2006 supermagnet spheres toy: Bar magnet and compass

Here’s how to make the supermagnet beads into a single large supermagnet. If I have a ring it’s not a magnet. It has no effect on my video, Let’s go to msPaint there. and here’s an array… nothing! but… if I break the ring oo! Very strong magnet. See, nothing and then, oop! So, if I break the strand and then force them together the way they don’t want to go against repulsion break it again. Push it zips together and now I have a very strong magnet But… if I go back to the ring, nothing! We can also make a sensitive compass. If I pull off seven. Then let’s make a supermagnet bar magnet, same as before. seven Make a ring of six, and stuff the seventh one in the middle, It sticks out to the side a little so it easily spins. That’s our compass look at this. Very sensitive, Even when the bar magnet is far away.

Danny Hutson

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