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45 thoughts on “2.4 Saving to a Database – Working with Data and APIs in JavaScript

  1. 7:58 "So the latitude and longitude is coming in from the server" Isn't it coming from the client, or are you talking from the database's perspective?

  2. Amazing content by a fantastic teacher. Thanks for your enthusiastic explanations; a brilliant teaching technique using novelty holds the viewer's interest. More teachers should employ it.

  3. Dan, can you please share the code to creating the submit button and assigning the function to call when it is pressed? Sorry I'm new to HTML and JS.

  4. Thank you. You make it look easy. How can you save data for example from a form in a sidebar chrome extension to your database.

  5. I feel like the database would get huge during testing. Are you considering checking if the lat/lon already exists in the db and either updating it, or not inserting if it does?

  6. I really like this style of database for my own projects because because it doesn't need a DB service to be running alongside the application.
    http://lokijs.org/ is another DB like NeDB, it feature in-memory document-oriented datastore. So the loki_DB files is in the computer's ram and when changes are made to the loki_DB a copy in written to the HD/SSD drive.

  7. I love this particular video series. I hope you continue on with videos that fit more business purposes like this. It is helping so much.

  8. Please do this with a relational database. Primarily parsing nested Jason and inserting it into a table… Or tables

  9. dan, i love you and all your videos with all my rainbow-love, you teached me all i know and one day you will see your name in the "Thanks" section of the credits 😂 but please, don't record videos when you aren't so joyful (i know you are a person and have feelings), maybe you don't know but seeing you SUPER happy and joyful coding, showing people that code isn't being in front of a computer with no friends, is one of the reasons i watch till the end. sorry for my bad english, i speak portuguese 😂

  10. Amazing video as always Dan!
    NeDB seems like a really nice and easy database to start with, but for people too lazy to do even that, I highly recommend jsonstore.io. You don't even need a server to set it up, you can just send it your data and request it anytime!
    Maybe mention this sometime, it might help out someone 😛

  11. This was really helpful!! Love it when you talk about the basic, fundamentals stuff because that is what I lack and everyone seems to know everything

  12. May I ask why Jan 1 1970 in particular alot of languages like python have a similar date for the milliseconds function, was it when that function was added to JavaScript?

  13. correct me if I'm but MLab is now MongoDB Atlas. I got redirected to Atlas when trying to access MLab

  14. Hey..Amazing content and learning tons! Does anyone know how I would tell the server to get the lat and lon and regular intervals say once every 30 seconds..but not in the client. In other words, once the server is up it automatically does this every 30 seconds. Would I use setInterval for this? Would I put this set Interval in an app.get route? Thanks in advance. Coding Train dude, don't know your name but this is great content! Cheers!

  15. Thanks a lot. You're a fantastic teacher and today I just started to learn NeDB with your tutorial.
    As we say in my country : Merci beaucoup ! 🙂

  16. Guys I cannot install nedb, because I’m behind a corporate proxy. How can I handle this problem? Thanks in advance

  17. Hmm. When I had this like in video, it wrote to file, but in svelte, I can not write it to file but only in Indexed Db. So values are not safe in file, only in browser?

  18. this is maybe the most helpful video i have ever seen! I have been trying to learn sever side programming for several month with nothing, but from watching this series for a day, I created my first working project. Thank you so much you teach content in such a viewer friendly way.

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