240Z – Even More Power + Build Cost

240Z – Even More Power + Build Cost

In this episode of Mighty Car Mods we’re going through all of the s 30 Datsun 240 260 280 Nissan question fairlady that you had for us and We’re gonna show you some footage that you’ve never seen before including the power run where we actually made more power But we never showed you am I going to explain why? Welcome to another episode of mighty car mods and we have just as about say we’ve just completed but we haven’t completed at all We’ve completed the build Component of our Nissan Fairlady S 30 and now the car is actually running is making some awesome power And so you guys had a bunch of questions and we decided to answer them. Definitely. That’s right The bulk of the build is done. There’s a few little loose ends that have to be tied up and stuff that takes ages It’s particularly slow. It’s kind of like a cricket match unless you’re really into cricket You don’t really want to stand there all day and watch it like we needed a gear boot oil seal. Yes And that we had to order that from oversea and then you got to hack it up and that’s been like that’s been like a couple of weeks and so you know another seat belt and then you put this here button and the seat belt thing doesn’t quite work and then you look at The legislation and then the Lapp such thing is in the wrong spots. You have to rebolt that with a particular kind of 17 7/16 UNF bolt and then you have to get that bolt take that bolt out, put it. It’s made set up for weeks Yeah, you get the seat belt specialist team to do all of his business. But anyway, you guys had lots of questions So we’re just going to dive right into them and answer them for you and probably the thing that we get asked the most all the time and it was no exception with this one is What was the budget for this build? And how much does it cost because cost is such a measurable thing and people love things that are measurable Yeah now I wish we could just give you a number. I wish I could say to you it cost $32,000 but Instead the story is going to be more grandiose than that The figures that I can give you as I can tell you how much the car cost and the car cost it was yen But when converted to Australian dollars, it was $40,000. That’s how much the car was I get it in here You’re gonna pay your duties and taxes and all those kinds of things and shipping and that kind of stuff which is roughly You know like you’ve got 10% GST 5% import tax 1,500 bucks for a roll-on/roll-off ship Then you’ve got d registration fees in Japan another thousand bucks. Maybe it’s five grand. Yeah, maybe more. Maybe I don’t actually know exactly because we *mumble* the Most I mean, I know some of the people watching out there are pretty baller because they you know They drive a golf GTI with all the options that cost more than that, but that’s like the most amount of money i ever spent on a car We should rewind a little bit – and explain how even that managed to happen because for years I reckon probably close to five years we’ve been talking about one day we’re gonna do a GTR and I mean you guys have been saying it – Do a GTR, do a GTR. This guy has a particular like, I bought him a model GTR for Christmas a few years ago. It’s blue, its V-spec. Its the Internets GTR, It’s pretty much and so we thought you know what and I think at that stage, maybe they were like 40 grand Yeah, we don’t have 40 grand, but we’ll keep saving and in a couple years. We’ll buy one and guess what happened Yeah, what happened was they went crazy? So I’ve actually I think I mentioned this recently I’ve put in some bids on 34 GTR and Now, I mean basically I’m like lying in bed at night time waiting for the message to come through being me Oh, no, sorry it went for a hundred and twenty thousand dollars like a bit more than double what your budget was and so you went how do You get a little bit of that flavor but without having to spend like Hundreds of thousands of dollars and and the UM the s30 was the way to go. Now to try and answer your question in terms Of how much does it cost? cuz you know we sort of get so many questions at how much did the build cost what I can say is each of the Components on the car you could go through which I haven’t done and most people that are into cars don’t do because it is frightening Scary you could actually go to and just work it out. You can go how much is an RB? How much are the wheels how much is the brake kit? How much is there whatever and you could work it all out? The thing that you can’t really work out is the the time of the people now you guys obviously know mechanical Stig and turbo Yoda Is like mechanics on the show, but outside of this like we’re just mates like we ride motorbikes together we hang out So no one’s really kind of got this thing of going Well, my day rate is this and my day rate is that because we’re all just working on it We’re having fun and going out to dinner afterwards and stuff. So it’s hard to quantify it It’s cost as a dollar figure, but what I can say is that most weeks you would have myself Marty Benny and Al working two or three days a week and then we’d be editing the other days of the week and we were doing that for over ten weeks Yeah over ten weeks now some weeks the guys wouldn’t come down because they had other things on But then Marty and I would be working on so if you work out that you’re working eight or nine hours per person By four or five people a day You’re talking about hundreds of hours a week by tens of thousands of hours And a related question as well was like was there any extra bits and pieces that you need? We pretty much showed everything that we use which means if you were to Google the prices of all the rear-end stuff in the engine The gearboxes and all that you get a very clear picture and if you have the ability to piece all that together you can build A car for the same price and you could probably save a lot of money by buying a rolling shell. Yeah Yeah, because we intended to buy car We could drive your import very simple drive it around for a year and something and then yet maybe we change an engine Yeah, but uh, yeah, you could probably save a bit of money in that way But again, the expert helped and mates in that blurry line. Yeah, I don’t know I couldn’t I couldn’t probably put a price on it If I tried what I would say though Is that when we had a look locally for those cars they are kind of in there you know a bit modified and kind of nice they’re between 80 and $100,000 in Australia, the price of them has gone through the roof Shannon’s they do insurance for our cars. So they insure the mini and super Gramps and they’re awesome So just rewinding a second, you know, you might have seen on our old episodes we used to be sponsored by just car insurance now just car insurance finished up It was one brand out of a bigger company Which was some corporate Shannon’s and others and so our insurance policies went to Shannon’s and they supply insurance for us They have insured this car for us and it’s insured for around $100,000 Now that’s not what we had to pay for it, obviously because you know, that’s what went into it But if you wanted to replace it Potentially with the JDM internet tax of those cars and now that mighty mods have done a series on them They’re probably worth a bit more early 10 bucks more. I’d like it like Gemini’s 10 bucks. So there it is. Now one of the other questions that we had was What are the tools that you used most on the car? And we we’ve gotten point we’ve got min if this was a clickbait video We’d go the five tools that you should use on your car the most always JDM 5000 USD M max cred. Yes have silly names I think so Yeah, good think so anyway So while building the S 30 these are the tools that we use the most now number one You wouldn’t think that this is a tool but this is like our light and a lot of you have asked about this It’s a ryobi 18v alt light has the mad battery in the bottom But some crazy design thing here where you can turn that over and run it on mains as well We’ve used that for years The reason we use them all the time is because another question we got was what’s the the belly lift thing? it’s called a quick Jack and You end up on your back under them and there’s no light under there So these are some cuz you just put them on the ground But they got like a hanging hook thing to you for hanging engine Bay’s very handy See seeing what you’re doing is kind of important next up the dak dak. So this here is basically an impact wrench Yeah, and it Dax things in Three-quarter Drive, you named it a dak dak, didnt you? I didn’t name it a dak dak. And this is my one which is kind of old actually It’s actually a different color yellow because hes oldest of them and it’s totally trash but it still works Amazingly. Next up is the drill for drilling holes. It works, runs on battery My favorite bit is that it’s got a little light. It’s got a magnet on it. There It is. Ryobi drill good Is that yours man? Yeah No, I think that’s your one because yours isn’t as beat up as mine again because there’s no it’s a bit newer. Oh, I 18 volt lithium battery Next up. We’ve got the angle grinder so obviously in the series you would have seen us cutting up the Sump with this, Basically cutting up everything and also taking off this and replacing it with a wire wheel so we can Smash our way through the paint again runs on the same batteries. Everything else amazing. There it is and lastly Martin This was like the real surprise of the bill. Then you probably saw it a lot on screen. This is a power ratchet so this is part of the ryobi one plus series, of course you basically Can get into very finicky little places and do things up and undo them with these and once they’re tight Then you can give it another wind like that. Al’s really big on these things, too because having done, like being a mechanic fighting 20 plus years he was saying there’s like Don’t do it manually. If you don’t have to you just thrash in your body and your body has limitations So here’s one of his favorite tools is these because you just go far and a stun or you spend 20 seconds Some people are purists funnily enough and don’t like ratchety things. But yeah, I’m a fan there’s some situations They don’t work but some situations like when we’re putting the bonnet on we didn’t have enough room to ratchet stick that in Attached what you can do though with those is you can get it to a certain level and you can either give it a right Or if you need to get like a torque wrench on there and go click click click click You probably noticed that all of those tools are Ryobi tools which we have been using for 10 years In fact Marty the very first episode of MCM come ten years ago, your using A Ryobi drill which was brand new at the time was a different color even though We’re starting to use those style of batteries, but there were NiCad batteries around old enough to remember what they are Yeah, and yeah I went hard on my mom cuz we’re like I need a drill mum’s like I’ll go hard cuz you got to drill some stuff around my house So on ok, and we went to Bunnings and eel bought a drill and but it was really handy still got it. That’s awesome. Yeah, and a massive shout out to you guys because you may have seen recently. Um We needed to get 10-year batteries and we did a shout out to Ryobi and just said hey if you give us the 10 batteries we’ll pay the equivalent amount to reach out which is the charity that we are ambassadors for which is mental health for young people and You guys all like flooded their Facebook page and actually came through With the goods and so we made that donation to reach out Then we went again because we needed some like um, some leaf Lowe’s because we’d blown up our other ones on the dyno Again, they sent us a bunch of stuff and you guys flooded their Facebook Wall. Ryobi if someone’s listening Can you send us one place. I think they’re worth about a hundred bucks Approximately, we only need the skin and we will give in return Five hundred dollars to reach out. it turns out that Ryobi also involved in a bunch of charitable events They fund a hummingbird house, which is up in Queensland. And I also might and support a bunch of men She mentioned tools and stuff of those look up your mentions these mentions all over Australia now, they’re great You can kind of meet up and do stuff and make stuff so it turns out that you guys were like Smashing yourselves on the ryobi Facebook page and like going hey look mighty mods use their stuff and a couple of the guys from Ryobi australia came and visited us and Amazingly because we’ve been using it for ten years and because we love it They as of about a few hours ago actually and now officially sponsors of Mighty Car Mods What that means is when companies come to help us and support us It means that you guys keep getting the show for free on YouTube. There’s no paywalls That is the way it’s always going to be and we’re pretty stoked totally and tools are mads. tools a glad Scott it Hey guys, we make tools John I play with something. That’s all. Yep. Yep So a massive a massive shout out to Ryobi Australia, and of course the other sponsors of Mighty Car Mods Which is super cheap Auto, Bridgestone, of course, we have Castrol Edge as GFB ESL, Haltech. So thank you very much. And now it’s like if you if you get the opportunity to support it companies they do support us So that is amazing man. It’s time to move on to the next question, which was it’s the big one. No What’s well, it could be the big one. This is the one Benny got the angriest a bit. Okay? The question was was the RB always the choice of engine that you wanted to use in the car and for me Yes, it was Benny was all about like let’s go naturally-aspirated It was probably a bit of weird beard purity going on there Which I get cuz I’ve got a weird weird beard as well and and someone else on Facebook goes Why do you guys like turbo cars? I just think the efficiency of them is cool I like the noises they make I like the feeling of them and I’ve got I’ve got a mini It’s it’s like a VTech mini. I kind of get that 9000 rpm naturally aspirated noise and um, I just I like turbo cars Yeah I mean this there’s definitely a bit of an era thing going on here and you’ve only got to ask someone who you know it Was around 60s cars It’s like oh you got a big like 427 cube big-block v8 And then you see that go past when you’re a teenager or in the early 20s you like. That’s awesome. And that’s fast That’s kind of what happened for me with turbo cars because I was driving naturally I spray Gemini’s another like kind of slow cars if I’m honest and you know people started getting 180s and people started getting turbo cars and I got my first turbo cordia and was Completely hooked. Yeah, because you just go I put petrol in the same I press the accelerator the same a little boost goes you like this and I go way faster than I do with an N/A car and v8s were not as accessible at that time for me to get even now like, you know You’ve got to run when you have put fuel in it. There’s efficiencies that come into it We don’t need to spend a whole episode talking about it, but definitely for me turbo engines are Where it’s at. Martin, let’s have a quick talk about efficiency One of the questions that we had was the car was set up for 85 yet when we’re on the dyno We spoke about hitting the limitations of the fuel pump 485. This is the funny thing with the 85 verse 98 So we ended up with all we haven’t showed you this figure yet You’ll be seeing this little clip shortly, but we ended up with around 300 and something kilowatts on 98 Yeah, if we’ve gone on ethanol we would have made around the same power But we would have used more fuel because we would hit the limitation of the pump So the question was is that why didn’t we increase the pump capacity to make the car capable of running 85 from the very beginning? well That fuel system is quite capable. And also as you saw very simple to upgrade There’s definitely this line that you get so now we’ve hit it with super grant and we’ve hit The double unicorn if you haven’t seen them. We’ll put a little thing to go have a look power is often a question of how much fuel you can stuff into the engine if the engine has the efficiency to make it and The the the durability to not detonate and explode often. It’s a limit of how much air and fuel You can stuff in it now if you want to stuff a lot of fuel in it those fuel times fuel pumps where it’s called Like a DW 300 or walbro 450 that’s usually like it’s liters per minute but often there’ll be a number that cars just seem to hit with those fuel pumps and not always advertised because sometimes it’s lower than People expect often it’s higher than you expect but tuning forks Scotty who’s been doing this for a long time? The first question he asked when you bring him a car and you say I want to run it on 98 Yeah
You guys what fuel pumps fuel pump is in every single time and he told us he said with RB26 you make 300 and whatever it was 30 kilowatts on 98 at this particular boost pressure Every time if it’s that particular fuel pump and he said oh there’s a new fuel pump by walbro. Whoever it is that will make 380 and then as the technology gets better and they can stuff more fuel through and keep the fuel pressure up then obviously that numbers Increasing now super Gramps made a maximum of 280 kilowatts on ethanol on 98 it made barely 200 Because the engine was limited by detonation. These RB26’s are built for boost from the factory We know that you can turn the boost up well past 20 pounds and they’ll just take it. Yeah a time The ethanol has 35% less energy in it. So you generally have to run 35% more fuel Someone’s gonna stop me on that percentage thing, but you get the idea So you immediately go to add 35 percent more fuel right and at that you can run more boost which means less detonation Which means you can make more power But you also have to have the fuel system to support it. Yes So if we wanted to run ethanol we could have put it in and we would have also put the fuel in it we could Have put some more boost through it wouldn’t have pinned. It probably would have made more power. Yeah we go great we made 360 kilowatts but the fuel systems is now at a really high duty cycle and you really you sort of pushing your luck if you put two of those fuel systems in or two external Pumps in a swirl pot and sudden, you’ve got a boot full of rubbish Yes, you could probably make more power until the engine is you’re weak point But for now that fuel system is the limitation and that said as well I think that it’s probably at that point 50 kilowatts more than super grams though it For Scotty’s number of 333 40. That’s 50 kilowatts more Yeah the thing that’s important though is that the car was built as a Street Car as a nice to drive street car that you could take to the track sometimes I think you could you could load lots of power into it and you could make a number that looks really good on the internet But maybe is not as nice to drive and maybe that’s actually the good segue to talk about The power on that we did where we did actually make more power than what was shown in the video So let’s cut to that now and then we’ll have a quick chat about that Our clutch, that’s not that was me on the boost controller. Okay, so that’s alright It’s not a pretty one that is the power that are made we just often look good. We’re that essentially a clutch kick No, that’s me. Trying to roll the boost over to try and get less at that point. Okay, and I just left it Oh just gettin pullin up out of it, right? So So as you can see from that clip there is actually a higher figure So if you’re on a forum and you needed to do your signature That’s the number that you would put in there to show everybody that your car is making loads of power But the point is that if you look at the curve that was just Scotty playing around with boost experimenting with different things That’s the number that ends up on the car sales over when you sell the car Which is never gonna be for sale, except the actual curve didn’t look very nice So what we had to do was smooth that out So that is why peak figures you got to remember as well the car is only making that power when it’s like right on the ragged edge and with a car that you want to drive every Day take on your tinder dates or do whatever you do you want it to actually be nice down low We had a really interested date and the car see oh well we had a really interesting conversation with Scotty if you’re interested in this kind of stuff to do with power curves and again I mentioned super Gramps earlier makes a lower peak power figure If you go back and look at the video of it on the dyno You’ll see that the power curv sort of comes up and stays up Yeah Because you’ve got a big engine lots of air lots of fuel it gets on boost real quick and it stays there Because you can’t push it further because you’ll either explode your engine or run out of fuel like I mentioned earlier you’ll notice the power Band of this RB’s are like a lot of RB twenty six ones and it comes up the turbo spools up and away It goes and it builds and builds and builds now If you put a bigger turbo on it You’re gonna add this it’s gonna take ages to spool up and you won’t be a full booster like over 5,000 rpm We’re and I think the four is the high fours before we’re making full boost But that doesn’t mean that it’s not making nice good linear power and we spoke about that a bit also going you know What I don’t know if I want to have three hundred and thirty kilowatts at the wheels at 3000 rpm in that car Exactly, you’ll hit three thousand. You’ll be sideways. Where is this? We think will be quite a nice thing well, I mean it still hasn’t been driven properly yet So I’ll have to see we’ve also got to sort out the wheels and rubber which was another question of people saying do you need? To cut stuff do you need to do different things like that? We don’t actually know yet and that’ll all be part of the engineering process in getting wheels that fit We’re not allowed to run spaces because that’s illegal in New South Wales for engineering And we don’t know if we’re gonna have to cut guards and stuff. We don’t want to do that speaking of engineering We’re only touching this quickly. And so some people said what is engineering because we talk about all the time So there’s the local laws we often say check with your local laws because everywhere is different you go to a different state in Australia and it’s like well You can have that size wheel and this size wheel and basically a bunch of dudes Engineers car people and governments sit around a table and go cool. How do we stop crazy cars going out there that are unsafe That’s generally what they’re going for. So they’re like, California Yeah, well, but then they got crazy emissions are all they do this But you can haven’t slam that you can’t make any pollution anyway So we obviously want to comply with that so that we can drive it if you get pulled over Yeah, my car’s legal all that sort of thing and you actually have to do that Otherwise, you can’t so the process is an engineer as in engineering means an engineer actually check certain aspects of the car Those aspects are different depending on what era are the cars from what the requirements are from there? It needs what’s called a blue slip in New South Wales, which goes to a workshop they go over a bunch of stuff check lights check beans all those kinds of things then you can Get your insurance you see 2 P which is compulsory insurance and your other Insurances and then you can get registered and then you can pick up your number plates and then you can drive around on the road Like you would eat Garris. It’s quite a detailed process um just jumping back a little bit for people asking about you know, Are we gonna have to hack the guards? One of the questions was other than what we showed on screen? What did we have to hack or bodge up that we didn’t show anybody and the answer is? Nothing in a call apart. I suppose yeah. It’s a massaging of the whole that was already there Yeah, we the two V’s I mean and we did show that and then in the tunnel where the gear box is they had to be moved so that brings us to the next question which is what is happening with all of the Gear from the car all of this stuff We’re just going to store it at this stage a few people have said that they want to buy it But the point is the idea of this was always to be able to turn it to stock I don’t know if I would ever want to to be honest because I think it is actually a better car now It’s um, it’s one of those things that for what the car was in its time for its era was great It is better now. It’s gonna drive better. It’s gonna stop better It’s going to be more efficient all those different things But at this stage we’re going to store that stuff and the other question was where is the engine and the clutch and all those? Things there in Japan there is the possibility of bringing them in at some stage We couldn’t bring them in in a timely Cost-efficient manner for this particular build which was unfortunate because we bought the car a complete car We wanted to bring it back register it drive it around for a while and then kind of talk about doing the mods We had this RB here already Which was going to be possibly for another project And then that came in with no engine and that’s kind of the way that that worked out just on that last point There’s one other thing as well that we’ve been speaking about a fair bit I don’t know a lot of other people I’ve seen in the forums and in comments sections all that kind of stuff talking about Matching numbers cars you should have a matching numbers car. Yeah, and I Completely understand the attraction to that and some people are really into it collectors particularly like matching them as Mac You know, it’s it’s the same car as when it rolled off the showroom floor Now there’s also the other side of people that say I don’t care I just want to modify it to the extreme and then people end up with like full-on race cars and these crazy things and this Is not specific by the way to car People I mean where audio engineers and musicians People want match microphone pairs that came off the production line at the same time they want serial numbers that are one number apart because when they’re recording they make sure that the you know You know anything that’s audible Aberrations and stuff is going to be equivalent with the two of them often Then they have no idea what they’re doing and they’re like sticking one microphone here and whatever there and there’s weird phase issues anyway But they like the idea That’s the same and I get that and then other people go on eBay and buy like a hot rod kit for their hot rod Kid, it actually called that for their microphones and go and put new capacitors and stuff in it. God fixed. That’s better So didn’t you exactly right? they exist everywhere. The other thing that I saw? spoken about I thought was really interesting was someone said if you were given a bog stock 1975 fair lady in 1985 so ten years after when no one cared about any model because right now no one cares about a 2008 Corolla Let’s be honest right If you put them side-by-side In 1985 say we had the technology and this particular fairlady would show up next to it You said cool driving back to back. I almost guarantee that someone from that year would go. That’s amazing That’s an evolution of that particular car and they don’t really care about matching numbers. Ten years later. Yeah forty years later It’s a different story collectors collectability comes into it collectability is not that important. I don’t think for us for this particular car Because we’re young and stupid I guess so, you know what thirty? Years will go accompli We did that and maybe we will but the adventure of actually doing it was something we really wanted to experience and do and you Did and the car is so far from what we’ve managed to do so far is really really rewarding Yeah, and the technology that’s in it like we are talking about a you know, 40 year upgrading technology Maybe only 20 years for the engine but some of those rear end bits and although you know The CAD design that goes yeah, that kind of stuff is pretty good one of the things I will say about that in one of the comments that we get a little bit is sometimes We put a video out there and and we did get it as a couple of questions with this and someone will say Someone did that before? now there’s this kind of concept that if somebody’s done something before then you don’t need to do it like You don’t need to do it yourself now I like eating because then you can like be alive and people have done that before and I think sometimes the car community is so in its own pants sniffing its own butt that it can’t actually see what’s out there in the world because if you If you look at some of the comments If you look at some of the comments next time you’re watching a car video get those comments and Imagine that you were saying that to someone’s mum Right, like imagine you went to their house and and and she goes I’ve made you an apple pie. Someone’s done that before. Oh, Ok, probably I didn’t invent the apple pie, but would you like a piece? Oh, I guess I’m AHA that’s delicious So I think sometimes people have an idea that just because something’s been done before it shouldn’t be done now I’m all about discovering and inventing stuff and and that’s the way that the world revolves and technology advances and all those things but for young people that are out there or People that are not as experienced and I put myself in those categories as well I don’t want to feel like I can’t do something just because I look on the internet and someone else has already done it before Because ultimately it’s about your experience. Not the experience of someone else who did it if you really want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro Don’t listen to someone else who goes Oh, I actually already climbed there the views not that good because it’s not about what they’re doing It’s about what you’re doing in the process of what you’ll learn and the experiences that you’ll have with your mates and your journey and all that stuff is Important to you and no one else will understand it because ultimately you are not driving the car No one else people on the internet what lots of power they want driver because that’s what makes the world exciting But ultimately you’re the one that’s driving your car And do you want to drive something that the internet thinks is cool or do you want to drive in something and go hey this actually truly feels exciting because I was involved in making this so Don’t get too tied up with whether things done before or not because breathing and eating they’ve all been done like they’ve been done before and Even your language that you speak you didn’t invent that Someone taught you that you’re just an analog copy that’s sprouting out these weird vocal Spouts through your mouth meat and they make noise that other people understand but you didn’t invent it. It’s not your language It’s someone else’s anyway, man. I think we’ve got a super philosophical side, but I know I completely agree with All of it. Thank you. Just do it. I’ll do it and experience it because you’re right You can experience a certain amount by watching other people do it, and there’s no shortage of stuff to watch Let’s be honest like yeah heaps. Yeah, but you should you should have a go. It’s always been even having a go yourself Anyway, yeah, I know It’s like the slightly less DIY this I guess people said that to so then it’s not really DIY Yeah, and yes or no? Yes still did do it. Yes I’m still myself, and we’re still doing it You know people saying do this car to a v8 to a Australian one do an American one Do a Korean one do an Indian one like there’s all the time and then I Wrote up a little whiteboard of all like the projects and stuff that I wanted 40 projects on me Yeah
so I wrote it up and we’re not gonna do this this project this project I went right so if you took away, 90% of that whiteboard that’s what most people would do in a year Yeah, and that that of you great amount because you’d be like cool. I mean do this project my car They’re gonna have eight weeks off and go to the snow and watch some TV and watch some other YouTube stuff There’s like ten times though. Yeah of stuff to do and I’m really keen to do it But how many hours are there in a day? Someone asked the question that literally someone asked was. Do you ever sleep? Yeah from the entries I try to otherwise you turn into a zombie I like to sleep a bit but you know a lot of the stuff that we’re obviously Filming a lot here. We’re also working freelance doing our music and audio staff We open our restaurant recently with a couple of mates wishbone which is in n more in Sydney that’s open seven days a week if you want some delicious fried chicken and same just on the Beginning it’s two of us and a couple of mates it helped us out which is pretty good and a bunch of Mighty mods fans that work in the kitchen and I see why but people say like, what do you like doing? The reality is most of my life is not spent on the intervals It’s spent out in the real world. And and I don’t think you’re gonna see much vlogging of me I’m just I’m not really into that thing of like “My entire life on the internet vlogged out!” Yeah, like I just want to come and hang out and watch cars and do car stuff with you guys and you Yeah, I mean, I’ve got a little shed at home and I work in there you might have seen some of the videos on MCMTV too, of like, how to make a bench and stuff which funnily enough, people are like “That’s a Ryobi sponsored video” which it isn’t and wasn’t I do it because I had all of that stuff people are like, that’s alright But I was just using it because it’s good. It’s good I got a little tin shed in my backyard as well — going to put a hoist in it. It’s pretty exciting Yeah, right and fun car stuff got some fun projects coming up and there’s some new cars coming back from the dead. Oh wait You’re gonna see the mirra very soon, which is exciting. A lot of people are asking about the mirra You gonna see it again kicking it off and you’re gonna see another car that we haven’t worked on for a little bit in the coming days and then another One a little bit after that and there’s another one a little bit of it Stacy its back from the dead 2018, basically Which is pretty exciting. Thank you. If you made it this far down down the video Thank you very much for Ryobi of course for coming on board officially as sponsors of Mighty Car Mods. Thank you for everybody Who watched our s30 build and Marty and I are? Regularly working down at wishbone, which is our restaurant. It’s at 125 n more Road in anymore And we’re waiters there sometimes I’m tired and we’re eating there sometime there all the time But we are there sometimes if you made it this far through video and you’ve watched every video for the last ten and a half Years and thank you. We just made the ten and a half years do recently to ten and a half years. I think so Thank you for all your time and watching and all your supportive comments. Really appreciate it And there can be a lot of like cranking this out there I really appreciate the positive cause because it really helps I would have never thought that we’ve been making videos for like ten years Probably because makes me think that cuz in 20 years we’ll still be making them right probably will be 40 something Was vlogging about the cat run that I just made or what I had for breakfast I think I’d run out of interest in all that very quickly, but this is always exciting There’s a whole lot of cars there and you know what? I’m gonna finish with the very last thing which is some people kind of obviously go A Mighty Car mods has evolved over the years or it’s Changed a little bit. It just has to We are always trying to do the best thing that we can with the resources that we have Being back on the driveway in the rain You can’t make stuff you couldn’t have spent three months with an s30 sitting up there Because someone would have stolen it after the first week probably it’s like someone came and stole our other car and a motorbike So thanks heaps for that. But let’s finish on a high note and everyone involves. There’s an article about that down there I’m gonna put it down there have a little thing in there of you know, things are changing But there it is. Thank you for watching Mighty Car Mods. You can follow us on the space balls, of course and That’s about it much. and the insta balls – thank you Mum, thanks Benny and tuning fork and Allen everyone And Dave may see and oh, yeah we listen, dude And the people that helped out with unwashed natty goons and put up with the silliness. There it is Alright chocolate peanuts much chocolate coated peanuts not actual like peanuts made of chocolate like this only not a metaphor with it Yeah, I want to put like that nuts in my face. Yeah, awesome

Danny Hutson

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