15 Impressive Personal Transportation Technologies Worth Noting

15 Impressive Personal Transportation Technologies Worth Noting

From the world’s largest airplane to an electric
helicopter, there are some impressive vehicles out there. We searched high and low and found
15 of the coolest that are new or coming soon. I’m Glen and today we are bringing
you some select vehicles that are perfect examples of how transportation is evolving. Thank you for watching Mind’s Eye Design Number Fifteen Using 339 types of Lego Technic elements and
taking over 13,000 work hours to build, the Lego Bugatti. This car is fully functional and powered exclusively with motors from the
Lego Power Function Platform. The engine generates 5.3 horsepower and contains
2304 motors and 4032 Technic gear wheels. Equipped with a speedometer, detachable steering
wheel, front and back lights, a rear spoiler, and brakes the Bugatti uses over 1 million
Lego Technic elements. Believe it, or not, this gets speeds of just
over 12 miles per hour. Number Fourteen Stratolaunch, the world’s largest airplane,
which looks like two planes put together, was founded in 2011 by Paul G. Allen, co-founder
of Microsoft. Designed to carry 3 satellites under its huge 385-feet wingspan the aircraft
just completed its first flight earlier this year. Hoping to contend in the market for air-launching
small satellites the giant 6-engine plane hit speeds of 189 miles per hour and it got to 17,000
feet before landing safely. When the plane reaches its 35,000-foot projected
altitude, it releases the rockets so that they can shoot out into space. Number Thirteen The only aerodynamically tested 300cc class
electric scooter on the market, the Zapp i300, is produced in the United Kingdom. Made of
two single load-bearing piece aluminum chassis members, and this makes this very lightweight. The bike comes with two slim battery packs
and can be charged anywhere. Superbike looks, precise body control, and a permanent magnet
motor give this fast acceleration,. The Zapp, now available for pre-order. Number Twelve The world’s first fully 3D printed motorcycle,
developed by BigRep a German 3D printing giant, is called the Nera. It combines several innovations
developed by Nowlab, including embedded sensor technology, airless tires, and functional
integration. Everything except the electronics, the battery, and the rider are 3D printed including the tires, handlebars, seat, suspension, and body. There are no technical specifications right now and no launch info at this time. Number Eleven We have featured the Microlino before in one
of our videos, but since then it has passed the 100-million-dollar mark in pre-order sales.
Developed by Micro Mobility Systems, the electric car is now being sold in Switzerland and will be sold in
Germany sometime this year. Produced in Italy, the eco-friendly bubble
car designed with inspiration coming from the BMW Isetta is not consider a car by Microlino,
but the future of urban mobility. The small electric car charges with any standard
power socket, has bench seating for two, and a door that opens in the front. Number Ten Manufactured in Beijing, the Evoke 6061 is
an electric motorcycle more powerful than Evokes original Urban Classic Model. The bikes motor puts out 120 kilowatts, getting
200 foot-pounds of torque. The Lithium-ion battery charges up to 80 percent
in under 15 minutes and has a range of about 250 miles in the city. Evoke says that they are
trying to get the 6061 on the market by the end of this year. Number Nine Described as the first fully smart motorcycle
for Zero Motorcycles the S/R F is the most powerful electric bike they have released
to date. A customizable dash, next-generation app, and the Cypher 3 operating system let the rider and motorcycle communicate to each other. The bike comes with a ZF 14.4 lithium-ion
battery, a motor that puts out 110 horsepower, and
gets a top speed of 124 miles per hour. The unique combination of power, control,
and connection makes this is equal parts muscle and brains. If you need a place to store your motorcycle
outside, then the BikeBox24 is the thing for you. Whether it’s in public or at home this
pod is the perfect solution. Made from weather-proof plastic and galvanized
steel this is secured with a lock and has a built-in ventilation system to drain and
divert water from the pod. Number Eight Having 10 models of recumbent trikes and quads,
TrikExplor is based in China and is suitable for all types of terrain. The 4 by 4 Electric Recumbent Quad is specially
designed for off-road. A Fat Tire Recumbent is a cheaper model for
those who don’t need the 4-wheel drive and has a shield on the front that keeps the wind
out of your face. Number Seven Lush L1 is a Smart Urban Mobility Vehicle
for short distance transportation improving the environment with zero emissions and energy
efficiency. Designed by Lush Motors, this is a cross between a car and a three-wheeler. It is an eco-friendly 2-seater running on
electric power. The battery fully charges within 1 and a half hours and gives the L1
a range of up to 75 miles on a single charge. Trying to fill a gap in urban transportation
in India, Lush Motors used a unique design to create a new segment in the automobile
sector Number Six Currently being assembled in Prescott Arizona,
Eviation is manufacturing and flight testing a 9-passenger, electric propeller powered
airplane, the Alice Commuter. The all-electric aircraft is designed to travel at a cruise
speed of 240 knots for up to 650 miles. The prototype will fly at the 2019 Paris Air
Show and expects to start commercial service by 2021. Number Five The Gacha is a self-driving bus launched by
Sensible 4 and Japanese brand Muji. Revealed just 5 months ago the shuttle bus made its
first autonomous drive in March. The 10-person bus can drive in all kinds of
weather conditions including, fog, heavy rain, and snow. This month the bus is expected to
begin operating for the public in Espoo, Finland before being rolled out in three other cities,
later in 2019. Number Four Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire is the first
American Electric motorcycle to use H-D Connect, linking the bike to the rider with an app-controlled
cellular connection. The motorcycle does 0-60 in under 3.5 seconds, has a top speed of 110 miles per hour, and you get instantaneous power the moment you twist the throttle. Featuring a high-voltage battery the bike
gets a range of 140 miles in the city or a combined stop-and-go and highway range of
88 miles. Number Three Looking like a massive drone with 4 propellers
in 4 corners the Hoversurf Scorpion 3 is an eVTOL that can fly for up to 40 minutes with
a high speed of 50 miles per hour. Made of lightweight carbon fiber, the S3 is
lighter than the original aluminum body prototype. The Hoversurf is controlled using left, and
right joysticks and comes with a laser all-weather LiDAR system, and an automatic takeoff and
landing feature. The S3 does not require aircraft certification
or a driver’s license, and they are now accepting down payments for a 2019 launch. Another project by Hoversurf is the electric
flying drone taxi called the Formula Project. The Formula combines an airplane with a car
to give it the best of both worlds. To be safe, they also included the most advanced
parachute, created by BRS Aerospace, for emergency situations. Number Two More user-friendly systems, a more impressive
performance, and an uncomplicated appearance enhance the riders experience on the MCR 2,
manufactured by OTTO. This bike has better stability, a revamped braking system, and increases the original range from around 38 miles to 136 miles. Unfortunately, Otto has not specified a release date at this time. Number One The F-Helix Helicopter is not only for personal
use but can is used for agriculture, load transportation, and medical emergencies. The
copter is a 4-seater and runs on a dual E-Fan Engine. Having no tail or tail rotor, this takes up
less space on the launch pad, although it does have a maximum take-off weight of 1900
pounds. You get a range of 175 miles on the lithium-ion battery. An app for Navigation helps show flight level
ground altitude, ground speed, and flight plan. You can also find the best flight plan,
show control zones, prohibited zone alerts, and avoid route collision. Thank you for watching our list of 15 impressive
vehicles. We tried to make a list you would enjoy and maybe even give you some vehicles
you haven’t seen before. Hopefully, we kept your attention through the whole video, and
you want more. If so, you can check out our other playlists. There are plenty more to
choose from. How about some Campers? Or, maybe some Electric Cars. Hi everyone, and thank you for watching, I’m Chandni with Mind’s Eye Design. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please leave your comments below and let us know your favorites from this video and why you liked it. If you have an idea for a future video leave another comment and let us know. Then if we use your idea we’ll give you a shout out in that video. But don’t leave yet, keep watching, because there’s more.

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