1GB/s High Speed Internet

1GB/s High Speed Internet

hey what’s going on youtubers its ShreeG Here as you have already seen my previous
Video we have shown you The 1 Gbps Internet ! how to use That so I’m going to show you
Today how to use on your side The 1Gb/s ! internet connection With less than one
dollar so let’s get started so the first step you just have to registered with Amazon here I have a site called aws.amazon.com i am signing up right now so as you can see Amazon is giving me a free useage tier that means the for one year I can use
their services For Free ! There is No Cost Involved in It as per as I I have already used it and
no problems at all and I also have a Trickk To use on to this credit card so you are not
being charged accidentally for any other uses rather than free tier so, let me show
you that just go to netsafe.hdfcbank.com so i am using my credential’s here as you can see I am generating a 5 Rupees (0.078$) credit
card a virtual credit card , and i will be recciving a OTP so here is my card generated I’m using that card here so I’ll not being times accidentally this will charge 2 Rupees (0.031$) on to my credit card so i have already virtualized my credit
card here by using Net Safe HDFC Bank let’s say I don’t have any Pan Card, and that’s it ! and it is redirected to my bank
information I am putting my pass word here so I have
successfully verified my number and let’s continue this choose the Basic (Free) Plan as i don’t have to use more services i’ll show you which service you wanna exactly use as you can see I’ve got a email from Amazon so They Are Saying ” You Will Have Free Access To Compute Storage database application services ” as you can see the free tier provides me 750 Hours of Per Month Usage For EC2 Instance EC2 is just like your computer hosted on a cloud server and There We Go ! These are the services provided by
Amazon so don’t go with other’s as as if it’s not covered in free tier you may get charged but you know we have used already a virtual card of 5 Rupees (0.078$) nor more chances of getting charged any time ! So Let’s Select EC2 Instance so here just click on Launch Instance button here go below and choose free tier only, this will protect your account for using a free tier only now you have to use Windows
Server installation So Let’s select Server 2012 Base We already selected free tier click next don’t mess up with this settings let’s put these defults just review and launch it now here’s the main thing, to log in into your merger BC I don’t want your love lower virtual pc or virtual computing server you have to use this key, so let’s create a key new pair and name it ” ShreeG” and you can download the key pair
here launch instance and go back in Ec2 go to running instance and there you see a server is started up and it’s booting up now state is still pending and untill that we are going to generate other key for logging in so its initializing now ! it will take 3-4 minutes approximately so once it’s done click this connect button and
you can see this download RDP File its RDP Connection and you can click this to get
your password for that we haveto provide a PEM Key PEM Key that we’ve already Generated from previous window ShreeG.PEM click decrypt password so it will generate a password lets copy and put it aside …now just click this RDP Connection, Let’s Connect It you will be asked were administrated Password Paste that password click OK yes for the first time it will take some
time but the you can run this server continually for one year for free no charge at all and you can almost do this 24 hours no problem at
all as you can see its installing my
services this happens only for first time and there is one more step you have to install the chrome browser to be able to browse internet okay so it’s done now click this explorer here and put internet link this will open in internet explorer as you know already this is
the best browser to download !!! Google Chrome let’s hit this chrome website and is error will pop up again and again this is because who cannot change the security settings on the Internet
Explorer installed on this windows server so just click this add boutton few times and download chrome browser you have to add it few more times becouse this server is not in the list of safe browsing let’s click download button and you can tick this box to don’t show in the future do not show this warning and It’s instantly downloaded the chrome browswser I think we don’t need internet explorer anymore Yes ! There We Go We Have Full Internet Connection Running 1 Gbps Internet ! (Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!) so Let’s hit the speed test I can already feel the breeze it’s fast, although it may load on your side a bit slow becouse of the RDP Connection Still you need 2-3 Mb/s Connection to get that speed and everything is Virtual here but you can do most your most of the work
very fast here you can download any kind of data and it’s just like your PC and it’s running 24 hours Just Hit That RDP Button whenever you want so if youeven close this session from here it will be disconnected and just disconnected but the server
is still running on their site so you can connect anytime to that server via RDP Connection just click this connect put the password that you stored Click Ok your session will be restored directly from where you left off so you can do more with this internet connection you
can download any file you want from the internet and
store it on your server and if you want to try anything Like Setup files or anything you may want ,Big Files or youtube videos from here and there will be no more charge again if you use theVirtual Card eventhough if you used your orignal card credit card you’ll be charged for the you this only so these are the
free uses and Amazon is a Wonderland you know ! it has diffrent services , So Many Services ! so you can use those services by just paper used charges Tell me what you can do with this internet and please hit that like button and share this video with your friends and thanks for watching peace , Goodbye !

Danny Hutson

99 thoughts on “1GB/s High Speed Internet

  1. i can use remotely only ,how to use this connection for local computer ,because remote computer download fast but i dont use that file

  2. it works so good but i wanna know how to move files from that virtual amazon server to my system, like i downloaded some software and i want to install that on my main windows so how will i do it ?

  3. just use rabb.it , its the same but without the credit card and its totally free and you get the same speeds

  4. bullshit i tried it and it didnt work and now had a few e/mails this week from amazon saying i owe them £140 nicker Bollocks


  6. lol amazon told me on call "Please enter your code on the screen" I said [censored] and "Please bitch" i tried again with the keypad and it worked dafuq.

  7. Lol, like they would give us free internet speed! AND THAT TOO almost 1GBPS!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP, SCAMMING

  8. man i like the video …. now indians also started to make scam video…. keep it up!!!!! friends dont forget to dislike

  9. so u cannot get the 1gbps on your current pc? since in the rdp connection u won't be able to play games right?


  11. Nice info. however, how do you plan to download/upload large files from/to your local desktop from that RDP server, my friend? 🙂

  12. hllo can u tell how to increase internal storage space they was given only 26gd space but already 22gb used then how to increase internal space

  13. Basically you're seeing a remote computer with 100 Gbps connection on your screen. Whatever you download is downloaded into that computer and not yours. You still have your regular connection speed, it is the remote computer that is having the 100 Mbps speed.

  14. Erm…I'm going to assume the people who watch this video are not as stupid as the guy in it. I'm pretty sure using remote desktop to surf the web on another system with a fast internet connection does not constitute having a fast connection yourself. I wonder how he would go actually transferring downloaded files from that system to his own computer. Pretty sure it would only work at the same speed as his home connection.

  15. Well, nice video, but misleading. You get to set up and operate your personal server that is hosted by amazon, you only get a remote connection to that server to your pc. Your computer doesn't get that speed.

  16. Do not spend your time and money with trying this as its FAKE and nothing will increase your Internet speed. Dislike!!!

  17. Amazon AWS EC2 Instance with Windows Server 2012 Base

    iam using amazon ec2 windows remote desktop via rdp is they any download or upload limit when down or upload via virtual desktop

  18. look people to everyone don't believe anyone who say how to get GB/s speed internet if you don't have fiber optic cable then you better dream for this

  19. PLEASE anyone who is watching this and thinking about trying this go to google and SEARCH Amazon Web Services… it is not an ISP NOT INTERNET, it is a server space you are renting. This guy is giving you misinformation might be cecause he doesn't know himself. You can download anything TO THE AMAZON SERVER not to your computer, you have to download to your computer from the AMAZON server which will eb done at the speed of your internet i.e. if you have 1 mbps mtnl connection it will download at 100kbps NOT 1 GBPS. Google it before you go trying this out.

  20. hey kedar need help i watched your video and did the same but i get error message when i open ec2 as your signup is almost complete it may take us up to 24 hrs to activate your account. please help

  21. A remote desktop is not the same as having 1gbps to your computer. I Use AWS all the time and trust me this doesn't "get you" gigabit internet. Also be careful typing your card details into this website if you misuse the product amazon will charge you and it's not cheap. This video is so false. Amazon are not stupid they will find you.

  22. at the title you told Internet for FREE
    and after that in the video you said internet for less than $1.
    please don't lie.

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