2nd report of our research: CAT B35 ROOT and GerdaOS development state- BananaHackers

2nd report of our research: CAT B35 ROOT and GerdaOS development state- BananaHackers

CAT B35, the indestructible rugged with KaiOS
operating system, has finally achieved jailbreak and root.
This was possible using the correct firehose, available on edl.bananahackers.net, the right
tools (Miraclebox or EDL.PY) and the device started in EDL mode.
The methods are 2. Method 1:
Speeduploop used Miraclebox to get a copy of the partition /data, he manually installed
the ADBRoot apps (which you can find in the “temporary root” section of the BananaHackers
website) and FTPD (in the “Settings” section of the B-Hackers Store) with the necessary
permits, to then reinsert the partition in its place. Nothing could be simpler, apart
from the risk of continuous reboot, but everything went the right way. Method 2:
Luxferre first modified the /boot partition using the aboot tool to modify Android /boot
partitions and enable root permissions, keeping an original copy to be re-flashed in case
future updates are obtained. Subsequently Luxferre modified the large image
of the userdata partition to activate the “Developer” menu by reading it with a Hex-editor
(not to be confused with Text-editor) and modifying a bit (8 bytes) to then re-flash
the partition. This method prevents the device from rebooting
continuously after the operation. You will find these detailed guides by browsing
the CAT B35 page of the BananaHackers website. I can’t provide a video of the operation because
that device is not yet in my possession. This new method to perform the jailbreak and
the root of the devices is applicable on all devices with known firehose.
And thanks to the new Luxferre tool based on EDL.PY and perfected for Qualcomm devices
based on KaiOS it is possible to perform the operation on macOS, Linux and Windows. You will find more details on the BananaHackers
website in the “Development” section under EDL. As far as GerdaOS is concerned, release times
will be even longer due to these new discoveries, which also involve Alcatel Cingular Flip 2.
We listen to the words of Luxferre about it: ————————————— I honestly hope that it can be completed within
this month. However, I’d like to point out several things: 1. Without at least one working tunneling
system implementation, be it OpenVPN, PPTP or something else, a new version, where just
an API layer is upped, would be a bit pointless. Same goes about RIL alerting about stealth-ping
messages and a built-in utility for user-agent spoofing and proxy adjustment.
2. Given the current situation with firehose loaders, an effort to modularize the build
for the multiplatform is something we also need to consider. Wouldn’t it be wonderful
if the next alpha would work on 8110, CAT B35 and Alcatel Cingular Flip 2, where there
would be some compatibility layer to adapt to partition layout, modem and keyboard, and
everything else would be the same? And also, build process needs to be reworked anyway
(if you remember, cloud boot image builds are somewhat broken).
3. And by the way, after seeing the significant UI/UX changes in 2.5.1 (on B35), I’d actually
like to base the new alpha build upon it instead of what we have in v16. So the porting/merging
effort would be a bit longer than expected. But still, let me be perfectly clear: in this
custom ROM, privacy/security mean much more than UI/UX. So, if necessary, the next build
will be postponed until a more or less complete of security features is implemented. And yes,
if that means completely losing track of upstream UI/API patches, then so be it. The upcoming
alpha revamp (based upon v16/v17/2.5.1) may be the last update where this track will be
preserved. Afterwards, things may go in a completely different direction, certainly
not following then one corps want us to go. Stay tuned and be patient. —————————————- All clear then? GerdaOS will therefore become
a unique ROM, for Nokia 8110, but will also extend support to Alcatel and CAT, adapting
perfectly to different hardware as does Android, or more generally a Linux distro.
This is what I call “support”! Help us improve searches and extend support
on other KaiOS devices. Search BananaHackers on Google and on the
major search engines and JOIN THE REVOLUTION!

Danny Hutson

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