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joining us here today before we meet our candidates well it’s introduce the journalists
first on stage with me here today our ABC 10 News anchor Lindsey Pena Union
Tribune deputy editorial and opinion editor Chris Reed and Union Tribune
columnist Michael smolens a quick word about the candidates who will not be
joining us today lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom declined our invitation he
did that in January saying he was too busy State Treasurer John Chung accepted
two months ago and then withdrew 10 days ago citing an unspecified scheduling
conflict how we got the kind of candidates on stage today a quick word
about that they were invited based on criteria that included fundraising prior
service in public office and their standing and independent nonpartisan
public opinion polls they see how we doing the reason why we’re delaying is
because Travis Allen is a couple minutes out this is what it’s known in the business
as a pregnant pause thanks to you guys for all joining us here today I know
it’s a Sunday morning I know this is the last day of your conference and a lot of
you check out early also know it’s Palm Sunday so it means a lot that you’re
here fulfilling a civic duty it means a lot to us here on the panel and the
candidates as well I’m sure ear AC okay let’s meet the candidates taking part
today they are right on cue Republican State Assemblyman Travis Allen Republican business executive John Cox Democratic former State Superintendent
of Public instruction’s Elaine Easton and the Democratic for mayor of Los
Angeles Antonio Vega Rosa well good morning you guys can all join us on
state this could be a pretty easy to bait Travis or a tough one depending on
you look forward to being your next governor state of California here they
come but by the way while we’re all here just waiting this is my hometown of San
Diego is born right here in San Diego raised in Chula Vista anybody for true
list here anybody from San Diego here again john
cox is joining us our alphabetical so you’re next to Travis here comes Delaney Stern and Antonio
Vega Rosa and again I urge you as we get started here to hold your applause and
your boos if there are any until the end please here are the rules now that the
candidates have joined us on stage so everyone knows what to expect today
candidates will get 45 seconds to answer a series of questions for our panelists
and 30 seconds for a rebuttal if they are mentioned by name in anyone’s
initial answer to help with a time we have two folks in the front row who will
hold up placards for 30 seconds remaining 15 seconds remaining and five
seconds remaining as well as to let you know when your time’s up follow-up
questions we posed at my discretion and will be if you guys don’t answer the
questions the middle of our forum will feature something different
several lightning round questions posed by me with time for 30 seconds responses
after more questions from our journalists candidates will each have 60
seconds for closing statements questions will be asked in ascending alphabetical
order let’s begin with our first question from Michael smolens
good morning and welcome to San Diego to all of you
gun violence particularly at schools seems to be on everybody’s minds these
days yesterday the Parkland schools meeting
survivors helped organize a demonstration that became a nationwide
event that government as governor what would you do to keep kids in school safe there’s questions for you
Assemblyman Allen absolutely look our kids have to be made safe this this
means that schools being gun-free zones absolutely doesn’t make any sense the
only people that their gun free zones for are the law-abiding citizens
the criminals that are coming on to our school campuses this criminal child in
in Florida the deputies went to his house 39 times the FBI knew about him
yet law enforcement did nothing there was actually a law enforcement deputy
that was on site armed they did absolutely nothing we cannot leave our
children unprotected it’s important that our kids are safe and that we’re all
safe we need to have people that are trained and have the ability to defend
themselves and the children that are under their care while at our schools
Thank You mr. Cox I have a 13 year old daughter who’s here today and the
thought that somebody would come into that school and and hurt her would be
horrendous I asked the media when this happened to not publicize the names and
the pictures of these monsters who do this this is mental illness writ large
and that we have got to do a better job I could no longer think of killing
another human being I mean that’s a mental illness it distracts us from
doing the things we need to do Travis is right going after law-abiding citizens
is not the answer what we need to do is we need to treat mental illness we need
to make it so that these monsters do not get the fame that they seek and we need
to get solutions that actually solve the problem that’s what a businessman does
thank you miss Easton Mark Twain said the problem with common sense is it’s
not very common it is absolutely true that nobody in America who’s not in the
military should have an assault weapon I am proud to say
but I voted for the assault weapon ban the first one in America was here in
California and I was in the legislature at that time and I voted for it
it’s ridiculous that you should be able to turn a gun into a machine gun it’s
ridiculous that you would have banana clips and our a guy came into my office
and said well you got a banana clips we have elderly people that go hunting you
it’s illegal to go hunting with a clip with more than five bullets in it so
let’s not let people pull the wool over our eyes
stick with the common-sense solution let’s get rid of assault weapons in
America applause again Thank You mayor 1999 I authored the toughest assault
weapons ban in the nation all of the package of gun led responsible gun
legislation in the 90s was passed under my speakership I think we need universal
background checks a very strong universal background check we need to
get assault weapons out of the hands of people I don’t believe you have a second
Amendment right to a bazooka or to an assault weapon and we need to get
address straw purchasers legal people who can legally buy guns on behalf of
others thank you next question by Lindsay good morning everyone
candidates like many other institutions Sacramento has a problem with sexual
harassment in this me too era where is the line between boorish behavior and
conduct that should get someone else did the State Capitol mr. Cox we’ll start
with you you know I’m the son of a working mom and the idea that someone
would take advantage of their position and hurt my mother and her position is
abhorrent I led the recall a Bob Filner and that was my gift to the people of
San Diego what we need to make sure is that leaders lead and don’t engage in
risky behavior the sexual harassment cases in the legislature were horrendous
as well as the sexual proclivities and the sexual indiscretions by two of the
candidates in this race who were leaders of mayors of major cities and engaged in
risky behavior that in that exposed to extortion and blackmail that’s a real
problem we need to have legislators and mayors and leaders who engage in proper
activities while they’re serving the people I could follow up so where is the
line I think you should conduct yourself in a proper fashion and as as someone
who respects others zones of privacy I think that’s that’s a good place to
start thank you miss you soon well of course
you should do that but the problem is people aren’t doing that yep they’re
crossing the line in the public sector and in the private sector time’s up
it is time to in fact for all the line very clearly in the sand and say from
now on we’re never going to use another public dime to buy the silence of
somebody who’s been sexually harassed and anybody whether in the public sector
the private sector the nonprofit sector needs to in fact show better leadership
and that means electing more women to positions of authority in this state and
in our country and putting them on boards and putting them on commissions
and having them be present because at the end of the day it is absolutely
unacceptable that women would be harassed and every woman in this room
and most of the men know it’s still going on in this state and it’s
disgraceful thank you mayor yeah you may I stand with a me to a movement in the
1970s and 80s I enforced our nation’s civil rights laws I was investigator
investigating sexual harassment claims a sex discrimination race i I do stand
with the notion that we I think it’s the labor bill that says that whistleblowers
ought to be protected I think that these investigations both in the legislature
or in the Congress need to be conducted independently of the legislature and
people need to be held accountable for the actions where’s the line I think the
line is where a woman draws it where she says no it’s unacceptable I don’t
believe that a term and condition of my employment is that you harass me Thank
You Assemblyman you take a look you have four candidates standing before you in
the race for governor there is one who’s conspicuously absent
gavin newsom is not here this morning gavin newsom was guilty admittedly of
sleeping with his best friend’s wife think about this while he was mayor of
the city of san francisco if we can’t trust gavin newsom with his best
friend’s wife how can we trust him with our state and also standing on the stage
is another former mayor and Tony Burgos the former mayor of Los Angeles also
guilty of sexual indiscretions I will tell you right now
the line is very clear the line is where it’s abusive the line in the California
Legislature we have not even begun to see it yet there are cases they have not
yet released by the way I did bring 600 people down here to San Diego your town
to replace Bob Filner Thank You Assemblyman he was sexually harassing
over 20 different women thank you – mayor you maimed 30 seconds
for rebuttal you know I made a mistake in my marriage and I paid for it I lost
my family and I lost the trust of the people of my town thankfully I’ve
regained the trust of my family and I think over time the reggae I regain the
trust of the constituents in my town because I was focused on them and not me
thank you next question by Chris reading Governor
Jerry Brown famously a few years ago derided the whole idea of education
reform as a siren song suggesting that California and other states don’t really
know specific ways to improve their schools yet union-friendly states in New
Jersey and in Massachusetts and in New York State have achieved significantly
better test results across ethnic groups by adopting reforms that they find to be
very effective should California emulate these states which states and which
reforms well one of the things you all should know is that it’s interesting
they picked those three states New York New Jersey in Massachusetts is spending
more than twice as much per child as California it’s reading hello the
elephant in the room we got a bunch of educators here you know we used to be
tied with New York fifth of the 50 states and per pupil spending today
we’re 41st of the 50 states you’re living in the most expensive state in
the Union with the highest number and percentage of poor kids and is number
percentage of English learners of course we should be investing more and we do
know what we need to do we have some fabulous schools in this state but they
tend to be the schools in the more affluent areas where the kids have
enough resources and the teachers feel supported and we don’t have class sizes
that are just skyrocketing again so it’s common sense
is not very common that’s what we need in California and investment our kids in
their future miss Easton I didn’t hear specific reforms and Chris has a
follow-up a follow-up question on that and miss Easton the fact is is that
Florida and Texas spent far less than California and yet have better scores so
the idea that school quality is a function of school spending where’s the
evidence of that we’re now seventy years into the modern system of public
education California sixty years in we have a long history of showing there is
not a clear obvious one-to-one connect between what we spend in the goals we
achieve so it seems it’s 2018 it’s not 1965 the argument that school quality is
a function of school spending where’s the beef well let me just tell you that
in Texas they have hundreds more teachers than we do thousands more
teachers than we do and they have fewer kids than we do so the truth is the cost
of living is much lower in Texas and so a dollar goes a lot further we must in
fact look one another in the eye and say when California was investing near the
top we were in achievement near the top and I will go on to say that I do think
there are other things we need to do preschool for all mandatory kindergarten
we need to know reduce class sizes and make sure our kids have counselors
nurses and librarians again all of those were dead last in the 50 states and near
the bottom and per in class size Thank You mr. mayor you know when I was mayor
of Los Angeles one out of three schools were failing
we had a 44 percent graduation rate by the time I left because we engaged in
reform and set high standards that one out of three schools was one out of ten
the 44 percent graduation rate was 72 percent I do believe we need more money
for our schools but I think we also need to ask more from our schools the fact of
the matter is I’ve was Speaker of the California State Assembly and mayor of
Los and I could tell you this I know taxpayers in this state they want
they’re willing to give us more if showing that we’re doing more with the
money we got the the gains that we made in Los Angeles we made when there were
laying off teachers to an extent that we hadn’t seen in decades and we were still
able to make those strides so yes I do agree we need more money but we also
need to do more with the money we got Thank You Assemblyman
California’s to have the best schools in the nation now our schools are ranked
among the worst and some studies even show that our kids are 46th and 47th in
the nation reading in math only 30% of our ninth graders are ever expected to
finish a four-year college degree we have to demand accountability once again
in our schools no longer should we have fifth graders reading at the second
grade level children must be tested in the beginning of the year and in the end
of the year to make sure that they actually have learned the requisite
skills they need reading writing math no more trophies for all children in
California you have to earn your education
very simply children must understand that this is an education that we earn
in California parents must be given the choice to send their kids the very best
public schools or the various public charter schools or homeschool if that is
the best option we must put the children first in our education system Thank You
Assemblyman mr. Cox the politicians answer is all the same
spend more money Jerry Brown has increased education spending by 80%
since he’s been in office in the education results have gone nothing but
down competition is the only way to get quality and efficiency every day I wake
up in the private sector and I try to do something to beat my competition Barack
Obama and Bill Clinton had a choice of a good school a good private school for
their children I think every parent has to have the power of choice has to have
the power to choose a competitive education an efficient and quality
education throwing more money at the same system which is riddled with
corruption and cronyism and controlled by the unions is not the way to improve
our education thank you our next question by Michael smolens I’d like to
return to the issue of gun violence Sacramento people have been protesting
the recent police shooting Stephan Clark young black men who was unarmed but
carrying a cell phone in his grandmother’s backyard this is the
latest incident of skeptical or questions about police action
particularly in shooting and minorities as governor what would you do to help
skeptical Californians and particularly people of color have more faith in law
enforcement it’s for you mayor first of all that was a tragic situation and I
think that having been a mayor over the years I can tell you that the chief
chief han is right we have to have an investigation it should be thorough and
transparent we have to gain the trust of the community in particularly
african-american community in that sense I do believe that we also have to
understand that law enforcement have a tough job and in the ER of a moment
sometimes these kinds of things happen so we need to make sure that the
investigation is transparent I think we need better training I think we also
need to stand up for the proposition that our police force needs to look like
the communities they serve in Los Angeles Thank You mayor and they do in
no small part because I was focused on that some even very simply the man that
was unfortunately shot in Sacramento the reason that he was the reason this whole
thing happened he was breaking into cars he had smashed a couple of car windows
because he was stealing from those cars apparently he was then chased by a
helicopter and he ran from the police I’m sure that investigation has breaking
into cars how much of that investigation has concluded excuse you I’m not sure
that investigation hasn’t we were set my time the very best of my understanding
it’s very clear to the very best of my understanding it is very clear that this
individual is breaking into cars when the police helicopter began to follow
him he then ran from police when police finally apprehended him he approached
them with something in his hand listen number one this person should not
have been breaking into cars – number two he should not have been running from
the police it had nothing to do with the color of his skin there is no police
officer that wakes up in the morning he wants to shoot someone
we must back the badge respect times enforcement at times again and there are
laws that are enforced by our police officers in California times up mr. Cox
no may I know I grew up in the south side of Chicago my mom taught in an
all-black school I know how tough it is to live in that community and see the
the problems that exist every day I also know how tough it is to be a police
officer in those communities as well and it’s a very very risky job I see this as
a tremendous tragedy and I also see it as a situation where we have there a lot
more training but I tell you you cannot expect to run from the police and where
is the leadership here mr. Newsome immediately pounced and said that if it
was a if it was a white assailant he wouldn’t have been shot well I’m sorry
we got a half stop having politicians who divide us on race what we need to do
is have leadership that says let’s respect the police and then we’ll get
respect back and if we have rogue police we need to go after them and better
train them Thank You mr. Cox miss Easton ladies and gentlemen you as social
science educators know that we have to stop criminalizing poverty skin color
and mental health issues that’s a fact the state of California needs to in hold
people innocent until proven guilty the idea that you would execute a kid
it is grandparents backyard it was guilty only of so far as we know of
holding a telephone is absolutely outrageous and so I say to each of you
it’s time yes that we recruit a broader spectrum of people into our police
services but it’s also time to look at some of the European countries that are
getting a better result by not criminalizing every damn thing people do
and especially not treating children as if they were adults
I met a kid that was locked up when he was 16 he was in San Quentin it’s
ridiculous brain’s not developing you’re 16 thank you our next question by
Lindsey Pena all right we’re switching gears here and touching on immigration
it’s no secret that the Trump administration and current California
leadership seemed to be at over this issue how far should
California push back against the Trump administration on immigration and at
what cost what do you see as the risk to such an adversarial relationship and do
you think the president would go so far as to withhold tax dollars or resources
from California if that is the stance that we choose to take Assemblyman you
start so I’m actually the only cannon in the race for governor that voted for and
support and even wrote op eds in favor of our Republican nominee for president
Donald J Trump Trump has the exact right idea which is enforced the rule of law
in the US Constitution the United States it is very clear that immigration is the
sole sole province of the federal government and as your next governor
state of California I will ensure that federal immigration law is enforced last
year in the legislature I introduced legislation to defund every sanctuary
jurisdiction in California this year I will introduce legislation to reverse
the illegal sanctuary state and as our annex governor in the first 100 days I
will ensure that this sanctuary state is reversed by the way go online to join
Travis Allen comm and sign the petition to have your City opt out of the illegal
sanctuary state as Los Alamitos California in my district just did it’s
illegal it in dangers County Quinn Assemblyman and we won’t have it in
California mr. Cox your turn border security
shouldn’t be controversial nor should it be controversial for authorities law
enforcement authorities to work together but I got to tell you this is classic
politician speak because what they’re doing is they’re distracting you they’re
creating all this war with Washington DC so that you don’t notice the horrendous
cost of living in this state the lack of opportunity in this state the
trillion-dollar unfunded pension debt they created they’ve created conditions
in this state that are making it impossible for the working class and the
middle class to live and then they throw these sanctuary state things at us they
appoint undocumented migrants the state post just to stick a finger in the eye
of people and to distract us from the message the politicians are creating
let’s get solutions to problems that’s what I’m about thank you this is
for many years I taught political science and I watched with great
interest as Republicans all over the south
wave the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution in our face as an excuse to
discriminate against people of color they said a law is not given to the
federal government nor denied to the states should be the property of the
states and the people it is so ironic that a thug like Jeff Sessions who
defended such horrible color discrimination in his area should be
allowed to stand up and say we ought to follow the Constitution immigrants are
the most entrepreneurial risk-taking and and you know also are who is in this
audience today don’t look now you’re all descended from immigrants so in fact I’m
support our sanctuary state status and I support the sanctuary cities and I stand
with our immigrants as law-abiding neighbors and friends a fall a follow up
so what would the risk be to that Evis Oriole relationship and and are you
worried about the withholding of tax dollars do you worry that the president
will withhold tax dollars from California what is the risk to that
adversarial relationship I think for the same reason that Jeff Sessions and the
other segregationist went to court against the federal government when they
thought their rights were being infringed on we should be prepared to do
that in this state and I think both of the major candidates for attorney
general are with me on this that we will stand up for the people of California
and for our federal money you should also know that in fact we are a net
don’t donor to the federal government we only get 80 cents back on every dollar
we sent so for him to threaten us with taking money away you know it just is
embarrassing and it’s not America it’s not the America I know and love and it’s
something we’ve been working to change for a long time
states rights have a place in the Constitution and we should use them to
protect our neighbors thank you mayor I think it’s pretty clear that we have a
broken immigration system both the right and the left agree on that and so they
need to come together the feds need to fix this broken immigration system but
until they do we have 11 million people in this state who are working the vast
majority of them they’re going to school they’re opening up businesses they’re
buying homes they’re participating in contributing to our economy California
is the F a center of that group of people and
this California values act didn’t start in Sacramento it actually started in LA
and it started 1979 with a very conservative police chief his name was
Daryl gates he did it not because he was Pro immigration or against it he did it
because he was Pro public safety he believed that you needed and gender
trust in your community among immigrants to make sure that they’re cooperating
with the police department and so with respect are you worried about the risk
sure we’re all worried that they’re gonna move ahead to take away our money
but I agree with d’Alene there’s a thing called the Tenth Amendment and we’re
gonna use it and we’re gonna go into the courts and stand up for the proposition
that this is our tax dollars by the way we’re a donor state we we give more than
we get back from the federal government they ought to be giving us more not less
and legislators or congressional members on both sides of the aisle I allow to be
fighting for that but so yes we’re worried but we’re going to court thank
you next question by Chris Reid it’s been 20 years since the California
Bureau of audit put its reports online and if you pay attention to 20 years of
reports the record is stunning on how many state agencies continue to have the
same problems they did in the late 1990s can you give us an example of a state
agency that isn’t well run and what would you do to improve it we’re
starting now with mr. Cox this is the equivalent of a hanging
curve ball Caltrans which spends 4 dollars and 50
cents for every dollar Texas spends on a mile of road I mean talk about waste
corruption and inefficiency let’s also talk about the high speed rail anybody
want to buy a high speed rail that’s now twice the budget it’s enriched trial
lawyers and environmental researchers and has done nothing for the economy and
will never get built because it’ll be superseded by a lot of other things and
by the way this is another agency Chris that has refused the legislature has
refused to audit the money that’s being spent I’m a CPA
I can’t wait to get my hands on this budget and practice zero based budgeting
and look at every single dime that’s gonna be transparent to the people of
the state thank the waste and inefficiency going on
Thank You miss Easton some years ago when I was in the legislature they had a
bill that they were gonna add 28 offices to the Department of Motor Vehicles and
28 new buildings and I raise the question why don’t we just open the
buildings we have on Saturday that would serve the citizens of California as well
as saving us a lot of money on new buildings and I was told we tried that
it didn’t work and the reason they sent me a report it didn’t work because one
the the employees hated it well they were getting told at four o’clock on a
Friday that they had to work on Saturday too it was too expensive they paid time
and a half really and three I mean I worked in the private sector too and if
you offered over time people were begging for it and three too many people
showed up it was too successful you can’t make this stuff up so there’s a
lot of those agencies I think we can improve DMV EDD I think we can improve
Caltrans and I’m out of time Thank You mr. mayor yes you’re out of time mr.
mayor Antonio every time you say mr. mayor for some reason I’m not Mary
anymore but when I’m governor you can call me gov let me just say I think
what’s pretty clear from these audits there’s not just one agency look
government can be run better the state government County local government
school districts I I agree with the proposition we need to do a better job
and I I think what we need to do as soon as those audits come out is put them on
the websites of those various agencies with a plan to address the audit and
hold managers accountable for you know meeting the goals of fixing what’s
broken in these agencies I think streamlining our bureaucracies is
something I would agree needs to happen and certainly as governor I intend to do
Travis California system of unelected bureaucrats is completely out of control
there are more than 500 state agencies Caltrans as was mentioned a moment ago
their budget is over thirteen billion dollars yet
2014 the Legislative Analyst’s Office came out with a report saying they were
wasting over five hundred million dollars a year on 3,500 employees that
were entirely duplicative in addition you have agencies like the California
Air Resources Board run by Mary Nicholls this agency originally did a lot of
great work we all love our clean air in California but now it exists to regulate
companies out of business in our state the problem is is that we have people
like nickels running these agencies as your next governor state of California I
will ensure that Mary Nichols no longer has a job in the California government
we will clean up these agencies reduce them in number and in scope so we can
actually build things again in California keep our environment Thank
You Assemblyman but doing without wasting your taxpayer dollars thank you
we now move on to our lightning round so here we go we’ll start with mr. Allen
again what’s and you have 30 seconds for this as a reminder what single
curriculum change does California most need to implement get rid of Common Core
absolutely we must give the locals control over their education the local
districts must once again be in charge of what they are teaching our students
there must be accountability so they know we all know that our students are
getting reading writing and math all the basic skills that we learn when we are
in school but Common Core is a failure I have a nine-year-old daughter in
California Public Schools I can tell you right now she is not learning the way
that we learn and the education has diminished in California
locals must have control which is why we need competition in charter schools as
well as plane cables and local choice mr. Cox a civics I am a lawyer because
my seventh grade civics teacher and my mom also taught the trouble with
California by the way is we not teaching civics but the kids don’t want to learn
it and I got to tell you they don’t want to learn either and the reason is
because they know that their legislature and their government is controlled by
special interests I’m the only governor candidate who’s talking about reforming
the system to put the people back in charge when the people are in charge
they will learn civics they will turn out to vote they will take an interest
in their government miss Easton this isn’t just
education right you didn’t ask about curricular change it’s education well I
mean what the biggest thing we gotta fix in education is where underinvested
terribly under invested and we need to do a lot more to help our kids be in
smaller class sizes so that they can in fact learn English they can master
civics they can learn all the other things but the truth is we need more
teachers and we need to treat teachers like they’re you have the most important
job in America because they do and we need to treat educators as if they have
a sacred trust with the state and its children and if we do that if we raise
up the children and the education system we will raise results as well as
investing more I didn’t hear a curriculum change now
five seconds okay I didn’t hear a curriculum change please five seconds
what would your curriculum change be curriculum change curriculum change I
would I would give children a longer school day in a longer school year so
they have more time to learn everything they need to learn thank you
Antonio I’m not sure that’s a curriculum change but I’m with you on that yeah
100% I think we do need to extend the school
year and the school day particularly for kids who have been that behind but if
there was one curriculum change I’d bring back the arts you know when I was
a kid in the public school you could you could play the trumpet and you know for
twenty-five cents and if you couldn’t afford it
you they’d give it to you for free and I think that we need to bring back the
arts because as we know not everybody focuses on science and math we it’s a
great way to learn science and math by the way or social studies and so I think
the arts is a curriculum change that I would make thank you
second question we’ll start with John Cox the teachers be allowed to get
tenure after two years in a process that starts after 16 months as they do now
sorry I don’t know why tenure or is it even available to begin with I’m in the
private sector I don’t have tenure I could be fired at any time and you know
what it makes me better we got to be able to get good teachers I want to see
teachers paid like rock stars and movie movie stars and baseball players because
of merit because of quality and I can’t tell you the tenure system shouldn’t
even exist but the corruption and cronyism in Sacramento
keeps it there talk to Shirley Weber who’s tried to extend the probation
period and it’s been a groundout and committee miss Easton the probation
period is too short in my opinion and as somebody who set up the Teacher of the
Year Foundation I will tell you I had a group of teachers of the year at my home
and we were after an event that we the national the statewide Teacher of the
Year event they came by and we had Casa wine together and every single one of
them thought it was too short a fact is we ought to have at least a 3-year
requirement you have to you know many of us do not aren’t ready for 10 year after
18 months which is essentially when they’re getting it now so I believe it
ought to be a three year requirement and I stand by that Thank You mayor Antonio
be a girl sir thank you getting I’m so focused on governor that I’m forgetting
I used to be mayor you know I I think teachers have a really tough job you
know about 50% leave the profession in the first five years I worked for the
Teachers Union for eight years I represented many of those teachers I do
believe the tenure track is too short and I’ve come out in support of vergara
as you know because I did believe that it was too short I think at least three
years I think there’s some 30 states that have three years it should be at
least three years I I think we need to understand that we have to focus a lot
more on teacher training and teacher support but we think we do need to hold
people accountable when they’re not ready for thank you mention Travis Allen
very simply the current tenure rules ridiculous even you take a look at
progressive Democrats like Shirley Weber as was mentioned a moment ago she would
like to extend tenure from at least three years potentially even five years
and it does beg the question why we still have a tenure system in place at
all but the current tenure system where it is only just a couple of years and
then we have you know tenure it really it begs the question as to why we are
granting this in the end of the day our education system should be for the
benefit of our children first we have to have excellent teachers and we must
reward those teachers but I don’t think the tenure system is effectively doing
that as it’s currently written Thank You Assemblyman next question to start with
d’Alene Easton should CSU and UC have free tuition yes
absolutely unequivocally I went to UC Davis when it was $82.50 a semester and
it was still hard for a blue collar family to send their kid because I had
to live away from home I had to buy the books I had to have the spending money
it was still a stretch but today we’re making it almost impossible for young
people to go to college so I believe in tuition free UC CSU and community
colleges and I have been vocal about it if those people coming out of a
depression or war could figure out how to do it for us then we by God couldn’t
figure out how to do it for the next generation especially now when education
is more important than the world and it’s ever been before
thank you Antonio thank you should it be free yes I think we’d all
like it to be free but we don’t have the resources for that so what I have said
we’ve got to start with poor kids my children don’t need free CSU or a UC me
50 years ago did so I believe that we should focus first on the kids who have
the talent to want to and to go to UCS or CSU’s but can’t afford it and with
respect to times the rest of our kids it should be affordable and it currently
isn’t thank you Travis Allen no absolutely not College should not be
free but what we should be doing is freezing the tuition at current levels
there never should have been a tuition increase when Janet Napolitano was
stashing away a hundred and seventy five million dollars in a slush fund and our
kids had to pay higher tuition for it everyone Janet Napolitano should be
fired as your next governor state of California I’ll tell you she will not be
in her position the next step is very simple California’s colleges should be
for the benefit first and foremost for California’s children our citizens
should be put first in line for our schools and yes we do got to build a lot
more CSU and UC campuses this is our next generation it’s about time we
killed it in California thank you gun cocks there’s nothing free I worked
my way through college I went to a community college to begin with I had a
conversation just yesterday with an administrator at the UCSD who told me
that she has to deal with 18 different bargaining units that
represent faculty and most of the faculty teaches one course that is
unsustainable you’ve gotta be able to have affordable education and you’ve got
to have a reasonable payroll system that allows the cost to be spread among
people we also have to address the housing crisis which is also addressing
increasing the cost of salaries in our school system and all across government
thank you sir our next question to start with
Antonio via grossa but Segway Governor Jerry Brown and Janet Napolitano have
feuded over UC funding how would you change that relationship well first of
all I think the state has an obligation to give more money to the to the UCS and
the CSU’s frankly when you look at what we used to give and what we give today
it’s a pittance and I do believe that we have to respect the Constitution and
part of why you have a UC regents is because you don’t want political
interference in the decision-making so as governor I’m gonna want to balance
that work with the Regents and the UC president but I think we’ve got to start
by giving more money we focus a lot on what we want and not enough about what
we intend to give thank you mr. Allen number one we fired Janet Napolitano
number two we demand accountability from our schools there is a lot of waste in
the CSU and UC systems I mean she was stashing 175 million dollars and
practically no one even noticed what we have to do is make sure that we build
more of these schools so our kids can get educated but gone will be these
excessive layers of administrators you know assistants and all of these things
that are not directly involved in teaching our children there is so much
waste the UC and CSU systems we have to cut that out secondly thank you we build
more and thirdly we get someone to run them that is certainly not janky halt on
them mr. Cox these ought to be run like a business
I’m in a private sector I don’t waste money like they do in government we have
a thousand boards and commissions that’s why we know the money to spend on our
colleges they’re not being run see efficiently look at the money that’s
wasted in Caltrans and let me tell you again the housing crisis is driving up
the cost of government all across every single agency because we’ve got to pay
our employees so much more because the housing is so expensive in this state
what we’ve got to do is we’ve got to get the waste and corruption out of
Sacramento so that we don’t have this monumental cost for education that is
that’s basically pricing our kids out of the school that’s 30 seconds but I’m
gonna give you five to ten more because I didn’t hear how you would address the
relationship with town I think one of the ways to do that is by making getting
the politics out of the system I mean the pilot I know and brown are both
politicians we need to get people in – all into these situations that have
you’ve been used to running businesses and that know what it’s like to have a
payroll and demand things and then demand the meeting of those goals thank
you miss Easton ladies and gentlemen the elephant in the room is that budgets are
statements of values so if you look at the budget of California when I left to
go to UC eighteen percent went to higher education three percent went to prisons
today less than twelve percent is going to higher ed and more than nine percent
is going to prisons so if you really want to change things in California you
need to take a good look at your value statement when you put the budget
together and yes the Regents do have a lot of power and I’ll appoint a lot more
regions that look like the people in this room they won’t necessarily come in
private jets to their meetings thank you next question to start with Travis Allen
at what point if at all would you stop the over-budget and underfunded bullet
train I would stop on my first day in office the bullet train will no longer
be very simply we are going to stop Jerry Brown’s bullet train to nowhere on
day one I will return all of the extra money to California taxpayers it will
never get built it was a boondoggle from the very beginning think about this if
you want to go anywhere in the state of California you drive or you take
Southwest Airlines it’s fifty nine dollars each way with a two week advance
purchase we do not need Jerry Brown’s bullet traded nowhere it will never be
built in my very first budget it will be defunded and all the money will be
returned back to you California taxpayers thank you John cocks the
bullet train is a Exhibit A of the corruption and
cronyism that permeates Sacramento the the reason it’s being built where its
bill is because two congressmen traded their vote for Obamacare to make sure it
was built in their district there was a company that built the TGV in France
that was going to put it down the five but of course that would not have
enriched a whole bunch of lawyers and environmental activists and other people
like that because you wouldn’t have needed them that’s the problem ladies
and gentlemen the corruption and cronyism and Sacramento that’s the
reason you can’t afford your house your gasoline your water and your electricity
and then the politicians up here are gonna do anything I’m not I’m not
hearing when you would stop it right away first day thank you miss Easton the
concept is an excellent one those are you who travel to Europe to Japan to
China know that high-speed rail is carbon free and it very good for the
environment the problem is it’s like looking your kids in the eye and saying
well I’m gonna buy a new car we’re sorry you can’t go to college we have to find
a revenue stream to pay for the bullet train if we’re gonna build it and maybe
it’s an oil severance tax 33 states produce oil we are among the very top
producers we’re the only one that doesn’t have an oil severance tax if you
identify a revenue stream you can think about it if you don’t you can’t afford
it until you fix the kids education so when would you stop at one point pardon me
at one point would you cut paint on that project I would I would not I would keep
the project on line and as a concept until we can get the revenue to build
the project and that would be I’ll ask the citizens of California should we do
an oil severance tax and should we direct that money into the bullet train
if they say no we’ll stop it Thank You Antonio in my in my eight years as mayor
I built three light rail lines in one bus way more than any city in the United
States of America I didn’t do it because we were just moving people I wanted to
leverage economic development the reason why I’ve supported and continue to
support high-speed rail is because it connects the two engines of the
California economy with the one place in the state that has affordable housing
and doesn’t have a diversified economy so what do we need to do we need to we
need to focus on public-private partnerships we need to look at
permitting reform we need to look at what we do to drive down value
engineering drive down time’s the wind what point would you
stop at what point what I’m not there yet so I can’t tell you what point you
know I do support it and I unequivocally support it because 16 countries have it
and I recognize that we’re nobody here in San Diego LA or anywhere else wants
to grow their airports in fact is we more people we need a bullet train but
mostly what we need to leverage economic development next question to start with
John Cox do you support or oppose repealing the state gas tax increase and
why I’m the leader of the effort the constitutional amendment to repeal the
gas tax which will not only repeal the gas tax but it’ll make it so that no
additional tax can be put in without voter approval that’s very important
this is a regressive horrible tax because people are moving farther and
farther away from work because they can’t afford their house and then the
legislature hits them with a gas tax without any reform of caltrans
which is wasting billions and billions of dollars it’s regressive it’s horrible
it’s putting the middle class into the lower class and it’s gotta stop and it’s
gonna end in November the way nice to me to be honest with you when I was a kid
gas was pretty cheap it was like 36 cents a gallon and about a quarter of
that was tax and my relatives came from back east and they raved about our
California freeway system it was the finest in the world since that time we
have been disinvesting in our roads we’ve been disinvesting in
transportation and the result is you’re spending a lot more time in traffic and
the repairs on the average car is approaching several hundred dollars a
year we need to do something and this is something that I believe we have to do
it’s time for us to pony up for transportation in the state of
California Thank You Antonio I support the gas tax we hadn’t passed the state
gas tax in more than 25 years we need that money to rebuild our infrastructure
it’s a fact that you know our roads our highways our bridges are in disrepair I
think we have a d-minus when you look at Corning an American Society of Civil
Engineers and we got to do a better job having said that you know I think 12
cents for people who have to drive a pickup truck an hour is a lot
money but and so in the future what we need to do is make sure that we have it
in a lockbox Ramos Allen 30 seconds I’m the original
author of the repeal of the gas tax for a reason this tax is jerry brown’s lie
when he was elected in 2010 he said no new taxes without a vote without a vote
of the people not one California citizen that was outside the legislature ever
got a chance to go in on it we will repeal this gas tax in November of this
year 12 cents on regular 20 cents on diesel up to 135 dollars in car
registrations who does this hurt the most that single mom that leaves out in
East County if it has to drive back and forth to shuttle her kids back and forth
from daycare this is money off of their table it’s a tax on the poor thank you
get rid of it on day one thank you next question to start with d’Alene
Eastin legalize recreational marijuana is a massive social experiment in
California what’s the one thing that needs to change three months into this
social change to make the situation better I think we need to create a
public bank in California that will allow for the deposit of money so that
it’s safely kept I think we can also use that public bank to do a lot of other
good things in the state of California that need to be done there are small
businesses right now that can’t get loans to start their business because
the big banks want too much money from them and so it can be a double benefit
to California to have a public bank I I wish the bill had been written a little
differently I wish more money had been directed right to mental health I wish
more money had you know I wish we’d done it slightly differently but I don’t
believe in criminalizing marijuana use thank you what’s the one thing that
needs to change Antonio well I don’t think there’s just
one thing so I a single most well I think we need to bank the proceeds but I
got 28 seconds so I’m going to go on I also think we need a standard to
determine if someone’s driving under the influence or operating a jet or a
forklift I also think that we need to be true to what we said we were going to do
we were going to focus on local businesses and not you know what you see
currently happening is a lot of private equity
big money the interests are coming in and kind of boxing out Thank You local
folks thank you Travis Allen recreational marijuana will turn out
very badly for California where it was tried in Colorado they now have the
second highest teen usage rate of marijuana in the nation and crime has
not dropped as a matter of fact many seconds of crime has actually increased
as has the black market in Colorado the voters of California voted for medical
marijuana and I think a lot of Californians can understand that if it
helps you with your nausea from cancer or your glaucoma or whatever else it
happens to be I think a lot of the voters of California are okay with that
but this legalized recreational marijuana will have disastrous
consequences in California as we’ve already seen in Colorado thank you you
know one thing is you would get rid of it yeah traditional marijuana use in
California is a very bad idea medical marijuana the aquatic el mr. Cox and
recreationally I’m against legalization of marijuana I’m for medical marijuana
but let’s be clear ladies and gentlemen this is all about revenue they thought
they would get a new revenue source and why because they made promises the state
workers that they knew when they made them they weren’t going to be able to
keep and now they’ve put your kids a trillion dollars in debt and they’re
looking for revenue every place they can the politicians here are just starved
for revenue because they want to spend it on their pet projects and feed their
constituencies let’s do something different for a change and get this
state sustainable so five seconds the one thing you do to improve it is I’m
sorry I’d like to go to the port the Portugal system where they actually put
people who use marijuana in hospitals and cure them of their substance abuse
I’m not interested in jail in recreational mark my marijuana users and
I certainly for medical marijuana thank you I think that we just proved that we
can’t discuss policy issues for California in 30 seconds but these
candidates gave it a pretty good try thank you very much I could have done
that ha bye let’s have a motion I agree with
that these next two questions are built for 30-second responses starting with
Antonio via grossa these are 30 seconds but I’m just gonna
ask you to use one word please use just one word to describe Governor Jerry
Brown prudent Thank You mr. Allen failure
mr. Cox panderer is easton creative Wow the difference I was pretty good right
there let’s stick with this theme please describe and we’re gonna start with you
Travis president Donald Trump in one word one word incredible businessman
unhinged a divider I’m sorry it was the word was I didn’t hear your word I said
a divider oh thank you does it serve any purpose to define
people in one word I don’t think I’m gonna use my opportunity to ask one more
question in 30 seconds and this front comes from avi black the executive
director of the California Council for social studies and a Berkeley resident
he asks if not you who which other candidate in the race would you vote for
and why we’re gonna start with John Cox I’m sorry they’re all politicians and we
need to change from that and I think this is a creative question but I’m
running because I want to change this state I’m not running to get another job
I’m not running to elevate my persona I’m running because this state is being
run into the ground by the politicians and there are all politicians running
against me and we need to make a change because this is a wonderful state and
the politicians are ruining it with taxes regulations and the high cost of
living it’s got to change in that’s why is race so you’re not gonna
answer the question sir I’m not gonna suggest anybody else miss Easton I’m in
the same boat I’m not suggesting anyone else I’ll be honest with you I think we
have to have this battle and then when the top 2 is decided we’ll decide who
were going to support but at the end of the day we really and truly need to
understand that right now in California we have too many special interests that
are dominating this state I’m the only candidate running who is not accepting
corporate contributions I’m the one who believes that we should have the
people-powered state of California that we once had and we need to move away
from the political problems that we’ve been developing ok mr. Vega Rosa yes I
have respect for anyone who’s willing to put their hat in the ring and but I have
a vote for myself I’ll be honest with you I haven’t really thought about
anyone else and I agree with d’Alene when we get to the top – I love it and
if I’m not in it I expect to be but if I wasn’t in it that consider it then Thank
You mr. Allen John Cox’s answer is not surprising you
see he’s a never Trumper he’s one of those people that calls himself a
Republican that didn’t even vote for the Republican nominee for president I am
the only Republican in the race that actually supported the Republican
nominee for president Donald Trump who just created 8 trillion dollars of
wealth last year and brought unemployment to its lowest levels for
african-americans and Latinos on record very simply John Cox has ran for
president US Senate Congress and County Clerk Recorder and lost every single
race I’ll tell you right now who I’m going to vote for Travis Allen time soon
Oh June mr. Cox and on you November mr. Cochran or next
governor of the state hangs around mr. Cox the rebuttal need i say more
Exhibit A politicians this is the reason people don’t like politicians because
all they do is attack all they do is miss state all they do is lie all they
do is take money from unions and special interests which is what my opponent has
done and he’s also take he’s also given money to Jerry Brown I’m surprised he
didn’t say that he was recommending Jerry Brown for this job are you talking
about one can vote for the money you gave the Barbara Boxer you
can gavin newsom the rails paulo time sister cars not politicians we’re gonna
move on attack and that’s what they’re known for
we’re gonna move on different we’re gonna move on to some substantive
questions i will say i kind of expected those answers and they are illustrative
of each candidates approach to the race the third round we’re gonna start with
Michael smolens you have a luxurious forty five seconds again so really air
it out Wow we had solicited questions from
educators and others who might be interested in the debate and this is a
question of San Diego high school teacher Rudy dilatory Rudy writes the
homeless population in California is exploding and everyone’s solution seems
to be to restate that we have a problem what are the tangible things that you
will do to a deal with individual homeless people and be deal with the
environmental hazards left behind from the homeless we’re gonna start this one go back to the first round why don’t we
start with join Easton the homeless crisis in California is the worst in the
nation probably the worst in the world at least among the worst in the first
world I will tell you all we need to declare an immediate emergency as it
relates to homelessness in this state have you ever seen so many women and
children on the streets so many seniors on the streets so we must come together
and we must do emergency housing for this many of our homeless we must
provide mental health scaffolding for those who are having trouble right now
the idea we just lock about perp thrown in jail is stupid so we need to in fact
give them help as other places around the world do so it needs to be tiny
houses it needs to be vouchers for motels it needs to be though a lot more
help for those who may have addictions or other problems especially when
they’re women with children it has to be done urgently d’Alene if I could follow
up on that how would you fund the emergency housing
that you’ve just described well I think you know budgets are statements of
values and we have to find a way to in fact do this I think my
long term long one of the things that I think we absolutely must do is we must
begin different commercial industrial property tax so that we have a bigger
stream of revenue the fact is that many companies are paying what they paid in
1978 it was never envisioned that corporations would never be reassessed
but that’s what’s happened the Board of Equalization ruled if they don’t change
hands and that doesn’t mean 50% plus one of the stock that means the whole
company has to change hands so we have to get more resources into the system by
doing that now’s a perfect time to do it because because of Trump who I dislike
but who I will say just gave the richest companies in America the biggest tax
break in the history of our country good time to raise property taxes don’t you
think thank you Antonio the question was tangible things
that we could do and not restate the crisis one support the next the four
billion dollar bond that will be on the ballot in 2018 – you saw the LA Times
today spend down the two billion dollars that hasn’t been spent three more
permanent supportive services for the homeless for the state needs to give
back to the cities and counties the billion and a half that we took through
redevelopment so that and we need to put together a housing trust fund that
leverages cities and counties who are putting up their own money they have to
have a plan for Workforce homeless affordable housing and transit oriented
development density downtown permitting reform it takes too long cost Thank You
Antonio appreciate that Travis Allen California has the highest in the nation
homelessness rate we also have the highest the nation poverty rate thank to
the thanks to the failed policies of Jerry Brown and the California Democrats
in California last year homelessness went up by thirteen point seven percent
in Antoni overdoses city of Los Angeles it went up by over 23% there are now
58,000 people sleeping out under bridges and on the sides of roads thanks to the
failed policies of the California Democrats what we must do is we must
clean up our streets in San Diego in Los Angeles in San Francisco we must re
Institute statewide institutions if you are indigent in California we will
provide a roof for your head we will give you the mental health
services that you need the substance abuse counseling services you need we
will get you back up on your feet but you will no longer be sleeping in our
streets we have laws against vagrancy camping and loitering
we need to govern we seal you clean up our streets and get our people the help
that they need it’s thank you as citizens of California it’s thank you
times time sir and 30-second rebuttal Antonio yes during the mortgage the
housing meltdown housing did homelessness did increase under my watch
that’s why we built 2,500 units of permanent supportive housing in the
eight years I was mayor which is three times more what they did in the 12 years
before that they actually the numbers not 23% it’s 49% increase since I’ve
been gone not because I’ve been gone but because the state in the middle of a
crisis took away the tools the city’s in needed the redevelopment money so I want
to bring it back and I want to put a housing trust fund and thank yous what
cities and counties will do thank you John Carson as usual the politicians
spend more money create more government programs I’m a businessman let’s solve
the problem part of the problem is the housing crisis the cost of housing get
more supply part of the problem is we’ve let out a lot of prisoners because we
can’t afford to keep them because the politicians have driven up the cost of
prison to $75,000 a prisoner that’s why the reclassifying felonies as
misdemeanors and the other part of the problems is substance abuse you do
people no favors handing out methadone and handing out hypodermic needles and
letting them go ahead and live on the street and continue to shoot up we’ve
got to get treatment centers for these people we’ve got to get public-private
partnerships with religious groups possibly that will help cure the
substance abuse and get these people into decent housing and decent jobs
thank you sir our next question to begin with Antonio via grossa
from residents this is touching on affordable housing San Francisco
Democratic Senator Scott Weiner has introduced a bill to build at greater
and higher density near some major transit hubs that reduce local decision
making do you support that approach and if not how would you make housing more
affordable for all do you support overhauling the state’s tough
environmental loss first of all the Wiener build the problem with it it only
focuses on transit oriented development not everybody has a light rail line I
know that San Diego would like more and I want to help you get more so it
doesn’t go far enough on the issue itself it goes too far in the zoning I
was a mayor I don’t think any mayor in the state wants the you know the state
government the governor and the legislature to tell them what they need
to do with respect to that specific community but I do want to incentivize
them so what I’ve said is about 15 seconds
what I’ve said is and to answer you before the 15 seconds is over let me
answer the question regarding sequa I’ve been talking about seek reform and
permitting reform throughout this campaign I talked about it as mayor it
takes too long to build these things 17% of all sequel lawsuits in San Antonio
over housing thank you that’s a tough one to answer in 45 seconds Travis Allen
I absolutely oppose weiners bill the bottom line is this there are California
Democrats that believe that we need a urban density we simply have to build up
and put our people in these tiny compact little beehive cities what Californians
want are more single-family homes what California’s want is a front yard
in a backyard like the homes that they grew up in we absolutely must reform
sequa we have to cut these sequel lawsuits cut the fees cut the
regulations we have to return more power to our local gist jurisdictions not take
the power away from them we need to build more housing in California in
every single level in my first four years I’ve already pledged to put in
place policies where we will build a million more homes in California at
every single income level but these are not stack impacts these are not dense
urban centers these are real homes that California’s want linked to assembling
single-family mr. Cox I’m in the housing industry I can build
apartments for $80,000 a unit in Indiana it’s five hundred thousand here in San
Diego and you know what that cost is its impact fees because governments are
handing out huge benefits to employees its environmental lawsuits it’s sequa
and you know the other politicians here will tell you they’ll reform sequa guess
what they’re not going to do it and why because environmental lobbyists and
extremists control all Sacramento there’s no risk benefit
analysis in this it all is a punny pot for the trial lawyers to sue and that’s
got to change the only way to get more housing is to
reduce the regulations the only way to bring down the cost of housing is more
supply that’s what we need and it’s not gonna happen with the politicians we
need 3 million new homes in California we’ll get it with more supply your
position on Senate bill 27 quickly excuse me
senapathi 27 support I’m opposed to a one-size-fits-all solution from the miss
Easton I support the general concept of the Weiner bill I think it needs some
work and needs to ensure some local more local control that is giving right now
and I think the member is open to doing that I will tell you I think one of the
biggest things we could do is bring back redevelopment in Union City when I was
on the city council we used redevelopment to buy a big three huge
factory lands we cleaned them of toxics using the redevelopment money and on
those sites we built multi-story affordable and market rate housing guess
what the people that live there love it because they walk around the corner and
get on the BART station get in the BART station and get on a train the truth is
you can’t build everybody a single-family home and not everybody
wants to cut the lawn but many people can’t afford it as their starter home so
let’s do this and let’s support the general concept and fix the problems
time but follow-up do you support overhauling sequa in any fashion
I do support a improving sequa it takes too long it needs to be streamlined
that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned about environmental quality
every once in a while you got to redo these things and this is time to redo
sequin not get rid of environmental quality rules thank you we could have a
whole forum on housing and homelessness but we’re going to move on our next
question is from Chris Reed the California Public Employees Retirement
System Board of Directors last year voted to increase the rates that local
governments have to pay for their pensions despite criticism from local
officials who say they’re already spending 20 percent or more of their
budgets on pensions and that they can no longer afford police officers and other
social services given this backdrop should government pensions be less
generous and the problems that local governments
have in paying the bills as well as the state government first question for
Travis Allen CalPERS is in massive trouble CalPERS is over 300 billion
dollars underfunded our state employees are being lied to by their union leaders
they are not being told the truth that only 70 cents on the dollar exists to
actually pay their benefits and it gets worse when you talk about their
healthcare benefits which are entirely unfunded to compound this problem the
board of CalPERS recently decided to move their assumed investment rate of
return from 7 percent to 7 and a half percent this is a totally fictitious
number what they are doing is padding the books and cooking the numbers and
not telling our state employees that there is not enough money in their forum
what we need to do is be transparent with our employees let them know exactly
how bad this problem is and exactly how bad it is going to become and then we
have takes solid steps to actually make sure that we can keep the promises that
we have made to our California where Thank You Assemblyman sign it for these
benefits mr. Cox I’ve said that Bernie Madoff is
wondering why Jerry Brown is in the next sell to him the problem is that we’ve
been lied to and and that’s the problem they’ve used artificial assumed rates of
return and they’ve increased the the accruals I’ve met so many police and
firemen that have retired aged 55 on 90% of their salaries for the rest of their
life and that’s for the rest of their life in the private sector they’ve
gotten rid of defined benefit plans I know because I’ve drafted them as a CPA
and a lawyer it’s because people are living longer I refuse to die and what
we need to do is we need to make sure that the system is sustainable because
it’s true the the ones who are going to get hurt in the long run are the workers
they’ve been misled by the politicians in the union bosses who have recycled
campaign contributions in Sacramento do in Easton there does need to be a
thoroughgoing review of public employment during retirement but that
doesn’t mean we break the faith with those who’ve retired that who’ve went to
through their 30 years on the job and said we’re breaking faith with you what
it means though is some people that are maybe incoming we have to review the
retirement age we may have to say you can’t have more than one state
retirement we may have to say some that we’re going to
mean a task force to take a look at some of the most important changes we can
make but you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater these are our police
officers our firefighters our teachers these are the people that do the sacred
work of public service and yes we may have to review a few things but we can’t
give up and we can’t break our faith with those with whom we have a sacred
trust thank you thank you yes you know look I believe that people out it will
work hard and their entire life outta retire and dignity and I also believe
that pensions need to be sustainable going forward they just do in the middle
of a recession I we’re facing a bankruptcy I took on that issue and we
took current employees from 6% to 11% more than any city in the state
I didn’t buy into defined contributions because I think it’s a pathway to
poverty but I do believe that we have to make sure that our defined benefits are
sustainable that they’re in the black not the red that they’re not growing so
fast and taking such a big part of our budget that you know we’re not able to
pay for the services that our taxpayers expect thank you very much
our next question is for Michael smolens like to shift a health care single-payer
health care sounds pretty good health care or free health care for all
however does come with a four hundred billion dollar price tag which is three
times the state general fund budget if you support single-payer how
specifically would you finance it and if you don’t support single-pair what would
you do to help lower the cost of health insurance for individuals gone the only
way you make any good or service affordable and quality is competition
that’s the only way to do it government can’t do that price controls
have never worked they’ve been tried hundreds of times and they never ever
work what we’ve got to do is put the power of health care back in the hands
of patients and doctors take it out of the insurance companies and the
government and you do that with fostering competition health savings
accounts say of insurance across state lines we ought
to have hundreds of health insurers to choose from and who are all competing
with each other we will solve the health care crisis in this nation when we have
doctors and hospitals advertising their prices and competing with each other
Thank You Dwayne Easton I support single-payer I’ve looked around the
world at the countries with whom we compete in the first world that
democracies and they virtually all have the equivalent of single-payer and guess
what they’re spending less money than we are yet their people are protected
they’re saved from the costs that are associated with going bankrupt because
you’ve got really sick they’re saved from the child who came into the
emergency room and he was unconscious 107 degrees of fever the parents were
hysterical the doctors saved the boy’s life but he went deaf in one year and it
cost us taxpayers $55,000 all because he didn’t get four dollars worth of
antibiotics so it’s pay me now or pay me later I say we pay for single health
care we make sure everybody’s safe and healthy and we have to do that as a
sacred trust to the people that live here if I could follow up so how would
you finance there’s a great deal of money we’re actually on the table right
now we’re already paying public benefits to public employees and the local level
and the county level and the state level in our schools and in our retirement
system we have other money but we can do a gross tax receipt gross receipts tax I
should say and with there’s some other ways that we could close the 30% but in
the long run we’re actually going to save money I had a friend whose
sister-in-law got hit by a taxi in Europe and she was astounded but a big
deal of care and the like you de lost Antonio OOP do we have tech support back there guys
thank you this is for thank you for rolling with
it Delaney’s thin and I agree that that health care is a right not a privilege
and I believe in universal health care and have my whole life I also support
single parent concept I don’t support SB 562 which was the single-payer proposal
in the legislature I challenged it because there is a four hundred billion
dollar price tag it would require raising our taxes beyond a point that
you know most people would reject what do we need to do to pay for health care
I’ll tell you we need to focus a lot more on prevention
a lot more in cost containment we know that the Cleveland Clinic places like
Kaiser have focused on cost containment and driven down costs we need to address
the fact that our drug formularies not working we need a public option to
continue Antoni addition in the system thank you very much I’ll take here’s
someone who’s conspicuously absent here Antonia mr. Alan the biggest missing
person here in the room is Gavin Newsom the Democrat front runner
Gavin’s whole platform is single-payer in California if single-payer was such a
great idea we would have the Veterans Administration running our health care
it will bankrupt California in the first six months that’s why all these
Democrats want to raise your taxes because they can’t pay for it’ll
bankrupt our state think about this single payer it means you lose your
doctor it means you have to go to the DMV for your medical appointments it’s a
terrible idea it will never happen in California is your gas or an ex-governor
I will make sure we are never single-payer state what we do need is to
open up our state to out-of-state insurance companies so they can actually
compete for our business think about this more competition means lower
premiums it means higher levels of service and yes it actually means it’ll
get more doctors in California so you not only have health care but doctors
that are willing to take that health care thank you
our next question is from Lindsey Pena all right you have a substantial chunk
of new unrestricted state money prioritize how you would spend it that’s
been a priority question goes to Delaney Easton miss you have an unrestricted
amount of state money prioritize how you would spend it well I would spend it the
way the people in this room spend their money I would put my children first of
course we would invest in preschool for all we would invest in k-12 education
that would in fact take us back to the top ten of the 50 states and per pupil
spending I would invest yes in new colleges and universities but also
making the existing ones tuition free again because at the end of the day the
future of this state and this Republic will be about the education that we
provide for the next generation of Californians
I will also though say that I think it’s important that we have a conversation
about about compassion and about care and about taking care of one another we
have to change the ethic in this state that is a thuggery ethic we’ve got to be
much more compassionate when it comes to things like criminal justice reform and
taking care of business today thank you d’Alene Antonio yeah I’m I
agree in large part with what d’Alene said if we had unlimited money and we
don’t and we always have to have accountability and how we spend that
money but look the number one issue facing this state is education if we
want to grow our economy and grow middle-class jobs which is which my
candidacy is all about we’re going to start we have to start educating people
and that means early child’s education it means prenatal care it means
universal preschool and full-day kindergarten it means bringing back the
arts into our classrooms it means paying our teachers more it does mean I do
believe that the goal ought to be that you know CSU’s and UCS should be free
and if you had unlimited money I would do that thank you Travis Allen you know
unlike what Jerry Brown forty Democrats believe there is no such
thing as unlimited tax revenue in the state of California this is why two
hundred forty three thousand Californians have left on balance in the
last seven years taking eight billion dollars with them
number one our first priority my first priorities or annex cover state of
California is to cut taxes to put as much money back into California
taxpayers pockets as is humanly possible past that what we need to do very simply
is we need to fix our roads and expand our freeways with no new tax dollars we
must complete the California state water project so we can actually store our
water when it rains up and down the state of California by building new
water stores and then very simply we need to build more schools in California
across the board but especially on our higher education institutions California
citizens deserve the document we used to be the great on caucuses will be again
this state doesn’t have a revenue problem it has a spending problem the
budget has gone up from eighty billion to one hundred and forty billion and
guess what else has gone up the waste and inefficiency
it needs a business approach to make sure that we get what we’re paying for
we’ve got tons of money for infrastructure for roads it’s being
squandered and I’ll tell you why it’s because the special interest control
these politicians and control the whole debate in Sacramento what we’ve got to
do is we’ve got to get the special interests out of power we’ve got to
start using our resources we need infrastructure we need to pay down our
pension debt we need to start planning economy for the 21st century and getting
growth and it’s not gonna happen with the politicians just putting more
controls and more spending on on the backs of the taxpayers in this state
thank you Sarah our next question by Chris read a year ago Matt and I had a
telephone interview with Governor Jerry Brown in which he expressed disbelief
amazement that so many times state lawmakers would propose expensive new
programs without ever considering how to pay for them what is the most
underfunded government need in California and how specifically would
you find money to pay for it Antonio that first that questions to you well I
think education is the most underfunded need if I had to just pick one housings
right after that but how would we pay for it I think we got a
crow our economy and we’ve got to grow more middle-class jobs so that we’re
bringing in more revenue I do think as I said earlier that we can’t be afraid of
setting high standards and having more accountability in our education system
we want to get more with the money we got but from if there was one thing that
I would say is the most underfunded its education we are 42nd by one measure 46
by another measurement per pupil spending when we had the best schools in
the United States of America we were in the top 10 in per pupil spending money
does count you have a specific revenue stream for that I don’t have a specific
revenue stream right now I do believe that we’ve got to grow our economy
that’s why I’ve talked about improving our business climate growing that
economy growing more middle-class jobs so we can have more money in the budget
Thank You Assemblyman when George Brown became governor in
2010 the California state general fund was 86 billion dollars today it stands
at over 131 billion dollars that’s an increase of over 45 billion dollars of
your tax dollars or over 50 percent California brings in more tax revenue
than ever has in our history and where has that left us with the spending of
Jerry Brown on the California Democrats our pension systems and our unfunded
health care liability are underwater well over 300 billion dollars Stanford
University says it’s closer to a trillion dollars and yet our roads are
crumbling and our water infrastructure is failing very simply put we don’t need
to raise any new additional tax in California we need to cut tax in
California then we must reprioritize our spending
we have to fix our roads we have to expand our freeways we must complete the
California state water project and we must make taking pensions or solvent Cal
you have a specific way to pay for infrastructure and roads give a specific
way to pay for infrastructure and roads existing revenue Republicans in the
California Legislature came up two years ago with a plan that would have saved
seven billion dollars from our existing taxes that we were already collecting
with no new taxes to fix our roads expand our freeways instead the
Democrats put on a fifty two billion dollar tax where less than 35 percent
will ever see its way into our roads and not one dollar that
money will be spent on any new free freeway lanes anywhere in the state
Thank You mr. Cox this this state is not underfunded I took over a snack food
company in Chicago that was losing 17 million dollars a year on a hundred
million dollars in sales and why because they were wasting money hand-over-fist
we turned it around we assembled a team we went from a seventeen million dollar
loss to a three million dollar profit in one year and we saved 600 jobs that’s
the job we need have done in California because this government is being run by
the corrupt and the cronies I’m the only one talking about turning it around we
need a lot of investments we need to make sure we use our money wisely
because it is a disservice to the people of this state to keep the politicians in
power and the cronies in power in Sacramento wasting our money and putting
our children in debt that ends in 2018 thank you Tulane well let me just say
the real cut in resources to schools in this state came because of prop 13 the
intention was that in fact we would give homeowners a big break by cutting prop
13 over at that time home owners are paying just over half of the property
taxes since that time homeowners are now paying seventy two percent of the
property taxes the people that have saved all the money are commercial
industrial property owners and that money half of it should have gone into
our schools and if we make that one change and prop 13 and we redirect those
we go to the voters we ask them for it but we redirect that money through our
schools and then we reassess commercial and industrial property every ten years
we will see a rebirth of our schools and the educational system that was the
glory of California thank you for our last series of questions we’re going to
draw from the questions that the public submit it to us Michael why don’t you
take the first one from San Diego resident Jackson dulk yes it’s from Jake’s sin Duke please
discuss a time when one of your policies or programs failed including what you
did in response and what you learned Ravis we’ll start with you so as you all
know I am the original author of the California gas tax repealed to repeal
Jerry Browns gas tax I have the largest social media following of any politician
the entire state of anybody in California with more traffic anyone
sigit join Travis Alan calm you may have seen my videos there find me and realize
that I was the guy that was speaking against this I spoke against on the
Assembly floor I wrote op eds against it I did everything we could to stop this
52 billion dollar tax unfortunately Jerry Brown bribed four legislators over
a billion dollars to pass it we put everything we could into fighting on the
legislative floor and yet it still passed this is because the people of
California been failed by Jerry Brown and the policy of the California
Democrats that is why I was original author of the gas tax repeal to put that
in the back of the hands of the California people and that’s how we
solve the problem by repealing it in November which we will John you know
it’s been stated that I ran for office before in deep blue Illinois and it’s
true because Illinois just like California is owned by the funders of
the campaign’s I mean they dictate what goes on the big union bosses and the big
businesses I moved to California ten years ago following my mother who
retired to Fresno and I discovered that California has ballot initiatives you
can change the way your legislators elected you can get the cronies out of
power you can take the corrupt out of power and get the government back in the
hands of the people and into people that are care about the community and don’t
care about making money for themselves we deserve better leadership I’m the
only one of the governor candidates who’s talking about real reform and
putting the government back in the hands of the people I didn’t hear one of your
policies or programs that failed tonight it was a policy to run for office in
Illinois against the cronies and it was difficult Dwayne Easton well when I got
to the legislature I asked to see the long-range plans I have been on a
city council we were required to have a long-range plan the counties are
required to have them I work for a big company we I was on strategic planning
so I knew they had a big plan for 20 years so I asked to see the long-range
plan and everybody said oh my god we don’t have long-range plans Oh water
parks and wildlife said yeah we do we have a a water plan it was done under
Governor Brown Pat Brown 1957 so I carried a bill to do a long-range water
plan Pete Wilson called me a communist I said no actually most capitalist
companies have water plans but so do socialist countries the reality is that
planning is something anybody with a brain in their head does it was that
bill was vetoed by Governor Wilson Thank You Antonio I don’t know if I have a
policy but I could tell you there’s a difference between me today and there
was when I was a legislator when I was alleged later I tried to expend médicale
to 200% of poverty for two years in a row was that 100% I couldn’t get a vote
because I didn’t have a funding plan a year later I got healthy family 750,000
kids got health care I learned as mayor that you know once you have to sign a
check on the front that you care about spiraling health care costs that you
care about workers comp that you care about you know lawsuits and the like and
so I think that if I’ve not so much a policy but over the years you know
you’ve come to realize when you’re the governor you’re the mayor the chief
executive the buck stops with you and you got to make the tough calls thank
you our next question from Lindsay is from
Oceanside resident Jim McDonough all right Jim asks what do you plan to do to
make California’s taxation systems fairer and less volatile John we’ll
start with you we need to reduce taxes at all levels you look at Texas and
Florida these are two states that exist without an income tax how do they
survive and in Florida has retirees and tourism we have more retirees and
tourism than Florida we have more agriculture we have more dairy and
cattle than Texas we have more oil reserves than Texas what we don’t have
is good honest political management that’s what we need we need people in
government who have had experience in the private sector solving problems
the politicians are great at attacking and making a lot of angry noises but
they aren’t good at solving problems and putting the right practices in place to
get services delivered efficiently that’s what has to change the way in
Easton as as I’ve said before I would fundamentally change prop 13 as it
relates to commercial industrial properties right now the system is it it
looks like we’ve had this huge tax increase at the state level partly
because local taxes are so much lower in terms of property than they are in other
states like New York Massachusetts and New Jersey and so one of the things we
can and should be doing is having a conversation about how we address that
in the city of Richmond for example there’s a huge Chevron Factory in the
years since the passage of prop 13 their property taxes are basically the way
they were in 1978 but guess what it costs the schools of Richmond a hundred
million dollars that’s stunning that’s a gut punch so we need to bring back
property taxes that will in fact support our schools and the education of
children thank you yes I think we need to fix the whole
broken tax system to bipartisan Commission’s have looked at it think
long in California forward and well as we all know as an example the upper
income tax which is the highest in the country and now worse because of the
Trump tax plan which doesn’t allow you to deduct the mortgage deduction in the
way that you did or look state and local taxes is broken because a three percent
cut in capital gains and in the way that we tax capital gains is a 20 percent
impact on the budget we’re one of I think 30 states have a service tax and
were the fastest growing part of the California economy is service and then
finally as Delana said so well prop 13 is broken I thought the number was 60/40
but what we know it’s its inverse its inverse from what it was tax you know
home used to pay less corporate let more now
it’s the other way around Thank You Travis Alan we have to cut
taxes in California I have a five-point plan to fix California the very first is
to cut taxes it starts with a repeal of the gas tax on day one and then we have
to go to all of the other taxes Californians pay the highest in the
nation income tax they pay the highest in the nation sales tax we also pay
among the highest gas taxes and highest corporate tax in the entire country we
have to protect prop 13 all aspects of prop 13 we must cut our tax in
California we saw what happened nationwide with Trump cut taxes eight
trillion dollars of wealth created unemployment down to levels we’ve not
seen since 2000 we have to bring that economic miracle to California it starts
by cutting taxes in California thank you and then the last question will come
from Chris read through a via San Diego resident Jeff Pat now Jeff’s question is
more predicated that it’s aimed at Democrats rather than Republicans so the
Republican candidates can choose to respond however they want here’s Jeff’s
question with a predicted economic slowdown on the horizon as governor will
be able to say no to the legislators of your party who continue to seek new
programs or spending increases in Sacramento that might wipe out the
fiscal discipline of the last eight years question mark what assurances can
you share with voters that you will not lead California down a path of fiscal
irresponsibility don’t like that on Delaine let’s have Delaney answer well
let me just say to all of you the state constitution says we’re supposed to
balance the budget every year that’s in the Constitution and so what I commit to
you is to in fact plan ahead so that we can balance the budget of the state of
California every year but that may mean making some changes you know it’s it’s
true we do not tax if you go and buy a suit at Nordstrom’s you pay a full tax
on the full suit if you hire a tailor to make the suit you only pay tax on the on
the material and the tailor suit probably cost five times what the suit
at Nordstrom’s did so there’s some service taxes that we can look at that
will in fact help us to stabilize and make it more equal and even having said
that in the long run the state of California is on a
better path if we do make the other changes that I’ve recommended and 45
seconds isn’t very long to address that question thank you now your turn America
yes I when you asked me to describe the one word with one word Jerry Brown I
said prudent he took us from historic deficits to historic surpluses and I
have a lot of respect for him for that I was mayor and the toughest economic time
since the 1930s I had a billion 1.2 billion dollar structural deficit with a
4.5 billion dollar city budget I had to make the tough calls and as governor I
will make the tough calls if you notice virtually every question that you said
you know I said you know we’ve got to do this in a way that’s fiscally prudent we
got to protect the taxpayer dollars we’ve got to make sure that when we have
one a program that we’re gonna fund that program that we have a revenue source
that we have accountability that it’s getting spanking wisely promise Allen
every single Democrat on the stage including Gavin Newsom who doesn’t think
enough of San Diego to actually even show up to this debate believe in
raising your taxes and saddling future generations with more bond debt the 2012
when I was left to the California State Legislature I signed a No new tax pledge
which said I would never raise tax on Californians because they’re already
among the highest in the nation I have a 100 percent vote record on that from the
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and the California taxpayers Association
unlike my so-called Republican rival who believes in raising sales taxes to over
23% in California I believe taxes are high enough and they must be cut in
California the bottom line is this these are not just words we need action we
need a governor who will veto the California Legislature and bring tax
cuts directly to California people through special thank you assumptions
mr. Cox my opponent distinguished himself as a
politician as telling not telling the truth and you can go look that up but
the temporary leader here mr. Newsom is as a danger to the future of this state
Jerry Brown is often called the adult in the room in Sacramento well mr. Newsom
is a teenager with a bottle of whiskey in the car keys because this state would
be a disaster any of the Democrats and especially
gavin newsom and why because it’s the corrupt and the cronies that run wild in
Sacramento you may not know this there are 5000 bills that are introduced every
legislative session in Sacramento do you think this state needs 5,000 new pieces
of legislation and new taxes no it’s because the corrupt and the cronies and
the special interests sponsor those and these politicians you dance to their
tune that is the change in 2018 that takes care of all our questions we are
gonna close with closing statements and mr. via guru so why don’t you go first
and then we’ll start with Travis Allen John Cox and Elaine Easton closing
statements you have 60 seconds first of all I want to thank you all for waking
up on a Sunday morning and coming here to hear the four of us in this debate
and I’m hoping that you’re here and because you understand that this
election is important and to the people who in Los Angeles and Fresno and San
Francisco who can’t be with us I just wanted to thank you as well
for checking in I think it is important to show up I’ve showed up to every
single debate I think there have been 17 now I’ve gone to every town up and down
this state and I have because I respect you because I understand this election
is not about me it’s about you it’s about the high cost of living it’s about
the fact that people are working hard every single day checking all the boxes
and they’re not making it in the way that they want to need to we’ve got to
address a broken housing crisis which is the biggest reason why we have the
highest effect of poverty rate in the United States of America as governor of
California I’ll take on those issues I’ll work with you listen to you show up
in San Diego and return a state to address the challenges that we face in
the future thank you very much Thank You mr. Allen my name is Travis
Allen I was born and raised right here in California I lived here my entire
life but I’ve had to watch as my family has left the state my best friend now
lives in Texas where he double the size of his house double the size of his
business and pays no state income tax I am a business owner I manage money for a
living my clients all started out here in California they now live in 22 states
around the nation California used to be the greatest state
in the country but due to thirty nine out of the last forty years of the
California Democrats running a legislature it has been run into the
ground 24 of the last 50 years Jerry Brown and his family have run California
into the ground having very simple five-point plans you take back
California number one we will cut your taxes starting with the repeal of the
gas tax on day one number two will get tough on crime repeal a be 109 prop 57
prop 47 number three we will fix our roads and
expand our freeways with no new taxpayer dollars number four we will fix our
broken education system and number five we will complete the California State
Water Project in my first 100 days we’ll reverse the illegal sanctuary state and
what I’m your governor will have voter ID thank you in California Thank You mr.
Allen mr. Cox there are 19 states around the country
of elected Republican businessmen as governors even blue states like Maryland
and Massachusetts and they’re the most popular governors in the nation and you
know why because they solve problems I have a positive vision for this state I
love this state we can have great roads great education a great water project
but we need to make some changes and we need to get the corrupt special
interests and the cronies out of power I’m offering a positive solution to this
state this state has been led into the ditch by the politicians and the corrupt
special interest they fund and that’s a problem I want this state to be where my
daughter grows up it has a wonderful future I want that for all of our
children we’re not going to do that as long as our government is controlled by
the cronies and the corrupt who run it for their own purpose let’s get a great
state that we can be proud of let’s get a legislature that we can be proud of
this current legislature ranks right below colonoscopies and cockroaches
let’s change the existence Thank You mr. government we can be proud of thank you
joy neason my dad used to like to say Californians are people born somewhere
else who came to their senses I’m a fifth generation Californian on my
mom’s side and I love this state and I will just tell you it needs a little bit
of work right now first I want to tell you all something I haven’t said yet I
believe in something called science so I’m actually the best environmental
candidate to run for this office and I will fight to ban the frickin fracking
and I was the first candidate to call for that second I will fight for health
care for all third I will be absolutely vigilant in terms of our support for
education in the state of California and I have to tell each and every one of you
that the truth is I’m did so much better in life because I got a wonderful
education I want that for every kid and we have to keep a sacred trust to those
who went before us and built the system that we have I will also say that I
believe in housing and homelessness what is the solution to homelessness is
housing and we have to have a full-court press to do that means we’ve got to get
some electricians and plumbers are missing thank you very much thank you
all that concludes our events and so now
just me say a few brief things and then you can clap as loud as you want I like
to thank the journalists who join me on stage the candidates who care to come
here today and especially you all like your work is just starting you need to
do some more research and importantly get out there and vote on June 5th and
again in November thank you guys

Danny Hutson

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