best is to send us message and wait our answer. Really don’t Hang back ! We always answer to your demand (or nearly), you can ask to others suscribers we always say why we take or not a gameplay. Like that you can change and be choosen next time 🙂 More you send us gameplay more you have chances to be choosen !
Now I let you watch the fight and I hope you’ll enjoy it ! See you soon on Storm Community, ciao ciao !

Danny Hutson

29 thoughts on “2nd Spammers Hunter | 2 ème Chasseur de Spammers Nubsia Vs SwAt_john17

  1. lol moment. at least he didnt rq. most players that use support like that dont even bother staying in the session getting owned that badly with their cheap spamming teams. gg nub

  2. Oui dsl on t'avais dit que ca serait toi.. Jte promet pas de le mettre la semaine pro mais on le mettra une prochaine fois 😉 (ca serait bien qu'on own un autre perso que Oonoki pour la semaine pro)

  3. j'suis sur qu'il y a mieux en spam pour oonoki il devais pas avoir beaucoup d'experience =S j'ai vu des personne qui ne te laisse rien faire, eur soutiens pour bien recharger le chakra et des jutsu sans interuption qui te brise la garde en moins de 4 jutsus sans intermittence avec les soutien qui fait que sa se termine souvent au time up …resté dans l'esprit du premier spam hunter la on voit le vrai niveau ^^

  4. Arg ca me plait pas trop ta dernière remarque ^^ Mais sinon tu as raison arkass était sans aucun doute bien meilleur que lui. On essaie de mettre les meilleurs fights mais tu comprends bien qu'on peut pas demander a nos youtuber de niker tous les tops mondiaux pour avoir le droit de passer sur la chaine donc le but du spammer Hunter est simple : Défoncer un spammer. Je pense que ca suffit à faire plaisir à la communauté et aux abonnés 😉

  5. he must be one of those spammers with a bit of pride left in him or something. lol Rarely do people ragequit me because if they do they know I wont faced them again. I write all the names down or every player i face that either spams or ragequit so I know how to handle them round two. Or weather or not to face them again.

  6. Moi je voulais vous montrer un combat mais je vous ai pas dans mes amis 🙁 pis quand jessaye de vous ajouter sa me dit que vous en avez trop donc ceux que vous avez pas dans votre liste ne pourront pas participer.. c'est dommage :/

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