240Z – RB26 Engine Conversion [PART 10] IT’S DONE!!

Previously on mighty car mods We turn the key on our our be converted 1975 fair lady and the engine started for the very first time So today we’re ready to get an exhaust set up the suspension and then hit the dyno to get that final power figure With the engine successfully running it’s time to get the wheels back on the car again because it’s going to be a busy day Because the car is unregistered and unfinished We’re transporting it down to Castle Hill performance where our mate Chris works and we’re going to be making up a custom exhaust Now there are loads of different options when it comes to sound and style, but there are some engineering and registration considerations So that we can keep it legal. What I’m opting for is a full 3-inch turbo back free-flowing system made out of stainless steel We’re going to be creating this system from scratch as opposed to repurposing an existing off-the-shelf exhaust So the first job is to brief the guys about what I’m after and make sure all the different Components are going to fit under the car On the rear end We’re simply installing a straight-through performance muffler and then welding on a piece of 3-inch pipe for the tip classic and simple for this mad JDM icon Once we’ve cut some bins we can lay up all of the different components under the car to make sure that they’re going to fit Once everything is laid out perfectly. We can tack the pieces together and then Chris the master welder can finish off the system Once the system’s finished the car is back on the Transporter so we can finish it off before it goes down to get a wheel alignment You may also notice that we’ve got a new air filter Because the original one that we put on almost killed our turbo During the build we had to filter the air filter on and off a couple of times on the turbo and in the process of pulling it off, we’ve actually noticed I Guess a product fault, so that’s a piece of wire and construction of the filter and there’s also Some cloth that’s coming out. This isn’t actually achieved all of this was a this is a main brand filter and That definitely would have killed our brainy Garrett turbo So luckily I had another effort of lying around there was a spare from the Crestor that we’ve worked on Cresta So that’ll keep us going until we sort out This other filter. Well, we actually do need to get a and enclosed pod filter for engineering anyway But that one there will be good to keep it going just for a while. We’re doing dynoing and stuff like that But the moral of the story is when you get an air filter check your filter Check and make sure there’s nothing hanging out of it because the outside of these is made of well That’s that’s what it’s made out of there. That’s a good example since it’s made of this wire That’s what the mesh is made out of so I would make sure when you’re installing it that it doesn’t have Yd because you can see how long that is that would have gone all the way in there You can see how far that would have gone all the way so that’s like well into the Back of the turret which you can’t even actually reach but that would have destroyed the Toba rights in. Yes You see dust will do damage to a compressor wheel so that being a a solid middle object if they actually got some speed up before I pulled that in and it’d be yeah at a minimum compressor wheel, but generally it damages the bearing pattern everything’s That would have been that whole turbo in the bin frightening All right, we will sort that out properly right of it for now. That should keep it safe We’ve called in a racist mention specialist to check out our car and he’s agreed to set it up for us But we have to finish it and then take it down to his shop It’s a theme with a lot of our builds that we wanted this car to be super fast But we also want it to be a sleeper and with all of the original parts going back on Nobody would ever suspect that there was a GTR engine hiding under the bonnet until they get shot And with the bonnet back on Veronese a mad I’ll be powered sleeper Fairlady in desperate need of some height adjustment and suspension setup The aftermarket suspension components we’ve installed into our fair lady have much more adjustment available than on factory parts It will allow us to fine-tune the alignment to suit the street and track as well as allowing us to get the right height Exactly where we want it without compromising the handling It’s taken the guys a few hours to get the car fully set up but now it is ready to roll In fact ready to roll on the dyno So we’re down at mainline and we’re at that exciting part of the build where we finally get to see how much power this fair Lady can punch out This is not only where we’ll try and get a solid power figure It’s also the opportunity to shake down the rest of the set up and make sure that everything works Driving from the trailer to the donor room is the farthest that this car has ever gone So we are down here at mainline diner today and it is very very exciting because after months of work Today is the day that our good friend here the quite talented Scottie Hills Inga aka tuning fork. He’s going to be weaving his magic under this car Normally when we’re doing our tuning we go down to he’ll take that they’ve just moved into a massive new premises They’re setting up a new dining room with a mainline diner. And because that’s not quite done yet The guys that mainline said they can actually come down to the factory So this is their testing pod and in there They have a hub dyno, which is something that we have not used before on the show Can you tell me about a hub donor and what it does and what it’s going to do for us today? For sure So in the test facility here these guys run every dyno that they make before they send them out to customers So it just so happens that today. We’ve got a hub dyno in there for testing So we’re gonna hijack the diner for a while Yeah hub diners a bit different to what we’re used to where a roller diner is what we’re used to where we strap the rubber Tyred down onto the roller. No robber no wheels now, they’re just removed We’re taking we’re gonna take them off and we’re gonna bolt these hub adapters straight onto the car So that way the car will get jacked up a little bit felt straight on so that way the differential is driving the dyno Directly, yeah It’s a lovely setup it’s a little bit quieter because we don’t have the noise of the rubber rolling around there’s a little bit more consistency in this sort of setup because we’ve got We don’t get that tire getting hotter and colder and squishing down and all this sort of stuff. Yeah These are a fantastic thing. They do rate up to about 4,000 horsepower at the hubs Yeah, right Okay, which is like double double what you’d normally get on a roller go. No, really right exactly, right? Yeah, so these things are fantastic. I really enjoy using it It’s also really nice because I don’t have to worry as much about the steering wheel and the car moving around. Yeah, yeah Yeah, it’s just bolted on time. We’re looking forward to it Yes 26 Congratulations, thank you very much. its our first! How the mainline dinos rated to handle our be power? Well, it all depends on you know, what are these better but at IBM enemy SS smalls long mm This video is going on the internet. So 300 kilowatts will be 3,000 horsepower. Well there is that factor. Yes. That’s right You need a button for that on your Dino man. You just need like Internet button click It’s just it’s a YouTube logo and you press it or just ripples all of you know You just need one key that says to jay-z Okay, this is it let’s get the car loaded up onto the hub dyno Scottie before we are outside before we blow this engine up, but I’m not gonna do that Before we start tuning today. Can you run me through a couple of the considerations when tuning an RB? I know you’re super experienced with this our platform. What what’s gonna happen today? Just run me through it so We more just want to get this thing running get a number out of it the way that it is right now and being such A fresh car. We just wanted to make sure that we’ve got no leaks. We’ve got no driveline sort of wobbles We’ve got no sort of funny stuff First of all that you might not pick up on the road As far as tuning the actual engine we want to make sure the air fuel ratio is right So the air to fuel mixture that’s going into the motor Arby’s this does have an inlet manifold on it So a little bit sort of different here But Arby’s typically run a bit hotter in the back because they’ve got some funny cooling issues and they’ve got some funny airflow issues. So cylinders, five and six footers sort of keep an eye on we’ll make sure that we get the same air to fuel ratio across every Cylinder. Yep Ignition timing on something like this. We’re on petrol. We are definitely gonna find stuff to boost in it Yeah, so we’ll make sure that we are not control stuff setup properly so that if we do come across Unusual condition on the road that that will be taken care of cool By the looks of our setup here Like have we done the right thing that we need to do with is that like we’ve got 35 coils? We’ve got the injectors like have we have we’ve done and we’ve done what we need to do to make this easy for you I like to think that the best compliment that any car guy can get is when you open the hood and I can say this almost looks boring. Yeah, because There’s not stuff everywhere. It’s got a beautiful simple Inlet Everything’s simple. It’s got nice clamps It’s got nice and r35 coils, which just have the stronger spark So we won’t have any headaches all the exhaust system is all you Ladon and so simple and neat the boots control Everything’s up high It’s it’s done properly because if you could almost you know, you could be forgiven for saying oh they’ve forgotten the wire lekar up Yeah, right like that. Well that that’s Dave just being a legend I mean the car hasn’t been drilling yet other than just like on and off a truck Basically to take it from exhaust take it to get the alignment the suspension setup. So today will be the first time. It’s driven, really What he’s three of the engine? Gumtree Humphrey, we’ve got enough gum tree which in Australia gum trees like our secondhand used market. We know nothing about it I Think today we’ll just put as much boost as we can put into it until we get diminishing returns so I’m just keep going up and up and up as Soon as we’re not making sort of 20 kilowatts per run and it starts to get difficult. Yeah, that’s where I think we’ll leave it I’ll put some K’s on it and run the car in our First job is some low load tuning so that we can check the numbers and make sure the car is working and nothing is leaking Muddies came for more power but as we increase the load we see quite a bit of smoke coming from the engine bay Yeah, there is quite a bit of smoke coming off the turbo And through here the smell it’s all everything seems that smells pretty normal. Yeah We’ve Scotty on the numbers and confident that everything appears to be working as it should we’re going for our first power Our first run has been a success So I give Scottie the instruction to smash the page up button, which is gonna give us more power We’ve got 273 kilowatts at the wheels but as we turn the boost up and go again, we’ve got a problem That smoke coming out of the bonnet does not look good So Scotty We’ve just done a power on and we’ve ended up with two hundred ninety-nine point eight kilowatts two hundred and ninety Kilowatts at the wheels and that is the limit of our clutch. Yes We’ve had a bit of an issue where this engine is, but the whole build the cars performing perfectly We put fourteen pounds of boost in it and it made our lower Purple Line. So we’re making sort of somewhere around 260 270 kilowatts Yep As soon as we’ve gone from 14 to try and bump it up to 16 pounds As soon as it came on boost we could see the clutch smoke straight out the side That clutches sleep and you can hear the engine Kept revving up while the Dyno was holding the wheel back so the clutch is slipping We’re not gonna make your 300 kilowatts today, but it’s a funny sort of thing Even though this is saying 289 its 289 with the clutch slipping, so I’m confident that In exactly the form that it is if we just put an upgraded clutch in this and put it straight back on the dyno and run it No doubt in my mind that it’ll run over 300 kilowatts or 400 horsepower. Mechanical Stig’s just arrived! He’s got a new clutch in the car. That’s convenient. Let’s go get it Did you bring a clutch? He did, did you? There’s nothing wrong with the one that’s in it. You just need to bed it in properly. Oh so its fine? Yeah, it’ll be fine. Are you sure? With no clutch kicking and no anything and simply 16 pounds need to be bedded in phase Should we just try giving it one more? Is that what would you like to do Ben is the mechanical Stig that’s your car but I would just drive as it is Yeah, let’s go acid. Okay Did you just say one thing and you did yet that’s that happened I was like wait what Well, the good news is that nothing fell out the smoke coming out was either the clutch bedding in or getting completely destroyed So we’re gonna go for another power run and find out YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Yeah, benny!, we’ve done it over 300 kilowatts at the wheels, Let me kiss you all! Benny i wanna kiss you’re beard! With the car still operational now we can do some adjustments to our high power tune That’s nice We finished with 310 kilowatts at the wheels that is 417 horsepower That is fairly ridiculous power for a car of this weight It has been over the Weybridge today it weighs around 1100 kilos. You can do the maths. It’s off its chops That’s some pretty good power band and the RV didn’t surprise us It didn’t surprise Scotty like it’s probably a hundredth one is Eastern. It made the power that we expected But that’s a good thing because it means a engine works This is a wrecker motor at the end of the day or Gumtree motor Yeah, so there it is bolted in plug in some decent sized injectors that’s on 98 octane fuel as well Yeah more as possible with ethanol probably needs more fuel system too, which is not really something I want to do right now Yeah, I mean it actually doesn’t need it. The thing is you can run it on ethanol, but it wouldn’t actually flow enough fuel so you’d need to probably do another pump and then you’re just making more pipe more power going through these tires like It’s a crazy amount of power I’m actually really really happy with I guess the next question is what happens from here now The car still doesn’t need to go through Engineering blue slip that’s what we call kind of getting our car legal and ready for the road That process could take a number of weeks. There’s a lot of really really Fiddly stuff that has to go on We can’t use these wheels because they’ve got spaces we’ve got to do stuff with seatbelts We’ve got to do stuff with speedos We’ve got this huge list of stuff to do and somebody’s gonna take quite a lot of time So what we are gonna do is we’re gonna keep working away on the car But we’re gonna move on to other projects and work away on this in the background And once this is actually ready to go we’ll run you through all the stuff that happened with the Engineering and registration and stuff like that because otherwise we might be waiting a couple of weeks before you see something we are really excited about moving onto some other projects moenay’s been working on something very exciting and I I got something red in the works as well So a massive thank you to everybody who’s been watching the series and of course mechanical Stig Who’s been there to help out turbo Yoda the guys from Hal tech tuning fork? and of course Dave for coming down, I think so the guys at adrian moore suspension everybody who has supported the build and Of course the dudes at import monster It’s been huge. It’s been massive new and I think we were like hey Maybe I could be like one or two three videos. Maybe that’ll be awesome yeah, and it’s just there’s just so much happening in so many details that we just want to cover so it’s all there and it’s Been a pretty fun journey, and I’m really looking forward to driving this on the road, which we can’t do yet. Me too We’re not allowed out will so now there’s like that extra impetus to go and get the stuff done You know, the crazy thing is it all wasn’t meant to happen this quickly or meant to have the car with its l20 you’ll be able to drive around Australia like that and With without getting all into that versatile stuff again losing all of that meant that are the whole bill had to progress forward It has been very very quick to build this car and it’s been 10 weeks. Yep. Has it Yep, 10 weeks approximately there’s been a video every week and every week we’ve been working on it. Yeah, so awesome So a massive thank you to our mates who have helped out as soon as the car is legal and ready to go It’ll be back again So if you’re on every subsequent video going, where’s the two more TS 30 to 60? That’s a Nissen if you’re not saying that it’s not ready yet as soon as it’s ready We’ll be letting you know, so there it is. Thank you very much. You will be on the road soon My love, you will be with your redonkulous power. That’s crazy. That’s more than super grants a lot more It’s considerably it’s crazy. You got no grip You’ll sort that out and thank you Mun, thank you on the dark days when things don’t work and They never work, you know this stuff never ceases it’s a no I will just see you were there to say get off the ground and wipe up your tears and clean up the Coolant we ended up with a very very cool car. That’s gonna be very very nice to drive. Yeah, amazing. All right. Thank you Oh, thanks the mainline pull it out use their space about please take about yeah, cuz I’m so long Let’s get that triple source about though sometimes amazing snack pack

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