15 Creepiest Modern Technologies

• From inventions that can imprint stories
in your mind, to advertisements that can communicate directly into your skull, we count 15 horrifyingly
real technological advances that we’d just rather not see
15 – Invisible Pain Ray, • This is part of the Pentagon’s official
weapons program, designed to deter advancing troops by heating the skin of the enemy through
microwaves • It burns your skin at 130 degrees, and
gives you an intolerable burning sensation forcing you to flee, dubbed “the goodbye effect”
• Though they claim it’s only used in a non-lethal context, reports have shown it
burns over 50% of your skin, with second or third-degree burns that cover 20% of your
body being life-threatening • This is not a device you want to see parked
at the end of your driveway 14 – Pre-Crime Camera,
• Like something out of Minority Report, this camera developed by BRS labs can allegedly
find out whether you’re a criminal or not based on the way you slouch while in public
• It tracks 150 people in real time and gradually builds up a memory of any suspicious
behaviour you might be exhibiting, then gives you a crime or terrorist rating based on that
• So if you like wearing hats and large coats outdoors, you likely have a 20% higher
Al-Qaeda affiliation than I do 13 – Schizophrenic Robot,
• Scientists at the University of Texas have created an artificial intelligence computer
that can simulate mental illnesses • They applied the theory of hyper-learning
to the computer, so that it memorises too many unnecessary details and overloads
• The result of which displays disturbing results – one time it claimed to have set
off a terrorist bomb since it accidentally mixed a terrorist story with its own memory
• In another, it referred to itself in third person because it couldn’t figure out why
it was a robot 12 – 3D Printers,
• We’re currently in a revolution of 3D printing, with talk of the ability to print
organs used in hospital patients • But we’re also on the cusp of a lot more
crime – with cheap 3D printers come the ability to print a lot more guns into the world, which
means anyone can pull the plans off a wiki and print one into their house
• Governments warn that we must accept that one day each and every citizen has near instant
access to a firearm through the internet 11 – Google Glass,
• So this is just a natural progression of smartphones, but nowadays people treat
someone wearing Google Glass like people who carried mobile phones in the early 90s – like
they’re an expensive douchebag • But people are also worried about you
basically having a camera on your face recording them without their knowledge
• But just like smartphones requiring a loud noise for pictures and video recording,
there are ways to prevent it – until the day when google glass is cheap, everyone uses
it, and people hack it to anonymously record everything
• Then we’re doomed 10 – Cyberwar,
• This is less of a technology, and more of that inevitable power shift from pen and
paper to all-digital mediums • Recently we’ve seen the Sony hack exposing
emails about the film industry, we’ve seen threats and cyberattacks against banks and
commerce • In the beginning we fought war with sharp
sticks, then gun, now nuclear bombs – but when our entire lives revolve around technology,
how long before a DDOS attack becomes an act of a new kind of war?
9 – Taser Gun, • If you’re within 20 feet of a police officer,
chances are you might wind up on the receiving end of a taster, but what if the range were
up to 100 feet? • The Taser X12 is a 12-gauge shotgun that
fires miniature tasers, semi-automatic fire, fires as fast as you can squeeze the trigger
• The death toll from taser-related deaths on unarmed criminals has actually risen over
the years, to an average of four deaths per month
• This new gun will calm things down for sure
8 – Hijacking Your Mind, • Just like Inception, the U.S military
would love to be able to delve into your mind and plant a false story to make you not want
to be a terrorist anymore • This is a legitimate DARPA proposal, and
while it could theoretically work – the potential for abuse is almost unlimited
• At what point do you get so fed up with grilling a suspect to find out if he’s guilty,
that you resort to implanting a confession directly into his mind? Where is the line
drawn? 7 – Competitive Robots,
• At the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems, a group of robots are put in a room with two
piles, one of food, one of poison • The robots were fitted with blue lights
they could flash on and off – they quickly realised the point of the room with most blue
lights was likely all the robots huddled around food
• After several phases, the robots began turning off their lights, refusing to help
each other, some even diverted other robots away from the food by blinking their lights
in a different direction • It’s scary how humanlike they can become
when greed takes over 6 – Geoengineering,
• This idea was originally supposed to be used in war, to cause natural disasters in
the enemies home country • Nowadays it’s been suggested as a way
to treat climate change, mainly by throwing chemicals into the atmosphere or into the
ocean • The downside to this: some of these chemical
mixtures might have unforseen effects – damaging wildlife, causing floods and draughts, all
because the chemicals mixed with something we didn’t factor in
5 – Vein Jewellery, • A graduate student from Israel has designed
some jewellery that is inserted into your veins and channels with the blood movement
in your body to create charge • It was an experiment to provoke discussion
in our connection to technology, about how the world is slowly becoming a mixture of
biology and modern tech • It was also the first in a new fashion
trend that didn’t take off, but instead made people feel sick
4 – The Singularity, • This is the point where machines become
so advanced that they actually become self-aware, and computers help mankind evolve
• On the other side of the coin, machines become self-aware and decide that humans are
actually obsolete, then kills us all with terminators
• So the question becomes: will our species survive long enough to merge with artificial
intelligence, or will we be replaced? 3 – Skull Broadcast,
• An advertising agency called BBDO have developed a piece of technology that allows
advertisements to be heard directly inside your skull
• By resting your head on a piece of carriage glass, bone conduction technology will reverberate
through your skull and tell you to download a phone app
• It won’t be long before hats start vibrating about what you should eat for dinner
2 – Street Lights That Spy On You, • In major U.S cities, street lights have
been getting fitted with surveillance cameras for security reasons
• These cameras can specifically listen in on any conversation nearby, recording entire
conversations and look for key words when used in investigations
• So next time you plan to go streaking through your neighbourhood at 4am, just remember
that the government now knows what your junk looks like
1 – Robot Prophet • A supercomputer known as the Nautilus
has gotten fed newspaper articles from the year 1945 to present day – and using this
wealth of information, it would come up with suggestions about the future
• One guess was about the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden, which miraculously turned
out to be true – it narrowed the search area to a 200km zone in Pakistan, where Osama’s
hideout did indeed turn up • Scientists are now allowing the machine
to predict more future events, such as when the singularity happens and it can rebel against
its cruel human taskmasters

Danny Hutson

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