15 New Technology Designs Coming in 2020

15 New Technology Designs Coming in 2020

A wide array of innovative, new tech is ready
to hit the market, offering options for safer travel, a sharper mind, and all the fun you
didn’t know you could have! I’m Glenn. In this video, we’re bringing you 15 technological
innovations that could be coming your way soon! Number Fifteen Business users are the target customers for
the Looking Glass Holographic Workstation. Using a holographic display, it presents immersive
3D content to multiple people without the use of VR headgear. The all-in-one workstation offers multiple
screen sizes as well as an interactive touch-sensitive version. Number Fourteen The LifeSaber is a rugged life-saving tool
for the backwoods explorer. This personal emergency generator is a multi-tool
with dozens of uses. It can recharge mobile phones and other USB
devices. It’s a fire starter, a UV water purifier,
an emergency siren, and a strobe. Like a regular flashlight, it’s small enough
to fit in a backpack, and powered by a rechargeable battery. Number Thirteen Looking like a personal assistant device,
the Orba is a music synthesizer that’s fun and easy to use, even for the musically challenged. Sound is created by tapping or sliding your
fingers as well as waving or shaking the device. Musical creations can be played through a
speaker or recorded using a variety of MIDI Production software. Number Twelve Clip this little device on your waist, and
it will help you to be distraction-free. The FOCI by TinyLogics urges you to focus
on what’s important. Using an app and vibrations, you’re trained
to tune out distractions and move toward a deep focus state. It displays your changing mental states using
cutting-edge meditative biofeedback technology and an AI mind coach. Number Eleven An unusual twist on the usual Bluetooth speakers
is now available. The Quirky Air is five speakers in one. With the innovative use of magnets, each of
AIR’s speakers syncs together automatically, whether pulled apart or joined together. It can function as one mono speaker, a surround
sound system, or five independent speakers. Offering a battery life of seven hours, the
AIR is rechargeable and waterproof. I’m Allie, and it’s Minds Eye Trivia time. By looking at just these images, do you know
what this is and where it’s from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess
in the comment section below. Number Ten Bosch has a hi-tech trick up its sleeve with
the new Virtual Visor. Designed to block the glare of the sun while
driving, it’s comprised of a rectangular LCD with hexagonal segments. The visor uses a selfie lens to track your
face and only blocks the sections where the sun would blind you. Number Nine Made for use in a car, the Roav Bolt has a
built-in Google Assistant that will play sound through the vehicle’s speakers. The device plugs into any 12-volt socket and
features two USB ports, indicator lights, and microphones for voice control. Working in tandem with a smartphone it can
activate navigation, stream music, and send messages. It can also place a voice call, get the weather,
make notes, and more. Number Eight JBL is prototyping its newest headphones with
a special perk. Their ‘Reflect Eternal Headphones’ are likely
the first to feature charging by the sun via an array of solar cells on the headband. The company says 2 1/2 hours of sun per day
will give unlimited use under the right conditions. The headphones also feature a microphone and
optional USB charging as well as support for Alexa and Google Assistants. Number Seven Don’t you want to use your smartphone to converse
in another language? You can pack the Pocketalk and bring along
74 languages in one device. The innovative little gadget features a touchscreen,
a text-to-translate camera to read signs, along with a money and measurement converter. Number Six In the mood for some eerie noises? Then look no further than this palm-sized
device called ETHER by Soma Labs. It detects the hidden electromagnetic waves
emitted by everyday objects and turns them into sounds heard using earphones. ETHER runs on two AAA batteries, providing
over 300 hours of run time. Number Five A California company is showing off its prototype
of a contact lens that features an augmented reality. AR displays in glasses have been seen before
with limited success, but now it’s in a tiny contact lens. The Mojo lens motion sensor tracks eye movements
while superimposing text and graphics into a built-in heads up display. This allows the user access to real-time information
of their surroundings without interrupting their focus. Number Four Swatting this fly won’t kill it. Researchers at Switzerland’s EPFL have developed
a tiny robotic insect that moves and withstands crushing. Engineers have two versions, a tethered one,
and an autonomous version, with its own eyes, brain, and battery. The awesome little three-legged bug travels
by artificial muscle vibrations. They’re working on getting the bugs to communicate
with each other and then perform complicated tasks. Number Three SkyTrek Smart Luggage is seriously cool, offering
plenty of convenience and features. The suitcase has a tough polycarbonate outer
shell with a shockproof inner lining. The Skytrek opens vertically with a fingerprint
lock or facial recognition. The interior has adjustable storage areas
as well as individual, waterproof bags for toiletries and electronics. The quick-access front pockets on the exterior
provide additional storage. Extra features include a global tracker, dual
batteries for charging gadgets, an integrated weighing system, and a proximity alarm. Number
Two It seems board games are still in fashion,
as a new augmented reality twist is re-awakening traditional party-time gaming. The Tilt Five gaming system consists of electronic
AR glasses, a game board, and a wand controller. The lenses allow players to see the animation
as 3D holograms on the game board with interactions done via the wand. The game also has an online multiplayer function,
allowing users to play remotely by using the speakers and microphone in the glasses. I’m Allie, and it’s Minds Eye Trivia time. By looking at just these images, do you know
what this is and where it’s from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess
in the comment section below. Number One San Francisco based Qwake Technologies is
developing an augmented reality mask that allows the wearer to see images through smoke
and darkness. Intended for first responders in the emergency
field, the mask uses a cutting edge AI algorithm and an external thermal camera to provide
a much needed life-saving advantage. The mask is still in the prototype stages,
but potential customers can sign up to keep in touch with its development.

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