2019 Summer #ue4jam results | Live from HQ | Inside Unreal

2019 Summer #ue4jam results | Live from HQ | Inside Unreal

>>Amanda: Hey, everyone. We hope
you have had a wonderful week. We have certainly
been busy around here. It’s release time! Unreal Engine 4.23
is now available, and it’s chock
full of new features, and important bug fixes. Looking to destroy your World? The Chaos Physics
and Destruction System has arrived in beta,
including Niagara integration. We are also excited
to introduce virtual texturing, the Unreal Insights Profiling
Tools, HoloLens 2 support, as well as a number
of improvements to ray tracing and our virtual
production pipelines. Download Unreal
Engine 4.23 today. In addition to a brand
new Engine version, the latest round of featured free Marketplace content
is now here. Download a versatile
Blueprint Dialogue system, an Ice Cool Material pack, a custom icon generator,
fully-animated skeletons, and a VFX Grenade Pack
before the month runs out. A robust Horror Game system
and Modular Prototype Pack have also been added
to our permanent collection. We are hosting our first
ever Unreal Film Jam. Between now and October 19th, create a short film or animation
based on the theme, “Oh, the places you’ll go,”
and enter for your chance at a package
that includes $5,000, a personalized project review
with Blur Studio, creators of Love,
Death and Robots, and Epic Games,
and more fantastic prizes. Get full details on
the Unreal Film Jam page and show us your creations. Human anatomy is so complex, that just visualizing it
in traditional ways is insufficient
for easy understanding. That is the problem
that Hirofumi Seo and his team at the University of Tokyo
are working to address. Now they have built
a real-time visualization and training application
for brain surgery that more accurately portrays
the brain structure and how it deforms
during surgery, which will help surgeons
visualize a patient’s unique brain structure before, after,
and even during an operation. Read more about their
incredible work on our blog. Gaming enthusiasts
from around the world recently gathered in Cologne,
Germany, for Gamescom 2019, a massive multi-day event
with 370,000 attendees from more than 100
different countries. From triple A blockbusters,
like The Coalition’s Gears 5 and Square Enix’s Final
Fantasy 7 remake, to the newly-announced
Everspace 2, and innovative indie projects,
such as A Juggler’s Tale, we would like to congratulate
all the Unreal Engine developers demonstrating their project
at this year’s show. We encourage you to view
the fullest of over a hundred amazing teams. Squad is a battle game that is
as tactical as it’s moddable. The multi-player shooter
has earned accolades for its realistic scenarios,
visuals and sound effects that are able to replicate
real conflicts and combat. Learn more about
how Canadian studio Offworld Industries transformed Squad
from entertainment into a VR framework that will support the creation
of virtual training applications that helped to simulate
real-world combat situations. And this week’s karma
earners are: ClockworkOcean, Shadowriver,
MCX292, IndieGameCove, KristofMorva,
Luos, kevinottawa, mightyenigma, Atlas35 and splodginald. Thank you all so much
for helping your fellow devs on Answer Hub —
y’all are rock stars! Our Community Spotlight section
this week is dedicated to our Summer UE4 Jam winners, so check out
the results of the Jam, and see their great projects. Thank you so much for tuning
in to this week’s News and Community Spotlight.>>Victor: Hey, everyone. Welcome
to the Unreal Engine Livestream. I am your host, Victor Brodin.
And with me today, I have invited marketing manager
Daniel Kayser.>>Daniel: Hey, what is up?
Thanks for having me, man.>>Victor: Always. Well, I guess it’s the first
time you are here with me.>>Daniel: It’s the first time
I am here with you. I have been on before. But first time with you,
so yeah. Great work with everything
thus far, man. The stream is awesome.>>Victor: Thank you.
I appreciate that. Yeah, I work with Daniel
pretty frequently. So it’s cool
to have you on the stream.>>Daniel: Yes.
And you are a fellow drummer, and I have my drumsticks here,
because today is a big day.>>Victor: It’s.>>Daniel: We are going
to have some reveals. And anytime you have a reveal,
you need what?>>Victor: A drumroll.
>>Daniel: That’s right. So if you are wondering
why these are here, it’s for that purpose.>>Victor: I was
supposed to bring mine, but I had a busy week.
>>Daniel: Yeah.>>Victor: Make sure that I got
all these games judged.>>Daniel:I got you covered.
>>Victor: Yes, Daniel sure did. He remembered.
So I think — I know we all are waiting for,
and so instead of just — we are just going
to go right to it.>>Daniel: Let’s do it.>>Victor: Yep, let’s just
go right to it.>>Daniel: Absolutely.
>>Victor: I am going to — let’s start with —
I think — hmm. Let’s start with the finalists. Then we will do the special
categories afterwards.>>Daniel: So just a little
context, for anybody that is just jumping in —
>>Victor: That’s fair.>>Daniel:This is
the result of — how long has the Game Jam
been running?>>Victor: Well,
the Game Jam ran for five days. Daniel: Okay.>>Victor: Then it’s been two
and a half, three weeks since the submission time
ended, period. Three weeks, I believe.>>Daniel: So over five
days, these games, based on this certain theme,
theme of –?>>Victor: Make It Count.>>Daniel: Make It Count.>>Victor: We definitely
had some interesting ways that people used that.
>>Daniel: Yeah.>>Victor: There were a lot
of counting games.>>Daniel: Yes.>>Victor: We had games
with Counts, so –>>Daniel: Like, Counts like –?>>Victor: Count Dracula, or —
>>Daniel: Okay, awesome.>>Victor: Yeah.
So that was interesting, I did not actually think of that
when I came up with the theme.>>Daniel: No. Very creative.
>>Victor: Yeah. So that was interesting. We have — yeah,
we had 220 qualified games.>>Daniel: Okay.>>Victor: It was a little
bit less than that.>>Daniel: That is a lot of games.
>>Victor: Yes, it’s a lot of games.>>Daniel: That is a high count.
>>Victor: We played a lot of games. We had a lot of VR games,
which is really cool, because one of our special
categories is “Is this real life?” which is our XR category. So we actually received a couple of really neat
augmented reality applications, with phone –>>Daniel: Very cool.
>>Victor: Yeah, mushrooms, And there were zombies, and –>>Daniel: Mushrooms and zombies,
what more do you need?>>Victor: Yeah.
>>Daniel: Stop there.>>Victor: People are being creative,
with all you can do in AR. It’s such a new platform,
that it’s very interesting to see what people are able
to come up with. And a lot of that is, you know,
you have to not only come up with clever ways
to make it perform, but you also need to be good
about sort of your design, because it’s so different,
having this as your input and output as well,
at the same time.>>Daniel: Yeah.
That is always so fascinating when you have
game jams of any kinds, just to have to come up with,
from concept to completion, over the course of
just a couple of days. So always impressed
by the community and what they come up with. And for the record, I have not
checked out these games yet, so I wanted my reaction
to be as authentic as possible.>>Victor: Yep. Daniel is fresh.
>>Daniel: Fresh and authentic. And I also have a cold,
so bear with me, because I sound like
a mushroom zombie died.>>Victor: They have never
heard you before. Well, actually, that is —
never mind. They have. They never heard you with me, maybe there are some —
>>Daniel: That is true. Maybe some people have.>>– I am just talking
about stuff. Alright. So we are going to go through
all of the sweepstakes later as well,
I know you are waiting for that. But I wanted to get
started with us just playing one of the games.>>Daniel: Okay.
>>Victor: Without further ado, I am going to make sure — because I know there
is music here.>>Daniel: Nice.>>Victor: I am going to go ahead
and launch this, and sort of maybe count it.>>Daniel: I like music.
>>Victor: So our first, in no particular order, finalist
of the 2019 Summer UE4 Jam — drumroll, please — [DRUMROLL]>>Daniel: I don’t know why
my knee is the best for that.>>Victor: I can’t do the drumroll
and launch it at the same time.>>Daniel: That is difficult.>>Victor: It is! And I am going to do
the right command here.>>Daniel: Nice!>>Victor: The Count of
Schwarzburg!>>Daniel: Oh, very cool! Oh, so this is what
you were saying, the Count, they actually — this looks like a vampire-themed
game, or something.>>Victor: It is —
I am not going to say too much.>>Daniel: Okay. Okay.>>Victor: That would be — yeah,
I’m not going to say too much.>>Daniel: Well, I see a bat.
>>Victor: There is a bat. And it might have
something to do, along those lines,
later down the road –>>Daniel: Okay.>>Victor: I guess,
literally down the road.>>Daniel: Nice.>>Victor: Right, and there
we have some music. The Count of Schwarzburg has
been gravely ill for some time. Upon the request of the Count’s
physician, a novice healer — Arlette — has been sent from
the Capitol city with a recipe to for a potential remedy. She is accompanied
by a bodyguard — Matthaeus. A former mercenary,
now in the service of the Crown. They arrived at the small town
next to Schwarzburg castle.>>Daniel: Nice.
>>Victor: Let’s go ahead and proceed.>>Daniel: A little backstory —
oh, this looks awesome!>>Victor: When I launched this
game, I have never seen anything like this made
in Unreal Engine before. Which was quite impressive. Let’s go ahead and do this. I actually do not think —
no, I do need a mouse. So it’s part sort of
adventure RPG, part turn-based. I did figure out the best way to beat these guys after
a couple of play-throughs. So it’s turn-based, I control — actually, can I attack that guy?
I think I can. Alright, nice. Damn.
It’s actually pretty difficult. Now, I wasn’t going to show
my immediate tactic of how I managed to beat –>>Daniel: You found a hack?
>>Victor: Not a hack.>>Daniel: A strategy.
>>Victor: A strategy. I will call it a “strategy.”>>Daniel: Okay.>>Victor: The party stood there,
victorious. So the music is good, it sets
a really nice atmosphere. And it really made me feel like the old-school RPGs
back in the day.>>Daniel: Oh yeah, totally.
>>Victor: Everything, I believe, except the sound
was made during the Jam. Let’s see if I can talk
to the guard here. The guard seems uneasy as
he studies you from a distance, but relaxes after realizing that you are not
one of the local bandits. “Halt, what is your business
in Schwarzburg?” he shouts at you
authoritatively. And we are definitely here
to help the Count. Okay, I am not going to read
through all of these in some kind of a voice. We want to know more
about the Count.>>Daniel: Your hit points
are pretty low there, man.>>Victor: They are. However, so we can actually
open the Rest menu, and then we can rest. Now I think that is supposed
to tie into the food somehow. But I realize that I am able
to rest as much as I want. And that was actually
quite useful, to be able to –>>Daniel: Oh, you can
just keep resting.>>Victor: Yeah, you just –>>Daniel: That is kind of
what I do throughout the day. If I get — I just take a nap.
Just boom, done. My meter goes right up,
until our next task.>>Victor: We are
going to go ahead and meet these bandits here. So obviously, our goal
is to sort of bring the remedy, or save the Count here. I think my first play-through
took about — okay, so I think
this guy might die. I mean, the guy I’m playing as.
Yeah, my first play-through –>>Daniel: Oh, you could
study their attributes.>>Victor: Yeah.
>>Daniel: Okay, nice. Because I know you –>>Victor: We will let you know
how difficult the boss is.>>Daniel: It looks like you have
different types of strikes, you have, like, a jab,
or, like, a swipe.>>Victor: Yeah,
there is a swing mode — I do not know
if you can read that, because it’s pretty small. And there is a thrust mode, which gives more accuracy
but less power. Then there is a hack mode, which gives less accuracy
and more power. And I did not need to —
I realized the default one was good for the
initial bandits, but for the boss, I was required
to switch these up. Now, I am not going to lie —
I did not beat the boss. I have not beat the boss. So technically, I was not able to finish the game,
which I did not mind.>>Daniel: Right.
There is probably — oh, nice.>>Victor: We got the bandits.
And there we get some loot.>>Daniel: This is super-creative
concept.>>Victor: Yes. I love it.>>Daniel: And great execution of
it.>>Victor: It was very —
it’s interesting, because it was not necessarily,
like — it’s original.>>Daniel: Uh-huh?>>Victor: But they are basing it
off of, you know, a more old-school way
of doing RPGs.>>Daniel: Right.>>Victor: And we were able
to help the Count. And apparently he is
an angry old man. And the bandit
stole this guy’s axe, so we are going to see
if we can find that. And now I know that we are going
to need to find that, actually. We are going to head over
to this little guy here, which I think looks really cool.>>Daniel: Wow.>>Victor: I love they kept it
sort of true to the Medieval era.>>Daniel: Yeah.>>Victor: I sent the word
to the Capitol — this guy is a little
grumpy, too, because –>>Daniel: So you have
to find an axe — so you actually have quests
for finding items and whatnot?>>Victor: Yeah.
They bring you through. And there is no sort of quest
helper style, that is, like, oh, you are just going
to go here and kill someone. You actually need to find — in this case. So we need
to give him the recipe. This is also part of sort
of old-school click games, where they never told you,
like, what you could do.>>Daniel: Right.>>Victor: You just had to sort of
click around to figure it out. So here we are just going
to grab the recipe.>>Daniel: Nice.>>Victor: We are going
to give it to him. I thought that
mechanic was great.>>Daniel: Yeah, that is cool. Is it nighttime now? Or is it —
has it been this time?>>Victor: No, I think it’s nighttime.
>>Daniel: Okay. It looks like there is day-night
cycles, or something like that.>>Victor: It might be.
I did not realize that. So page up and down actually
brings the camera up and down.>>Daniel: Maybe it’s because you
keep sleeping, I do not know.>>Victor: Oh, maybe. Oh, I rested?
That would be interesting. We can try resting again
and see if — I wonder if it’s going to — Yeah, it does. That is
awesome! And there is some rain — yeah, the atmosphere is great,
the music was perfect. Okay, so now we are
given the recipe. I believe he —
oh, that is the game menu. Do we have a little — I do not know
if we actually had a quest log. Quick save — no. Good thing I know
what we are about to do. We are going to talk
to this fella.>>Daniel: What is he doing
with his money there?>>Victor: Well, he is a
merchant, so he needs to display how much money he is making.>>Daniel: He is counting
his money all the time.>>Victor: I think he
says that as well.>>Daniel: Just counting it up.>>Victor: You can buy
some good stuff here. I do not have enough coins yet,
I think, to buy anything useful, so we are not going
to talk to him about that.>>Daniel: You did not ask him
how his business was. That is kind of rude.>>Victor: I mean, obviously
if he is standing there just throwing money around —
>>Daniel: Hey, there is lightning in the background, by the way.
Did you see that?>>Victor: No, I didn’t.
>>Daniel: That was cool.>>Victor: I was focused on this
little fella here. Weary travelers.>>Daniel: I love the art
in this game. It’s great.>>Victor: Yeah, it’s —
it was a fresh thing that I haven’t played,
you know, since I was a kid. This is the innkeeper.
He also sells stuff — okay. I am actually looking through,
like I said, it took me almost 20 minutes, half an hour to play
through this last time, so we are going to try
to do it a little faster.>>Daniel: Yeah, because we don’t got
20 minutes or half an hour.>>Victor: No, we do not. Let’s see, did we get the —
no, we did not. We did not get him yet. Okay, so we are going
to head back — I believe this fella
is supposed to — oh, right. Right.
Okay, we got to find his axe. We have got to find this axe. So we have got
to go find some bandits.>>Daniel: It’s in the woods. No.>>Victor: That is
kind of what I — usually I expect things
to be in the woods. Like, look,
there is loot in the woods!>>Daniel: Side note, we often find
Victor around the headquarters just looking in the woods
for things, so it’s a little awkward.>>Victor: We do have
our walking path.>>Daniel: We do.>>Victor: Which one of my friends
here actually set up for us. Just a little area where we can
take a break during lunch, and walk around a little bit.>>Daniel: Find your axe.
Absolutely.>>Victor: Oh! We didn’t get his
axe. We had just a broken sword. Alright, let’s go ahead,
find some bandits. We need bandits.>>Daniel: Oh, do you have
to defeat bandits and –>>Victor: Look at that, though.
It’s beautiful!>>Daniel: That looks great.
Well-thought out. There’s like a little beach. Although there is no sun,
so, you know.>>Victor: Can I get back
up on the — okay. Oh –>>Daniel: Yeah,
you use the road, man.>>Victor: I was running so
fast, though. So we need an axe. Now, I know there are
some bandits up here.>>Daniel: This is a nice
and dramatic cliff. It feels like you are
ascending towards danger here.>>Victor: I was definitely standing
here just taking in the scenery. Like, at one point I was just,
like, oh, I wish I had
a smooth camera control. But at the same time,
it kind of really –>>Daniel: Whoa, this looks
intimidating.>>Victor: Yeah. So this is where
we are going to make — oh, man, I do not know
if we can beat these guys yet.>>Daniel: I don’t know, they are
kind of just standing there.>>Victor: I guess, yeah,
but there are four of them. Alright, let’s do this.>>Daniel: You have to take all four
of them out at the same time? The party readied their weapons,
stood their ground, and prepared for battle.>>Victor: Here we
go, you can do the –>>Daniel: Narration. Sure. With my cold.
It will be great.>>Victor: I think we are
going to die here.>>Daniel: The party
doubts itself.>>Victor: And there
is sort of a heal, but it only casts
a heal on Arlette.>>Daniel: Oh, okay.>>Victor: Alright, let’s do
this. I know we need two hits. Oh, I cannot reach him.>>Daniel: Oh, man.
So you had to use a move. Get all situated.>>Victor: We will get them all, there.
Oh, that is good. He is dead.>>Daniel: You got to heal —
what about your guy, man?>>Victor: So he cannot heal.>>Daniel: He is going
to have to take a nap.>>Victor: We got
one, now he is dead. Yep, like I said,
we are going to die.>>Daniel: Your guy,
though, your guy.>>Victor: Yeah, but she is not going
to make it against these three. It gets pretty hard.
Oh!>>Daniel: Oh man, you took
these four folks on, and –>>Victor: Oh, that is it.
That is it, folks.>>Daniel: That is it, done.
>>Victor: Yep.>>Daniel: No axe for you. Matthaeus and Arlette
had collapsed. Oh, there is two — oh, but
there is one of them missing. So you come back later.
Wait, can you rest?>>Victor: No, I can’t.
We need to go buy food now. Okay.
I am going to get some food. I think I –>>Daniel: I recommend that.>>Victor: Now I don’t remember
where I found the axe. I found a bunch of loot
the first time. I sold it all to the merchant,
and then I bought his best gear.>>Daniel: Uh-huh?>>Victor: And I kind of
like that. So you can — I believe you can go
and sort of visit the entire game immediately
if you want to.>>Daniel: Okay.>>Victor: You could actually
enter the city up there, even without doing
anything down here. But I like how it’s sort of — it’s not telling you
to do this, do that.>>Daniel: Yeah, you just
have got to explore. It’s old-school.>>Victor: You know,
it gives you — alright. Let’s buy a little bit of —
12 coins for some rations. Ooh, look, yeah, we found gold.>>Daniel: Pie.
>>Victor: Let’s get a meat pie.>>Daniel: Meat pie!
>>Victor: Let’s get two meat pies. Let’s get three meat pies,
alright. We are going to prepare
for battle here. That is all, thank you.>>Daniel: I’m a pescatarian,
though, I don’t know about that.>>Victor: There is
no vegetarian option! [LAUGHTER]>>Daniel: What kind
of game is this?>>Victor: They are obviously
not looking out for everyone in this town. I don’t know how
to get back here. Man! I thought — oh, oh, oh, wait.
We beat the bandits.>>Daniel: Yeah.>>Victor: I thought
they were supposed — I think the last time
they dropped an axe here, and I picked it up.
Oh, wait, we got some more gold.>>Daniel: Oh, wow, having money
on the ground behind the house.>>Victor: Can we buy the axe?
I did not check that.>>Daniel: I do not know. That is pretty
encouraging behavior.>>Victor: Let’s go back
to the merchant. Let’s ask him
about his business.>>Daniel: Yeah.>>Victor: Or, okay, we’ll start
with the wares. Here we go.>>Daniel: Oh, nice.
>>Victor: Okay there’s the axe.>>Daniel: Is that the best thing
that you can buy? Oh, okay.>>Victor: I do not
have enough coins. Because I bought
all the meat pies.>>Daniel: It’s a
delicate balance.>>Alright, let’s sell this
for four coins. We have got some old
boots for zero coins.>>Daniel: So it’s got all these
mechanics, buying, selling. You have got a — this is really well-thought out, for being made
in just a couple of days.>>Victor: Okay.We’ll ask him
about his business. It cannot be hard to have
the best deals around, when most of your competition
is dead or dying of the plague. None of this stuff
better be stolen from the dead. Shh, not at all.
Not at all. Alright, we got the axe.
Let’s head back.>>Daniel: So you are
going to take on –>>Victor: Oh, so we need
to give this guy the axe, because we need a part of the —
I found it! Oh, it’s a specific axe?
Okay. Let’s see if we can just
make it up to the Count. Alright. Since I am obviously not able
to find the axe right now, I think you all are
going to go — you should go play
the game yourselves, and try to figure this out. Maybe I will just leave — what if I just
leave the end game? Because there is an end game,
and it’s pretty cool.>>Daniel: Leave it to
their imaginations.>>Victor: Yeah. But let’s go up there and
just check the castle out, because I actually thought
it was pretty cool. Then we will move on.>>Daniel: Alright.
I am sorry I keep coughing.>>Victor: Well, I think they are probably sorry, too,
that you are.>>Daniel: Yeah, sorry about that.
>>Victor: It’s never fun. Okay. So he needs —
oh, we did not actually get. Yep, yep, that is it, folks.
We are going to end it with a beautiful shot
of the castle here.>>Daniel: That is gorgeous.>>Victor: And the last round
of the game, you are going to have
to experience and figure out on your own.>>Daniel: That is cool.
Super cool.>>Victor: Count of Schwarzburg,
everyone.>>Daniel: I didn’t see
any vampires, though. I did not see — a different
kind of Count, I guess. But —
>>Victor: No, the Count –>>Daniel: No spoilers.>>Victor: I do not spoil
anything, but there is a Count.>>Daniel: No spoilers.>>Victor: Yeah, you will get
to meet the Count. He gets to say many things.>>Daniel: Awesome.
>>Victor: Yeah. Very impressive, go play it. I was kind of hoping
they would continue on it, because I would —
they have all the mechanics there
for, like, almost a full RPG.>>Daniel: Well, I think one of
the takeaways for me, and that is, it feels like
a very cohesive, well-though out package
already, like, it’s –>>Victor: It was a complete game
when I played it.>>Daniel: Yeah. It’s awesome.>>Victor: And that was
really neat. Alright, so that is our first —
in no particular order — finalist for the 2019
Summer UE4 Jam. Very cool. I think let’s — I think I want you
to play the next one.>>Daniel: Oh, goodness. I have to put my drumsticks
down for that, man.>>Victor: I can grab the
drumsticks, see if I can –>>Daniel: Okay.>>Victor: Do some
stuff management. I am going to move this over.
Thankfully this is all wireless.>>Daniel: Those are 1Bs, man.
>>Victor: 1Bs?>>Daniel: Yeah, dude.
>>Victor: I like fat sticks, too. Oh, RockN’s? RockN’s?>>Daniel: Yeah. There is no
game. So what am I doing?>>Victor: Well, I think
you know how to launch one, so I am going to tell you — well, maybe I will run
with this, then. So our second finalist,
in no particular order, of the 2019 Summer UE4 Jam –>>Daniel: Are these
in a particular order? I am just —
[LAUGHTER].>>Victor: That was funny.
I’m being so serious. Alright, so once again —
>>Daniel: What is this called?>>Victor: I am not going to –>>Daniel: Or, you are just going
to let me — okay, alright.>>Victor: I was going to say, we
need to do the drumroll, okay. So second one,
in no particular order — NO particular order — is —
Pencil Heart.>>Daniel: Ooh!>>Victor: Let’s launch that,
and then let’s do alt-enter. Why don’t you do — okay, I have got this.
>>Daniel: Oh, I like the music.>>Victor: The music is great. There is a lot of things
that are great about this.>>Daniel: Pencil heart.
>>Victor: Okay, here we go.>>Daniel: It’s Braveheart’s
younger brother. Okay. Just start?>>Victor: Mouse — so for this game,
you are going to use the mouse. Let’s do level one. And the game should be
self-explanatory.>>Daniel: Draw to reach your –>>Victor: So,
draw to reach your love. Each drawing makes you smaller. You cannot restore yourself
until you find her, so make each drawing count.>>Daniel: Ooh, that is
a really cool concept.>>Victor: Super cool!>>Daniel: Okay. Oh, look
at that. Space bar to jump. Alright, we like it. It would be funny
if this came at number two. Hold left mouse to draw.>>Victor: So where
the mouse is — so you actually move
the mouse cursor to where you want to draw.>>Daniel: Okay.
Oh, I see. Oh, I see. So you draw, like, a little —
oh, I just blocked myself in!>>Victor: Right mouse
button to erase. So you have to —
>>Daniel: So I could draw, like, a little
ladder, or something. That might be too steep. Let’s see. Can I get up it?
Oh!>>Victor: Maybe –>>Daniel: Alright,
but now that I know –>>Victor: You have a pretty
tall jump, though.>>Daniel: How about we do this?
>>Victor: There you go.>>Daniel: Alright. Click right.
Okay, so I can erase this. Get out of my way.
There you go. That looks sharp.>>Victor: Yeah, scissors are not
a pen’s best friend.>>Daniel: Okay, so maybe I should
go around them, how about that?>>Victor: Maybe we
should go over them.>>Daniel: Yeah. That is not
going to work — alright. [LAUGHTER] What we need to do
is think about a gradual — there we go, right?
This is cool. I like this. Whee!
Okay, alright. I am going to build myself
a little bridge. Actually, you know, I like those little bridges
that are a little arch. Like that. I am going to put
some decorations on it. There you go.>>Victor: I have played similar
games to this in the past where –>>Daniel: I love the style,
the art style.>>Victor: Yeah, it’s beautiful. It’s all —
they made it look like –>>Daniel: Like it’s on
a sheet of paper. Okay. I have a cold, do not
challenge me with puzzles. Alright.>>Victor: There are
some small puzzles.>>Daniel: So that thing is — are there mechanics
I am missing, or –?>>Victor: So it’s still
just about drawing.>>Daniel: Okay.
>>Victor: Yeah. So somehow, you need to draw
something to open that door. Or gate.
>>Daniel: Oh. Okay.>>Victor: And it definitely has
something to do with the balls.>>Daniel: Alright. Alright.
Oh, I see. Oh, I see, okay. I could push that lever
by redirecting that there.>>Victor: Nice.>>Daniel: Ooh,
and there are some balloons. Interesting.
What do we have here? Do not feel bad
if you spoil it for me.>>Victor: I am not going
to spoil this one. You are going to have to figure
this one out by yourself.>>Daniel: Oh, no. Okay.
Alright, let’s see. I am not sure exactly what I am
looking at, is the thing. Oh, that looks like — hmm.>>Victor: There are two elements
to this puzzle.>>Daniel: Uh-huh?>>Victor: One of them
you have to do first, before you can do the other.>>Daniel: Okay. So –>>Victor: What do you have
right there above you?>>Daniel: That is what I don’t
know. I don’t know what that is.>>Victor: Okay, it’s
a pencil sharpener.>>Daniel: Oh, okay. Okay.
That is what it’s. I am old. Pencil sharpeners looked
different when I was growing up. Okay. Oh, nice!>>Victor: Such a nice little —
>>Daniel: That is so cool!>>Victor: Yeah.
>>Daniel: Alright, so now I could pop these things,
if I can get up to them. Is that right?>>Victor: You can
jump pretty tall.>>Daniel: Alright.
I like the idea.>>Victor: Yay!>>Daniel: Ooh, that one
seems a little out of reach. That the way I feel when I –>>Victor: Yeah, you actually —
every time you sharpen, you get shorter.>>Daniel: Oh. Oh, so I have
to go back and sharpen again?>>Victor: No, because then
it will be even harder.>>Daniel: I see. Oh, I see.
Oh, I lost my sharpness. Can I sharpen again?
Yeah, totally. Oh, boy. Yeah, look at that!
Oh, get up there! This is how I feel
when I play basketball outside. Okay. It’s not popping. Oh, I am not sharp. I am not sharp literally,
because I cannot figure out –>>Victor: Oh, no! Okay, I think
you can still solve this.>>Daniel: Am I doing something
wrong? I cannot sharpen.>>Victor: No, but you can make
a little platform so you can get up there. Then sharpen again, and then you can jump up
and get that balloon. So you are not going to be able
to pop that without being sharp.>>Daniel: Right. But the sharpener
guy will not let me sharpen.>>Victor: But you
can build a platform so that you can jump up
into the sharpener.>>Daniel: Oh, that is the
problem. I am too short. Story of my life.
Alright, let’s see. Nice! Alright. Here we go. Oh, this is cool.
Alright. I figured it out. Music is great.
Have I said that?>>Victor: I believe so.>>Daniel: Alright, this is
going to float me up here. So I am going to try to block
these guys. Can I do that? That was a little bit
of an extreme block. Let’s do this.
Oh, you know, maybe I should do it in front of
where I need to fall. Aha.
Foiled, cannon two-guy thing. Alright.
Should I just go down this way? Yep. Alright.
This is really cool. I mean,
I love how creative this is.>>Victor: Yeah..
I was very impressed –>>Daniel: Oh, yeah.
Yay, I did it! Awesome!>>Victor: You finished
level one. You know what, why don’t we leave level two
to be experienced by everyone else. Pencil Heart, everyone.>>Daniel: Pencil Heart.
It’s really cool.>>Victor: I think we all
played this a couple of times, just because of how good it was.>>Daniel: I think it’s great.
>>Victor: Yeah. I would also like
to see more levels, and I would continue
playing them. Alright.>>Daniel: Are you talking about
which teams these are from?>>Victor: It’s too bad I’m going to
shut down the music now. Hmm?>>Daniel: Which teams?
>>Victor: Oh, the teams, I really probably should have
written that up as well, which — actually, I did.
I did.>>Daniel: Okay. Because I would
like to know what team made –>>Victor: I did it with
most of them. Let me –>>Daniel: The Count of
Schwarzburg and Pencil Heart.>>Victor: I’m sorry folks I should
definitely mention who made these ones.>>Daniel: Yeah, they’re really good.
So you all deserve some props.>>Victor: Pencil Heart was made
by Steppe Hare Studio.>>Daniel: Steppe Hare?
>>Victor: Steppe Hare.>>Daniel: Not Steppe
Air, like, fancy? But Steppe Hare?>>Victor: Steppe as
in, like, plain steps.>>Daniel: And hair?>>Victor: And hair?
>>Daniel: Yeah. Is that what
you are talking about?>>Victor: No.
>>Daniel: Oh, like a rabbit?>>Victor: Oh, oh,
I was thinking of Steppe, and you are talking about hare. And I said both,
so that makes — yes. Hare as in the little —
>>Daniel: Oh, that is cool.>>Victor: The little —
Steppe Hare Studio.>>Daniel: Nice.>>Victor: Yeah. Then to make
sure that we also give mention to The Count of Schwarzburg,
that team was Bohrium.>>Daniel: Bohrium?
>>Victor: It was Bohrium, yeah. Pencil Heart was made
by three people, and The Count of Schwarzburg was
actually made by one developer.>>Daniel: That is unbelievable!
>>Victor: Yep.>>Daniel: This is
why I love what I do, because the developers
in our community are just absolutely amazing.
You give them a couple of days, and this is the stuff
they come up with.>>Victor: I had — frequently,
I am, like, this is — how is this possible?
>>Daniel: Yeah.>>Victor: It’s just people
are just really good.>>Daniel: Yeah.
They are just really good.>>Victor: And Unreal Engine
does make it easy to sort of — the game jam style, you know, using
Blueprints during game jams, it’s such a good way
to not come into problems that otherwise can happen
when you are –>>Daniel: Yeah.>>Victor: You can jump into
Unreal Engine and use Blueprints without knowing much about it, if you have done
some programming before. And you will not have to dig too deep down, most of the time, to see
why things aren’t working. You can take it step by step.>>Daniel: And then iterate.
That is the one thing I hear all the time, when we are developing
spotlights or interviews, like, the developers always talk about
how quick it’s to iterate, especially leaning into
Blueprints and just — I mean, to come up with
something, that is fantastic. So congratulations
to those two finalists and the others that we are
about to see.>>Victor: Yeah, we’re not done yet.
>>Daniel: We’re not done.>>Victor: No.
>>Daniel: We need another drumroll.>>Victor: We got four more.
>>Daniel: Four more?>>Victor: We have
four more games. Because we had the three
special categories, we had the three finalists.>>Daniel: Nice.>>Victor: We’re going to go
through them all. So without further ado, the last,
in no particular order, winner of the 2019
Summer UE4 Jam is — I actually do not think
there is any music here — oops, that’s the wrong button. And it is –>>Daniel: The wrong button?
>>Victor: Solar! Oh, no no no no no, oh, I am glad
that is the folder I brought up, because that way it would
have been kind of a spoiler. See, I did that before as well. I wasn’t really — because I mixed up
the Windows key and the alt key. That is how professional
I am, everyone.>>Daniel: That’s fine.
>>Victor: Alright.>>Daniel: So what is
this called? Solar.>>Victor: Solar. And it’s made
by Solar Productions, I believe.>>Daniel: Alright,
that is fitting.>>Victor: Solar Production —
not plural. Solar Production.>>Daniel: I see USA and USSR.
>>Victor: It’s a team of three. We are actually going to share
the keyboard to play this game.>>Daniel: Really? Okay.
>>Victor: There is audio. I do not think there is music,
but there is audio. You are going to use W-A-S-D to control your rocket. I guess I just clicked through to start there,
so let me explain it.>>Daniel: Okay.>>Victor: The two world factions
are in the space race together.>>Daniel: Right.
>>Victor: We are now — we now need to sort of
try to win the space race.>>Daniel: And the years are
going by like seconds up there.>>Victor: Right. So we should probably be quick
to be the first one to –>>Daniel: Yeah.>>Victor: Stage one here is that
we need to make it to the moon. I think I am going to be USSR,
and you are going to be USA. I think I am the red rocket, and you are the blue
rocket down there. See if I can –>>Daniel: Okay.
How do you launch?>>Victor: You launch by using
the Up — so in your case, W.>>Daniel: Okay, so alright,
just whenever you are ready.>>Victor: Alright, so let’s
do a countdown — three, two, one.
Liftoff!>>Daniel: We have liftoff. Nice. See, I launched mine
straight at the thing.>>Victor: Yeah. Well, maybe —
I could have –>>Daniel: Strategically.>>Victor: — strategically
counted it down when I was in the right there,
but there you go.>>Daniel: Was I
not supposed to — I thought I was supposed
to hit that.>>Victor: You have to land
the ship, not — you are not supposed to crash
or break the moon, you are supposed
to land on the moon.>>Daniel: Oh, so you’ve got
to put the bottom part of the –>>Victor: Oh, damn it!
Alright, okay.>>Daniel: Okay.
So I can — all right, I am going to
strategically wait for –>>Victor: The physics is what —
oh, I crashed again.>>Daniel: No, this is fun.>>Victor: The physics
is what got me, I thought they got them
down really well. It makes me feel
like there is gravity.>>Daniel: I’m waiting. I am going to
launch here, boom.>>Victor: Then when you
make it out, there is none.>>Daniel: Okay, thrusters.
No, you are going to land first.>>Victor: I sure did.
And you are going to go out.>>Daniel: Oh, I just rocketed
into the planet. Oh, now we have
got to land on Mars.>>Victor: Now we’ve
got to land on Mars. So we still get
to start from Earth. I believe that is Earth.>>Daniel: I see. It looks
like Earth to me.>>Victor: Yeah.>>Daniel: I have never seen
it from that perspective.>>Victor: It’s a good
representation. Alright.>>Daniel: Oh, and look, it’s
got your flag on the moon.>>Victor: Oh!
That is really neat.>>Daniel: As if you are
claiming it, okay?>>Victor: I did not even
notice that last time.>>Daniel: Alright.>>Victor: Okay. I am going to
make it out the atmosphere –>>Daniel: Now, it gets
a little difficult, obviously, because you have got
to account for things.>>Victor: Oh, you are just –>>Daniel: Oh, yeah,
so so so so!>>Victor: There is no —
you do not have, what would they be called,
backwards thrusters on a rocket?>>Daniel: Right, that is what
I thought. Brakes, essentially.>>Victor: Yeah.
I learned pretty quickly that the best way to do this
is to try to go slow, because there is a lot
of debris floating around. Obviously, I have an advantage
here, because — oh, no! I thought
I was going slow there. Okay, I am going
to lift off again.>>Daniel: I am actually
stuck on the Earth.>>Victor: Just go. Full
throttle.>>Daniel: I’m facing
the wrong way. No, I am going to use
the rotation of the Earth to align myself very slowly.>>Victor: Oh, no no no no no
no no no — okay, and so I should
give you this tip: Do not — do everything you can to not move
outside of the screen, because the rocket
will not come back. You actually have
to reset the game.>>Daniel: I feel like I am in
some sort of gravitational pull. Yeah, it’s pulling me back
towards the Earth.>>Victor: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, it’s.>>Daniel: So it’s resisting.
>>Victor: Oh, come on. No!>>Daniel: Resistance is futile.
Okay, here I am. Oh, don’t crash! I keep crashing.
Not what I want to do. This is fun, though. This is a great party game.>>Victor: It’s a
great party game. I could definitely see how
they could add more factions.>>Daniel: Yeah. Okay, now I am
out. This is where you have got to be strategic
about how you are — back again. Trying to move away.>>Victor: I’m going to crash.
Yep.>>Daniel: I’m going
to claim Mars.>>Victor: Mars is difficult.>>Daniel: Man,
I am really going fast.>>Victor: I hope this
is not a representation of how long it will take
for us to take to Mars, because we are way beyond the –>>Daniel: Oh, that is
a pretty big feat. Alright.>>Victor: Oh, yeah,
one of the biggest, right? That is what is at stake here.>>Daniel: Oh, and I am going to
flip, and I am going to flip. I will stick the landing.>>Victor: You can do it!
Maybe –>>Daniel: I am going
all the way out. Why are you pushing me out?>>Victor: Last time I had no
problem with landing on Mars.>>Daniel: Don’t hit
the — don’t die!>>Victor: I had no
problems landing on Mars. Okay.
So I am getting into orbit here. Let’s see if I can –>>Daniel: It’s, like, the year
3000 right now.>>Victor: No —
okay, yes, almost. Okay, back into orbit.
Alright, I am back into orbit. I think I need to get closer,
actually.>>Daniel: Actually, year 2100.
That is not too far away.>>Victor: Oh no, no no no no no no no no — Oh, I am back into Earth.>>Daniel: I am just going to do
a crazy spin, right? Then I am going to
project myself towards here, and then I am going
to do a spin, since I have already gotten rid
of all of the asteroids here.>>Victor: You are not —
>>Daniel: Oh! It was a little — hey! It’s a little quick.>>Victor: Too fast?
Other than — there has not been
a lot of rockets that I have been able
to actually land like this. Oh, no no no no no,
I am going back to Earth. Yeah, okay.>>Daniel: One of us is higher — I think one of us
has to get Mars here.>>Victor: I know. And I got it!>>Daniel: You did?
>>Victor: I had no problem — not this play-through.>>Daniel: You had no problem,
seriously?>>Victor: The first
time I played it, I had no problems
landing on Mars. It was the next planet
that I was not able to beat. Now I am definitely going out. I wonder if this —
>>Daniel: This ship is stuck.>>Victor: Is Mars not
as dense as Earth? I wonder, because the gravitational
pull actually feels –>>Daniel: I feel
pretty dense right now.>>Victor: It feels
not as strong.>>Daniel: Alright. Let’s —
oh, wait, wait a second. Can you do something else
with these keys? What is –>>Victor: No, it’s just W-A-S-D. Up, throttle, left-right, okay, okay.
Can I make it? Come on. Come on.>>Daniel: I used the trajec —
well, that was cool. I used the orbital –>>Victor: Mm-hmm.
Come on, come on.>>Daniel: Don’t — oh, nice!
>>Victor: I did it!>>Daniel: You did it!>>Victor: We will give
one shot for Proxima.>>Daniel: Alright, fine.>>Victor: I like how the sort
of notion here to, oh, you know, we can just make up planets
and keep the game going.>>Daniel: Yeah, that is true.
>>Victor: Although, doing the solar system
would be pretty cool, too. Is Proxima a planet? I do not know.
Does Chat know?>>Daniel: I do not know. They name new planets
all the time. I just died again.>>Victor: Okay. I am going
to use a little bit –>>Daniel: I feel really bad
at this game. I love the concept of it,
but I feel like I am bad.>>Victor: Yeah — have you seen
all the debris there, though?>>Daniel: There is
a lot of debris.>>Victor: I am going to
take it really slow.>>Daniel: How do you get
to go that slow?>>Victor: Just don’t —
>>Daniel: Just stop hitting the gas?>>Victor: Yeah.>>Daniel: That’s what my wife tells
me all the time when I’m driving.>>Victor: Oh, oh, no no no
no no no no no no — oh! Come on. Come on,
come on, come on. I made it!>>Daniel: You have
won the space race.>>Victor: I just did!
>>Daniel: Congratulations.>>Victor: I did not
beat that last time.>>Daniel: That’s fun.>>Victor: I just kept crashing
into all that debris over there, until there was
almost no debris left. But I still kept crashing.>>Daniel: I feel like my level
of badness at this game should not take away
from how good the game is, because it’s
actually really fun.>>Victor: Yeah.
>>Daniel: I am just bad at it.>>Victor: It was a neat
little party game — I love when you can just have
one keyboard and play. Even four people
on the same keyboard, makes me think
of old-school games.>>Daniel: Although it would
be cool, like, four-player couch co-op, right?>>Victor: Yeah. Obviously,
I am sure it would work as well.>>Daniel: At some point.>>Victor: But I do like
huddling over a keyboard. We used to huddle over, like, the Guitar Hero guitars,
back in the day, as well –>>Daniel: Nice.
>>Victor –to play them. Gave me a little bit of that —
yeah.>>Daniel: That is great.
Who made this?>>Victor: This was
Solar Production.>>Daniel: Oh, that is right,
you already said.>>Victor: Solar Production,
team of three, I believe?>>Daniel: Yes.
>>Victor: Team of three.>>Daniel: That is
out of this world.>>Victor: Yeah. Super
impressive. Congratulations.>>Daniel: That was
a really bad joke.>>Victor: We are going to
terminate that and move on.>>Daniel: This floor is
squeaky, by the way.>>Victor: The range — I think the theme this time
around allowed people to be a little bit more free
in how they interpreted it.>>Daniel: Yeah, totally.
So far these are all extremely unique, right?>>Victor: Yeah. Last Jam around,
we had coin — now it’s just completely
standing still in my head, what the actual theme was.>>Daniel: Yeah. Coin games.
>>Victor: But we had a lot of coins. Obviously, that was taken
literally, in a way. Here I did not even think
of the literal meaning of count as a title, I guess.>>Daniel: Right, right.>>Victor: That was
a cool surprise, and everyone worked really hard. I think it was actually
impressive how many of the games were sort of on-point when it came to the theme,
in their own way, obviously. But it was possible for me to understand what they meant
around the theme.>>Daniel: That is always
a cool part of a game jam, when you are playing something,
and you are, like, oh, I see what they did
with the theme. The more interesting
and unique it’s, the more opportunity
there is to be creative, right? It’s really cool when you hit that moment
of discovery, like, oh, I get it.
Got to make it count.>>Victor: Got to make it count.
Or make it.>>Daniel: I Like it.
>>Victor: Alright. So let’s move over to
our special category winners.>>Daniel: Ooh.
>>Victor: And then — maybe we should just go
through the sweepstakes first.>>Daniel: Okay.
>>Victor: Not the big one. Obviously, I am sure
you noticed that we have an absolutely amazing-looking PC
here from Falcon Northwest –>>Daniel: That is great.>>Victor: — which is the grand
prize that we’re going to give out to one member of the three finalist teams
will receive this.>>Daniel: Wow.>>Victor: And the
specifications for this, you can find on the
itch.Io page. They are — it’s a very impressive PC. I just noticed this today
when I opened it.>>Daniel: Oh, my goodness.>>Victor: It’s just a glass door.
I thought that was really neat.>>Daniel: That is super cool.>>Victor: Then since we’re doing
this, why don’t we just do this –>>Daniel: Careful.>>Victor: I got this. I tried
before we went live.>>Daniel: Oh, okay.
That means nothing, trust me.>>Victor: Then we have an amazing
graphic on the other side, as well.>>Daniel: Wow, look at that!>>Victor: Which was taken
from our SIGGRAPH presentation.>>Daniel: Yes, that is right.
That is a new graphic, and it’s really cool.
That is fantastic.>>Victor: Yeah, I was very
impressed with Falcon Northwest. This is actually
their newest line of PCs.>>Daniel: Really?
>>Victor: Yeah. So it’s a new case.>>Daniel: I need to enter
the game jam next time. I do not think I am eligible…>>Victor: I see a nice
little logo prop.>>Daniel: Look at that,
that is really cool-looking.>>Victor: Yeah.>>Daniel: That is going to be
super cool.>>Victor: I guess that’s a little
teaser before we hand it out. We are going to
have to ship this.>>Daniel: That makes me
nervous, on the little table.>>Victor: No, it’s good. We’ve got
sandbags on the bottom there.>>Daniel: Oh, okay. Good.
Sandbags. When you are on set — sandbags.
It’s all about the sandbags.>>Victor: The team here —
the production team made sure the PC was going to stay in —
>>Daniel: Yeah. I asked Greg for a water before,
he handed me a sandbag. It was just, like — sandbag. Sandbag.
Everybody gets a sandbag.>>Victor: Anyhow, just trust me. The sandbags, they will do it.
They will do it for you. Alright.
Let’s do the sweepstakes to keep a little bit
of the excitement. I’m just going to do it. So let’s go over
our DXRacer winners. To try to keep this a little bit
shorter than last time, I have gone ahead
and randomly selected using a sheet formula across
everyone who participated. I am just going to go ahead
and read out — so one of our sponsors
for the Jam is DXRacer. They provide these amazing
Unreal Engine-branded chairs, that we also have here
in the office.>>Daniel: Yes. You always feel really
ready to work when you sit down. You are just —
I am ready.>>Victor: Yeah, and I
like the lumbar support. It makes me, like, I am sitting
for two hours, and I am, like, oh, the lumbar support
tells me that I shall stand. I actually get out of the chair. Try to get the blood flowing,
you know? It’s important when you work in front of the desk all day.
Then when you get home, you just want to play or make
video games, and you sit again. So we are to stand. So our DXRacer winners —
and these are selected out of everyone
who participated in the Jam with a qualifying submission.
So without further ado, the lucky winners
of the three chairs that we are handing out
is going to be Rena from Steppe Hare Studio,
one of the videos.>>Daniel: Oh, nice.
>>Victor: Vasilli from Team Orchid, and Trim from Fever Dream –
Dream Team. Congratulations. You will all be receiving
these three –>>Daniel: Oh, I guess we have
a gallery of claps. [APPLAUSE]>>Victor: Little claps.
We can do drumrolls AND claps.>>Daniel: Thank you.>>Victor: We can get more claps
over here.>>Daniel: More claps.>>Victor: Claps everywhere.
The whole team just come in. Well, we have
these new microphones that are actually picking up
the room a little bit, a little bit more,
I should say.>>Daniel: They are
clap-certified.>>Victor: I guess we never
announced it. But we do have new microphones. I hope you are enjoying
the improved audio, because I definitely
heard a difference.>>Daniel: Yes.
>>Victor: And it looks nice. You know, you cannot even tell.>>Daniel: I can’t see it.
>>Victor: No. Where are they? I don’t know. Alright.
Let’s do our next sweepstake, which is going to be
from the Marketplace Team here. They are providing Marketplace
credits to 20 people out of –>>Daniel: Twenty?
>>Victor: Twenty. Yeah, we have got 20 here.>>Daniel: Nice! That is a lot
of Marketplace credit.>>Victor: That is a lot of
Marketplace — it’s $50 each person.>>Daniel: Wow. That is awesome.>>Victor: Yeah. It’s a good
time, good time to get it, because there are a lot of amazing things
on the Marketplace.>>Daniel: I think everything
is awesome, by the way. That is why
I say “awesome” all the time.>>Victor: You should, right?
>>Daniel: Yeah, it’s a great word.>>Victor: It’s a great word. It’s a good look on life that,
you know, try to make awesome things, and try to look at everything
that is awesome.>>Daniel: That is right.
So you have got 20 of these.>>Victor: Twenty of these. So I am just going
to read through them.>>Daniel: Go for it.
>>Victor: Without further ado, our Marketplace credit
sweepstakes winners are:>>Daniel: Hold your
applause until the end.>>Victor: Okay.
That is important. He got it.>>Daniel: Yeah.>>Victor: Alexander
from Team Broken Cat, Ellie from Harland Assigns,
Jared from Jaeger Moon, Khatskevich from Team
Maxim Ivanovich — I think that is
actually his name. Todd from
Deplorable Mountaineer, Tyler from Duck Snot,
Jonas from Tellos, Brian from ColorClick,
Alexander from HRWA, Cubehero from Team Cubehero, Ryan from Games by Ryan,
Lauren by Team Kymera.>>Daniel: Credit.>>Victor: Just throwing
them out there. Well, they will be
kind of thrown out there, because they are all digital.
There is nothing — Johnny from Johnny Swales,
David from Nex-Gen Games, Aditja from AR-1010,
Jack from Kintrope, Harkon — which I think is
pronounced “Hawkon.” HPA97, Stefan from Mms, Kyle from Cold Sweat Games,
Mohammad from Watar, Team Watar, and Derek
from Dolwah Productions. Congratulations, everyone.>>Daniel: And applause.
[APPLAUSE]>>Victor: You probably will —
>>Daniel: You did a good job with that list, by the way.
That was pretty intense.>>Victor: Thank you!>>Daniel: That is a lot
of reading to do.>>Victor: Yeah. And there was
a lot of updating the formula of giving me a new –>>Daniel: By the way,
Jack Jewel is a great name.>>Victor: Jack Jewel. Yeah, that is almost —
it sounds like an action hero.>>Daniel: That is like
a rock star name.>>Victor: Yeah.>>Daniel: Oh, action hero.
That is great.>>Victor: Yeah, it’s, like — You know what, I think it’s
better than GI Joe, actually.>>Daniel: Yeah.>>Victor: That was what came
to mind, for some reason. And I did not even grow up
with GI Joe, that was something that —
no.>>Daniel: Me neither.>>Victor: I did see
all of the funny, meme things
that they did around –>>Daniel: The PSAs?>>Victor: The PSAs, yeah.>>Daniel: That is classic.
>>Victor: Very classic. I think I repeated
those quotes many, many times. But to leave memes
and other various random topics, let’s go ahead and move onto
our next sweepstake sponsor, which is GameTextures.com, as they are providing
a subscription to their service, which is a huge library of game
textures that you can use.>>Daniel: Oh, great.>>Victor: So without further
ado, and there will be claps — we have 10 lucky
sweepstake winners of this. And they are:
Cameron from Dimensions, Christopher from Pew-Pew Games,
Mohammed from Watar — he is a double winner there — Clarence from Tremoro —
sorry, no. That was Clarence
from Sad Gandalf.>>Daniel: Right. Sad Gandalf.
>>Victor: Sad Gandalf. Ali from Team Revived,
Devon from Team Avatar, Ross from Couchable Games, Katarzyna from Fireline,
Steven from One Aussie, and Sarab
from Caspian Interactive.>>Daniel: Caspian.
>>Victor: Congratulations, everyone. [APPLAUSE]
>>Daniel: Nice!>>Victor: See,
everybody clapped that time.>>Daniel: Man, lots of winners.
>>Victor: Lots of winners, yes. We do have one sweepstakes left,
which is the grand prize here. We are going to wait
a little bit to send that out.>>Daniel: Yeah, totally.>>Victor: I am not going
to announce that yet. But there is
a very lucky winner.>>Daniel: Right. Then we’ve got
the categories, right? I mean, these other categories.>>Victor: That is what we’re — we’re going to play
some more games. We’re going to announce the winners
of the special categories, and we are going to play
some more games.>>Daniel: Okay.>>Victor: I am
going to start with the, Is This Real Life category.>>Daniel: Okay.>>Victor: Which is anything
in the realm of XR which, if you do not know —
>>Daniel: AR, VR.>>Victor: Yeah, AR, VR, any from across reality where
you blend virtual and the real reality together. We saw some really
cool submissions. This is a room-scale game, which means that you actually
need to walk around. There is no way
to artificially move yourself or the camera in the World.>>Daniel: Okay.>>Victor: Which made it difficult
to play here on the set; we do not have that much space.
Also, I believe if I was standing, my head
would be out of the shot, and we would actually need
a cameraman, which we do not do. So for this one —
>>Daniel: No offense, I mean, it’s just the cameras
are on tripods, I mean, we could take them off.>>Victor: We could,
and move around.>>Daniel: It’s okay.>>Victor: I am just trying to
explain myself why — because we have done VR. We have no problems doing it.
Seated VR.>>Daniel: Right. But if you
can’t virtually walk around, then you would just be
stuck in one spot.>>Victor: Yep. But I can tease. Just stay tuned,
things might change.>>Daniel: Woo.
>>Victor: Maybe a little. So I am going to play
a video of this, so we are going
to need a drumroll. Where is your — you got them?>>Daniel: Hey,
I got you covered.>>Victor: Oh, alright, all good. I prepped this, okay, cool.
So I am going to play a video. So the winner of Is
This Real Life special category from the 2019 Summer UE4 Jam is —
Shipping Sheep!>>Daniel: Nice!>>Victor: Let’s just
go ahead and play this. [VIDEO PLAYS] I guess there is not a lot
of sound effects. So the mechanic in this game,
you know it immediately. You do not even need
any instructions. You can just start
trying to explore, and you figure out immediately
what you are supposed to do. So your job is to get
the sheep into the pen.>>Daniel: Right. That is always the
job with sheep.>>Victor: Get back in the
pen, sheep! Yeah, so you build
your little –>>Daniel: Oh,
a fan and a pillow. Nice!>>Victor: Yeah, it’s a complete
game. You can get in — there are, yeah,
I believe nine levels.>>Daniel: And you
are counting sheep. That is the theme. Brilliant!>>Victor: Yep.>>Daniel: See, that was that
moment where it hits you, you know, I can get it. That totally delivers.
Super fun to play?>>Victor: Super. Like, we kept doing it over
and over to get to the last — and, like, it’s so nice,
there is a nice level menu, all the interactions,
it’s intuitive. That is really important
in a VR game. You can try to explain
difficult mechanics.>>Daniel: Right.
>>Victor: But unless the person is a sort of seasoned VR gamer,
it’s really hard.>>Daniel: Right.>>Victor: And it can lead
to frustration. And if the player
feels frustrated when they are in a close environment,
they cannot see anything else –>>Daniel: Right, you are
a little disarmed, you cannot, like, just take
a second to collect yourself. You are there.
You are in the experience. You need to be able
to figure it out intuitively, and it has to be fun.
That is great.>>Victor: So, yeah,
super impressed. It looked nice,
all of the Assets were made — I think there was some sound.>>Daniel: That is great.
Sheer genius. [LAUGHTER]
Sorry, I had to –>>Victor: I’m glad I know that
word, because I got the joke!>>Daniel: Okay.
>>Victor: Let’s see here, so I just wanted to make sure –>>Daniel: They’ll put my
name up after that one. Now they will associate me
with bad jokes. It’s my fault, I guess.>>Victor: Shipping Sheep
was also made by one person, the team name is SMVynt. SMVynt is made by one person.>>Daniel: That was awesome.
>>Victor: Very impressive. We had a lot of fun playing.
Please give us some more levels, and make sure
we get to know about that, because we would play them,
even difficult ones. And more sheep!>>Daniel: More sheep.>>Victor: Yeah, maybe, like,
I like dual spawns and stuff. Yeah, super cool,
very impressive. Congratulations!>>Daniel: Yes.
[APPLAUSE]>>Victor: Yeah,
doing the claps now. I like the drumroll
and then the clap.>>Daniel: Right.>>Victor: I’m not sure if
we did the clap last time.>>Daniel: Amp it up.
>>Victor: Alright. So back to it.>>Daniel: So we just have two
different categories left.>>Victor: We have
two categories left.>>Daniel: We had the overall
three finalists. We had Is This Real Life, which is Shipping Sheep,
that we just saw.>>Victor: Yep.>>Daniel: That is a quick recap
for those keeping score at home. Now we have two. What is this
next award category?>>Victor: The next award
category is Army of One. And I am going to have you play
this game, but I will launch it.>>Daniel: That would help.
>>Victor: And hand the keyboard over. I actually think you might
be able to play this with the game pad.
I am not sure I tried that. I did plug one
in so that we can do that.>>Daniel: Can I try?
>>Victor: Yeah, yeah. We are definitely
going to try that. So Army of One is for the best game
made by a team of one developer.>>Daniel: Oh, wow.>>Victor: I will let you
know, there was a lot. I do not keep count of this —
keeping count — but especially when I was going
through the sweepstakes and sort of jotting
all the names down, and then actually looking at
all the team names a little bit further,
I noticed there are a lot of individual
developers for this Jam. So this category was a little
bit hard to pick the winner out. The game that won, we all thought provided
a very original art style. It had amazing atmosphere.
It’s not a horror game.>>Daniel: Alright.
I don’t like horror games.>>Victor: I don’t either. So I am saying that,
it’s not a horror game.>>Daniel: Alright.>>Victor: But it gave me
goosebumps, and it made me feel — because I am sitting there
with headphones.>>Daniel: Yeah.>>Victor: Always turn it up
to 11, and –>>Daniel: It’s atmospherics.>>Victor: It gave me goosebumps,
it’s super atmospherics.>>Daniel: Atmospheric.
>>Victor: Yeah.>>Daniel: I got you covered.
>>Victor: Alright. Let’s go ahead and do this.>>Daniel: Oh, who is the winner?
>>Victor: You need the drumsticks. So the winner of the special
category, Army of One, for the 2019 Summer UE4
Jam is — let’s go ahead
and launch this –>>Daniel: We’re going to have to
buy a new chair for the studio.>>Victor: I hope it’s not
coming through too loud. I know we are —
>>Daniel: I will go softer.>>Victor: Alright,
game is launching. I am going to do
the right key bind. Oh, it starts immediately. I am going to get it over —
the winner is, Wyrmwood!>>Daniel: Whoa, look at that!
>>Victor: And I hope — alright, so there was no audio track here
in the beginning, but we tested this before. I am going to hand
this over to you. Let’s see, do that — okay. No game pad, so you are going to
have to use the keyboard.>>Daniel: Okay. Bummer.
Alright, that is fine. Is it keyboard and mouse?
Or just keyboard?>>Victor: I believe it’s
just keyboard, actually.>>Daniel: Alright. Child I implore you.
Do not enter the woods. Right, they tell me
not to go in there.>>Victor: Inside them
lies only darkness.>>Daniel: And something else
at the end of the sentence.>>Victor: Oh, well.
Ah, well, yes?>>Daniel: Ah. I must.
In that case — seek the light. It will be your sole companion.
I feel like something bad is going to happen,
especially when you say –>>Victor: And the music
has not even started yet. Already, the atmosphere.>>Daniel: I’m just walking.>>Victor: So you actually have
two dimensions of movement.>>Daniel: Oh. Oh. Wow. Chapter One — oh, it’s
very cinematic presentation.>>Victor: Mm-hmm.
And I love the little — they made sure that there was
some nice little sound effects for almost everything
in the game.>>Daniel: Alright.>>Victor: I think you want
to enter the Wyrmwood.>>Daniel: I do not know.
>>Victor: Maybe you don’t want to –>>Daniel: Fail enough and
your efforts will be in vain. Okay.>>Victor: Now, we don’t have
stereo, which might actually –>>Daniel: Do you
get indications of where things are based on sound?>>Victor: Correct.
>>Daniel: Okay.>>Victor: So not
having stereo might be a little bit
of a disadvantage.>>Daniel: Alright, I see a key. How do I get the key?
Hmm. Maybe I will go around. Ooh, there is something
creepy back there! Alright.
Am I going to jump? Hmm, can I go through this?
Oh, goodness gracious! What is that?
That thing came on quickly. It does not like me
going through here, and it’s, like, following me.>>Victor: I did not discover
the monster like that. That was a much —
>>Daniel: Every play is different?>>Victor: — not as scary way
of discovering him, because I only heard that noise. And I saw something
move in the shadows And I know that happened
to Alex as well, who helped us judge the games.>>Daniel: I have got to get
that key to unlock the fence. And I can only see so far.
Hmm.>>Victor: Yeah, I love
how they used lighting in this. I was trying to figure out
how they did it.>>Daniel: Alright, the road ends
there, and there is a rock here.>>Victor: Where did the monster go?
>>Daniel: The monster — it sounds like you
are trying to explain to me, like I do with my kids.>>Victor: I am doing it in a way
to not try to tell you what you are supposed to do.>>Daniel: The monster is, like,
just chasing me, kind of. If I — oh, wait. Oh, I have to go in the woods
with the monster? I do not like that.
Never do that at home, unless you are trying to look
for an axe or money. Oh, gosh!>>Victor: You’re feeling it
too, right? Even just having it
with one little in there –>>Daniel: And it said if I fail
too many times –>>Victor: It should come through
as stereo through the stream.>>Daniel: I have only got
one of these — okay. This is — yeah —
uncomfortable. In a good way.>>Victor: In a good way. And like I mentioned,
I am not a — I like — I have played stuff
like Amnesia, I thought that was awesome.
>>Daniel: Yeah.>>Victor: I just have a hard
time continuing playing, because I get scared, and –>>Daniel: I am staying close
to this entrance until I can figure out if I am attracting it
with my movement? Oh my gosh, yes, I am. Okay.
My movement is attracting it. But I can’t fake it out.
This is where I would juke. I would do a juke.
No juke button.>>Victor: You don’t have any —
no juke abilities.>>Daniel: Alright. Oh, can I block it with trees?
You cannot get around the tree.>>Victor: Your tree-block
skill is not high enough.>>Daniel: Here he comes! Alright. It will chase me
out of the woods.>>Victor: That is funny, I didn’t
even know he could go out there.>>Daniel: But I don’t see
another entrance.>>Victor: Do you want a —
>>Daniel: Yeah, I want a hint. A lifeline, please.>>Victor: Okay. So he moves
back and forth back there. So just go. Just go now.>>Daniel: Oh, okay. Oh, so he just moves —
>>Victor: Go left. Go left.
Go left.>>Daniel: Yaaaahhh!
>>Victor: Okay, obviously — do not listen to me. He might be smarter than I’m
giving him credit for.>>Daniel: So I need to wait
for him strategically — it’s kind of, like, you know,
the stealth game, through the guard walks all the
way in the opposite direction, and then you just do the thing.>>Victor: Yeah, and there is a
really, really nice piece of –>>Daniel: But I can’t hear,
just to be clear. So if that is an essential –>>Victor: You cannot hear at all?
>>Daniel: Very little.>>Victor: Can you crank it up a
little? Yeah, thank you, Greg.>>Daniel: I’m running!
>>Victor: Just to make it more tense. So here is a super awesome
piece of level design. When I played through this, you do not expect
that little alcove, or –>>Daniel: Yeah, I’m hiding behind it.
>>Victor: — just to be there. And so after, I died two times,
like you did, but because the monster
just kept coming. And see — oh, it’s so cool. That is how I discovered
a monster. I just saw him coming through
in the shadows like that.>>Daniel: Oh, so you got
all the way over here first?>>Victor: Yeah, I did.>>Daniel: Because you’re
better than me.>>Victor: No, I think I was —
like I said –>>Daniel: You
strategically found it.>>Victor: I had stereo
headphones when I was playing, so I could hear where he was.>>Daniel: Okay.
But now I need to hide again. Do not come up here.
I got the key. Yeah, this would be really
intense with stereo headphones. Alright, I am going to hide
behind the rock, let him go by. Okay, he went that way.>>Victor: I like how
they added that little –>>Daniel: And I’m running.>>Victor: — how he or she, the one person
added the little –>>Daniel: Okay, now I could use
the key on the gate.>>Victor: I believe so, yes.>>Daniel: Oh, boom, it worked.>>Victor: Nice.
>>Daniel: Alright.>>Victor: And we
made it to the light.>>Daniel: Ooh, this is really
cool.>>Victor: Yeah, it’s very impressive.
Let’s leave chapter two –>>Daniel: Yeah,
I was going to play it.>>Victor: — yeah.
Not spoil too much. Congratulations,
some very impressive work. [APPLAUSE]>>Daniel: But the
count mechanic. Count.>>Victor: Mm-hmm.>>Daniel: What are
you making count? Oh, like, make your moves count.>>Victor: Make your moves count.
>>Daniel: Make your –>>Victor: Make the light count.>>Daniel: Make the light count.>>Victor: There was
something else I thought of, or I thought sort of
make your journey count.>>Daniel: Uh-huh,
yeah, I can see that.>>Victor: Yeah. I would say make your attempts
at not dying count.>>Daniel: Oh, I see, because
you only have so many — it said you only have
so many times. So I guess the further
you get, you are using –>>Victor: I believe the
light actually — I believe —
>>Daniel: Oh, the light gets smaller?>>Victor: The light gets
smaller, the more times you die. I only died twice, and I
did not explore that mechanic.>>Daniel: You do not have to,
like, you know, rub it in.>>Victor: Oh, sorry.
[LAUGHTER]>>Daniel: “I only died twice.”>>Victor: Yeah, I only died — so I am going
to end it right here. Very impressive work.>>Daniel: Great job.
>>Victor: I love the art style.>>Daniel: Yes, it’s wonderful.
>>Victor: And how, like — also, there were quite
a couple of things throughout my play-throughs —
well, really the first one, when I sort of discovered
the mechanics, but they all — they gave me sort of a reward.
It was, like, I discovered them.>>Daniel: Right.>>Victor: And the level design
helped that shine through.>>Daniel: Yes.
That was really cool.>>Victor: Yeah. I know Amanda
really liked the game as well. She was the first one
that got to play it, and immediately said, “You have got
to check this one out!”>>Daniel: Very cool.
>>Victor: So we played it.>>Daniel: So that
was the Army –>>Victor: Army of One special
category award. And now, we are going to head
over to the Tiny Award.>>Daniel: What is that?>>Victor: The Tiny Award
is the best game, or the best submission
that comes through where the game itself, uncompressed,
is less than 100 megabytes.>>Daniel: Really?>>Victor: And to achieve that,
you need to — you do not modify
the Engine or the Editor, but you can remove portions
of it that you do not need.>>Daniel: Okay.>>Victor: So you can do that
in a couple of different ways. You can turn off
as many plugins as possible, because those are modules
that actually get packaged with the binary,
even if you do not necessarily have any reference
to them in your code.>>Daniel: Right.>>Victor: They will still
be packaged and be there, because the Engine
is sort of expecting you to be able to call back to them.>>Daniel: Right. So this is
about optimization, it’s about being efficient.
It’s about –>>Victor: It’s about file
size optimization. But it does optimize your
project more so than sort of — it does optimize your project
more than anything, I would say, and it’s really easy
to ship the game, because — I mean, you can ship it
on a mobile store. You do not need to do the sort
of the split up the PAC file.>>Daniel: Right. Okay.>>Victor: And download it
in a separate –>>Daniel: So it’s about being
creative within those confines, and how well you can actually
pull something off.>>Victor: Yeah, and it really —
it helps with your project to keep your project size small. Now, those two don’t
cancel each other out.>>Daniel: Sure.>>Victor: You can have a super
large project size and go really small
in your binary, depending on which folders
you decide to actually package. So a good example is,
you can import sort of Marketplace packs
into your project.>>Daniel: Right.>>Victor: Most of the
time, you are not going to end up using everything
that was in the Marketplace pack. So you want to not package them out
when you package your game –>>Daniel: Right.>>Victor: — because you are
not using them. So you do not need
to bloat your file size. It makes the usage experience
a little bit better. When they download it,
it’s not as big of a download. If you have bandwidth limits, or whatever it could be,
it’s nice. But I think the biggest benefit
that I find of a small binary is just how quick
it’s to package it. So there is less
iteration time, right? You do not have to sit and wait
for the project to package, it does not
take that long, right? Something like this probably
takes between 10 to 20 seconds.>>Daniel: Wow, really?>>Victor: Yeah, depending on
your specifications on your PC.>>Daniel: Oh, right, sure. So are we ready
to find out the winner?>>Victor: I believe so.
>>Daniel: So drumroll.>>Victor: A drumroll for the
winner of the Tiny Award, special category for the 2019
Summer UE4 Jam is — [DRUMROLL] launching — moving over —
am I doing the right keys? No, I am not. I wonder why it
does not do that the first time? Okay — Blackout!
>>Daniel: Blackout!>>Victor: Blackout.
>>Daniel: Cool.>>Victor: Yep. And —
>>Daniel: What’s this about?>>Victor: In this game —
oh, actually, I wrote down, because there was such
a nice little description, a little quote
that I actually grabbed. I do not think it’s
actually part of the game, so I am just going to read it — “A tunnel collapse has left
Steve the Scuba Man trapped in an underwater cave.”>>Daniel: Scuba Steve?
>>Victor: Scuba Man Steve. “The only option for escape
is to make every breath count, navigating a sea
of lethal obstacles” –>>Daniel: That is good.
>>Victor: It is. “Deadly traps, and of course,
sharks. Lots of sharks. A tunnel collapse has left
Steve the Scuba Man trapped in an underwater cave. The only option for escape
is to make every breath count. Oh, I actually —
I copied that twice!>>Daniel: Yeah. It’s better
the second time, I find.>>Victor: Okay, so should we — no,
I am not going to do it again. But thanks, Victor,
for noticing that you — and you did not
read it all twice.>>Daniel: Especially sharks.
That is the closing.>>Victor: I thought
that was a good one — I am going to let you
play this one, too.>>Daniel: Oh, goodness. I think you just like
making fun of me at this point.>>Victor: No.
>>Daniel: Okay.>>Victor: But I believe —
>>Daniel: I am doing it. Let’s go.>>Victor: I have played it
a couple of times.>>Daniel: I do not like being
under water –>>Victor: Well, you are
technically not under water.>>Daniel: Whoa!>>Victor: Okay, you use
the mouse and the keyboard.>>Daniel: Okay, sorry,
I was not ready.>>Victor: Well, it just
throws you in there.>>Daniel: You have got to be
ready when you are down there.>>Victor: You started it.
>>Daniel: Oh, okay. Oh, I see. Alright, so —
what am I tethered to?>>Victor: So that is
actually the mouse.>>Daniel: Oh, okay. Your air supply is easily
restored in these shelters — by what, going up here? Yeah, okay. But excess movement
will rapidly deplete it. Make it count!
Alright, I will. That is the way I look
when I swim, by the way. Some caves contain currents of
varying intensities and sizes. Minimize your usage of air
by using them to your advantage. Oh, okay. So the more that I am
in the current, the less I have to move.>>Victor: Yeah, and just like —
I do not know if you have — have you ever gone scuba diving?
>>Daniel: As you can tell, no. [LAUGHTER]>>Victor: If this is what you looked
like when you went scuba diving…>>Daniel: Oh, okay, I am sorry.
I didn’t realize that you could put this mouse
where you want to go.>>Victor: Yes.
>>Daniel: That is why I was — oh, I need to get some air.
I have got to make it count. Okay. Fill up. I love the physics here,
it’s fun. Rock slides are a serious hazard
while under water — I think they are always
a serious hazard, just for the record — dodge the falling
rocks carefully, or risk being knocked out. Okay.
So we are going to go this way. So I have to dodge
these rocks — okay. Now I am getting nervous
about my air supply.>>Victor: You’ve got it,
you don’t have — up.>>Daniel: Okay.>>Victor: That is okay.
It’s only brief — it’s only a brief knockout.
>>Daniel: Oh! I have got to get up there.
Oh, this is intense.>>Victor: Yeah. And I am not
even sure if I made it –>>Daniel: You didn’t
make it this far?>>Victor: — all the way. There are more difficult
mechanics coming. And here is one.>>Daniel: Ooh,
there is the current. I am using the current
so I do not use my — alright. Getting caught by — rock spikes
will slow your movement speed. Press F to remove a spike.>>Victor: So you
got impaled there.>>Daniel: I am pressing F.
Hold it?>>Victor: You can use the mouse to interact with objects
in the World.>>Daniel: Oh. F. Got it. Oh, that was, like,
all the way through me. Alright, I am full of air.
Full of hot air.>>Victor: Getting out of breath.>>Daniel: Now I have got
to get around these. It takes a little
getting used to, but once you are used to it — which I am not —
it’s actually really fun. I love the way they —
oh, what is that? Okay, got that tank —
oh, get it. F on the tank — multitasking.>>Victor: You got knocked out.>>Daniel: Oh, no.
I cannot continue.>>Victor: I think
you got knocked out.>>Daniel: I got knocked out.
F. E to pick up.>>Victor: Use E. You just go,
okay. Just go. Just go for it.>>Daniel: Oh, no. I am not –>>Victor: You can grab them with
E, and bring the tank with you.>>Daniel: Take the current —
oh, I died man!>>Victor: You did. You did.>>Daniel: That is really bad.
>>Victor: Give it another go?>>Daniel: Yeah,
I will give it one more go.>>Victor: Okay, one more go.
>>Daniel: Alright.>>Victor: Because you were
getting the mechanics down. Yeah, there was definitely
a learning curve, which I like. And they keep implementing
new mechanics as you move on.>>Daniel: It’s very immersive.
Sorry. Alright. Yes.
Okay, so here is — alright –>>Victor: So you
can hold F on that, and that will allow you
to sort of breathe the oxygen.>>Daniel: Oh, there you go.
>>Victor: Then you can pick it up, and you can take it with you
so you can use it later. And that is required.>>Daniel: Oh, you are going
to need it to get through certain distances.
>>Victor: Later on, yeah.>>Daniel: I am going to use
the current, just roll –>>Victor: You got impaled.>>Daniel: I got impaled again?
Does that do anything? I think I am good.
Oh! I threw my tank! E, pick up. All the while you have got
to juggle all these things. Oh, you could lose
your tank if you — I think the hard part for me is that you actually
have to put them — like, the W key is going to go
wherever you have the mouse. And whatever — I am swimming
against the current here. Let’s try going this way.
I need to use my tank. Can I? I am going to die again.>>Victor: Oh — hold F. Alright, that was it.
It’s out. It’s depleted.>>Daniel: I can’t get through —
oh, here is another tank. Ooh –>>Victor: Oh, I think
that one is empty.>>Daniel: Oh, well,
that is not good for anything.>>Victor: I do not
remember if they –>>Daniel: Never buy
an empty air tank.>>Victor: — refill when
you enter the area.>>Daniel: Do you want to
show me how it’s done?>>Victor: Alright,
I will give it a shot.>>Daniel: Do you feel like you
are an expert here?>>Victor: I will give it a shot.
I will give it a shot.>>Daniel: That is super cool.
That is a great spin on a theme.>>Victor: Yeah.
And it has some — I do not know how well it’s
coming through on the stream, but there is
super nice atmospheric sort of underwater audio.>>Daniel: I cannot
really hear it.>>Victor: I think I got knocked out
on the rocks, like, every time I went through
most areas with rocks. Yep, yeah, see? Alright,
I think I can make this. Grab it, alright.
Oh, he needs air — ah, okay. Okay, yes, I am — why do you put
so much stress in me?>>Daniel: This is
kind of stressful.>>Victor: Yeah,
alright, let’s –>>Daniel: But in a way that is
very rewarding when you actually
reach your destination.>>Victor: Oh, is this not where
I am supposed to go? Maybe –>>Daniel: Oh, I do not like
that feeling like you are lost. You are totally lost, and you
do not know if you made it.>>Victor: Oh man,
I went back again. I made this last time, I think
I am supposed to go this way.>>Daniel: Every second counts
here. There is your tank.>>Victor: Come on,
I know there is air. Okay.
Obviously we are not –>>Daniel: Experts.>>Victor: — no. You know,
and it’s actually –>>Daniel: It’s a fun
game, though.>>Victor:I think games are
more — oh, well, that depends. I was going to say, games that allow you
to have fun even though you are not good at them —
>>Daniel: Right.>>Victor: — is great. Because
it’s very inclusive, right?>>Daniel: Right.>>Victor: Finding the
balance between –>>Daniel: You just got stuck.>>Victor: No, I did not.
I made it. I am getting knocked out,
though.>>Daniel: You are about
to run out of air.>>Victor: I do not remember
where I went here. Okay, so we are going to let –>>Daniel: People need to play this.
>>Victor: Yeah, go play it. It’s on the Itch
submission page. And if we are lucky, maybe the developer will give us
more content afterwards. No requirement, though,
the game is sort of finished. My play-through felt like it
was a good chunk of the game.>>Daniel: That’s great.
>>Victor: Alright. So congratulations. [APPLAUSE]>>Daniel: Blackout!>>Victor: Blackout,
by Nocturnal Arts, I believe. Let me make sure. Yes. Blackout, by Nocturnal Arts
gets the Tiny Award.>>Daniel: Congratulations.>>Victor: And he was a Army
of One special category submissioner as well.>>Daniel: Oh, wow.>>Victor: It was really hard
to pick the Army of One, because of everyone being. But Blackout was certainly — gave me a lot of joy,
and challenged me and –>>Daniel: Yeah.
It has a lot to offer.>>Victor: — everyone else
who played it.>>Daniel: It’s the complete
small package.>>Victor: Complete small
package, yeah. And really nice. It was super quick to compress
and play. That is always nice. Yeah, a good tip there, though,
for that is to definitely do not use
the plugins you do not need.>>Daniel: Right.>>Victor: And select only the
folders that you want to package.>>Daniel: So who is
winning this thing?>>Victor: That is what we are –>>Daniel: Okay.
>>Victor: — about to do right now.>>Daniel: That’s a big drumroll.
>>Victor: It is a big drumroll. So a big thanks
to Falcon Northwest for sponsoring the UE4 Jam.>>Daniel: Yes. Absolutely.>>Victor: Every time around,
actually, with this amazing PC that I am
extremely jealous of, yeah, because the graphics
look amazing. I would like — I would just slap
UE stickers on mine.>>Daniel: Yes.
>>Victor: Which is not as cool.>>Daniel: It’s not as cool. I started my drumroll way early,
by the way.>>Victor: Not such a high-res
print that they have on it.>>Daniel: Yeah, high-res print.>>Victor: So do another
little one, just ta-da!>>Daniel: Look at that.>>Victor: Check it out.
>>Daniel: It’s great. It’s beautiful.>>Victor: I think there is
a 28 in there –>>Daniel: Oh, look,
you’ve got a close-up. Can I do this?>>Victor: You can.
>>Daniel: This is lovely. It really is gorgeous.
That is going to look really, really cool,
wherever it ends up.>>Victor: I hope the person who receives
this will make it count.>>Daniel: I’m sure they will.>>Victor: And it will allow them
to more efficiently create amazing submissions and
games, moving forward.>>Daniel: Yes!
>>Victor: Alright, so without further ado,
let’s go ahead and award the winner
of the Falcon Northwest PC — goes to —
>>Daniel: Oh, man!>>Victor: — hang on.
I have got to do this. [DRUMROLL] I have to do this.
Am I going to the right sheet?>>Daniel Yeah, you do need to –>>Victor: Yeah, but I have —
it’s a process. This one is not pre-made.
So I have got to — okay. Okay. I found it. So the winner is, Juri,
from Team Bohrium!>>Daniel: Nice!
Is it Yuri, or Juri?>>Victor: Juri?
>>Daniel: Yuri maybe?>>Victor: J-U with an umlaut,
R-I.>>Daniel: Nice. There you go.
Congratulations! [APPLAUSE]>>Victor: Congratulations.
That is –>>Daniel: Let’s get some
claps, people!>>Victor: Oh, claps.
All the claps. Yes. And that was the developer
of The Count of Schwarzburg.>>Daniel: Oh!>>Victor: The first game
that we played.>>Daniel: Yes!
[APPLAUSE] I think definitely deserving. A lot of thought,
effort went into that, and –>>Victor: I think
they all deserve it.>>Daniel: They all do, yeah.
But, you know, that –>>Victor: But there’s only one.
>>Daniel: There’s only one.>>Victor: Yeah.
>>Daniel: Yeah. All of these games
are absolutely amazing, especially considering –>>Victor: And there are
so many more ones. I did — there are couple
that I would like to mention. The Bucket List
was a very cool game, you play as an old grandpa
who wants to — he has gotten the notion
that he has cancer, and he wants to go
through his bucket list. And it’s like
a warrior style, with a bunch of mini games
that you play through.>>Daniel: Sounds fun.
>>Victor: It was. It was quite cool. Also, there is Make It Count VR,
we will say a super cool game. Oh, what was it called? There was one that had
such a beautiful — oh, yeah. There were so many. Victor’s Vector was funny,
and obviously I thought –>>Daniel: You are a little biased.
>>Victor: A little. That was a super neat
puzzle movement game, and the World looked amazing. Iterate, Make You Count.
That was the game, Make You Count was the game that
had an amazing art style. And you had to —
your job was to count, and I hope
it’s been playing here. Oh, this one
was super cool, too. I do not remember
what it was called. I loved this puzzle mechanic.
It was a little bit like Portal. Oh, sorry, no, this was not the one I am thinking of.
I did play this one as well.>>Daniel: This one was
good, though.>>Victor: They were both using, I think,
the hexagon lethal Material. Yeah, tons of them,
that is what makes it so hard. I mean, we played over —
there was over 200 games.>>Daniel: That is a lot of games.
>>Victor: It’s a lot of games. It took us a while. It took us quite a while,
actually, to make sure that we gave them all the proper
play-throughs they needed, and sort of were able to discuss
the pros and cons, and make sure to hit
all the things that we were looking for
in these games. So, super-impressive. With that, I do want
to go sure — go sure? Okay, I am going
to have a sip of water.>>Daniel: [LAUGHS] Be sure.>>Victor: I want to make sure
that I don’t forget to mention all of the sponsors that are
providing prizes for this Jam.>>Daniel: Yes, absolutely.>>Victor: So I wanted to make
sure that we go through them. Intel is one of our
major sponsors. They are providing the winners
with an Intel Optane drive, which is a super-fast,
solid state drive . Obviously Falcon Northwest
for sponsoring us with — and Juri now —
with this amazing PC. SideFX for giving
everyone access to Houdini during the Jam. And they are also
awarding Houdini licenses, Houdini Indie licenses,
to the winners.>>Daniel: Wow.>>Victor: Quixel, which allowed
everyone to use their Megascans pack
and their tools Bridge.>>Daniel: Great.>>Victor: And their
huge photogrammetry — photogrammetized texture
library. Assembla, for providing all of
the developers with access to a cloud source control tool,
which everyone had in use. Go ahead and check that out, and learn a little bit
about source control — it can really help you
throughout the process; when things go wrong,
you can revert. If things go really bad,
you can also revert. And it allows you to collaborate
a little bit faster than sort of swapping
thumb drives, and making sure that the
right files were transferred. IGDA — and I do want to mention that for everyone
who participated in the Jam, IGDA will be sending
out an email with a discount code
for a membership. IGDA is the International Game
Developers Association. They provide game
developers around the world with all kinds of benefits. The one that I think
is really important, especially here in the States, is that you can actually
get health insurance. So they allow you to be
part of an organization that allows you to get health
insurance, which is really neat. They do Meetups
around the world. They generally try
to just support the game developers around the world. GameTextures.com, for sponsoring us
with the sweepstakes. CrowdForge.Io for
allowing us to — or allowing all of you
to find teams and people to play with.
It’s a service that allows you to sort of say,
like, hey, this is who I am
and what I am doing. I am looking for these people
to work with, where you can just head on there and find other people
that are looking. And then Soundly,
for providing us with the opportunity to use
their sound library for the Jam. And then we have a large — or a big amount
of Marketplace sponsors that are providing the winners
with a lot of their packs. I was very impressed
with how much they are actually giving out. And in no particular order —
BRAiNBOX. We have Plan B Studios,
Project Nature, MoCap Online, Aleksander Ivanov,
and SB — they are — all of the packs
that they are giving out, as well as their creator pages
on the Unreal Engine Marketplace,
they exist on the itch.Io page. So I recommend you go there
and check out their stuff. It’s very impressive. Thank you all so much for
providing this for our winners.>>Daniel: Yes, absolutely.>>Victor: I hope and I think that it will be of
good use to all of you. And then last up, of course,
DXRacer for providing us with some really, really cool-looking
UE4 branded chairs. Those are all our sponsors. Now, we are not going to go
just quite yet. We are going to try to wrap
it up here, because I know — and we already went past
the time, I am so sorry, Daniel.>>Daniel: That is okay.
>>Victor: We were supposed to start to just do a little quick –>>Daniel: There is just people
sitting in the meeting room, like, where is Daniel?>>Victor: Well, he is doing
something very important right now. And we are having a good time. So I am glad you are here. I am glad you did not
just rush out on me, left me here all alone. Bye! With that,
I would like to mention that we are soon going
to announce the MegaJam. And this is the
five-year anniversary of –>>Daniel: Oh, wow.
>>Victor: — the UE4 Jam. And so I want to let you know
that we are trying to make this the most spectacular
and big Jam to date. We are planning more prizes,
bigger prizes. There are some
other things as well, that I am not going to spoil,
around the Jam. But we are really excited
about it.>>Daniel: Ooh, secretive!>>Victor: We have already
started planning it. There is a lot of stuff
going on.>>Daniel: That sounds great.
>>Victor: Yeah. It’s going to be exciting.>>Daniel: Going big. Five years.
>>Victor: Five years.>>Daniel: That is amazing. You
have been doing this for a while.>>Victor: Of UE4 Jams.
>>Daniel: Yeah.>>Victor: Yeah. And we are going
all-in this time around, to make sure that, you know,
you get a good experience, and we make sure we reward you for all the hard work
that you do. All they provide us with,
all the fun you give us — you know, it’s funny,
working at a games company, some people think
that all you do is, you know,
or you’re a game developer — oh, you just play games all day.
>>Daniel: No.>>Victor: In my case, that
actually is the case sometimes, during a very intense
period of time.>>Daniel: Right.>>Victor: I get to
play a lot of games at work, which is a lot of fun. So I appreciate all
the hard work that you put in. Let’s see, is there anything
else that I should mention here, before we let Daniel
go to his meeting, and I am going to go ahead and make sure
that I upload all the vaults, and get everything else
taken care of. And I am about to send out
a bunch of emails to everyone to make sure
that you get your prizes. Make sure that you respond. It’s important
that you respond to my email. If you do not, then I do not
have a confirmation –>>Daniel: Right.
>>Victor: — to make sure that there is actually someone
on the other end to receive all the things
that we will be sending out. So make sure that you respond.
You have a week.>>Daniel: Makes sense.
>>Victor: You have a week, yeah. I think we say a little
shorter days in the rules there.>>Daniel: I tell everybody that
when I email them, by the way. Make sure you respond.
>>Victor: Make sure you respond. Well, you know, communication,
two-way is important. Otherwise, I do not think
there is communication, there is just someone
shouting into nowhere. I think that is it. Let’s do another round
of applause for everyone who participated.
[APPLAUSE]>>Daniel: Thanks, everybody,
for all who participated. All 200 and something games.>>Victor: We have been playing,
everyone who sent us a little bit
of a gameplay video, they have all been playing
in the background. Go to make sure
that you check out their games. There were a lot of
really good games that I wish we could award
prizes to everyone, but that is not, unfortunately,
how a competition works.>>Daniel: Right. But everybody
had fun participating. And I certainly had fun
playing the games. And thank you
for having me here.>>Victor: Thanks for coming on.>>Daniel: It’s not often
that I am on this stream, so I love to have
the opportunity to communicate, fellowship
with you, and then, of course,
check out these awesome games.>>Victor: And show
your amazing drumstick skills.>>Daniel: They were not
too amazing today.>>Victor: I think they were alright.
I think they were alright. Alright? You might get to see mine
at some point. Not today.>>Daniel: Yeah, hey, he is a
drummer, and I am a drummer. And we have the same birthday. Do you know that?
That is pretty cool.>>Victor: I do know that,
and now everyone else knows.>>Daniel: Well, you know.
Now everybody knows.>>But you looked at
me, “did you know that?” I was, like, yeah,
yeah, I know that. We talked about that. Alright. That is it for this week. Next week, we will be talking
about 4.23 Editor improvements.>>Daniel: Nice.
>>Victor: Tim Hobson is coming back. We are doing
a sort of similar one that we did to
when we released 4.22. So going through, in Editor, some of the nice features
and stuff that we have added to the Engine, Editor — both.
Yeah, just exciting. Week after that —
>>Daniel: Tim is great, by the way.>>Victor: Tim is one
of my favorite people. And he is —
it’s really nice to watch him. I am not favoring anyone, but I
have a lot of favorite people.>>Daniel: That’s alright.
>>Victor: I have a lot of them. I love everyone in here, too.>>Daniel: Yeah. Love you too.
>>Victor: Huh?>>Daniel: Love you too.
>>Victor: Oh, I love you too, Daniel. Oh, this turned
into such a –>>Daniel: What’s happening?
[LAUGHTER]>>Victor: I don’t know! But we are about to end this.
We will see you all next week. I hope you have an
awesome weekend coming up, and I hope to see you
in the next Jam. Alright, bye, everyone!>>Daniel: Take care!

Danny Hutson

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